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Pictures Of Your Girlfriend!


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*is very jealous of Thomme*

*fondles RACK*

I should have mentioned this. When you said dancer, you should have specified what kind of dancer. My current girlfriend is an Irish Step Dancer (who actually danced with Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys) and she's stiff as a board. Granted, she can get kinky and hot, she can barely flex at all.

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hmm i'm not familar with step dancing - i mean ive seen some irish dancing and wasnt sure what you called it, but the girls were very nice...mmmmm


darn, you made me think of my parents neighbours daughters..as they do that sort of thing.. yikes!


well, its an individual thing anyway, i guess either youre lucky or youre not..

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[sarcasm] me hates complete tards [/sarcasm] :waggle:


Dude, you find an 18 year old girl without spots, (She has three tiny ones for crying out loud!) become her boyfriend, and then get her to let you post pics on here. Until then, shut the hell up and count your blessings I don't neg-rep you for insulting my good lady. <_<

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hey siciro dude, that's not very nice! I am not "zit-faced"!

I have some tiny scars on my forehead from popped spots, and you can hardly see them cos of the lack of focus! like Thomme said, the rest are freckles.

anyway, why is my forehead the most noticable part of that picture?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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