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The HK 416 GBBR by VFC

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Before you ask those questions, you should read through all 25 pages of this thread and then come back with what you still want to know :-)

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Hi Guys! I bought recently 416a5 from the newest series. I'm looking for better inner barrel but I don't know what type of hu window I should pick. On the internet I found conflicting information - vsr type, gbb marui, we gbb. Thank you in advance for help.

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I've owned the HK416A5 for a couple months now, so here are some thoughts if anyone actually reads this thread:

The good:

-External quality is great

-Ambidextrous features are great- the selector is solid and clicks firmly into place. The bolt catch is truly ambidextrous 

-Hop up adjustment is very well designed- being able to fine tune with the faux gas regulator is easy, quick, and effective. No more disassembling your GBBR to tune a finicky hop up 

-Magazines (VMAG and HK mag) are solid with durable feedlips and they have not leaked

-The trigger. The single most realistic airsoft trigger I have tried. It approximates a GI trigger with a lower takeup weight. There is next to no take up, a crisp break, and very positive reset. No other GBBR trigger I've tried is this realistic. 

-Stock NPAS. Works as intended and holds position 

-VFC replacement parts are plentiful and affordable 

The bad: 

-The VMAGs are pretty tight in the magazine well 

-I had a nozzle break. Not sure what the cause was but at least complete replacement groups are not too expensive 

-The bolt catch. The amount of frustration here is absolutely unacceptable for such an expensive toy. The catch functioned very inconsistently and each failed engagement wore down the carrier. My remedy was as follows- 

1) Use pliers to squeeze the catch engagement lever (magazine lever) to tighten up the fit on its pin. This prevents the lever from twisting out of engagement with the bolt catch. 

2) Add a little material to the bottom of the bolt catch arm (where it interfaces with the magazine lever). This also helps to ensure positive engagement 

3) Switched to a weaker buffer spring and used a RS H buffer. I trimmed the RS buffer to be a few mm shorter than the stock VFC buffer. This buys more time for the bolt catch to pop up in to position to catch the carrier on the return stroke. 

I have added the TNT hop up kit. This is a great accuracy/range upgrade and makes the VFC HK416A5 very skirmishable.

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