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  1. Deadeye

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    have any one gotten on these in the states yet ?
  2. Deadeye


    any one know where I can get a replacement body pin I try KWA usa no luck
  3. Deadeye

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    How did that happen
  4. Deadeye

    FN Picture Thread

  5. Deadeye


  6. Deadeye

    SMG Picture Thread

  7. Deadeye

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    my p90
  8. Deadeye

    WE TA 2015, P90 review

    can you post a link to this shop?
  9. Deadeye


    Don't Know if it should get posted here or in the AR group? http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y71/Johnmay/IMG_20120422_082602.jpg
  10. Deadeye

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    I just gotten one from evike and a ra-tech npas will the npas work on the ak74un? trying to get it set up for CQB. thanks
  11. Deadeye

    WE G39C GBB

    Here a photo of my G39ras
  12. Deadeye

    WE G39C GBB

    Can anyone show me how to get to the floating valve ?
  13. Deadeye

    WE G39C GBB

    Do anyone know where in the states, I can buy one of the RA-Tech NPAS valve?

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