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  1. Are you the same pydracor that posted stuff about the yonezawa mpl on classic airsoft, many moons Ago? Anyway Welcome 😊
  2. Looking good. Vietnammarine, where did you get the volante kit from? I have thought about getting one for my ktw carbine as well.
  3. Thanks man, was gonna make one from an old screw driver this will come in handy. What kind of valves are these for? The small Marui type or the larger Taiwan/HK type?
  4. Thanks for the info Gunnman ,this is why Arnies still rocks, small nuggets of solid gold info! BTW. KWC copying WA (besides their UZI) happened in the past as well. Their old m92 was straight WA, although several years and iterations later they made their own bbu and did away with the decocker.
  5. The middle one is JG right? But how about the two others? Its always a hassle to find info on cross compatibility.
  6. Have been following the ad from denmark, he's had it for sale for ages. Nice to see its found a new home.
  7. Oh mister snowman, I think a lot of people remember your reviews I think Arnie archived them somewhere. I remember Dumborat, his Face Off project which is still here somewhere is epic!
  8. http://www.zib-militaria.de/HK416-grip-shell-type-1-HK Maybe these guys?
  9. Used to hate port, but this Christmas I tried it again and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Strange how your taste buds change over the years.
  10. I feel for you scorch! Only good thing about my recent battle with Ikea was their new wireless control system for light bulbs. It lets you control the light remotely. Meaning I don't need to get out of bed to turn of or adjust the light.
  11. Just did the Ikea thing. My strategy is to find everything that I need online. Their web page has a wishlist function, so I make one of those then print it out and sort it by what department I need to go through and in what order. Leave the pregnant wife at home and enlist help from a friend who is extremely focused and doesn't get phased. Go on a regular week day, stay hydrated and mobile and never buy stuff that's not on the list, cause that's how they get you! Basically plan it like an assault where the enemy is foolishly sounding Swedish furniture and trinkets. Four years ago we
  12. You need to shower it with skittles for it to work.
  13. Hej nice build. Always love these type of threads. Don't know if I missed it but what was the rang for shooting those targets? BTW I can really recommend steel internals for the hammer and sear, allows a nice crisp trigger pull.
  14. wow you dont see that every day! congrats, real unique
  15. I sometimes re-watch it. Saw Dylan Moran live last winter in Copenhagen. First time I ever saw stand-up live, wonderful experience. My favorite BB quote is "whores will have their trinkets!". People often misunderstand and think I'm talking about horses.
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