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  1. Dimitri MdP

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    No aftermarket outers for these.
  2. Dimitri MdP

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Then it's either a worn out nozzle to bolt carrier oring, or the nozzle is disconnecting prematurely from the bucking. That should be easy to check for, just pull the charging handle and see if it stays coupled to the chamber for a couple cm then snaps back, or it just wants to follow the bolt carrier
  3. Dimitri MdP

    "New Wave" Small Rice 7 (MP7) Review

    Maybe first-gen mags? (the ones with lower gas routes)
  4. Dimitri MdP

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Certainly. Nothing beats the OEM cup seals when it comes to the 0-100 PSI use, no matter how hi-tech they look. I get what you mean, pretty much the only brand of green gas we have readily available here is drenched in silicone oil, which makes a mess in the bucking and inner barrel totally screwing accuracy. Maybe you can find Puff Dino gas, that's really low in silicone content which gives it a great performance.
  5. Dimitri MdP

    WE Desert Eagle (Licensed by Cybergun)

    Unless you really filled the mag with gasket, the different capacity might be just due to air trapped inside. Try purgin the mags, by "filling" them for a second while pressing the release valve. Repeat a couple times with the gas can nozzle up and a couple with in the regular position. That should flush all the uncompressible nitrogen out and give you the 12s loading back That's ... incorrect, to put it in soft words. The cup type piston head they have from factory is the best. There's simply no way around it, they seal perfectly under pressure, go smooth as silk after release. Despite quite some fancy piston heads out there that looks like might work better, the original design is superior to all of them
  6. Dimitri MdP

    The C02 GBB Sten is (almost) here...

    Outstanding. And really decent price for a full steel gun produced in small batches.
  7. Dimitri MdP


    Maple Leaf has already developed a hop chamber for it and they are about to release it. That makes this gun so much higher in my wish list
  8. Dimitri MdP

    WE Makarov PMM

    better get a OEM nozzle from KYAirsoft.com.
  9. Dimitri MdP

    WE Makarov PMM

    Nope, we have a dozen on our team and no issues whatsoever. One of them (blue nozzle, from the first "WE USA" batch) came out of the box with the nozzle already cracked, but we replaced it with a regular WE nozzle and it's been running strong for 3 years since. Is your gun breaking nozzles? If so, which part of the nozzle? ------------------------ Now other important stuff: We've been experimenting for quite a while to get these things to shoot at an acceptable FPS without using the extended inner barrel + suppressor. Best result so far is running RA-Tech's 6.01 x 84mm inner barrel (it's the longest one that will fit the outer), Maple Leaf Decepticon bucking + Maple Leaf I-key (glued to the hop arm). Everything else is OEM (forget about aftermarket floating valves and piston heads.... all those fancy things can't perform as good as OEM's) We are getting super consistent 300FPS, which is still relatively far from the 330 local limit, but much more acceptable than the ~245FPS they shoot out of the box. Accuracy and range are unbelievably good, as is the +/-1 consistency, so I think we'll keep them that way
  10. Dimitri MdP

    WE AK74?

    I agree that changing the nozzle (either with a modified floating valve that rest further forward or a different nozzle output diameter) shouldn't affect the RoF. But If I understand correctly, It's not just a low powered nozzle, but a low powered version gun meant for the Japan market. So most likely it has a weaker recoil spring for the 134a / 144a to be able to push the bolt carrier back, which means slower return to battery, which in turn means slower RoF.
  11. Dimitri MdP

    WE AK74?

    I had a pretty heated argument (at least on my side) with Red Wolf's Tim about it... They recognised the slow cycle is due to the low powered version... Which they failed to mention in the review. Also failed to mention the existence of the dry fire switch. And claimed that KWA had a 74, which they don't. That review is so poorly made it's enraging to watch. According to Tim, they ordered the low powered version because the standard one said 400+ FPS, "and they didn't know exactly what that + meant, so couldn't risk it to go above 2J (465FPS)". Which is idiotic, as they sell the AK PMC that has the exact same internals and barrel length as the 74, and know damn well it shoots 430 at most
  12. Dimitri MdP

    WE PDW

    Miss feeds can be caused by: 1) overfilled magazine. Mags will take 40+ bbs, but shouldn't really be charged with more than 30 - 32. 2) Miss alligned mags.This is why I asked which mags you were using, It can make certainly make a difference, but normally it's the other way around. STANAG mags are a little loose on the PDW, but the PDW mags should work perfectly fine. Still, check the mags for rattle when inserten in the mag well, and shim the mag well with some tape or even gluing a piece of plastic if necessary. 3) Miss aligned nozzle. Sometimes can be due a little wobble between the nozzle halves, if so, a layer of teflon tape at the joint will keep it firmly in place 4) A broken nozzle loading arm.... double check if yours is in good condition 5) Crappy / too big bbs. This might sound obvious, but I've seen this happen a million times. Some bbs might work better than others, and some will even bloat and get stuck. 6) Broken hop rubber / way too tight hop setting. This one is pretty self-explanatory.
  13. Dimitri MdP

    WE PDW

    which mags are you running, the PDW type or the regular STANAG type? which gen mags?
  14. Dimitri MdP

    WE AK74?

    Just watch it go full auto:
  15. Dimitri MdP

    WE AK74?

    I'd add: - Dead trigger on empty, instead of proper AK "click" Really, WE has improved their recoil rod guide, or something around there. So now it has GHK-like 700+ RpM and better efficiency, while keeping the full travel bolt. And I wouldn't be surprised if they did improve the trigger unit too. This gun, and any WE AK produced in the last year and a half or so, is a true beast. GHK still has some extra steel bits and bobs here and there, and much wider range of models available. But at this point the RoF advantage has gone away, and that sorts the deal on WE's side. WE has: - more recoil - longer (proper) bolt travel - Click on empty instead of just blocking the hammer - awesome hop unit, even better with Maple Leaf bucking and barrel. - it's quite cheaper - same RoF To get a GHK to be as good as a WE, it would take: - Adding W&S full travel kit - Adding W&S steel bolt, as the full travel kit would destroy the original one - Adding Maple Leaf hop chamber, as the original is hideous (worse thing about GHK AKs is their horrendous hop) - Adding Maple Leaf inner barrel to go with that chamber. That means quite some work and twice the added cost of a WE. And it still will have the dead trigger on empty, and still won't perform as good as a stock WE, let alone a Maple Leaf'd WE. At this point in time, to get a GHK you really, really have to be a fan. Or just value the extra steel parts (minor things such as the sight blocks), or the wider range of models available.

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