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  1. The General

    Echo 1 M240 Bravo

    Nice review, thanks! The one thing that concerns me is the use of cardboard for the boxmag. What happens it it rains?
  2. The General

    What's your backup?

    Whats a Glock 15?
  3. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I replaced a lost spring for the trigger mech (external trigger, not the mechbox trigger arm). Its the one where you remove the upper and there is a plastic unit with four screws that slides back and forth. I believe the unit is supposed to provide resistance for the trigger and to return the trigger to unpressed after being pulled. Well, when I tested the gun on the field. I noticed 2 things. 1. The gun would double or triple tap sometimes when I lightly pulled the trigger for a single shot. 2. Sometimes the gun would fire on its own accord and in particular, if I changed mags the gun would fire as soon as the fresh mag was inserted. Now I was tired when I got back last night so I have not tried removing this spring to see if the gun will function without it. I thought I might ask to see if anyone else has encountered anything like this before I start taking the gun to bits again! For the record I did not use the gun on the day for the reasons above and it chrono'd slightly over the site limit even with an M100 spring. I must have excellent compression on this gun some how! Thanks for your time, Wayne
  4. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Replacement air nozzle's... type A, B , C or D?
  5. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Wow, Halfords! Would have never thought of that! I owe you one beer at Arniegedden mate!
  6. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/articles/ma...tm/aug/aug1.jpg Trying to source part ST-16 Its the big spring that pulls the trigger forwards. Anyone know where I can get one or have a spare they are willing to part with?
  7. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Is the HurricanE M100 upgrade set worth bothering with or get the parts seperatly from different makers? My Aug is a TM civi and I have added a SystemA tight bore barrel and the G and P metal hop unit so far. Otherwise its totaly stock. Thanks, Wayne
  8. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Ahhh, I worked it out, the spring goes into the handle pin and you put the stock pin where it connects to the body. Then tension the spring from the bottom of the foregrip and attach the foregrip base plate to the spring. Thus the handle is able to be moved and the stock pin is held in place by the spring. Thanks!
  9. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    I am replacing the foregrip on my TM Aug Civi. The one that came with it was secured with a bolt and was the wrong colour (OD) Well I have found a used black foregrip with base plate, spring and pin. I cant work out how to assemble this item. I figured the spring somehow goes into the forgrip and attaches to the base plate but cannot work out what it connects to. I am guessing once this is done, one secures the forgrip to the gun with the supplied pin. Anyone help me? Regards, Wayne
  10. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    Sir, you have a serious attitude problem. Just kidding. Sorry if I stepped over the line. Not my intention. For what its worth, I will be the proud owner of a TM AUG Civi this weekend!
  11. The General

    Steyr AUG FAQ and Helpdesk

    $2995 for the real deal???? Wow! Thats not cheap is it?

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