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Mauser SR Pro Tactical from www.begadi.com

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Review of the Mauser Sr -Pro Tactical- from www.begadishop.de including the Swiss Arms 4x32 scope with mount rings.




In this review I will go through the following points:

Chassis/the stock

Outer barrel and receiver










I will start with the exclusive and very nice black stock with some silver components. The stock itself is almost fully made out of hard plastic but it has absolutely no wobble and it does not make any sound when you twist it. The back end is adjustable both ways – in length as well as in height. To adjust it in length just turn the large silver wheel you see and after you are set, fix it with the smaller silver wheel. To adjust it in height you have to unscrew the hex screw on the right side of the rifle, pull or push the cheek rest to your desired height and then tighten the hex screw again.


A closer look to the stock and the hex screw.




You also have two sling attachment points on both sides of the grip.




I will speak about the sling in the end part. Right now I want to focus on the texturized grip that is a real perk in this package. The grip itself is nice and comfortable to hold. It is medium sized to fit every kind of hand and to my relief it is strong enough to hold the weight of the stock and the front end with ease.




A closer look of the texturized grip surface.




Mauser Sr Pro Tactical also has a few trademarks: you will find the Mauser sign under the receiver on both sides and on the butt plate of the stock and finally you can see the trademarks on the receiver itself.




The stock has some lead weights fitted into it which makes the rifle a whole lot heavier and it also balances it a bit better. To remove these weights you have to take out the hex screws on the side of the chassis and then split it into two sides.


Outer barrel and receiver.

These are both made out of metal of course. The outer barrel has a CW threading in the end for anyone who wishes to add a silencer he can easily do that. The outer barrel is screwed into the receiver and then fixed with a small grub screw under the receiver. There is no wobble what so ever with the 1-piece free float outer barrel. The receiver is fixed to the stock via 2 large hex screws. The receiver seems to be made out of fairly strong metal and I am not worried about it breaking without some very excessive force. The outer barrel has an inner barrel spacer fitted inside to secure the rather long inner barrel. The spacer is not made out of plastic but out of hard foam.

When first putting the rifle together out of the box I found a little problem adjusting the hopup. As it came out the hopup chamber was not perfectly aligned with the outer barrel which meant that the black hex screw that is used to dial the hopup was out of place and therefore it was not reachable by the allen key. After reassembling the gun it was fixed. A picture from the hopup chamber and its dial screw (the black hex screw).




Next is the bipod. Nothing much to say about it – made out of metal, is extendable by unscrewing the locking nuts, spring ejected. Sturdy enough but not for my liking. The trirail mount is made out of metal and sits fairly nice in the stock with little left-to-right movement to allow the shooter to aim while the rifle is bipoded.





This is probably one of the most important part of this review. The internals of the Mauser Sr Pro Tactical ARE compatible with other APS Type 96 cylinder and trigger parts. That means you can buy e.g. FF Zero trigger or PDI cylinder set that is made for a Type 96 and it will fit the Mauser series without any modification. The cylinder parts are okay for the time being but if anyone wishes to upgrade the spring then it is highly advised to buy new spring guide and piston also. The original spring guide and piston work fine but they are still made out of plastic. The original cylinder and cylinder head are made out of metal and I would say that they are strong enought to stand stronger upgrade springs as well as the stock one.




The hopup chamber is made out of metal and seems to do its job. The hopup rubber though is made out of low quality rubber. Unfortunatly without modification you can not put standard AEG or VSR type hopup rubbers into this rifle. The only other upgrade hopup replacement is the PDI Type 96 hopup chamber.


The stock inner barrel is made out of brass and it can be replaced with an aftermarket one. KM Heat produces a Type 96 tightbore barrel that is a direct fit and that does not require any modifications to the barrel or the rifle.


The trigger housing is sadly made out of plastic just like the regular Mauser one. It is known to be one of the weak points on this rifle when trying to upgrade it to higher spring ratings. A metal trigger housing or First Factory Zero Trigger made for Type 96 fits without modification.


A closer picture of the trigger mechanism.


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Mauser Sr Pro Tactical into bits and pieces.




The Swiss Arms 4x32 scope.

The scope comes with 2 low type 1 inch mount rings and covers. The covers are not made out of high quality plastic thus I would not recommend using them in a skirmish. The scope itself has a very nice rubbery finish and is easily adjustable just like any other regular scope.




A closer look to the adjusting nubs on the scope.





When first taking the rifle out of the box it chronoed an average of 123m/s measured with KSC 0.20g high quality bb-s. The spread was about 3m/s on a string of 10 shots. After whiping the inner barrel clean of all the excess grease it started shooting an average of 128m/s with a spread of only 1-2m/s. I also cleaned and relubed the cylinder and piston but did not gain more speed.


I also did a target shooting and here are the results. Target papers are Begadi 14x14cm targets that are 7m away from the rifle. These test were taken indoors without any wind or other external factors. Test were performed using bipod and resting position.


First shot group was shot when the rifle was taken out of the box. The scope was not yet perfectly zeroed in but you can see the shot group. About 10 rounds were fired using 0.25 KSC high quality bb-s.




Second shot group was shot after cleaning the barrel, taking the rifle apart, realigning everything and regreasing the cylinder unit. This time AIM 0.28g good quality bb-s were used. As seen in the picture the shot group is a lot better in overall and also without any flyers outside the group. This means that at 10m/30 feet hitting a coin should not be a problem with this rifle after cleaning the inner barrel!


Second shot group.




Finally the extras that were included in the package.

Firstly some white bb-s. Did not bother using them cause of the expected low quality.

Then there was a speedloader which is a nice addition to any airsoft gun. It has worked flawlessy until now and I hope it will do the same in the future.

Finaly there was the sling. It is a regular 2-point adjustible rifle sling with metal attachment points. The sling itself is a bit narrow to my liking but still perfectly usable in regular skirmishes. The sling swivels are made out of metal but are very thin. They seem to hold for now but would not count on it when putting some real force on them in skirmishes. Still overall a usable sling that is always nice to have for free in the package.



In the end I must say that I am fairly pleased with the overall performance of this rifle and I received exactly what I was expecting – a good spring sniper rifle for average skirmishes ready out of the box but still perfectly upgradeable in all terms of performance. For the cost of a low-end AEG you will receive a noticeably good sniper rifle with a very distinct appearance that will catch the eye of other players on game sites for long skirmishes to come.


Mauser Sr Pro Tactical was bought from www.begadi.com whom I can definetly recommend for all buyers from Europe!


Review made by:

Bjorn, Estonia



P.S. Sry for some grammar mistakes, english is not my first language.

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Hey guys - How can I get larger images from imageShack.us ? I Uploaded 1024x768, but it gives me only thumbnails.




EDIT: Got it, took a lot of time though with my wireless connection.



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Nah, I'm not trading the raw power of import Well L96 for that fancy schtock the Krauts are dropping in. Mine goes a good 450-480 fps (read - an ASSLOAD m/s) stock, sadly I can't find a decent place to calibrate my scope or check the groupings.

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Nah, I'm not trading the raw power of import Well L96 for that fancy schtock the Krauts are dropping in. Mine goes a good 450-480 fps (read - an ASSLOAD m/s) stock, sadly I can't find a decent place to calibrate my scope or check the groupings.



I believe that this one should shoot around the same. Maybe I got a bad first batch. On the website it says it should shoot 135m/s out of the box which is around the same as Warrior.




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As far as I know only Begadi sells these babies right now.



Though I am sure you can ask them by email about shipping to US.






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Hey thanks for the in depth review. I was actually considering picking one of these up. I know a LOT of people that have the Mauser pro tactical airsoft sniper rifle and they all seem to love it. I don't think I've heard many bad things about it, other than maybe that it shoots slightly slower (I'm talking VERY slightly slower) than the UTG (etc.) L96 airsoft sniper rifle. Of course, this is no big deal to me, and I REALLY love the way the mauser pro tactical looks; in my oppinion it is definitely one of the best looking airsoft sniper rifles I have ever seen! Now I just gotta figure out whether or not I actually want to invest in one of these or not.......




Favorite airsoft rifle manufacturer: jing gong

airsoft sniper rifles rule!

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I dont own the rifle anymore but I can say this. After a few months of use the plastic body start giving away. It doesnt break, but it start to squeak a lot. Pretty annoying really. Also the hopup rubber didnt survive for very long. At the time it was a great choise. Now you have lots of newcomers like Well VSR and SR series rifles, JG VSR series, Snow Wolf M24-s etc.



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here's my revieuw


avoid it like the plague


the problem i had with this gun (i have had 2 of them)

is that the plastic is verry low quality (and thats a bad thing considering that most part of the gun is plastic)

you can't upgrade this gun, i installed a spring to make it shoot about 420 fps but each time i cock it the intire stock flexes (the gun isn't as solid as a l96 because the stock is only atached with one point

and when using the gun, the screws get loose and when you tighten them a little to much, cracks start to appear around the stock

and then afther a few hunderd shots the trigger housing breaks

also the sling mounts are not up to the task and im sure that if you drop the gun that the stock will be broken

and this gun isn't based on a real gun, its basicly a cheap chinese gun where cybergun put some mauser logo's on



if you do want one here you can buy one cheaper


but you can get a l96 even cheaper

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Not surprised at all, the Chinese APS96 clones aren't that good, and to top it off they're ungodly heavy. I sold mine a long time ago and got a M733 instead.

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