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  1. Nice review, thanks! The one thing that concerns me is the use of cardboard for the boxmag. What happens it it rains?
  2. Regarding comfort, once its adjusted properly, I basically forgot I was wearing it. Compared to having my lip shot out the choice is simple. Yes, I had my lip burst by a 400+ fps shot from a full auto gun at a site once. Never again.
  3. I used that mask at a game at Area 51 a few weeks ago and it was a revelation. Its seriously close quarters battle with 350 fps guns and I saw several nasty face wounds that day! I used this mask with a pair of ESS V12 goggles and was incredibly happy. I added a little insulation self adhesive foam at the nose bride for extra comfort which took seconds to do and then began adjusting the mask to my face type and goggle choice. I will admit it took about 2 hours to get it feeling just right. Its a careful combination of firm fit without obstructing the goggle choice etc. I would stress t
  4. Nice review thanks! I need to get my hands on one of these.
  5. I have the grey small caly in VG10, the black ZDP 189 small caly and the maroon small caly in ZDP 189, nice knives!
  6. Had a couple of the assisted openers and I sold them on. Nothing really wrong with the knives other than they felt a little bit cheesy to be honest. They looked and felt a little on the "too busy" side and the fine detail finish was not quite there. Prefer Spyderco any day of the week when you are in that price bracket. Far more honest knives.
  7. Apologies for the rubbish quality! We have my old Strider AR folder, 1970's Randal Model 14 with a roughback sheath (yes thats Ren Wax on the blade for protection), Microtech LCC folder, custom made damasteel fixed blade with a cheapo Frosts Mora training knife above it.
  8. Interesting so far. 90m per second though? Going to need a lot of upgrades to get that able to shoot heavy weight BB's at any decent range. Which after all is what a sniper is going to want.
  9. Ooooooo GBB MP7! Now that is something I would be interested in!
  10. Ah... the battle to get your 100 posts is being lost young padawan!
  11. Bah... pointless post! I am not joining another forum to see this.
  12. Emerson Commander is a varied product. To be blunt the QC is rubbish. I have handled possibly 50 Emerson knives in person and not one of them was right. Most often you have blade centering issues, liner lock movement and pocket knife walk and talk. Many have failed a simple but firm spine tap on a book. Nothing excessive, just a firm tap and the blade fails after the first couple of taps. They are cool looking knives though and the wave is a very nice feature that in no way makes the knife illegal. The thing that is currently being focused on by HMCE is gravity opening.
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