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Star Mk17 (SCAR-H) at Boomarms


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USD596. Comes with EGLM. Appears to be only available in tan/FDE as of now. No magazines yet available; the included unit is a 180-rounder. Cheekpad is gen3/4, as consistent with STAR pre-production pictures.


Also, Boomarms also has another MUR-1, made by Bomber this time (USD248), if you're interested.


Oh, and another edit: I don't know if Boomarms has a stock system, or if everything's listed as "Buy It". If they do in fact operate with everything showing that, then I suppose this is probably a pre-order.


And now, extra, non-news-related information:

1. Yes, I did search - "Search results limited to first 1000" isn't something that lifts the spirits. As previously stated, hopefully not a duplicate topic. If it is, well, then I suppose it goes in the duplicate topics forum, no?

2. Leave the "my VFC SCAR is better than your (_____)" at home already. I don't really know or care if that's true or not, but I think about 158000 hijacked, vaguely SCAR-related topics is enough opportunity to extol your gun's virtues in front of an increasingly bored audience.

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the EGLM is to make up for the 9.6v 600mah battery which can't be removed


and M14 mags don't look anything like the H or 25 mags


And these are the same as SR25 mags so there are other mags for it


And if you take out the fact that the only defect is the battery, the only thing left to be desired would be an 8mm AEG :)

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