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Stop me if you heard this one before: there's a new springer K98 coming from Snow Wolf, and it looks sensible - no shells or other BS like this, the worky bits are metal, the stock is either plastic for $100 or wood for $165. Puts out 380 fps on .20s.



And while we're at it: did Snow Wolf make a PPSh before?

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TNT studio have made upgrade parts for it, seems to have a veeeeery smol piston and correspondingly low cylinder volume.

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On 6/11/2019 at 12:16 PM, renegadecow said:

I thought it was a rebrand at first but Snow Wolf's wood ver sells for as much as S&T's plastic ver.

Well, the S&T one is a rebrand most probably.

*suitcase*, I'm considering getting one and sourcing a scope mount.

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