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'The Ghost Unit'


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If you assume the identity of a member of the Ghost Unit, you'd better sleep with one eye open, and a hand on your gun, for like a ninja in the night they'll be there to avenge the slight against their honour....



argh, ninja-ghosts!



You what?



this is what i was getting at...

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You're not really Leon G2 from the Ghost Unit are you? :unsure:


I think we might be in trouble now.... :fear:


ha ha, im not leon G2.


he is everything i aspire to be.


So, is Cobham an airsoft site, or was he referring to 'Chobham', and thus Ambush Adventures?




I vote roadtrip.




road trip? no way. im not travelling all that way, just to get taken out of the game in the first 3 seconds of play.

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So, Hey. Just found this thread knocking around here; I really need to check into Humour more recently, but I've been away from the net for the past few days, so hey ho.


I take it that nobody has bothered to read this thread, ever?


Everybody involved, go read it. Then realise that the reverse is entirely true; you're ridiculing fellow airsofters for trying to contribute to the community. That's crossing a well-established line.


Warn will be issued to the most prominent purveyors of idiocy and ridicule in this thread.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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