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RedWolf restock: AVATAR smart airsoft grenade

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Budget, Great Performance Pistol: RWA Nighthawk Custom Recon Back In Stock!


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Limited time 10% off all BTC Spectres @Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies currently have a special offer on BTC Spectres:

Pro Airsoft Supplies is feeling generous.

10% off all BTC Spectres for a limited time.
IN STOCK and ready to ship and guess what – FREE UK SHIPPING and a link!!!…/btc-spectre-mkii-fet-for……/i…/mosfets/btc-spectre-v2

unnamed (13)

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

Gunfire weekend discount code

Gunfire have a special offer this weekend:

Special 10% discount code for Extra Gear at Gunfire!


At Gunfire, we believe that the lack of proper gear, spare parts or additional magazine filled with BBs can spoil even the best skirmish. That is why we’ve decided to give you chance to lower the prices by additional 10%. Everything you have to do is to pick the gear you wanted to use the code EXTRAGEAR18 and grab the hot discount. So, don’t wait and browse our special offer because the code can be linked with Gear Up Sale!


See the full offer

Terms & Conditions


0241Tactical balaclavas

0241Tactical have shared details of their balaclavas:

0241Tactical Balaclavas are made from 100% USA made materials that expose only part of the wearer’s face. Our Balaclavas can be rolled into a hat to cover the crown of the head or folded down as a collar around the neck. Additionally, 0241Tactical Balaclavas are designed to accommodate eye protection while other balaclavas hinder the wearing of goggles or other eye protection.


Get yours at


Magnum Elite Spider X 8.0 SZ boots @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the Magnum Elite Spider X 8.0 SZ boots they are stocking:

Magnum Elite Spider X 8.0 SZ Boots are available now at Military 1st!

Made of quality leather Magnum Elite Spider X 8.0 Side Zip Boots come with strong Cordura AFT 3D fabric air mesh for exceptional breathability, fast wicking lining for outstanding moisture management and genuine YKK size zipper for easy donning and doffing.

Magnum Elite Spider X 8 SZ Boots insta

Moreover, these Magnum boots feature M-P.A.C.T Power PU insole and compression moulded RECOIL midsole for all-day comfort and impact absorption, while oil and slip resistant Vibram rubber outsole provides exceptional grip and traction.

Perfect tactical boots for both work and out-of-work activities.

Find out more at Military 1st online store.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Firesupport summer sale

Here is all the latest news from Firesupport:

Firesupport News – 2018 Week 33



ICS-25 – SAVE £100 ONLY £180

See here
ICS-27 – SAVE £70 ONLY £177

See here
ICS-120 – SAVE £70 ONLY £168

See here
IMT-022 – SAVE £100 ONLY £196

See here
ICS BLE Pistol Save £88 ONLY £89

See here


See here


See here


See here



Military 1st hydration packs sale

Military 1st currently have a special offer on hydration packs:

We offer 15% off Hydration Packs products at Military 1st with Discount Code HYDRO18.

Stay hydrated on the go with our excellent range of hydration packs and water bags. We stock camel backpacks and hydration system compatible rucksacks in a variety of colours, camouflages and shapes, and from such well-known brands as Helikon, Maxpedition and Wisport.

Hydration Packs Sale 2018 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 18 August 2018. Applies only to the Hydration Packs category and excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

A2 weekly update–40Mike & EU style pistols

A2 Supplies have some new items in stock:

The 40Mike has Landed:
At Last! The wait it over! We’ve finally been able to hear the dreaded BRRRRRRT Noise with our own ears! The Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike Grenade is now in store, despite its initial reception we have decided to stock a small quantity of them anyway for those of you who feel like decimating cans in your back garden, or perhaps your site allows their use.

40 Mike Image 140 Mike Image 2

For those of you who have been living under a rock, The 40 Mike is acclaimed to be the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! It features an unparalleled 100ft range, 150BB capacity, and fires every shot at 240fps, with the highest energy output ever seen in a 40mm gas shell.

40 Mike Image 3

As most of you are hopefully aware, the 40 Mike caused a lot of controversy resulting in a large number of sites banning their use. Please make sure to check your local sites rules regarding this product!

Shiny New "EU":
No, we aren’t talking about Brexit, this week we’ve seen some interesting new offerings into our range of EU Style Pistols. renowned for its simplicity, the EU Pistol is one of the most popular sidearms you see out on the airsoft field, but forget TM or WE, why not try an offering from KJ Works? The KP-13-C

KP-13-C Image 1

Boasting a revised slide design with enhanced serrations to aid racking the slide back, alongside a more rounded and ergonomic lower providing excellent grip for the user. Available in a number of colours, this is the Full black Lower. Being the C model, this KP-13 features a cutout slide which reveals the silver barrel to provide a stylish look to your sidearm. This gas pistol combines both the excellent internal mechanics with the authentic-looking aesthetics of the exterior, providing you with a solid and well built gas blow back replica.
Taking the Swiss!

Last but not least, we’ve got something pretty damn awesome Coming soon! We have just launched pre-orders for the shiny new GHK Gas Blow Back SIG 553 Assault Rifle! If you’re a gas fanatic who’s looking for something new then perhaps its time you went Swiss?


This is a high quality fantastic replica of the iconic SIG 553 Assault rifle. Featuring a full metal Cerakoted receiver combined with a high quality polymer Handguard and reinforced folding stock. This replica mimics the real steel 553 in terms of its look and feel, alongside its firing modes as this gas rifle can be switched between Safe, Semi, Three Round Burst and Full auto! Its going to be a thing of beauty! Numbers will be limited so get a pre-order in whilst you can!

Maybe you’ve got a backyard grudge match with some Tin Cans? Or Maybe you’re just after something new and exciting for you loadout? Check out these awesome products and more over on our website:

(A2 Supplies)

Swaggy New Agency Arms PVC patches @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Airsoft Surgeons Latest Creation The Midnight Bronze AR Out Now!


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Combat Alert 10 video from Gunfire

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:

Combat Alert 10 Powered By Specna Arms official video released! New items from GF Custom, GFC Energy, Bollé and more.

Our team has prepared for you some hot news. Are you curious how did Combat Alert 10 Powered by Specna Arms go? See our latest video coverage of this amazing event. Furthermore, we have prepared for you see a presentation of the new GF Custom Division, which is the MK17 "Scarface" replica. You will find it on the Gunfire TV channel. The last but not least, we have received new deliveries that may interest you. They include protective accessories from Bollé, parts or replicas from Valken and GFC Energy batteries.


Primal Gear,KWC,Bolle, Valken,,GFC Energy

Gunfire TV Scarface



Gunfire Gear Up sale

Gunfire have launched a new sale:

Gear Up like a pro and save up to 70%! Over 4000 products on sale at Gunfire!


Looking for airsoft equipment at attractive prices?! Check out the new sale at Gunfire and Gera Up for all skirmishes! Grab up to 70% discount on over 4000 products. The offer includes replicas for beginners as well as advanced players from brands like Spartac, Cyma, LCT, G&G or Specna Arms, tactical equipment from Texar, GFC Tactical and Primal Gear, accessories from Emerson, SHS, Airsoft Engineering and many others. The Midsummer is a perfect moment to clean up and add new items to your equipment. thanks to the promotion of Gear Up on the equipment of popular brands you can save up to 70%. Check out more than 4,000 products in the promotional offer and get out of Gunfire!


See the full offer

Terms & Conditions


Military 1st Jack Pyke sale

Military 1st are having a sale on Jack Pyke gear:

We offer 10% off Jack Pyke products at Military 1st with Discount Code JPYKE18.

A familiar name to any hiking, hunting and fishing enthusiast, Jack Pyke has been designing quality hunting jackets, footwear, gun bags and more for over 20 years. Discover the best outdoor clothing and equipment from Jack Pyke available now at Military 1st.

Jack Pyke Sale 2018 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 12 August 2018. Applies only to the Jack Pyke category and excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Emperion: Enjoy the Gas Blowback world

Emperion stock a range of GBBR upgrade parts:

We’re big fans of GBBR world.
So we’re offering a wide range of upgrade parts to let you enjoy with your GBBR rifles and pistols.
Ra-Tech, Maple Leaf, Z-Parts.


  • Magnetic Nozzle set – RA-TECH
  • VFC M4 416 NPAS nozzle – RA-TECH
  • WONDER Hop Bucking – MAPLE LEAF


  • NPAS Kit Marui MWS – RA-TECH
  • Magnetic bolt carrier – RA-TECH
  • WE G 17 / G 18 Set – MAPLE LEAF


  • KSC/KWA MEGA Carrier – RA-TECH
  • VFC HK416 Bolt Carrier – Z-PARTS


Firesupport summer sale

Firesupport are having a summer sale:

Firesupport News – 2018 Week 32







CRW product update

Here is the latest stock news from CRW:






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