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  1. pic from sundays game , im in the middle. the guy on the left is my brother and it was his second skirmish ever
  2. Good trader. Fast payment and very nice to deal with . would recommend highly.

  3. Excellent seller. Held an item for me for close to a month, delivery was quick and communitcation through the sale was great. all round great guy.

  4. my current work in progress M4 anyone got any advice on what i should add next. im thinking of a 203 and a flashlight. im also gonna change the stock to this one :- http://ebaybanned.com/product_info.php?products_id=905 and spray the dummy bolt and EOTech cover OD. does anytihng think flip up sights would look better that the solid sights i have?
  5. quick low res pics of my new loadout will have hi res pics next time in out.
  6. hmmm i think i'll get a rail mounted sling loop but thanks for the heads up on needing to remove the original fitting
  7. Question for all CASV users, ive just oredered a CASV front end for my ICS M4, i was wondering if i will have to remove the sling loop that is located on the side of the barrel below the front sight? im worried it might obstruct the CASV cage. if so where doyou guys attach your slings?
  8. can someone post a pic of a CASV front end with barrel mounted m203 as i want to see if it looks any good with only the top half of the CASV
  9. can sometimes give incredibly innacurate advice so take caution if its of a technical nature.

  10. chillindrdude, what flashlight is that youve got atached to your M4? its very nice.
  11. sorry to hear that gunner . know youve had your heart set on an m14 like that for a while. very nice looking gun, if i had any spare cash i'd snap it up straight away.
  12. is there actually any news of an ACM manufacturer considering a clone of the WA? as junior stated if your replacing alsmot the whole gun,,, i figure you may aswell get the cheap chinese one and save some cash.
  13. truly excellent trader and all round great guy. you can enter into a sale with complete confidence. i would gladly deal with him any day

  14. roscoedillan i have that exact same grip and im trying to install it on an ICS m4 but it wont seem to go on all the way (there is a 2-3mm gap where it meets the reciever. is ther some special way to fit it or do i need to modify it to get it to fit?
  15. as far as im aware the CYMA barrels are identical to the TM counterparts and so are perfectly ok for an M21 platform. Im pretty sure the CYMA is a direct clone of the TM. if im wrong and there is some difference someone please correct me.
  16. one of the last pics of me with mine before sold it. planning on getting another as soon as funds permit.
  17. Excellent seller , would highly recommend doing buisness together.

  18. hey stealth , keep up the good work mate

  19. Have completed a few sales together, very trustworthy and fair with both selling and buying, would highly recommend trading with him

  20. cheers mate. lol this is gonna be an expensive setup thats 53 quid per mag before import and shipping. oh well the price of innovation i guess.
  21. ive changed my mind , ive been reading about the Inokatsu and have found out that thier body kits for the WA are gonna be 1000 bucks so god knows how much thier complete rifle will be. i think i'll get the WA next month and the aluminium hop chamber. G&P are also working on a metal body kit but it will be cast unlike the Inokatsu so it should be alot cheaper. are there any oher parts i will need to replace? like i said im planning to use it entirely on duster and firing in short bursts. anyone know a release date for the mags also as every site i visit tells me theyre only
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