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  1. "Those damn gremlins!" Getting in our airsoft conversions. 😉 still looks sooo good
  2. Looking good. Vietnammarine, where did you get the volante kit from? I have thought about getting one for my ktw carbine as well.
  3. The middle one is JG right? But how about the two others? Its always a hassle to find info on cross compatibility.
  4. Oh mister snowman, I think a lot of people remember your reviews I think Arnie archived them somewhere. I remember Dumborat, his Face Off project which is still here somewhere is epic!
  5. http://www.zib-militaria.de/HK416-grip-shell-type-1-HK Maybe these guys?
  6. You need to shower it with skittles for it to work.
  7. Hej nice build. Always love these type of threads. Don't know if I missed it but what was the rang for shooting those targets? BTW I can really recommend steel internals for the hammer and sear, allows a nice crisp trigger pull.
  8. wow you dont see that every day! congrats, real unique
  9. jv83

    Other pistols

    Hej vorpalbunnie, what kind of multi shot shells are you using for the Digicon target? I've been trying for years to get hold of some Angs or KM Head ones. I even tried to enlarge a Guarder shell with a drill press but alas it didn't work.
  10. Uncompany are in the middle of moving and opening op on a new address from 18 May. This may be the cause.
  11. That is very cool indeed Brigg! Love the full length suppressor look,
  12. jv83

    Other pistols

    To my knowledge only the Marushin NBB and the BV driven FTC exist (they also made a full auto M712 with the same system). I have seen pics. in the past of Japanese conversions of the KSC CZ75 into a Bren Ten, but these were homemade chop jobs.
  13. jv83

    Other pistols

    Nooo! Vorpalbunnie, you've been posting all sorts of rare goodness the last couple of days. This time I have to comment! This is only the second pic of a FTC Bren I've ever seen (the other being in Arms magazine from 1993). The Socimi was special but this is really something Very cool I must say.
  14. Danish shops just started selling coloured aluminum grips and sight rails for this. Looks very ipsc'ish ! Personally like the tactical look better.
  15. Nice review, was looking through the pics. thinking "this gun actually looks real good", until I saw that insanely gorgeous custom Delta elite! Suddenly all interest in a CZ has subsided and now I want a Delta Elite
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