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  1. Would anyone have pictures of their VP9 with a mounted torch unit? Trying to get some inspiration for mine. P.
  2. Just had a look on JK Army's site and there may be different batches. TAN model has the 'Licence Trademark' on the slide with additional markings on the frame (by the slide release) & the GRAY model has the 'Licence' markings on the frame and no other markings other than the 'VP' on the frame.
  3. Looks pretty spot on from what I recall and being outside Charing Cross station probably was BTP. Many thanks for the info. P.
  4. Can anyone tell me which police services are using M4 carbines? I spotted an armed policeman on my way home monday night here in London who had 1, complete with 'sopmod' type stock & 30 round pmag. Wasn't sure if he was Met police or someone they've drafted in for the weekend. Any info would be good, Many thanks. P.
  5. Dustie

    USP Picture Thread

    Hi j3T Were there any issues with getting them to work together?
  6. Would anyone know if standard M9 mags fit the M93R?
  7. Just a quick Pic to show the match between the Guarder OD frame & slide. Hope they do the same for some G18c slides, An all Tan TM G18c would be nice. P.
  8. Very.... Any more details such as make of rifle, what scope & mounts you've used. Many thanks, P.
  9. If you pop over to 'Prog4' they have a very nice looking silver slide. P. Sorry, My mistake. Its for the KSC.
  10. Hope you don't mind me asking, but what did the ProG4 slide set you back? P.
  11. Looking forward to it. P.
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