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Out of production.


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Collins, is that a guinea pig with a pancake on its head?

Its kinda cute :P.


Shame, seriously the aug mil? Seems odd, i thought the sigs were rather new. Strange to think the FAMAS is out living them all...


Are the AKs back in production?





No its a rabbit called oolong with a pancake on its head. AK-47 outta production?! *beep*, if i cant find one il order the CA33

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The G3A3/A4 and "almost" SG-1 are on long term "back order"


I think they come in small timed batches and they're going up in price by a little.


I think, that is.


The 550, 551 are simply dis-ed until they "have figured out a better way of making good ones". As we all know the bursts are not reliable (8 out of 10 or something are not up to scratch).


They, the sigs and G3s etc, were not popular with the (east) asian market when they first came out. (not india, pakistan and bangladesh)


"TM saw them sink in the AEG charts and pulled the plug cus they didn't even make silver (music terminology)"


I can only wait, i suppose.

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yeah, but i'm getting the impression that they'll either be "Boys" versions or a variation of an existing model (M4S?!? Knackers! It's just ANOTHER M4 with bits on it.)


Note: I have nothing against any of the M16 variants as i've got two Colt Commandos myself.

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Don't forget TM won't shelve the old AEGs, they've just ceased production, as with limited floor space and a wealth of new gear on the way out they need to room to produce other lines.


My understanding is that Marui only produce several different AEG types at any one time in the factory (3 years ago I was told it was three.. but that has almost certainly changed now), then after making an alloted number they shift to the making other lines.


A lot of their scopes and other accessories are not made by TM themselves, rather licensed from people like Tasco etc.

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