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of all the humorous shooting channels on youtube, the guys here are some of the best, only barely edging out Carnik Con in my favorites list. everyone should bask in their ultimate techniques.





their channel is still relatively young, so watching all 9 of their videos wont take up too much time. unless you watch them a bunch of times like me. 


PS: they are obviously gundam fans and they aim at the soft spot of magpul dynamics fanbois. enjoy.


recommended watching:

Sweep the leg drill

Come at me bro drill

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To be honest I personally prefer watching the real thing from the 40's, 50's, 60's and even up to the 90's.


Some of the stuff considered 'cutting edge' is now the stuff you see new players doing before they understand how to shoot.


The best still being the, 'how to use the 1911' by the US Army back in the 40's. I have tried it and succeded in hitting a barn so I suppose it is useful for something. :P



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Small world, I was actually stood about 20m watching when they filmed the first video on that channel (the 1 to 5 drill).  I think it was the Haley Strategic facebook page that announced they were having a competition and whoever could do that drill the fastest (the implication being that the shooter used a semi-auto rifle) with evidence on a shot timer, all recorded on video, won some HSP gear.. might've been the D3 chest rig which was a new release at the time.  So one of the lads from Dynamic Pie had the idea of submitting a bit of a comedy entry to said competition by putting a full-auto lower on to his own competition style upper (which was lying around at one point and I thought was cool so I took a snap):




Pretty down to earth bloke, just very in to shooting and certainly very good at it.  Easily some of the fastest draws and pistol reloads I've seen.

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Funnily enough we shoot most of those videos in very little time (like one or two hours) and almost always on the first take (cuz ammo and range time ain't cheap). Some of the outtakes are just downright hilarious. I think the guys are saving those for another video down the road. We're doing additional shoots and reshoots this weekend. More awesomeness and hilarity coming very soon!

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