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TM Based Glock Build: PAC Fowler Industries MK3


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In an attempt not to clutter the Glock picture thread I'll just compile the build pics here.


The plan is to build a custom tacticool Glock 34 based on the Papago Arms Custom Fowler Industries MK3 kit. I am waiting on most of the GBB bits but I do have the kit. Hopefully it should be mostly completed in the next month or so.


For reference this is the kit: http://www.papagoarms.com.tw/Product/Detail/3364


Since the last time I tried a project GBB, it looks like now you no longer need to have a base gun, which is what I'm going to do here. The main parts list for what I have ordered is as followed:


Papago Arms FI MK3 kit(Slide, frame, outer barrel, BBU, sights, etc)

Guarder Steel front Inner Frame

Guarder Steel rear Hammer block(with all the bits)
Guarder Trigger Bar

Guarder Hop-up Assembly(housing, bucking, inner barrel, etc)

Guarder Serial # plat

Guarder Mag Catch

Guarder Glock Spring set

Guarder Recoil Spring Guide(S-style, stainless)
Guarder recoil springs(for tuning for slide weight)

Guarder Extended slide catch

Gunsmodify Takedown lever

Bomber FI Style trigger

PDI 1911 length Palsonite Inner barrel

Magpul Gen 3 Glock 17 Magwell

Gripforce Glock beavertail


I hope to eventually get a Trijicon RMR RM04 for it and probably a X300 light, and some compatible kydex holster. Why? I don't know, its not like I use most of my airsoft stuff anymore....:D


Some pictures:



While still waiting on parts, I did modify the frame a bit to shave down the finger bumps and restippled it:




Also did the obligatory reinforcement to the frame screw post with JB weld:


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I can't claim the credit on that, the frame came stippled but also came with the stock Glock's finger groove. I just shaved the bumps down to be much less pronounced and restippled the work area. Its good though that the frame came with stippling pattern similar to the one I can do...lol

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Well USPS took their sweet time but all the internal bits showed up today...



Start with the inner barrel...swap the G17 length one for a 1911 one.


Then the trigger/trigger bar assembly. Guarder steel trigger bar and Bomber trigger needs a bit of work. I took a tiny drill bit and enlarged the hole so the 2 can move freely with the roll pin pressed in.


Dropped in the Guarder serial # plate and backing.

.....then I forgot to take some in progress pic. Mostly standardize assembly. 

Things I did have the modify, the Guarder steel inner front chassis. I had to use the dremel to slightly clean off the edges where the take down level spring sits so the spring moves freely. And the 2 side edges of the slide rails of the edges had to be machined down slightly so the slide can travel freely. 


This trigger does look good...


Slide itself are mostly just assembly work....


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No pic of the RMR installation. The things to note is the RS RMR screws are not what the slide is made for, as the BBU takes up the space where the screws goes. I don't actually know what the thread pitch of the screw I used(I think RS is 6-40), but I just happen to have the right one on hand, just need to be trimmed down as noted here(http://www.papagoarms.com.tw/Content/Web/Images/PAC-FI-MK3/PAC-FI-MK3-06.jpg). Then the rest just kinda bolts together. Next I am just waiting for the magwell.




I did take this chance to also stipple the Gripforce adapter:



I also got a T-Rex Arms holster for the RMR cut with the Surefire light. The holster is TIGHT. I ended up have to heat it up a bit to make sure it fits. The Raven Concealment holster I've got before for my other TM Glock is sized for a Glock21 .45ACP model. This is a standard 9mm holster so I guess thats why its tight. TM Glocks are a bit fatter I guess....


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Chinese new year coming up so you better hurry up :)

I think NonEx has a few spare guarder frames, he should be able to look that up ;)

I really hope that they aren't glued in, best case scenario: drill a little hole in the back and punch them out...

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Chinese new year coming up so you better hurry up :)

I think NonEx has a few spare guarder frames, he should be able to look that up ;)

I really hope that they aren't glued in, best case scenario: drill a little hole in the back and punch them out...


I have Guarder Glock 19 frames but no 17/18 ones. I don't recall seeing the fake pin hole from the inside on mine... :o

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I made this post answering some questions elsewhere, might as well share it here too:

For modification on the Guarder steel bits...
For the front chassis:
The wide part of the rail, I basically trim back both sides a bit with a dremel metal cutting disc, making the width "x" smaller. Slowly testing the slide with it. Until it can be slid over that portion without resistance, then I sand and polish both machined portion. 
For the rear chassis:
Both of the thicker spot, I use the same dremel bit and trim back that distance "x" on both left and right side of the chassis. Doesn't need a lot. And I did it from the bottom up. 
I think you can maybe trim back more, but I don't want the slide to be too loose. 
Other things I've been finding, Guarder grip does not fit RS magwell or grip plug. Now I am waiting for airsoft magwell now...which sucks because Agency Arms makes a nice grey color one.
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Got a couple of shooting vid to show how it runs. This is honestly the best running steel slide gun I've put together. And honestly surprising since its a longer slide with a RMR and smaller piston...

Full mag dump, did run out of gas, finished all the BBs though: https://youtu.be/3OJ9DMLP7Tw


Real Cap(17 BBs): https://youtu.be/EPyUgzMkXK8


Full gas charge, 68F indoor temp.

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