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They've finally started rounding them up!


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This smacks of BS to me. How can you tell?


It has a lack of detail common to tabloid or spoof articles. No names are given, and there are no quotes either. No name or title is provided for the article's source of information. What was he charged with? Why haven't the police or the accused's family commented?


I could be proven wrong, but I doubt I will be ;)

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Bots in PvP MMORPG games.


The Asian/Korean Lineage 2 I believe is sort of free. Or it's so cheap it may as well be free.


My cousin has one lol, they jsut run around leveling up. :mellow:


Great fun.


About the "mugging" : Apparently you can earn up to a certain amount of game money... and trade it like them arcade tickets, for toys. Real money sounds like a big thing, but I believe it's something like 200K game money for a quid or something... :|

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punkbuster sucks so much the game developers decided to go to the cops directly lol



edit: just because my sp33dh4xx pwns in real life and they cant catch me from my aimbotted blow pipe h4xx, that doesnt mean i cheat in games :D

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