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Faded Mars

Viva Arms MOA Show - Gas SKS, Springer No4 Mk1 and No1 Mk3

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Looks like Viva Arms is developing some interesting replicas. Video starts with an AEG M1919 machine gun, but then, in my opinion, gets to the more interesting stuff. I know that G&G has a No4 Mk1 in development, but those models are gas powered like their m1903 and 98k. 

These ones appear to be spring action, according to the info in English on the wall behind them. Except for the SKS of course, which sounds like it takes both CO2 and green gas mags?

Anyway, it sounds like some great news! Anyone who speaks the language able to add more?



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4:44 This is our SKS semi-auto rifle

4:50 This gun will be the first product our company release worldwide. 

4:55 The colour is only the way it is due to being a factory prototype, the final version will have the right colour at the right places. 

5:13 This gun will be released in gas powered and co2 powered versions. They will have blowback action, locked on empty. 

5:28 There will be two versions of this rifle in the future, a full steel version, and a full alloy version, this will be a really awesome and fun gun to play with. 


This is very cool, I can only hope it will actually work, it's one thing for a new company to release an AEG, but whole other thing for them to release a gas blowback, it took VFC almost a decade to still get it wrong.. 


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On ‎12‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 9:07 PM, harborne blue said:

The Enfield isn't the RW one - they've got the front end right and the stock is the correct shape. The SMLE looks interesting - hasn't been a decent airsoft version  of that - unless you count the handbuilt, custom versions.

It is , Viva OEMed it and I will never touch a viva after seeing the bodge job they do on parts 

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