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  1. Make the pictures smaller next time or perhaps thumbnail them. The high res isn't really necessary. Also, a picture of the barrel taken off the gun would be nice too. While they have appeared to reinforce it, it might not be reinforced in the right area.
  2. I think he means he's too lazy to replace it, and even without the plate, the screw will keep the catch in place.
  3. I ordered a used Korean War Era OD#7 BAR Belt for a friend. When I got it, however, I was in for a surprise: the belt actually has WWII dates. More confusing, is that it appears to be put together from two different companies, and my research shows both companies, Boyt and D.M. Shoe Co., made BAR Belts in 1942. Even the buckle system at the front are different. One seems to be brass while the other is a zinc alloy. I'm still not sure if these are genuine or fake. It's quite possible that this is real and in good condition since most OD#7 BAR Belts were never issued. Anyone
  4. Hmmm... Hmmm.... That's all I'm going to say.
  5. Judgeman, that picture is way too large and way too fuzzy... Can you just remove it?
  6. Looking forward to your review Shao. Do you have a picture showing size comparison to say... your KJW M1911?
  7. 'I want to grow up to be just like you someday, evilhippy!'
  8. That's from KJW copying the old WA design. The new SCWs don't have them, but KJW hasn't copied them yet.
  9. Hammerhe4d, I love that setup with the AIM and the drum mag. Do you have more pictures of it? A pity it's not the Guarder kit.
  10. Tmas, depends on the era and the unit as well. There was a period of time when the M16s were ridiculously unreliable and this was when different weapons were obtained. The sound issue was usually confined to the AK, where if you heard it, you fired at the direction it came from. Logistics is also another problem which is why it wasn't too common, yet not completely rare. Also, a lot of helicopter crews preferred different weapons, probably because of the issues with logistics that didn't apply. From what I understand, most units however were rarely cut off for a long period of time without res
  11. The French had MAT49s of their own design and manufacture. The US gave the Republic of South Vietnam M1A1 Thompsons left over from World War II when we phased it out completely for the M3A1 Grease Gun. Because of a period of time when the M16s started failing horribly, many people traded their M16s or found ways to grab other weapons, such as South Vietnamese Thompsons. SF Forces had more leeway with getting and obtaining weaponry than regular grunts, but with Vietnam, people managed to sneak in and carry many different weapons. A Vietnam veteran once told me he preferred the Sten over the MP4
  12. Beautiful Romanian AKM Gunrunner. I love the vertical foregrips on those. By any chance do you have the Hero Arms drum magazine? I'd love to see that on your AKM. Great AKMS too, guillion. I've always loved AKMSes. As everyone else has asked, what'd you do to make it?
  13. Evilhippy, don't use the MC51 Nitro Rail. The mounting brackets for scopes and the nitro rail are placed differently on the MC51 than on the MP5. Just find a way to modify the MP5 rail.
  14. I thought the MP5 and MP5SD cocking tubes were of the same length? If they are and you didn't modify the cocking tube length at all, you should be able to fit those full length MP5 rails on it. The lugs are very short because they latch on to the same places as the scope mount would. By the way, that's a nice looking MP5SD.
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