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  1. Simo_Hayha

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    I believe I started here around 2003, but that account has since been deleted. I, too, remember the day Hissing Sid was banned. I enjoyed his lack of patience. the lack of activity on this once-amazing board breaks my heart.
  2. Simo_Hayha

    Tokyo Marui's XDM-40 4.5": first impressions

    You removed your orange tip?!?!?! The airsoft interpol are currently fixating on your coordinates! Nice review though. Pistol looks great, and +1 for being among the dozen US airsofters that use the correct gas for TM GBBs.
  3. Simo_Hayha

    M14 Picture Thread

  4. Simo_Hayha

    Glock Picture Thread

  5. Simo_Hayha

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Quite right. At least on the outside it is. Best $60 broken (boneyard) gun I ever bought. I primarily use my M14, but there are days when I feel running light and like shooting full auto, and that's what this is for. Inside is a TM hopup unit, prometheus triple torques (among other bits) and an M140. Churns out about 9 per second, which is exactly how I like it. It lays down the .3's like nobody's business. I know it hardly looks real, but with the way it performs I have yet to have someone stop me on their way to the dead box and say "hey, your gun doesn't look real" :-P When everything is dead and there's no foliage, you're right. A green based camo in a primarily tan environment isn't going to hide you too well. That said, when there's greenery about it works as well as any fancy pants camo you can buy.
  6. Simo_Hayha

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

  7. Simo_Hayha

    M14 Picture Thread


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