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  1. I believe I started here around 2003, but that account has since been deleted. I, too, remember the day Hissing Sid was banned. I enjoyed his lack of patience. the lack of activity on this once-amazing board breaks my heart.
  2. more of a random glimpse than a collection shot, but yeah. shame my phone cant pick up the pistols on the shelves.
  3. You removed your orange tip?!?!?! The airsoft interpol are currently fixating on your coordinates! Nice review though. Pistol looks great, and +1 for being among the dozen US airsofters that use the correct gas for TM GBBs.
  4. A lot of these have the "overhop" issue as standard. Replacement with a different bucking and nub sorts them out. Ive also noticed, after working on half a dozen of them, that the hopup units tend to "creep" while fired, which is an unusual problem for mp5ks. This can be solved by taking the hopup unit and barrel out of the gun, giving the post on the hopup unit that protrudes through the slider a slight shave, and tightening the screw down. Be careful not to shave too much because it'll prevent adjustment at all, or make it very difficult. I also think theyre a little hot for cqb, but
  5. Absolutely. In spaces that tight Id never want to be carrying/using such a monster. In airsoft, however, the DE seems to have this mystique about it. People are definitely intimidated regardless of the fact that its stock TM and run on duster gas.
  6. Quite right. At least on the outside it is. Best $60 broken (boneyard) gun I ever bought. I primarily use my M14, but there are days when I feel running light and like shooting full auto, and that's what this is for. Inside is a TM hopup unit, prometheus triple torques (among other bits) and an M140. Churns out about 9 per second, which is exactly how I like it. It lays down the .3's like nobody's business. I know it hardly looks real, but with the way it performs I have yet to have someone stop me on their way to the dead box and say "hey, your gun doesn't look real" :-P
  7. Good review. The pictures are a big help for those trying to distinguish between the real deal and the repros. That being said, have you actually tried the real ones with a thermal lens? You speculate that they would be "fog proof", but have you actually tried it in game at any point? Im interested in these goggles, but I would need to be absolutely certain theyre going to perform for that kind of money.
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