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WE Ruger Hi-capa/1911/G series conversion kits

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The Hi-Capa and Glock frames will probably do just fine. The 1911 framed version I would not have such high hopes for. The standard 1911 WE magazine is not the greatest when it comes to gas or bb capacity.

I also cannot see their all metal version feeling as "tight" as the Action Arms AAP-01. That pistol has virtually no rattle when you shake and it is quite solidly built, even if mostly of polymer construction. My only WE pistols that dont "rattle" when you shake them are my P-38's and ISSC M22 (when the magazine is in the pistol). Also, how is the finish on these pistols going to hold up to significant use. Only my WE P-38's have done well in that department. This is not an issue with the AAP-01.

The other issues are, can WE also release the number of accessories that Action Army brought out with their pistol? Will it be selective fire (most likely not the single stack 1911 version)? The AAP-01's are getting a extremely good reputation for significant range and accuracy after proper adjustment of the hop-up and BB weight (mine work extremely well with .30's).

Dont get me wrong, I will probably go with the G framed version, if or when it gets released. However, I am not likely to give up on my AAP-01's just for a "full metal" version.

Now make a modern B&T Welrod!

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