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RWA Lee Enfield no.4 now available for pre-order

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

H&K USP Co2 GBB By Umarex Now In Stock. Get Yours Now!

l94LRInHg1w4wrN9XSXCGloTZzCL8EmWstQqrWL2FwakKxRSYzMS1dtaz8WMeoED7n8FXLGjGMfFrpr3THAlSm-fFdSn17mYH5wJRxkhTANiZEMs0sCyNqFKN_1EV2oowz8=s0-d-e1-ftRWA Lee Enfield No.4
The long awaited RWA Lee Enfield No.4 is here in all its glory. True to form, the gun is crafted from real wood and is a proud representation of the rifle fielded by the British Army back in the days of WWII.



6dVDD-hbNzj06Z_IZDB_AYpz8Q8uen3A91dKABuixlziWMnTAVHZloyWXOs_2BbUWj9l-VPWu77l9CwsqcKy6Oo18zv9Y98EHLbnac-cwYgLx3P-7YXIiofFqSTEk5S7Kg=s0-d-e1-ftTokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine (ZET System) GBBR – Cerakote Coating
The M4 was born form the M16 program that saw its first use back in the Vietnam War era.


QBFW1Rk1-IhvOz00cKhPVh0yxUaY7jVAtGpUczxJRk6_-ouXT8hA8n2WzPrcaaLnqPfpwjV4jj0SO8C_yRYLwUh4X4hEJUrzRFSW6LziFq7dXQc2xCKkKE6BSeIifYiFzQ=s0-d-e1-ftVFC Colt MK18 MOD 1 STD – Black
In the real steel world, the Close Quarters Battle Receiver (CQBR) is a replacement upper receiver for the M4A1 Carbine.


orR9cWftY1ilzueeB796yLQoStz06YUyKT4Cv12v8TgQAGPWTIdG0dqliNzDqQI55I0Boet4H1fOb3P1y40mETyDUgb9QHo6rnUjE61F1L4oeeTB8jaZZG14z_hUlGEwLA=s0-d-e1-ftUmarex HK USP Cal.6mm BB CO2 GBB Version
The USP (Universelle Selbstladepistole or "universal self-loading pistol") is a semi-automatic pistol developed in Germany by Heckler & Koch GmbH (H&K) of Oberndorf am Neckar as a replacement for the P7 series of handguns.


iSF95WMahJV9h3tXfSreRUX42eQWC6wttkcddMp85ULHpzmRIXUiL4z22_jwi2RD5POMgX9Ff65rTLpPOZQjioBgw2XAJgr7Hg71baNy_xZ7AP0irNcYwAp9fxHRn8kpLA=s0-d-e1-ftASG CZ Scorpion EVO3A1 / B.E.T. Carbine
The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible.


7F700nXAiZiWE2FQKNapb9g6j4sRTyzC7yCn-KmCEVDvFT99ZgtF25XyVJC5JPBxxQCl7dSZe__-XTCBa0YS_07Rv6M5gvrv4hFgwLj4g0H7eC0A2BNZEfdluo_KuSeLmg=s0-d-e1-ftVFC COLT M4A1 RIS II Forging GBBR (Colt Licensed)
Forging series RIS II inherited it’s high quality, VFC is complete presentation exquisite & realistic appearance from real gun.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

New stock at Gunfire

Have some new items in stock Gunfire:


"New products from Action Sport Games! Our offer includes many interesting models like licensed replicas of Czech Brena CZ 805, Scorpion EVO HPA and M40A3 MCMILLAN sniper rifle replica."

More information here:


"New big shipment of tactical equipment from EmersonGear! It includes over 100 products among which you will find many interesting accessories such as new pouches, vests, and IPSC belts."

More information here:


"If you are looking for a LiPo battery for your replica, check out the Electro River product range! We have restocked our storehouse with useful accessories and 7.4V or 11.1V batteries available in different shapes."

More information here:


Military 1st special offers

Here are this week’s special offers at Military 1st:

Special offers at Military 1st

Discover this week’s special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items. Save on tactical bags, shooting glasses, camping equipment, and more.


Limited time only – while stocks last!

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Don’t forget about Military 1st Belts Sale! We give you 15% off all army and tactical belts, including First Tactical Range Belt, with Discount Code BELT17. Hurry up: offer ends 20 October 2017, midnight.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns. Free shipping across the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

A2 Supplies midweek update

Here is all the latest news from A2 Supplies:


Some call it overcompensation, others call it simply badass. The Desert Eagle has always stood out from the crowd, primarily because of the large .50 Action Express (AE) Cartridge which guarantees extreme stopping power! Such a large round required a large pistol to fire it, and the desert eagle fits the bill!. Manufactured by IMI since 1984, the Desert Eagle was actually designed by the American firm Magnum Research in Mineapolis, USA. Featuring heavy screen time in both Hollywood cinema and Video games alike, its no wonder people have been drawn to the airsoft replicas out on the market, but there is one that people have been anticipating for quite some time now…

And the fact that you’ve got "Replica" written down the side of your guns…

And the fact that I’ve got "Desert Eagle point five O"… Written on the side of mine…

Thats right! The WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle GBB!

Desert Eagle 1

WE have teamed up with Cybergun to bring you a realistic full metal replica of one of the most iconic handguns in the world. Gone are the days of the Plastic Marui’s and the expensive Guarder Kits, this Replica has you covered! With a solid full metal construction, this is one solid lump of a handgun. Since it is fully licensed by Cybergun, you can also expect it to have all the correct trade markings from both IMI and Magnum Research, making this both an accurate and realistic replica to boot!

Desert Eagle 4Desert Eagle 5Desert Eagle 6

The WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns on the airsoft market today running off of standard Airsoft Green Gas. Not designed for small hands, this pistol is built with a strong recoil spring which means this gun packs a menacing kick with each round fired. The Powerful Blowback of this pistol is something to Behold! With one of these on backup you’re bound to turn heads at your local field!

Desert Eagle 2

HFC Desert Eagle

The WE/Cybergun isn’t the only Desert Eagle Replica we carry in store! We also carry the HFC GBB Desert Eagle in both Black and BlingSilver for those who like to show off!


Unlike the WE/Cybergun model, the HFC sports a solid plastic construction with full metal magazines – Making it a great option for those of you on a budget! This replica is still a weighty hard kicking GBB replica, which runs off of standard airsoft green gas! Complete with a functioning safety catch and removable magazines, this replica still retains all the functions of the real pistol! A huge and intimidating sidearm, perfect for those who like their magnum pistols!


Do you believe that Bigger is better? Feel like its time for a hand cannon in your life? then check out these amazing Gas Blow Back replicas and more over at Or drop into store and see us!

(A2 Supplies)

New stock at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:


"The new Polish brand GUNfet and its flagship product are here! bluFET is the modern controller for AEG replicas. It is equipped with the wireless system that allows you to change the settings during the game."

More information here:


"Replicas of Dominator pump-action shotguns are back! Outstanding performance and reliable power supply system make the DM870 shotgun an absolute world leader in terms of realism and reliability."

More information here:


"We have restocked our storehouse with Helikon-Tex products! In the offer of this Polish manufacturer, you can find a wide selection of high-quality clothing, tactical equipment and outdoor articles."

More information here:


"New Valken products at Gunfire! Among them, you will find HPA replicas powered by Valken V12 engine and various airsoft accessories such as masks, goggles, and batteries."

More information here:


"New shipment from Armorer Works! It includes the Gas Blow Back system replicas and collector’s items like the Double Barrel pistols or the DL-44 blaster pistol replica from the Star Wars universe."

More information here:

(Gunfire) – New release products

Here is all the latest stock news from eHobbyAsia: – New Release Products

1.Silverback Desert Tech SRS Sniper

2.G&P M4 Jack 12 Inch

3.EAC (KSC) Auto 9 Robocop

Silverback Desert Tech SRS SniperG&P M4 Jack 12 InchEAC (KSC) Auto 9 Robocop

4.Holosun LS420G Dual Illuminator

5.5.11 Rapid Quad Zip Pack (Claymore)

6.G&G 1500rd Drum Magazine

Holosun LS420G Dual Illuminator5.11 Rapid Quad Zip Pack (Claymore)G&G 1500rd Drum Magazine

7.PRATAMA Tactical Devgru SD Tee

8.GHK 40rd GMAG Gas Magazine

PRATAMA Tactical Devgru SD TeeGHK 40rd GMAG Gas Magazine


Outlet del Softair sale

Outlet del Softair are having a sale:


(Outlet del Softair)

Military 1st belts sale

Military 1st are having a sale on belts:

Military 1st Belts Sale

We offer 15% off all army and tactical belts with Discount Code BELT17.

Belts Sale 2017 Instagram

Visit us today and save on a variety of tactical and army belts in a selection of colours and camouflage patterns from First Tactical, Helikon, Pentagon, Propper and more.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 20 October 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Crown Airsoft Christmas sale

Crown Airsoft have started their Christmas sale early:

christmas sale 01

There is an old saying that” Never too early to say Merry Christmas”. Here comes the Christmas sales in Crown-airsoft.

We offering a bunch of rifles and pistols with huge discount saving up to 50%

christmas sale 00b

Please check the link below for more details:

(Crown Airsoft)

Star Hobby Shop October special offer

Here are this month’s special offers at Star Hobby Shop:


(Star Hobby Shop)

ASG Scorpion EVO3A1 carbine now @RedWolf Airsoft

Here is all the latest news from RedWolf Airsoft:

Silverback SRS A1 Sport Line Now In Stock! Get Yours Today!

iSF95WMahJV9h3tXfSreRUX42eQWC6wttkcddMp85ULHpzmRIXUiL4z22_jwi2RD5POMgX9Ff65rTLpPOZQjioBgw2XAJgr7Hg71baNy_xZ7AP0irNcYwAp9fxHRn8kpLA=s0-d-e1-ftASG CZ Scorpion EVO3A1 / B.E.T. Carbine
The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has been envisioned, developed and built by ASG, to bring the Airsoft player as close to the experience of handling the real EVO 3 as possible.


1loHTbYbi2Py9LeA0FaNF-3AO2bD1jdCzr6z2sthK30mXugY93pm7huAH-UL18qat0mihisVb19bFY3GOPhcmUP3Aumbl8BEd2UrXMMJEExeQD9UrC4FJnK5FV8u3AN0h12t=s0-d-e1-ftSilverback SRS A1 Covert / Sport (16 / 20 inches) Pull Bolt Short Ver. Licensed by Desert Tech – FDE / BK(Left Hand)
The Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout (SRS) system is a versatile sniper platform that enables quick change of barrel length and rail system length to fit your mission requirements.

USD$480.00(Covert 16 inches)

USD$380.00(Sport 20 inches)

p_JUY2lnPOcJrb8DGdBTDNUIBffe7lwdyM2i47-fzn7aBc1jnEcoaqGG2KfBxm_U872c7C1FeYkxXScP8ldgw9F5cHuDRDzEudzsp39NVifEjNKRl2bvQnJuTDawxMHDqw=s0-d-e1-ftSilverback SRS Retrofit Kit (FDE / BK Stock)
The Silverback SRS Retrofit Kit, made of a Fiber reinforced nylon, include stock panels (SRS201 and SRS202) for the Silverback SRS-A1.


jV8tlpEZCKHUatzUinFcuOesQdkuOkXSpTboApIM9tQxHtpiLq8tdtdVGklmpLOkDrGhW9GIDQMaadXaKsT6Ho97X1YnS-iUEo8KWB2sGOPltvioyttD0VCnE8n5v3xb3g=s0-d-e1-ftOPSMEN FAST 301K Weapon Light for Keymod System (800 Lumen) – DE / Black
The one-battery Fast 301 Tactical Flashlight is the smallest, lightest and powerful single-output Tactical-Light, designed for EDC and hardcore tactical situations.



(RedWolf Airsoft)

GF Custom AR15 Mandalorian rifle

Gunfire have shared details of a new custom rifle:

“AR15 Mandalorian" rifle from the GF Custom Division- the must-have replica for every galactic hunter. The source of inspiration for this model was one of the races from the Star Wars universe, the one from which Boba Fett originated! We have equipped the core model from Dytech with the highest-quality accessories such as the GFC Accessories red dot sight from 556 Series. Furthermore, we have exchanged the original stock for the Nuprol AX Telescope one and added a set of MBUS second-generation mechanical sights. Gearbox for this replica has been practically made from scratch with the use of only solid and tested parts so that all parts were well-fitted and adjusted. Inside this replica you’ll find almost indestructible the Tornado gearbox, the 407mm Modify Hybrid precision barrel (length: 6.01 mm), the modern ASCU Gen 4+, and more high-quality parts. Check it out yourself. The replica has unique and original painting and additional accessories including 4 HEXMAG mid-cap magazines, LiPo Electro River battery and Electro River charger. All of that has been packed into very solid Nuprol riffle case which makes this model ready for action.


More information can be found here:


Brandit M-65 classic jacket @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared details of the Brandit M-65 classic jacket they are stocking:

Brandit M-65 Classic Jackets at Military 1st

Brandit M-65 Classic Jacket comes with removable quilted lining, high collar with concealed hood and full-length front zipper with press studs and storm flap.

Brandit M-65 Classic Jacket Night Camo Digital insta

Moreover, this versatile field jacket features two expandable chest pockets and two lower front pockets with flaps and press studs, adjustable waist adjusters, bottom hem and cuffs, pleated shoulders and shoulder epaulettes.

Warm and weather resistant Brandit M-65 Classic Jacket is suitable for all seasons.

Now available in Night Camo Digital pattern!

Find it at Military 1st!

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Free UK delivery and returns. Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Gunfire Jinx sale

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:

Have you broken your stock, lost magazine and your team lost again? Are you out of luck? Not with us! Check out our new Jinx Sale and make this year’s Friday the 13th the happiest day of the year. We reduce prices of over 3000 products including replicas, accessories and spare parts.


More information can be found here:

Additionally our lucky promotion Bull’s-eye is still on."


More information can be found here:



PTS – Enhanced Polymer Stock – Compact (EPS-C)

PEPSC_Teaser Photo (C) TS Enhanced Polymer Stock – Compact (EPS-C)

Item Code:

PT149450307 – Black

PT149450313 – Dark Earth


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock – Compact (EPS-C) is designed for users who do not require the large compartment space and storage capability of the EPS and prefer a lighter, simpler, and more compact stock.  The EPS-C is minimalist, sleek, and lightweight yet very strong due to its construction using Dupont™ Zytel® polymer.  It incorporates only essential features like a rubberized buttpad for comfort and grip and a metal QD cup that’s switchable to either side of the EPS-C to accommodate your preferred sling attachment position.  The extra-slim stock pull adjustment lever maintains the stock’s narrow profile and is extremely easy and natural to manipulate by using a fist grab method where your fingers press on the lever side that’s opposite to your palm.  The lever also has a protective spine to prevent accidental stock adjustment.  By pulling down the backside of the lever, the EPS-C is easily installed or detached from the rifle buffer tube to expedite the changing of buffer tube LiPo batteries.

EPSC PreOrder (FB-C) Features:

-       Easily installed without the need for tools. 

-       One of the slimmest and lightest stocks on the market.

-       Multiple ambidextrous sling mounting points.

o      A QD swivel socket that can be detached or placed on either side of the stock, based on user preference.

o      Pass-through channel for loop-type sling attachments.

-       Angular rubberized buttpad for anti-slip gripping against the user’s shoulder without impeding movement.

-       Rounded cheek welds stay in tune with the slim profile of the stock whilst maintaining user comfort.


•    Color – Black / Dark Earth

•    Material – Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Dimension – 175 x 40 x 130 mm (approx. without packaging)

•    Weight – 231g

•    Compatibility – 1.148” dia. mm Airsoft buffer tube.

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.


(SHIPPING STARTS ON THE 25th October 2017)


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