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    The Viscount of the Interdominionational church of Lewedness and
  • Birthday 08/02/1984

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    4 years since i got a KWC P99
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    CA33E. TM AUG Mil. WA SVI IED 5.0in Maruzen NBB Colt Python 6in. KJW FM M9A1
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    Or you could get a CA33E. Lovely, meaty, HK, metal, mmmmmm, macdonalds, dah dah dah dah dah, im loving it goodness gracious me what a nice gun. And you can add a lot of stuff to it.
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    Swords, Guns, XBOX, reading, writing, etc.
  1. michael_collins


    Hehe.....its a giant jam sandwich.
  2. michael_collins

    i repeat there are no americans in iraq.jpg

    What a long silencer, whats he making up for do you think?
  3. michael_collins

    Any problem can be solved with the correct amount of force.

    Blam.....momma.....dink..... Blam is the sound of the rocket hitting the wall.....momma is the last thing going through your head after the rocket......dink is the rocket landing on the ground.
  4. michael_collins

    WRAF's On Det. Interesting.....

    *Guy from the opening scene of jurassic park* SHOOT HER!!!!!!!
  5. michael_collins

    Small man or Big cup?

    Hes a lil person dressed in green holding a humans cup, isnt it odvious what he is? A Leprechaun!
  6. michael_collins


    What the hell is that lil tiny monstrosity
  7. michael_collins


    Nice Dezart eagle :D:D
  8. michael_collins

    Michael_collins' Gallery

  9. michael_collins

    .50 BMG

    Thats an unhealthily large rifle.
  10. michael_collins

    go pope

    Classico! *does that thing where you kiss your finger*
  11. michael_collins

    My G3 and I

    Whered the cheek peice go? Also remove the marui sticker it looks naff.
  12. michael_collins


    Western arms???
  13. michael_collins

    Steyr AUG Military

  14. michael_collins

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    OOOOOOOoooooooh a ranting thread. Ive only got one thing to say.....those PS2 adverts. I think SCEE dont even care anymore, the golfers and the pornstars, the ventriloquists and the other ones who i cant be ######ED to mention, what are they ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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