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Cybergun M1928

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This is not my review but belongs to Spencerman ©




Ok, I got mine today, here it is.




A quick view of the instructions:






And now for the gun:






And the drum magazine:




Notice that the magazine is only 450 rounds, strange for a drum mag, but it does work very nicely.


The gun itself is nice and heavy, and the furniture although plastic does have a very nice wood look to it. It is a little bit hot out the box, chronoing at about 370fps using 0.2 bbs (not the 0.12 as boasted on the lid!).


The gun lacks the thompson bullet logo on the gun itself, which I thought was strange as I was sure that it should have it at the rear, but I could be wrong. I does however have it on the drum mag.


The drum mag slides up into the gun, rather than sideways on, so the sticky mags should also work fine in it, but I didnt have any to try.


It also has one of my personal hates on the side where it says calibre 6mm (I would like it to say .45mm or just leave it blank).


The battery is nice and easy to fit in, although with the use of a hacksaw or dremmel much material can be removed from the stock to allow a bigger battery to fit with ease.


The selectors all work fine and the gun has a nice heavy solid feel to it and is a joy to use. I do not know exactly what to look for to see if the gun is made by CYMA, but have been told it is, and it performs well as per any CYMA that I have used, and the packaging does have 051 stamped in it, which to me seems like a CYMA product number, but it could just as easily be a random number. If someone knows exactly what to look for then I will look, but I am not about to open it up just yet to see if it says so on the gearbox.

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I'll go for the standard whinge of it having an incorrect M1A1 receiver (should have cocking handle on top, different style safety/fire selector levers and the magazine aperture is missing the profiles of the real M1928 that allowed it to accept a drum mag) and the buttstock is the M1A1 form. Nice that they did at least put an early style rear sight assembly on it I suppose.


Oh and it's from Cybergun too.


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From what I've have seen online of AZR's stuff I really wouldn't be tempted to part with money for any of it.


It is a real shame that the manufacturers don't get all the details right for an M1928, but I guess at least it looks enough like one for most people, I'm just really fussy about stuff like. One with wartime horizontal foregrip and twenty round box mag would be ideal for that Commonwealth forces Italian campaign look or D-Day Commando impression.

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Yep, you'd have to fork a good bit of money for the AZR-made receiver.


As per DarkLite they are not the best..... could just be rumor but something tells me it isn't.


Has for how it looks, yes it feels a let down and yes it feels like a cop out but it brings us one step closer.


The fact that we now have a RIF that is has close has we can get is better then nothing, the main let down for me being the use of a M1A1 reciever :( - the other parts i can let it off for

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Is AZR Machine still producing? Website and blog are no longer available.




I saw this too. They look there if you goto > www.freewebs.com/azrmachine/m1garandwoodstock.htm but just www.freewebs.com/azrmachine/ tells me to login at greenpeace? ewtf?


One thing is though, I emailed them AGES ago (6Months+) and never got a responce, I Emailed them like 2Years ago, and even then had no responce? :huh:

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Two quick questions:


1. So is this gun identical internally to the CYMA/Cybergun M1A1?


2. Has anyone found a way to increase the 450rd drum mag's capacity?



No 1: yes - identical.

No2: dont know.


When I handled it I was put off my the M1A1 reciver and pathetic laser/screen printed "trademarks" trades well you could do something about, but the reciver reeked of lazyness.

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