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    I've got lots of interests like 300m target shooting, fishing, Airsoft, <br />going hunting with my grandpa, watching birds with my Girlfriend etc
  1. G&G GS550 Flat-Top Shoots 510FPS (when I did the box, I aimed for 465FPS)
  2. Out in the nowhere, wearing my "lick on my *albatross*" loadout (Tenu Légère) G&G GS550 FTW
  3. Me at Giromagny in France (My GF is on my left):
  4. Me a little Photoshopped. Everything is real deal, except the gun with the accessories are replicas. @Milla, are you a FR-guy or just a normal Grunt, Designated Marksman?
  5. Have got one too, built quality and performance are very good. Sadly, it just doesn't feel well in my hands. Will get myself a KSC P226 instead. Anybody who can make friends with the SIG PROs grip can't go wrong with this pistol.
  6. Well in Switzerland people running around Alpenflage usually are considered being noobs or kiddies. It's even cheaper here.
  7. Alpenflage was mostly used with the Stgw 57 (SIG 510) Maybe you came across a picture where a soldier was acting as an "enemy" Especially in the 90ties this was sometimes done during bigger exercises..
  8. Well, the Alpenflage has never really seen use with the SIG 550 despite maybe in the testing time. The SIG 550 and the TAZ 90 (Tarnanzug 90) have been fielded more or less at the same time.
  9. Me at OP-Querschläger Played Designated Marksman/Counter Sniper and my pride, my SAM-R did a good job. I shot somebody's fag right out of his mouth at 30 meters. We all had a big laugh after that
  10. My CQB-Loadout (Light-Edition) I wear a Second-chance LVL 3A BA underneath
  11. My G&P USMC SAM-R Heavily modded inside with an 8mm Pro-Win Gearbox (I know it's not the propper scope for an SAM-R, but I do not have 2000$ for a Real Leupoldt Mk4 like the one fitted on the real SAM-R)
  12. Perch

    KJW P226

    Nice review! I got a KJ P226 as well, but have it now for half a year. the new loading-nozzles are sturdy as hell, I even tried 0.3g Alu BBs which got stuck etc and the nozzle didn't break. Only complaint on this gun are the Magazin lips, they break quite easy. We found out that the KJ even fires in snowy conditions. You can't get anything better for the money than this!
  13. Well, my new Beretta ^^ WA M9a1 with Kingarms M3
  14. Got the hole package as a set on ebay^^ It's a pitty that I can't get SAPI plates out of the States, I find the IBA very comfortable
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