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0’20 Magazine new issue out now

There’s a new issue of 0’20 Magazine available now for free in various formats and languages:


We are back again with a new issue of 0′20 Magazine. You will find it in 4 languages:

- English:
- French:
- Spanish:
- Chinese:


But I think you will be more interested in the English version. So, you can find it in several airsoft shops, and if you want, you can also read it:

- on your computer:

- on your mobile:

In all cases it is FREE!! so you only need to enjoy it.


(0’20 Magazine)

0’20 Magazine April issue out now

0’20 Magazine have released their April issue:


April’s issue of 0′20 Magazine is now available! We have interviewed the Team Diablo, we have opened and reviewed a lot of great replicas such as the LCT RPD, the APS APM40… We have talked with one of the guys of the moment, JAY Design, and we have tried the new Secutor Velites shotguns to tell you our experience. And much, much more, but you should discover the rest by yourself in the magazine.


As always you can find some hard copies in your usual shop or read the digital version directly in your mobile or in your computer. ALWAYS FREE! Always for you, airsofters!

(0’20 Magazine)

0’20 Magazine February issue out now

0’20 Magazine’s latest issue is available now:




In more than 140 airsoft shops, you can find FOR FREE the N10 of 0’20 Magazine. Ask directly if they have it! But run, it is free and the exemplars are not unlimited. :-P You can find it in:

  • Hard copies: go to your habitual shop and ask for it!
  • Mobile version: interactive, with videos, photo galleries, gifs and a lot of extra information
  • Computer version: to enjoy calmly your reading time at home.



Yes, and even if you don’t believe it, we dare you to read it and give us your opinion.

(0’20 Magazine)

0’20 Magazine issue no.8

0’20 Magazine have released their latest edition and you can now read it on your mobile, check it out and leave them a comment:

We just have released a new 0′20!! Although you may already know this, we are pretty sure that you don’t know that you can enter from the mobile in the new digital version. First of all I give you the link:

And now that you have seen it, let me tell you: it’s full of videos, photo galleries, gifs … everything so when you read the magazine you see much more. I hope you like it, so far we haven’t found any magazine that offers anything like it and at least it seems to us amazing.

(0’20 Magazine)

0’20 Magazine issue #07 out now

The latest issue of 0’20 Magazine is available both in paper and digital editions now:

The new 0′20 Magazine is available!


The new 0′20 Magazine is available! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse. Also, you can find our FREE paper magazine at hundreds of Airsoft retailers in 10 different countries.


You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc… An interactive magazine!

Link to the promo video:

In this #07 issue:

(0’20 Magazine)

New 0′20 Magazine available now

Issue 6 of 0’20 Magazine is available now:

Here in 0′20 Magazine are glad to share with you (and your community) the release of the issue #6 of our magazine. As always, FREE! You’ve heard correctly, both printed (distributed through hundreds of airsoft stores in more than 10 countries) and online magazine on click away:

The online magazine can be read in your PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone. It’s loaded with videos, photo galleries… tons of extra content that makes the magazine more interactive. And if you have available the printed magazine in your nearest airsoft store, you will find out that it’s not a simple paper magazine. High quality design and bookbinding, appreciated by most collectors.

(0’20 Magazine)

0′20 magazine has one question for you…

image0’20 Magazine have been chatting to Chris Costa:

Hi News Fairy, we have a brief question for you. Do you know why "The beard" holds the rifle this way?

We’ve asked him, yeah, to Chris Costa!! Click here, you’ll have the his answer in the latest issue of 0′20 magazine:

Chris Costa has shared a lot of his details in this interview, special for you!!

(0’20 Magazine)

0’20 English ver. N1 issue available today August 10th

0’20 Magazine is finally available in English. FREE! Yes!! Both paper copies (distribution in hundreds of Airsoft shops) and a digital version:

0’20 English ver. N. 1 issue will be available on August 10th!
Airsoft-dedicated magazine will be available in English language! Both paper and digital editions are FREE to browse.  Also, you can find our FREE paper magazine at hundreds of Airsoft retailers in 10 different countries.
You prefer to read digital ver.? no problem at all, you can read via your computer or mobile for this online edition, with extra videos, music, photo galleries etc… An interactive magazine!


(0’20 Magazine)

New 0’20 Magazine issue & KJ Works video

0’20 Magazine have released their latest issue and shared the latest KJ works video:

New KJ Works video which has been just published today:

Airsoft magazine in its digital format for you to see it:
FR –
ES –


(0’20 Magazine)

Airsoftmagazin – Issue 29 out now

Issue 29 of Airsoft Magazin is available now:


cover_29_kThe 29th issue of the German Airsoftmag is out now and free to read as eMag over their Website. This time they took a look on the modern USMC. The main article shows many Hi-Res pictures of the actual Marines gear and the article (in German) helps reenactors and collectors to find out what they need and where it is chep to find. However, this isn`t all, because the guys from the mag started a new project and built up a real-steel 7.62 HK G28 – which will also work with an Airsoft gun. If this is too modern for you, they also wrote about the AGM MG42, checked out some nice boots and tactical goggles and many more… So have fun with their next issue on their site!

Die 29. Ausgabe des Airsoftmagazins ist gerade frei lesbar als eMag auf deren Homepage erschienen. Diesmal fällt der Blick auf das moderne US Marine Corps. Wie immer zeigt man in dem Hauptartikel eine Vielzahl von hohauflösenden Fotos der aktuellen Ausrüstung und beschreibt im Artikel was ein Sammler und Reenactor benötigt. Dies ist aber wie immer nicht alles – Die Jungs vom ASM starteten ein neues Großkaliberprojekt und bauen ein 7,62mm HK G28 – was allerdings auch mit einer Airsoft funktionieren würde. Wem dies zu modern ist, für den gibt es in dem Heft schöne Artikel zu dem AGM MG42, Stief- oder Schutzbrillen-Tests und und und… Viel Spaß mit der neuen Ausgabe auf deren Seite!

(Airsoft Magazin)

0’20 Magazine issue 7 available now

0’20 Magazine have just released their seventh issue:

We have just launched a new issue of 0′20 Magazine and as in the previous issue we have launch the digital version for free.


(0’20 Magazine)

Airsoft International celebrates 10 year and a whole lot of “like-age”

Paul at Airsoft International has dropped us an email with the attached image. In short to celebrate 10 years in print and their huge Facebook following of 100K likes they are offering ten back issues for £10:


NAM: back and issue#20 released 24JAN14

imageAlex over at NAM (National Airsoft Magazine) has let us know that their magazine is back and issue #20 is now out (there’s some more details on their Facebook pages). Here’s the release below:


After a 3 year hiatus from the publishing world, the magazine that set the standard for the entire community is back in print and better than ever!

Go to their website ( to find out how to get your FREE limited commemorative copy of Issue #20 or download the .PDF of the magazine to your tablet or smartphone . . . FREE!!!

Did I mention both options are FREE???

What are you waiting for!?!?! Get your copy while supplies last!!!


0’20 magazine "Molon Labe" Come and take it!

The third issue of 0’20 Magazine in French is available online now:

Hi! We have good news to improve even more your summer: 3rd issue 0′20 Magazine arrives in France and Belgium. Look here the preview if you want to have a look. It’s FREE!!


Thank you for helping us to diffuse!!

Have a great summer!!

(0’20 Magazine)

Have you seen the new video of the Delta.13?

0’20 Magazine have sent over the new promotional video from Bo Manufacture:

Hi guys,
I’m writing to share with you the new Bo Manufacture promotional video introducing its new Delta 13. It’s the result of a test model  H&K sent to Delta Force. Very few people had heard about it until now, but we’re sure it will become very popular. You can find more information in their fanpage:

Anyway you can have a look at the video, it’s very well, our readers like very much and we’re sure yours are going to love it as well.

Greetings, (0’20 Magazine)

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