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Well I am guessing he was talking about Music, as he wanted to know what player he could use ;)


You may find Power Iso to be of some use - It can de compress all soughts of files including Winzip and Rar files :)


Twas actually because a movie file my mate sent me, was compressed and i needed to de-compress it for use.



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Well sorry while he's being a bigot and essentually a fool I do beleve that it's more then enough evidence, that he's cordially invited to his own flaming. Untill he relises the only guy he think he's fooling is himself we will at all times try to humilate him. It's the only way he'll truel know to shut up. So essantually while you're deleting out our post to keep it 'nice' you're actually blinding him from what people really believe about him and his computor 'skills'.

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elyrey is always deleting stuff, dunno why, ARGH


If I deem that something is inappropriate, then I will delete it. If you can't handle that, then I suggest you head elsewhere.


At one point I did delete a bunch of posts in one of those "game" threads, as a joke. If you see that as an abuse of power, then I apologize for being out of line.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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