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  1. have any one gotten on these in the states yet ?
  2. any one know where I can get a replacement body pin I try KWA usa no luck
  3. can you post a link to this shop?
  4. Deadeye


    Don't Know if it should get posted here or in the AR group? http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y71/Johnmay/IMG_20120422_082602.jpg
  5. I just gotten one from evike and a ra-tech npas will the npas work on the ak74un? trying to get it set up for CQB. thanks
  6. Here a photo of my G39ras
  7. Can anyone show me how to get to the floating valve ?
  8. Do anyone know where in the states, I can buy one of the RA-Tech NPAS valve?
  9. my cqc setup with a star SA80 carbine as main
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