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Action Man's Big A** Clearout


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Hi guys, it's me, Action Man!




Having just returned from a hellish thirty minutes

blowing up trucks in darkest Crudcrapistan, I

thought I'd offload some of my gear to you horde

of nutbags as I've been reliably informed that

Geardos will buy anything...


Anyway, up first is this little beauty, my trusty

HK GBB MP5 A5 SMG with flashlight grip.


As you can see it comes with a goat-hair battery

sling and a scope that I picked up at a jumble

sale in Dorset. £1500 posted. No PayPal, no

cheques, no cash, no Traveller's Cheques,

no Nazi gold. No swaps.


Next up is a set of genuine US BDU pants that

I won in a game of 'soggy biscuit' while stationed

in Iraq last November. 2" waist, 5" inside leg.

£50 posted.



Okay, this little *badgeress* has got me out of many

a 'sticky' situation:


A special edition Nato Works/ICS/CA/Umarex/

Cybagun/Dyson hybrid with a completely custom-built

plastic foregrip with cool holes along the top of it.

Hell yeah! Takes a custom 14.5 volt 6500 mAh

battery in a cart that you tow behind you.

£4000 all in. No box.


Up next is a real bargain!


This is a genuine issue Crudcrapistani toilet

sniper's coverall. It still has it's original

labels but the *albatross* area's been cut out for

easy access. £70


Genuine Swedish-issue '######' goggles!


A 'must have' for all you wannabe

platoon leaders! Go on! Buy 'em! £200!


How about this?


A cheap Marui M92F in chrome. Prized from

a borderguard's cold, dead fingers shortly

after running their blockade with my Super

Thunder ATV with pop-up rockets and

realistic innocent's screaming sounds!

Try me! Press Here! £200 posted!


And finally!


This proper bit of kit! A Daewoo M16 A3 with

upgraded bushings, piston, gears, filters, hoses,

calipers and bell housing. All yours for £3500

ex VAT, import tax, inheritance tax and postage.

PS: Does not come with M203 or the bright,

green plastic thing that fires out of it.


Okay, have a look and PM me about anything

you want!


Kick *albatross*!

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Wassup, A.M. here again.


Glad to see so many people are interested

in all this *beep*! Hell yeah!


PM'd, emailed, texted and sky-written to

all queries.


While I'm here, take a look a these, fresh

from the Lost Property box in a morgue

I blew up in Bongwanna.


Ex-issue Crudcrapistani para boots in

vomit green, size 2 There're three toes in the

right boot but they're not mine.

I'll throw 'em in if buyer collects. £49.95

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