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  1. Just a mini-review: Got my SG1's yesterday, and I am very pleased with them. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast he worked on my goggles. I already own a pair of Wiley X Sg1's, so I only had to send in a pair of lens holders with the lenses (The piece I have popped out in the picture). I mailed the lens holders to him on Monday, and I received the finished product by Saturday. It cost me $20 USD + shipping to have the mesh installed. One thing I really like about the Sg1 is it's modular configuration. The SG1 lenses easily pop out if you want to change them out, and t
  2. Hehe, planning on stopping by the surplus store and get some flight gloves after lunch today.
  3. Thanks. Here's more photos as requested. Still not 100% complete (tbh, not sure if it ever will be lol) But I do know I want to get a G&P TA31 and get some ESS Profile Turbofans. The SDS Canteen Pouch "Coyote Brown" sure looks tan to me.
  4. Bored and playing around with pouch placement, though I really need some new MARPAT heh.
  5. Well, got an email back from him and it looks like I'll have some mesh Wiley X Sg1's soon. He said I only had to mail him the lens holders, so hopefully I can switch out the mesh for traditional lenses if I need too.
  6. These looks quite interesting. I may have shoot him a email if he can convert my pair of Wiley X Sg1s.
  7. -Propper ACU -Replica IBA -Replica MICH -Safariland 6004 Holster -Camelbak Thermobak -Converse Tactical Boots -SDS 100Rd SAW Pouch -SDS M16 Double Mag Pouch x4 -SDS Canteen Pouch + Canteen -Guarder (?) Dump Pouch -Guarder (?) Utility Pouch -Guarder (?) Pistol Magazine Pouch -Plastic M9 Bayonet -Wiley X SG-1 The Guarder (?) stuff is so listed as I bought those from the local Aex and not sure what exact brand they are. @ Bulb: Which one is you?
  8. I think he meant where were the pics taken?
  9. I had originally bought everything for a marpat setup. Problem is my marpat is faded to hell so I started wearing it with acu. Plan on getting some real marpat asap. The pistol is a WA Kimber Warrior. http://i145.photobucket.com/albums/r204/BB...erM33Medium.jpg
  10. Not trying to completely imitate any particular unit or branch, but I wanted something that felt more 'grunt' with my M16. Not complete yet, but I was bored and took some pictures.
  11. Not trying to completely imitate any particular unit or branch, but I wanted something that felt more 'grunt' with my M16. I usually wear this with my MARPAT, but they have faded to hell and I am planning on buying some real MARPAT. I want to replace the OD pouch on my belt for a CB one and get a NV mount, band, and possibly replace the straps for my helmet. Also still trying out best way to attach my bayonet to my rig. Right now it is out of the way enough to not hamper movement, but I am still trying out different ways. I will get that bayonet kill one day.
  12. Do you mean a G&P frontset wont fit with a CA m203? I currently have a G&P M16A4 and a CA M203. Was looking to attach the m203 but I don't know which mounts, if any, are compatible. Also, what Leaf Sight do you have?
  13. Negative, he's attacking in a different direction.
  14. AFAIK, the M21 is basically a regular M14 sporting Match Grade barrels among other things to "accurize" (that a word? lol) it for sniping duties.
  15. I didn't even bother with the bipod in the first skirmish, took it off and use my Grip Pod instead.
  16. I like it, keeps the sun out of my eyes. Which was one thing that annoyed me from time to time after I switched to the helmet from a boonie hat.
  17. Hey look, more Fort Ord! Got to try out my SAW, pretty awesome....and heavy.
  18. I was wondering where I could get some replacement micro switches. A quick search yields a bunch for home appliances, but I am not sure if they will work for airsoft. I am planning on checking out local retailers, but was wondering knew of any good websites to get some.
  19. Imo, the $100 you save from buying a G&G/CA M14 is worth enough to get either. If anything is wrong, the money you saved will come in for the rescue.
  20. Some pics of me and my airsoft buds from Fort Ord yesterday, I'm the one with the OD helmet, excuse my taped on mini as my PEQ batt died on me (Siilly NiCad memory thing) I ended up sharing and switching off my friends M4 whenever one of us got hit.
  21. I used Krylon Tan, Green, and Brown. Base coat of tan, and then misting with green and brown for desired shades. Some of the old paint job was left over on the front of the M203 though, was running out of tan paint.
  22. My attempt at a more "stripey" kind of camo.
  23. My M1 Garand is now, for all intents and purposes, done. Just some sanding and polishing here and there. Now to make more short M14 magazines.
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