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Tokyo Marui Glock18C E.B.B Review

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This is the TM G18c E.B.B review (Oh get over it already..)



Introduction: Bought from ASCUK forums (OMG I'm a cheapskate!! :lol:) from Meh-Lindi (cheers bud ;)) Brand new, no scratches whatsoever. I believe he bought it just to see how they tick.


I've always been fond of E.B.Bs since they came out (I owned the M9, DE and DE silver) Even though they are very largely frowned upon, I frown at them back for missing out on fantastic indoor plinking :D

Note: unfortunately i threw away the box so can't take no pictures of it :(




Build Quality: I remember from a foreign review that the quality of the G18c E.B.B is much better than that of TM's springer line-up. This is very true. The material used for the lower frame is so realistic it's almost the same feel as my KWA G19 lower ABS frame! No jokes! Take a look yourself:


very realistic ABS frame


Trademarks: Trademarks are genuine to the real steel trademarks found on the G18c. I don't know why GLOCK hasn't sued TM yet for using it, but bleh don't see me complaining.. ^__^


..two GLOCK logos seen on the right side, one on the ejector port, sorry again for bad picture quality


Rail Frame: This is something I really have to mention: the rail on the lower ABS frame. Unlike on the TM G17 springer, it has a 20mm rail which is a great plus, the spec is exactly the same as the KSC/KWA G18c! So you can mount anything with a 20mm rail! Nice extra feature ey? :D

However if you do decide to attach anything on you can't access the selector switch, which I will go onto next.


true spec rail means you can mount anything from lasers to mini launchers! *ahem* also note trademarks on left of slide


Selector Switch: Located under the rail, where a serial number plate would be present on a GBB Glock. Turn the gun upside down and you will see it. It's a simple switch which toggles between semi and auto. Very simple. Since the ROF of E.B.Bs are quite slow you can effortlessly manage single shots in automatic mode, which is why my selector switch is always on auto.


selector switch on semi, use your nail to swith it to the right for full auto madness >= D


Slide and Barrel: The front section of the barrel is metal of aluminium (similar material to the M3 shorty barrel without the grainy texture) and the slide is of a smooth non-shine light grey-ish black (reminds me of the plastic KSC use on their Mac11 but obviously not that high material)

Pulling the slide back and letting it shoot back forward sounds suprisingly VERY realistic. The ejector port also ducks down which adds to the sound when the slide is pulled back. Very impressive.



slide pulled back and cylinder piston exposed



Batteries: These take four AAA batteries you find in almost any place, however I found they don't work with NiMH type batteries. Although my TM M9 and TM DE E.B.Bs did without any hassle.. Weirdness.. They are housed under the grip where the magazine would go, hence why TM have to make stick mags for the E.B.B lineup


Magazine: This is one feature I really don't like on E.B.Bs, the notorious stick mags. They're easy to fill, easy to load.. But just look silly.. The mag takes 17 rounds (realistic to the real steel G17 if that makes you feel any better.. :P) Also one other thing that does my head in is when you pull the mag out when it's half empty, a bb would fall loose. The good sides to it though are they are translucent, the ability to see how many rounds you have left.. and compactness.



lock and load


FIRING: Although I've fired an E.B.B before I knew how they work, I wasn't going to be suprised or anything. Infact the first E.B.B I fired I wasn't disappointed at all, I was quite impressed :D(no joke) I found them to be very very similar to the arcade guns used for Time Crisis 1 2 and 3. Recoil was somewhat a tad weak but still can be seen at the slightest if you look at the sights closely (they vibrate)

Switching the selector on auto I fired the gun and PLAAKOT PLAAKOT PLAAKOT PLAAKOT was heard.. My honest reaction (and please don't diss) was niiiiiiiice ;) *Note: I have a GBB G19 P-90 AEG and SPAS12 shotgun and still found E.B.Bs great*

On fresh batteries the ROF is very impressive, you can sometimes struggle to fire one bb in fullauto. In semi the E.B.B acts just like any other E.B.B


do not underestimate the power of the E.B.Bs ;) lol


Conclusion: E.B.Bs rock, E.B.Bs will always rock, and no matter what people say about them... They.....still rock. Reason I love them so much is I won't need to worry about breaking my Stikfa's (plastic posable little..things) and I won't need to worry about putting big gaping holes in my walls. They also take cheap .12g bbs which I have plenty of, so they are very cheap to run. I would whole-heartedly recommend one, only if you accept it as not a skirmish weapon, but a fun plinkable alternative in your room.



look! stika's!! = D


Glock 18c E.B.Bs can only be found at www.zerooneairsoft.com for £45 exc P&P



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Trademarks: Trademarks are genuine to the real steel trademarks found on the G18c. I don't know why GLOCK hasn't sued TM yet for using it, but bleh don't see me complaining.. ^__^


Marui are based in Japan, where the relevant laws seem to be very lax, hence Marui putting Colt trades on their Armalites, etc.


None of their trades are licensed...at all...but no-one can catch them for it.

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I used to have one of these - dad got it whilst on a business trip in Hong kong before VCRA was introduced. To be honest, for plinking it was awesome. Fun, fast and mad. But its not skirmishable. Not powerful enough. The ROF on full auto isnt bad, but its just too weak. I'd recommend a GBB.

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What's the issue with 'necro-posting'?


Surely better here than creating a whole new topic to say he liked the G18 EBB? I really don't get the problem and in all the years I've been on forums I've yet to hear a valid reason why it's a problem.


The post was a valid follow up response to the original review, so why the hate?



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Awww, poor little kershy, maybe he doesn't understand what necro-posting is?


Butttttt he has done it two or three times now, and been reprimanded (Marlowe'd) for it.



Snowman seems to have hit it on the head.


Maybe the bigger issue with this forum (more commonly known as; cancer rotting at the soul of) is idiots who think they're clever by posting mindless nonsense like "hurrr necropost".


Don't you remember being the new guy? Maybe not because you're too obsessed with the sound of your own voice.

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