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KALASH RK-06 on Gunners


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does that mean the whole gun will be "stamp steel"

Of course not. Many of the parts can't be made by stamping process, those will be cast steel, and an alloy outer barrel. Like the 74U.

It won't be pretty, it'll be scratched, beat up and rusty - in other words, just right.


I only wish they'd ditch the thick, lumpy and very durable matte black paint, and just lightly blue the steel instead, making it so much easier to scratch it up and make it rust more.


It took a lot of work to make my full steel version RK01 look like the beat-up heap of junk that it appears as today.

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Oh yeah. You really gotta go to town on that finish. What I did to mine:


- first some screwdrivers and various large, sharp tools to create significant surface damage, gouges and scratches.

- then sandpaper (both rough and fine) to wear down the finish, since steel wool just won't cut it.

- after that, steel wool to smoothe out the gritty traces from the sandpaper.

- shoved the individual receiver and body parts into rocks, gravel, dirt and concrete outside, really abusing the hell out of them. Just do this for a long time, and the weathering ends up looking more natural (and severe!) and less deliberate. Don't forget to mess up that pretty pistol grip too!

- dissolved a lot of salt into water, and rubbed the salt solution into the body parts, and left them laying around outside overnight. Rust.

- cleaned off the parts with water, cleaned , dried and lubed all internal surfaces very carefully, and finally rubbed some bearing grease into the external surface. This adds that old, worn, shiny finish, while still being a ragged, rusty mess.


I never clean off or in any way maintain the externals after skirmishing, I just let it rot. This also adds some natural patina. :)

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