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  1. Shao14


    that's the red dot (or rather red cross).
  2. Shao14


    very interesting picture
  3. Shao14


    I am not sure what you mean by that. It does not have the split gearbox design like the ICS M4 if that's what you were asking.
  4. Shao14


    Good eye! Not quite, it actually says "engiNERD".
  5. Shao14


    Carefully staged, of course.
  6. Shao14


    What does it mean?
  7. Shao14


    Is that the new word for "awesome" in your tribe?
  8. Shao14

    Videos Thread !

    Can we make an attempt to get back to the above format for future posts please? It really helps people browsing this thread. Cheers.
  9. Shao14


    Have you gotten the grip to fit yet?
  10. Shao14


    Haha, that's too expensive for my blood unless G&P comes out with a replica; otherwise, I'm just going to throw an Aimpoint on there.
  11. Shao14


    Now, wipe your saliva off my S&W.
  12. Shao14


    Hehe, this is another belated response to my gallery comments, but since I'm here, I might as well just answer the questions for other people who might see this The NCStar aimpoint replica cost me $25, and it's all over the internet at places like airsoftgi or evike, and I got mine from the latter. Three brightness settings, and no trouble seeing the dot. It does not come with cantilever mount which costs almost as much as the scope itself. It does come with a basic ring mount for standard weaver rails. Somehow, I thinkt the NCStar aimpoint replica looks thinner than the G&P or Guarder one. Maybe it's just the plastic.
  13. Shao14


    Haven't you heard? Just got the CQB the other day.
  14. Shao14


    Sorry, mate, didn't notice this message until now, but I guess you've already got your tac carb. But in case anyone else's reading, I use and recommend nunchuck type of 9.6v batteries.

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