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  1. Dustie

    Cerakoting & Laser Engraving

    Sure I've seen an add for Dave's Custom Airsoft doing that now.
  2. Dustie

    H&K VP9

    Thanks. P.
  3. Dustie

    H&K VP9

    Would anyone have pictures of their VP9 with a mounted torch unit? Trying to get some inspiration for mine. P.
  4. Dustie

    H&K VP9

    Just had a look on JK Army's site and there may be different batches. TAN model has the 'Licence Trademark' on the slide with additional markings on the frame (by the slide release) & the GRAY model has the 'Licence' markings on the frame and no other markings other than the 'VP' on the frame.
  5. Dustie

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nice, What make?
  6. Dustie

    SIG Picture Thread

    Very Nice Mr Piano. P.
  7. Dustie

    Glock Picture Thread

    Just a quick Pic to show the match between the Guarder OD frame & slide. Hope they do the same for some G18c slides, An all Tan TM G18c would be nice. P.
  8. Dustie

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nice Grips. P.
  9. Dustie

    Glock Picture Thread

    If you pop over to 'Prog4' they have a very nice looking silver slide. P. Sorry, My mistake. Its for the KSC.
  10. Dustie

    Glock Picture Thread

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but what did the ProG4 slide set you back? P.
  11. Dustie

    Glock Picture Thread

    The only one I remember seeing was a G&G but you'll have to hunt around for it. P.
  12. Dustie

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nice grips, did you have much trouble fitting them? P.
  13. Dustie

    Glock Picture Thread

    Hi Rom What's the remaining 'issues'? P.
  14. Dustie


    Gas Blow Back's

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