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  1. I think next year, Black Friday should coincide with "The Purge"

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    2. darkchild130


      Shopping online is cool, it's the dickheads fighting over tells that wind me up

    3. darkchild130


      Tellies, damn autocorrect.

    4. Gunmane


      I will admit I have been tempted by some store's offers on Scorpion AEP models. I even found a neat shop in the process that I had never heard of before.

  2. The uk airsoft community page on Facebook is the most random nonsense I've seen in a while.

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    2. darkchild130
    3. Skarclaw


      ?? Just referring to what I see when I go on airsoft facebooks (not a member of any, keeping it real with ipb)

    4. darkchild130
  3. Might start tinkering with my sig. One broken AEG coming up!

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    2. darkchild130


      I've never felt the need tbh. If I get really bored I might, but unlikely. I'm more likely to switch the large tamiya for a small one. @Bando do you do the MAG midcap mod? You need to do that, can't be running around rattling with hi caps! And those low caps just aren't pouch friendly.

    3. Bando


      whats the mod? ive been wanted to order some MAG mids but havnt had the funds. all ive done is add accessories SRS,Tracer,AFG.

    4. darkchild130


      It's just a lot of filing in the right places. Very tedious but it works, I've got mine feeding properly after a hell of a lot of tweaking.

  4. The 552 reaped a bloody tally at the weekender, mwa ha ha!

  5. Final battle prep for weekender, let's do this!

  6. Desperately want to get home and fine tune my loadout. 3 years is too long!

  7. Got an end Date! I will be back in the UK For my festival and the GZ weekender! Wooh!

  8. Wondering if I'll actually get back in time for the weekender...

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    2. scorch


      And what a pissup with guns it can be. I have very fond (but hazy) memories of cutting up a lemon with a kalashnikov bayonet and doing tequila with MRE packet salt in the campsite.

    3. darkchild130


      Exactly, in 2009 we had a full scale light sabre battle at night. I smashed my mate Adam in the face, wouldn't stop bleeding for ages, and I took a mean smash to the shins myself. Terrible bruises. In 2011 I went and knife killed the team camping next to us while they were loudly bragging about their knife killing skills. I'm surprised nobody tried to fight me. I'm amazed nobody shoots somebody's eye out over that weekend, the amount of alcohol consumed and stuff that gets bur...

    4. Skarclaw


      skirmished at gz 2003-2008. Just got overcrowded and *suitcase*. Loved the rolling day scenarios though

  9. That's me deploying again, feels like I've only been home for five minutes!

    1. DrAlexanderTobacco


      Oof, whereabouts are you off to?

    2. Azubi


      Think of the bank balance...

    3. darkchild130


      I'm in Egypt currently, don't know where next. The bank balance is the only thing I think about.

  10. Airsoft today can be summed up in 2 words. Rain, mud.

    1. Faint


      The best kind of Airsoft day.

    2. kingdong


      not when water get down your barrel!

    3. danielsilva


      Basically, the perfect weather to play airsoft!

  11. decided on a G36C over an acr. oh yes

    1. StarMonkee


      Just think of all the goodies you can buy with the mountain of cash you just saved :D

    2. Bando
    3. StarMonkee


      Or possibly all the parts to make every variant of the G36

  12. wish i was 'softing tomorrow, but Southampton is calling!

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