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  1. So, remove the aircraft from inside the pistol, take the thing that's not a card from inside the aircraft, cut the thing to the appropiate size and put a hole in it and lastly slide a seat pat on top of the aircraft and fix it in place with some loctite. Oh yeah! why didn't I think of that? Brilliant. In all seriousness the correct fix for the burst issue is already on page 1. Anyways NonEx, did you check the nozzle for cracks or problems? the 1/2 mag thing has me surprised :S
  2. Man, that's not good :-/ what's the serial on that one vs the tan?
  3. There are no instructions provided and I QUOTE from redwolf : "Airsoft Surgeon SAI Arms Costa Style G34 Silde Set For Tokyo Marui 17 is a drop in and use part that you can easily install yourself. " There are no instructions to modify the bbu and the thing is advertised as drop-in. Please check your facts. Thanks for the correction on the holsters RM, good to know.
  4. I'd love to hear how did you fit those sights. Anyhow, the common consensus on marui glock holsters is (or at least I think it is) ...use the ones for the .40 (as far as RS goes). I'm unsure wether it's the same for mag pouches or not.
  5. Nope, had the same fitting issues as my prime 34 (exact same ones). You have to sand the bbu a bit to even fit it to the slide. He takes good care of his guns and knows his stuff. AS advertises all his stuff as maximum quality and QCd by Lai himself. PGC, Shooters design and a few others have made drop-in G17 slides since like ...forever. It IS surprising to have to do fitting to a glock slide by AS. Old airsoft surgeon glock slides (caspian ones) are drop-ins, as far as I know. Otherwise the quality on the slide is excellent.
  6. Time to return to this thread.....and my camera still sucks balls.... SAI 35 Dat sight picture...
  7. To take out the trigger...hell I was going to explain it, just follow this video : ) If there is anything you're not sure about, do ask.
  8. They already did. http://www.gunsmodify.com/product/detail-id-32.html I also have a salient g35 kit and most of the extras i'll use...just waiting on the base gun.
  9. kenxin

    WE XDM

    Never heard of that happening with the marui. In any case I was confused as hell to see this, even if it's not hard to fix it's still a nuisance.
  10. kenxin

    WE XDM

    A common problem with replacements, apparently. The ONLY WE xdm I've ever handled (or seen) had this as well.
  11. Last time I checked, the WE XDM had the striker indicator silver , just like the marui 0.o Pic related. Anyways, I forgot to mention another possibility regarding the barrel. If the barrel is pressing very hard against the hole on the front of the slide, it MAY cause it to jam as you described, this was the case with my SD glock slide and barrel. Pic so you can see what I mean: As you can see by those scratches, the slide was pressing so hard against the barrel that it seemed jamed. If the barrel-on-frame trick doesn't give you any hints, check for this.
  12. Try putting the barrel (with hop chamber, ofc) on the frame by itself and see how it behaves. It should be able to have the full range of movement. Also, do the same with the plastic barrel and see if you can spot the difference.
  13. You should check the hammer mech. Apparently there was a little design flaw with the first gen M&Ps. The yellow piece in this picture: was actually rounded: Thus causing 3-round bursts sometimes. WE promised to replace every gun with this problem for free in taiwan, and supposedly no gun comes with that problem anymore. In case it has this problem, WE posted the solution, filing the piece so it's flat:
  14. Hmm perhaps I chose the words wrong. The point I was trying to make is that this second case broke in the exact same way without the presence of the air bubble.
  15. That one broke in EXACTLY the same way as the one here, and doesn't have the bubble from casting. Well, looks like this thing can't handle green all that well... Snoopy's vs this other guy's:
  16. I'm surprised they used a straight blowback barrel...oh well, probably so they wouldn't have to hand-fit every barrel (which is a pain). On the plus side, it probably works better that way.
  17. "The first thing you will notice (apart from the detachable optic rail) is how heavy it is, 2.8kgs mag in no rail and optics." You sure of that? almost 3kg for a cz75 clone?
  18. Love it, I hope you do more of these events.
  19. sorry, added a dot to the link... should work now... actually, it doesn't...works if you copypaste it thou... It's the same slide comp set as this: http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Gas_Pistols_SMGs_Airsoftsurgeon_Airsoft_Surgeon_2012_Infinity_GM_Open_Red.htm which was my inspiration for the build. What parts will you change?
  20. Hot stuff....I'm doing a prog4 build myself with this set http://www.prog4.com/db/product-show.asp?refno=AR1793 I'll post pictures of the WIP as soon as the colour parts arrive (SD red grip and red c-more). When I first saw your build I thought you were going for the "triple tap" movie IMM..
  21. ooooh infinity IMM....niiice. One thing strikes me as odd however.... no slide racker? Question: is it AS? prohandgun? prog4?
  22. Are those kimber raptors marui based? if so... where did you get those kits... specially the blued black one.... *drool*
  23. yeah, saw that ages ago...still, it's not that I don't trust those demos , it's just that it doesn't work like that. Whatever that man is able to acomplish with those sights it's probably different from what I'd be able to acomplish. By the way, does anyone know of a store that has detonator Heinie sights for the marui 17 in stock? (online is OK) I need those for my salient arms glock 35.
  24. argh , didn't notice it was a 19 and a KSC..oh well. Curse you ksc users for being able to use RS sights.... If I ever get a g26 I was thinking about using this kind of sight since they look awesome for fast aquisition but I always doubt how accurate they are... Nice pistol nevertheless
  25. Nice! detonator XS sights, right? how easy are they to use?
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