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Review of my Airsoft world experience


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Hey there,


After a long time debating what gun to buy to start me off in airsoft, and deciding that the gun would be a JGBAR 10 I scoured the internet and finally came across Airsoftworld "Top Retailer" award and all.


I firstly make an order of a Two Tone JGBAR10 and was then told it was out of stock and to make the order again since it should be in within the next few weeks.


I then check on the website end of last week and it says "JG BAR10 - In Stock" so I make my order and it then gets put "On Hold".


Give them a call on Saturday and they tell me that they need to spray it and that I am first in the que for it to be done, so I gave them a call again this morning since no sign and the bloke on the phone tells me in a slightly rude way that the two tone JGBAR10 will be in stock this week and that the person saying about spraying was wrong, and something about his boss being in china.


So I ask again when it will be in, and he just says "This week" and I am basically stuck for words and hang up. Then later the same day, the status changes to "Complete" and I get an email telling me its been shipped.


So I get it only to discover that it IS a sprayed one with a slightly shoddy finish (slight spray on the trigger and such), but I am pleased because its finally here. Also they hadnt sprayed under the ironsite which was attached to the gun, so theres now a black square around my scope rail which isnt a big deal, but still.


First problem was when I needed help, since its my first gun and all, with the magazine catch. I phone up Airsoft world around 3 times and finally get through. I then start to speak and the bloke says "Woah woah, talk slower I cant understand what your saying" in a slightly demeaning way, so I talk slower to please him and he pretty much tells me to read the instructions. So I go online and check a few guides and finally get it done. Problem wasnt the gun, but the way I was spoken to, especially considering I just spent £130 on a product from them.


Second problem occured with the scope rail itself, there were some screws missing so I had 2 medium sized screws, 1 small screw with a screwdriver head (which fitted) and one with a hex head (didnt fit). So called up again and get the same bloke who continues to talk to me as if im either 12, or mentally challanged and goes on to tell me to describe them, which I do, and even says to me "How many screws are in the rail right now" and I have to say around 4 times what screws I have, only for him then tell me to take a picture of them since "he can only guess what they are".


Gladly ive found some screws in my shed which fit fine, so instead of having to put up with being spoken to extremely rudely I chose the latter of just using them.


So my experience with Airsoft world? Terrible and im never buying from them again. They have no idea whats going on with no communication between each other and they are EXTREMELY rude, theres only one person ive talked to which hasnt been rude but alas I only spoke with him once when it was first not in stock.


Im just praying nothing else goes wrong and I have to talk to them again.




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I've had good experiences buying from them, ages ago, i'm talking about Airsoft Scotland days, when they were based above a cafe. They gave very good service, in my opinion. You just had to expect a supplemental degree of demeaning sarcasm and less than genius wit when conversing, but cant say it put me off enough to never again order from them. In saying that, i've only ever dealt with them buying in the shop, never online or that.

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I am kinda surprised at your experiance, I've rang them up numerous times in the past and gotten through to Frenchie, Alan, Scott(might be getting him and Alan confused but one of them went off to set up Landwarrior) and the two girls that work at the store at different times (from being above the cafe to Crossgates, haven't dealt with the warehouse recently) and haven't had much in the way of being talked to in a demeaning manner, more often than not I end up in banter laden conversation.


Never had a problem with their online service either really bar their website being a bit behind the stock updates but I've always put this down to the fact they are a relatively small operation staff wise.


The story about the manager, Steve being in China is true as he more often than not is off somewhere sorting things out for the store leaving about 4 people as far as I'm aware to run both the walk in store and process online orders, when one of those 4 is going to be inundated with airsoft guns to fix or paint then a bit of a wait is to be expected.

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Like I said im just posting my personal experience with them, which may or may not be different to others. I wouldnt have been so harsh if I wasnt spoken to in a derogatory manner the last time I called and would have been more posititive about the bloke who did honestly try and help me.


But putting the way I was spoken to aside, I was still told different things from different people, saying that it was being sprayed, then saying its not and there waiting for parts for a better finish, then it being apparently shipped around 2 hours after being told there waiting for parts, then to recieve one which had been sprayed! And it wasnt the wait I was honestly worried about or concerned with, but the fact that nobody seemed to know what was going on with my £130 order, or seemed to care for that matter.


So for my personal experience with them I wouldnt suggest buying from them, and wished I had looked at the reviews already on arnies before purchasing :/ It seems to be very 50:50 with them if you have good service or not, considering who you talk to and what the scenario is, which for a company isnt a good thing.

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I have dealt with several companies regarding airsoft parts and bits and I have to say I would be very wary of dealing with these guys if this is how they treat their customers.


However... I work 2 jobs and one of those involves dealing direct with the general public and we can all have a bad day when over worked and stressed. I never intentionally speak down to people but sometimes when you get asked really basic questions sometimes...


Not making excuses for them mate, just pointing out sometimes people are people.

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The biggest problem is, people have one bad experience with a retailer & write them off totally.


Everyone has their favorite retailers, & those retails are bound to be on someone else's poo list... which is fine.


However, we must remember that they are in business, to make money. VERY rarely will a retailer purposely mess up a sale, or make an enemy with a customer, particularly in this time of recession.


Normally, there's an explanation for shoddy work service from a retailer:

"Sorry, he's very new here, it's his first day."

"I'm sorry Sir, that member of staff is on loan from another branch & is unfamiliar with our SOP's."

"My apologies Sir, but my boss has left me on my own today."

"The delivery company has been messing us around lately, i'll get on it."



When dealing with retailers, i think you should just remember that they are human as well, they make mistakes like everyone else. Communication can break down in a shop just the same way it does on an Airsoft gaming field. I think everyone deserves a second chance.


Having said all that, some retailers really amaze me how they stay in business...




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It's possible your accent and style of speech are hard to understand over a phone. One of my mates speaks in a very thick accent and quite quickly and he's next to bloody impossible to understand over a phone, but is fine face to face.

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Tooooon, did you bother saying any of these nice words here to the guy on the phone? If you'd made it clear that you were insulted he might have apologised.

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My experiences with Airsoft world fall in line with that of the OP. The speed of the service is about average with other retailers but the condescending tone the staff seem to have over the phone is inexcusable. Customers should be treated with more respect and the company has to understand that just because Airsoft is their profession, it doesn't mean that all their customers are going to be as clued up as they are. I recently ordered a part from them, it didn't arrive when it was supposed to, I followed it up with a call only to be told "you should read the banner on the home page, it says we are experiencing delays". Well how about sending an email to all customers that were affected by this delay rather than leaving it to them to find out. Also, when designing banners to indicate a change of service, how about designing them with a colour scheme that doesn't match up with the rest of the website.


I will be avoiding them in the future.

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Airsoft World seems to be a bit like Marmite :(


I find them to be a bit intimidating face to face but not really condescending.


I got a G&G SCAR from them recently and they didn't have any in stock in the store but Duncan drove to the warehouse and came back with all 4 variants so I could pick the one I wanted. Whilst waiting for him Frenchie made us not 1 but 2 cups of tea!


I didn't really plan on spending that much time in the store but it was quite enjoyable nonetheless :)

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