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  1. Has this been posted yet? Checked around in here and the fix and tuning thread and didn't see it, although that's admittedly not exactly exhaustive. http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=35857 105 USD aluminum nozzle.
  2. Actually, now you've got me thinking - how much (little) space is there in the narrow handguards? The smallest nunchuck LiPos I've found are 6x20x125mm and 7x16x118mm per side.
  3. Every time I see an MP5 with the narrow handguards, I'm reminded why I like MP5s with the narrow handguards. Shame that you can't really fit even a LiPo in there, as I've always been used to the sliding stocks.
  4. Can't know for sure without fitting both, of course, but judging from the pictures on this and this product page, it looks like they are.
  5. Impressive. Must say I lol'd at the pistol stabbed into the table as well. (Or at least, that's how it looks like it's held up?) Also, out of curiosity, is blue tape around the bottom of RPK-74 mags a thing in the Russian (or whoever) military? That's the second time I've seen it now.
  6. Ultimately up to you, of course, but I have to agree with the previous two - it looks pretty sextastic as-is, really. I actually quite like the forward-mounted Aimpoint, not something you see often.
  7. Photobucket's been doing that for a while now, if I remember right. Really thinking about just putting images on imgur or flickr as every few months Photobucket seems like it's gotten slower and generally less useful. A bit of a shame, as I've been using the same account for nearly 9 years now.
  8. TAG makes their own insert specifically made for the Banshee and it indeed only holds two. (Get it from somewhere else if you can, of course; that price is a bit absurd.) I feel like it'd be possible to fit a little bit more, like a pistol mag or something, but that's just speculation - someone who actually owns one will probably know.
  9. D: A Colt SMG lower with Colt SMG markings and magazine housing roll pins...is this a commercial product that I'm completely unaware of, or some nice custom work?
  10. How do you like those pull tabs? I've never really liked bungee retention as it's always felt sort of...inconsistent to me, but those look intriguing. (And they're cheap as dirt; relative to everything else S&S makes, that is.)
  11. Fair enough. I suppose weather in England (at least up north) is as bad as the stereotypes say, then.
  12. May well be; I'd not know. It's what passes for inclement here, though, for what it's worth.
  13. Atrocious picture (it's a screencap from a buddy's helmet cam upload), but: Rained like mad the whole way across those fields. I'm in this picture but not visible, all the way out by the herd of cows.
  14. Looks like an Eagle 100rd SAW belt box pouch or equivalent. I could be wrong though.
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