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Hi guys and gals,


Some of you may have seen this posted elsewhere, but for those that haven't I've recently started to get on top of all the info on my Google map of airsoft sites (now known as WhereSoft.co.uk).


I've also included sites in Belgium (by request), as well as shops in that area.


What I'd like is for you guys to tell me what's wrong. Spot a site in the wrong place? Tell me about it. Prices incorrect? Let me know.


I also want to expand to include shops as well, not webstores, but actual shops that you can visit. If you know any that need to be included, again, let me know.

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These are the correct prices for Combat South Woodland in Wickham


Sunday - Game Fees - All Day (inc. BBQ lunch) £20

Evening Game Fee - £10

Sunday Gun Hire - £17 (in addition to Game Fee)

Evening Gun Hire - £10 (in addition to Game Fee)

Combat Clothing Hire £6


Just a note from me: the green fee for the second sunday running if registered at CS is only £10, dunno if you wanna add that there.


So if you go 3 weeks running (there tends to be 3 sunday games in a month), the price goes £20, £10, £10.

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Zard, looks good! Esspecially those Belgium locations :D


Hope people will support you, and this way get a nice map for Europe/USA.


Just send him the latitudes and longitudes and club discription!


good luck, nice job!




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Sweet! ^_^ Me like!


Shame that there's only one site withing an hour of leciester... Wouldn't be a problem if I had my car up here! >_< Damned uni.

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You get me a list of sites (and shops) and I'll start adding them. But, uh, don't expect it to be finished any time soon, unless I get fired or something :S


Does anybody have a rough idea of how many sites in there may or may not be in the US?


Yeah, props to the NL Airsoft guys who provided me the info for the Belgium sites (if you get me the info like websites and prices and I'll add those too!).


Also big thanks to metalheademo1 from the MIA/Ironfoot forums , for helping me check facts, as and when his work will allow :)

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Andy, no as life moved on for him, Dom's still around but very busy.

I told some of the guys at MIA about Andy, as I know that some of them used to be KGB players, and they, and I, were saddened by the news. Good to know Dom's OK.


@Ultra06, give me the list of sites with co-ordinates, and time, and I'll do it.


@thefallacy it's amazing what you can do when bored out of your gourd.

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