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G&P Stubby Killer

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Ok, the gun i'm reviewing is the G&P Stubby Killer:




These guns can be found on www.redwolfairsoft.com (http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/ProductDetail?prodID=23404) and www.wgc.com. I purchased mine from redwolf for around $330 after shipping costs. It is probably a better idea to buy it on redwolfairsoft, its seven bucks cheaper. I ordered the gun on a monday and it came 2 days later. that's pretty damn good shipping and handling time considering i live in California, USA. When i got the package, it simply came in a tough carboard box. When i opened it the gun was pretty well padded with bubbled wrap.




"Then he called his twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases."

- Bible


Weights and Demensions:

the Stubby Killer is a VERY good CQB gun. It is 550mm in length, and weighs 2420grams.


Once i held up the gun i was content. the construction was very solid, no wobbling on any parts whatsoever, even the magazine. The finish on the stock, body, and grip is very nice and feels good when you shoulder the gun. However, the pistol grip is ONLY for right handed shooters. If you are right handed, you will notice that the SPR grip feels extremely nice.

Detail and Appearance:

It comes with a G&P Zombie Killer body (B type), which is very nicely detailed. On the body a verse from the Bible is seen. Instead of Safe, Semi, and Auto, the words " Pray", "Psalm", and "Asperges" can be seen. The free float short RAS has the words "STAY BACK 100 METERS OR YOU WILL BE SHOT." This is viewed in english on one side and arab on the other. It comes with a silencer, that costs 25 to buy. However, if you buy it from a company in Hong Kong, they will paint the tips orange, but it can be easily removed, so no biggy.


Also, the front and rear flip up sights included were very nice, just those would cost around 80 bucks. It comes with a VN mag. It is standard 110rnd VN mag.






Ok, so i first wondered how good the internals were, considering all those pricey parts that came stock with the gun. I did not have a special battery for the Stubby Killer, so i just fitted a regular 9.6v 3600mah crane battery into it. It fits, but you need to make sure that the wires do not get pressed or bent in there too hard. If you do not want to go through the trouble just buy a 416 fixed stock battery.


Anyways, on the the performance. My first few test shots in the backyard were very surprising. The gun shoots accurately and VERY loudly. The Stubby Killer was shooting around 320 fps with .25s. The ROF was also very decent, shooting around 15 rounds per second. The gearbox is reinforced 7mm and is a Version 2. The motor is a M120 High speed Motor.


  • Hop-up is adjusted like any other M4 out there, through the shell ejection port.
  • The Magazine it comes with feeds very nicely and doesnt skip rounds.



I've had this gun for 2 months now, and have already used it in around 5 games, and it never bailed on me. So after playing with the gun in small skirmishes to big private games, the Stubby Proved to be a special little weapon. Overall the fps and ROF is perfect for CQB. It is a very unique and good looking rifle. It shoots LOUD and hard. For the price, this is definitely a GREAT buy.



  • Nice ROF
  • Decent stock fps
  • can handle a 9.6v battery
  • great for CQB, and can actually shoot a damn good distance
  • very solid construction
  • nice great feeling finish



  • obviously not good for long range battles
  • BEING PICKY: if you expected a silenced gun, this is not it. Its very loud
  • only for right handed shooters


Heres a pic to compare sizes:




Hope you readers found my review helpful!!

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COol. What does it safe where it would normally read safe, single and auto?



Nice review, will have to get one of these soon :P


A couple of quick questions,

how long is the inner barrel and how long is the silencer?

could you unscrew it and post a pic maybe? :D



to answer CplKicks question,


Detail and Appearance:

It comes with a G&P Zombie Killer body (B type), which is very nicely detailed. On the body a verse from the Bible is seen. Instead of Safe, Semi, and Auto, the words " Pray", "Psalm", and "Asperges" can be seen.


and the inner barrel length i believe is 166mm and the silencer is around 150mm

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Im thinking about buying just the front set for my CA gun as it looks soooo sweet! Did you say you purchased the zombie killer silencer too? I want to be able to keep the barrel a tad longer so that I can use it in longer range games too. If you could take a pic with the zombie silencer too then that would be great!


Thanks mate.

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I purchased the whole gun from redwolfairsoft and it came with the silencer. The thread is CW so your silencer would work. If you want accuracy definitely get a longer barrel, the Stubby Killer for me is only for CQC games because its not that great as a long range weapon. But i think even mid range this gun is accurate enough to be skirmished. The front set is great too. You could just fit another longer G&P silencer and get a longer inner barrel if you want, that will solve your problem of accuracy, and most of the G&P silencers you see like the ones with "Zombie Killer", "Navy", "Knights", " US SOCOM", " Blackwater", " SF" markings, and such would all work since the diameters of the silencers are the same.


As for pictures, do you want close-ups? because there are pictures of the G&P Stubby Silencer everywhere.

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Thanks for the reply!


Yeah I was thinking of buying the Special Forces G&P silencer aswel and using that for longer range games with a longer barrel as it takes no time at all to change the barrels. My gun will consist of the following:

- G&P stubby front set

- Longer SF silencer

- CA flat top receiver

- G&P aimpoint

- Longer M16 mag (not VN)

- Crane stock.


If you could install your larger silencer adn take a pic i would be grateful!


Thanks for your time.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I bought the stubby last month, I've opened it to take a look at the internal and changed a couple items , see spring, cylinder head and nozzle and spring guide with guarder parts,

when test firing comes the surprise , 70 mt's with an ms110.. :blink:

ok started it all again , swapped cylinder with a correctly holed one, hop chamber with a systema one, bucking,mixed up things, everything except the gears, but I keep getting the same crappy mt/s.

I've another theory but I still have to test it...


at one point I put the stock spring in my M249 to see how does it perform, and guess what? it shoot almost 130mt's on my para'.


So G&P put this "monster" spring inside the stubby just to make it shoot a mere 300-320 fps? ok , it has a very short barrel, but there's something wrong with this rifle.

and what about durability?





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I recently purchased a Stubby myself and changed the following parts:


Replaced the Hop-up Chamber & arm with the First Factory Strike Chamber set.

Replaced the hop-up Bucking with a Soft Kurage packing.

Replaced the inner barrel with a Prometheus barrel (cut down only about 1 cm longer than the original)




Gun fires a clean 340-350FPS with .25g bb's (via Guarder chrono) with great range & fairly good shot consistency. Once in awhile a stray shot with exaggerated hop-up, but for the most part, pretty straight flight.


Initial impression is very good, especially given its low price and my low expectation to begin with. However, cant really make an assessment yet since I haven't put this to heavy use. We'll just have to see if the internals hold up after a few games or not, and/or if the gearbox starts to sound out of whack anytime soon. Will post an update later...





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