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ITT, You laugh you lose


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Right, /Humour/, Arnies needs a bit of spicing up. A nice bit of light-hearted fun.


So, in this thread, if you laugh, you lose. Supplementary rules for arnies version; Nothing that's not PG-13, and one image per reply. The less spam the better. Feel free to critisize/ridicule rubbish pictures. Images from /b/ are acceptable, but if you admit to copying them, then you obviously need to Murk Loar, as you've broken rules 1 and 2.


I'll Kick things off.




Don't let this thread fail.

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Close.... But not quite enough... yet. Time for my big guns to come out early, or at least some of them...




makes me fail most of the time :D

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Gaijin 4koma nearly gets me all the time.


One of my favorite things ever. Many exist on my HD


Cats too (in b4 furfag)




This one needs a good caption, ive been trying to think of one during my time on the toilet and such:





ill try to find some more that dont require pg13-ifying because Im lazy and macbook leiks to crash when cs2 is open

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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