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    check out the bore size on this baby
  1. using predator gas mine normally comes in around the 320 mark a little more in the sunny weather (but thats like two days a year here so not really that important) on the accuracy front i can hit cigarette butts at about 15ft off handly with mine pretty easily. if you cant hit it with a tm desert eagle chance are your just a lousy shot
  2. on the legal front of knives. Knives Manufacture/sell/hire ‘Flick Knife’ or ‘Flick Gun’. Source: Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act, 1959. Section 1(1). Offence: It is an offence for a person to manufacture, sell, hire or offer for sale or hire or expose or have in his possession for the purpose of sale or hire, or lend or give to any person: A) any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife, sometimes know as a ‘flick knife’ or ‘flick gun’; or any knife whi
  3. is really after a aks74u, gas shotty or a detonics!

  4. damn you still need monkey arms to shoulder these things. wish there was some way of making the stock shorter. damn you welsh genes!
  5. great review, been in two minds about which aks74-u to go for for awhile now. this has helped me make up my mind thank!
  6. where are you based though mate, speedy delivery is great but for all any of us know you are two towns over from the store
  7. hmmm thats not a bad option there. dont think alessi makes em any more and hes been ill for awhile. might go the nylon. im more stunned at how hard it is to find old school jungle boots in a size 8 1/2 uk.
  8. cheers fella intresting wee gun this
  9. very usefull review thanks fella!
  10. hehe awesome! have you been able to source a double Alessi shoulder rig? thinking off getting a mate of mine to do one in nylon if i cant get one soon
  11. had one of these for over two years and frankly they are outstanding barely effected by whelsh weather, accurate, intimidating, powerfull, very long ranged. general great regularly enough just on its own (with 1/2 dozen mags) probaly my fave airsoft gun. i know the RS has its probs but the TM desert eagle is great fun and very usefull.
  12. intresting little piece that. sound like there are many giggles to be had. love taking out geardos with silly guns. those bell (i think) six shooters are my current chioce might have to get this instead now its died
  13. dollars to pounds error on my part you are right dude
  14. any idear how these are standing up to serious use? how many rounds have people been drilling through em?
  15. well that looks just beautifull. damn why is sexy always so expensive? any news on how they run on lipo?
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