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by Arnie

This page is now an updated version of our archived site design.

Welcome: Welcome to the latest site design. I’ve lost count of the number of revisions we’ve gone through now since the site started, but things do gradually get tweaked into a more suitable framework as the site develops. I think we’re on the 5th generation now, but we’re honestly not counting.

ArniesAirsoft has been online in various forms since Thursday, November 23, 2000.

This new system is much easier for an end user to operate, and as we develop the site things can expand in a more ordered and controlled fashion.

The news from the older archived system (and even older system)has been manually imported to give us a head start, however bear in mind that the data was entered on an older system, so there might be a few glitches.

The aim of ArniesAirsoft is to help everyone out whoever you are. Whilst the main purpose of the site was originally to document airsoft related material, the website has now grown and covers fringe topics such as non lethal training options for law enforcement, camping and survival which are also relevant to our readership.

This website started off as a personal weblog and has now grown to what you see now. There are dedicated staff running the news and content section and dedicated staff running our forums.

About this site
Why it’s here, and what it’s all about.

Contact details: If you wish to get in touch, our primary contact details are:

Arnie himself – arnie@arniesairsoft.co.uk

News submissions – news@arniesairsoft.co.uk

What is Airsoft? I’ll try to keep it short: Airsoft can be basically equated to a more realistic version of paintball. The ‘markers’ used are plastic replicas of real life weapons, although the plastic equipment looks fairly real, they are designed to be very safe and legal (local laws permitting).

The munitions used are generally 6mm BBs although 8mm BBs are becoming more common, these weigh from around 0.12g to 0.43g each the most common weight is 0.2g. Currently replicas propel the BBs using either a pure-gas, spring or electric-powered gas system. The game consists of a series of skirmishes played with these munitions/weapons. The bottom line, is it’s meant to be fun and safe.

Airsoft replicas are not convertible to real firearms, and should not be confused with blank-firers, or air pistols/guns. The only similarity between airsoft and real firearms is the size and shape.

Who / Where are we? We are based on the south-coast of the UK:

"…Arnie’sAirsoft (AA) is a British website based in the UK that aims to bring you the lighter side of Airsoft. Although sited in England the news is submitted from all around the world, and aimed to appeal to ‘softers from any country.

AA features news, reviews, projects, articles, comprehensive links and a whole heap more all written with an appealing British jovial spin.

Arnie’sAirsoft has been running for just over a year and a half and has already become a familiar Airsoft term expanding well beyond its original conceivable limits. This is thanks to the great support received from it’s worldwide readership, who have made the website what it is today. If you have an Airsoft related article that you would like to see published online, or just need advice please do look us up…" – Arnie 16/07/2002

Why? Firstly, this site is not intended to be the ‘defacto’ airsoft website, it’s merely a more personal contribution to the information out there about Airsoft in the UK. The aim is to produce a site that looks at the lighter side of airsoft, while still producing useful information for anyone who is interested in the sport, whether they are a beginner or a ‘airsoft-guru’.

This website: You are now looking at what is the 4th major revision of this website, now running a bespoke design and inhouse graphics. We have strived to produce something that is not only good looking, but unique, useful, functional and fast. Whilst the website provides news and information for Airsoft around the world, it should be remembered that this is my personal webpage too, so should have a personality and feel to it that is .. well me.

Hosting: We were initially hosted on UKAN, then generously by the guys at ASCUK after that. We are now self hosted, running and administering our own server in house. I’d like to personally like to thank those that helped us in the past.

Cartoons: The wonderful cartoons that you will find on this website were very kindly created for this website and are Copyright David Mallinder (dmallinder@yahoo.com), used with permission. Should you wish to contact David you can get him at the above email address.

Features: This website is here to serve you the reader, so your feedback is much appreciated, feel free to email us, or post in our forums anytime. So what do we cover on this website?

News – We accept news submissions of an Airsoft related nature from any source. Well will publish anything the we receive via email, although we reserve the right to edit submissions, or to hold publication of certain material if we consider it unsuitable in some way. Generally if the info is accurate, of interest, and friendly it’ll be put up for you.

Then the news is sorted by type:

Not only does this make things easier to find, but people can quickly filter out news they don’t want.

The news page is open to all retailers, manufacturers and Airsofters alike. If you see more news from any one retailer, that’s simply because someone who works for them simply takes the time to email me more frequently – nothing more, there’s no bias or favouritism involved.

Reviews (review database here)Click here to visit the forumsIf you are looking to go out an buy a new replica for your Airsoft needs, it’s a good idea to read up on what you’re about to spend your hard earned cash on. We pride ourselves in our reviews, both in their content, quality, and the range of reviews that we have. If you have a review that you’d like to see published, please do send it in.

The reviews hosted we host here are, and always will be, the personal view of the author, nothing more. If you have something you would like to say about a piece of equipment, simply type it up in the form of a review and email it to me for publication, the fact that it may be of a differing view really doesn’t matter – the more text and articles we get online, the more of an informed ‘overall’ opinion a reader can create.

Projects – So what makes a replica your own? Well making it different from everyone else’s. :o) Our project pages cover a variety of custom ideas and solutions that people have tried both now and in the past. The idea is to inspire you the reader to trying your own ideas out. Again, if you have an idea that you’d like to see up here, please do send it in.

But there’s so much more, we have forums, a chatroom (where you can speak to like minded individuals), links, a photos section, and so much more. Everything is fairly well organised, so please do have a browse using the links on the main menu to the left.

User submission – to make things easier the new site allows readers to submit new links, news, feedback, and photos for the gallery. To send in submissions simply use the contact form supplied.

Please be aware that be entering this website you agree to our terms and conditions.

Supporters: It seems only fair to mention supporters here, and explain a bit about it all:

What is a supporter? A supporter is a retailer or company that has expressed an interest in advertising with us. We select supporters from retailers that we trust and believe supply a quality service, they are listed on the front page and the main index page. Whilst the presence of a banner does not represent a ‘legal endorsement’ in any way they are companies that we respect and provide a service that we feel we can recommend.

In essence – in exchange for us advertising space on the website, they supply us with the odd bit of equipment that we can review for you. The reason? Well we can’t afford to buy everything that everyone would like photos, articles and reviews on. By obtaining help from a supporter we can bring you more quality articles.

Can we (a retailer/company) become a supporter? I have deliberately tried to keep the number of supporters low, for one it keeps things tidy, and for another we simply don’t have room for loads of adverts (it looks messy). If you are interested in chatting with me, by all means drop me an email, if we don’t have the ability to provide advertising room, we can always publish news and articles for you.

Email: We receive hundreds of emails a week. Sadly it’s getting more and more difficult to answer all of them individually, although I do my very best.

Can I email you a question? Sure please do, but remember I (Arnie) only have so much spare time and knowledge, you can quite often get a quicker, more detailed reply if you address your question to our forums there’s plenty of kind folks there who are willing to help.

Link to us: If you would like to link to us, please do. If you would like a link back to you in our comprehensive Web Links engine, please feel free to submit your link to us using the features provided in the Web Links section (accessible on the LHS menu).

Lev, very kindly took the time to create a couple of promo shots for us. Feel free to download these and use them to link back to us, please do not link directly to them, instead right click on the image, save it to your computer and use it on your own webserver.

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