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SSMG 2018 events

You can now sign up for all SSMG 2018 events:

Pyro, woodland, vehicles, miniguns, parachutes and boats… you name it. We celebrate 10years in action with SSMG 2018. 50% discount on all the events the whole year. Join us!




(SSMG)–Operation Eagle 2018

SSMG have announced details of their big event for 2018:


We can proudly announce already that:
Our marine Mil.Ex. 2018 gets a whole new date setting. It is now not at the end of Aug. but instead moved to last weekend in Sept. 2018 (27-30). This date is a confirmed date with the property owner and booked by SSMG already, which means that you can already schedule it for your benefits now and join.

This is one of the most beautiful areas in Sweden and Lake Sommen is also Sweden’s 17th largest lake with about 366 islands and hills. Operating here will truly introduce you to Special Operation Tactics at a level many only dream of.

SSMG has successfully conducted on water airsoft operations since 2008 with Rigid Inflatable Boats, combat divers, island recon teams, marine ranger units, combat swimmers, snipers, combat demolition teams, real on water search and rescue missions etc, etc flawlessly with the real deal.

Putting people, skills and equipment to the test is what we are best at. Our goal is to deliver an experience with a punch regardless if you are new to airsoft or an expert.

Good marine environments are the most expensive and the hardest to get a hold of, and you will rarely be able to get access to them unless you have SSMG’s good reputation as a backup. But nevertheless, since 2018 is SSMG’s 10yr anniversary we feel that this needs to be celebrated. Therefore we will offer everyone half the price for Operation Eagle 2018, but only for a limited time.

The release date for the event payment will be now on Sept. 27. 2017; Exactly one year before game start.

Limited  offer will be 500SEK.
Payment is done by paypal after login on.

Hope to see you on the Black waters.



G&G CQB World Cup Finals

83nxewIAtiavk1-DqFKJpzxChbBdvtG&G have sent over a report from their CQB World Cup Finals:

2017 CQB World Cup Champions

Last month, we hosted the 2nd G&G CQB World Cup Championships in Taipei, Taiwan. This year, we saw more than 30 teams participate from 25 different countries. Teams competed in various shooting courses that included the 5×5 M.E.T system, Search and Destroy and the CQB Course. After the two day fierce competition, team Chile took the crown of World Cup Champions and a check for $10,000 USD! Following in second and third place were teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong.
We will like to thank all of our dealers, media partners and players for helping us organize and promote this event in their respected countries. We are looking forward to the next one in 2019! For additional information, please visit our World Cup website.


CQB World Cup Live Coverage
Watch Candian airsoft player and Youtuber, House Gamers tour the CQB World Cup competition and interview familiar airsoft industry people. To see the complete final results, visit our Facebook.



Wolf Armouries Bunker 51 Skirmish offer

Wolf Armouries have an offer on this weeks Wolf Bunker 51 skirmish:


Free Magnum at this Saturdays(24thJun) Wolf Armouries Bunker 51 skirmish London CQB site.

Ok it’s not the .357/6mm Magnum variety this one is Chocolate and Ice cream.  Wolf have been feeling the heat recently so what better way to cool down after a CQB bunker 51 skirmish than a FREE Magnum!

Please call us on 02072840001 (11am-6pm) to book or send an email to and we will call you back during working hours.

Link to our site;

Link to Skirmish details on our site;

(Wolf Armouries)

Modify-Tech: Marksmen present in body & soul

Modify have shared the results of their recent shooting contest:

Marksmen Present in Body & Soul

The 2017 MODIFY Shooting Contest drew to a successful close at the Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park on June 11.

MODIFY owes the electrifying mood of the event to the overwhelming enthusiasm of all attendees. The level of difficulty and challenge was raised this year by requiring shooting from the prone position. But everyone rose to the occasion. The event not only attracted participants from the well-known House Gamers Airsoft of Canada, but also shooters from Europe and N. America, all of whom kept each other on their toes to fill the contest with nonstop action.

Finally Chen Jia-hua and Luo Wei-chong tied for 2nd and 3rd with the time of 9.70 seconds, decided by the rule that the shooter going first shall prevail in case of tie; while Yen Sheng-hong took first place with the amazing time of 8.21 seconds to win Novritsch’s newest SSG24 sniper rifle.

Winning the event twice, Yen is  obviously a loyal supporter of the MODIFY Shooting Contest, which is one of the ways MODIFY interacts and networks with airsoft hobbyists as it builds presence.


Bomb Up Airsoft – Time trial pistol club

Bomb Up Airsoft are launching new Pistol Target events starting Tuesday 20th, Facebook event link:

Roll up, roll up…. We’re excited to announce our new Time Trial Pistol Club evening’s starting on Tuesday 20th June.

£10 per person per night or £15 for both night’s, monthly league table’s and prize’s.

Two lane firing range, man v man time attack, individual’s and team’s welcome.


(Bomb Up Airsoft)

Pro Airsoft Events: Flashpoint Moldenia part 2–Escalation

Pro Airsoft Events have shared details of their next event:


PAE’s Battlesim games are for those players who want to experience something ‘more’ than just a skirmish. As such you should be prepared for something a little different than the average Sunday shootout. Make sure you read the extra Battlesim rules on the rules page (They’re at the bottom). If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. There will be no lunch break on the day so be prepared to eat in the field.

After the bloody stalemate in what is now called the battle of Hertlovka woods both sides are scrambling to secure their lines across the country. The Ivankiv region has been seen a steady build of men and machinery looking to secure its material riches. Something which can’t happen while bullets are flying. MDF High Command has tasked Rhino Company of its Armoured infantry to secure the area. Unfortunately for the local commander the terrain has blocked all but one of their valuable armoured personnel carriers from reaching the staging area and radio communication with high command is disappearing the further they move into the mountains. The MOK have deployed the battle weary Patriot battalion with the task of digging into the mountainous forests. This build up has not gone unseen by either sides scouts watching from the various bits of high ground that dominate the region. In an effort to ease the knife edge tensions a prisoner transfer has been arranged, but will either side be willing to give up their hard fought prizes?

Moldenian Defence Force (21st Armoured Infantry, Rhino Company) – Desert Kit/Multicam
The MDF forces are hungry for revenge after the last battle. Rhino company has been tasked with securing the vast resources of the Ivankiv Region. A task made difficult thanks to the MDF High Command’s incompetency.

Moldenain Oathkeepers (Patriot Battalion) – Green/Black/ Civilian Kit
The Patriot Battalion are a battle-hardened group supplied by the most experienced fighters the MOK has to offer. They are in good spirits after giving the MDF a solid fight in the last battle. However with the Griffin gone, command has been passed to the MOK’s top enforcer who will not tolerate failure.

Booking website here:

(Pro Airsoft Events)

Modify sharpshooter contest

Modify will be attending the TWAAA International Camo Festival next month:


Sharpshooters to meet at TWAAA INT’L CAMO FESTIVAL 2017!

Besides displaying the latest gear at the INT’L CAMO FESTIVAL AIRSOFT EXPO at the former Flora Expo site or Yuanshan Park, Modify expects to see plenty of airsoft sharpshooters gunning for top prizes and honors at the Modify Speed Shooting Contest staged at the INT’L CAMO FESTIVAL June 9-11.

Fans and marksmen are invited to attend by registering via Facebook or email to vie for one of the many prizes.

We’ll also be showing Modify’s latest ware alongside discounted items.

See you at the shooting range or booth 9.


Chris Costa in Atlanta – firearms training

Airsoft Atlanta have shared more details for the upcoming Chris Costa events in Atlanta:

Chris Costa in Atlanta

The Costa Ludus team will be holding a private firearms training workshop in Atlanta May 19-21st.  This is a live-fire real firearms training course for advanced students.  This is not for beginner shooters.  A 3 day workshop starting a live-fire range just outside Atlanta for two days, then a 3rd final day at Power Ops airsoft field in Atlanta, GA.  VCQB and other training.  For more information, click the image below.  There will be a private airsoft event going on the same weekend.  More details TBD later.


Costa Ludus Training

A 3-day workshop for advanced students.  Limited to 20 max students.  Cost is $750 / 3 days, plus range fees.

Students are required to bring their own firearm to the live-range, plus ammo, and other gear.  See link for details.

For More Information and to Sign Up

OO6RAWRfc4YkpH_bt8fTEMRY3Mvgt6About Costa Ludus

Prior to founding Costa Ludus in 2011, Chris Costa spent 4 years as the President of Magpul Dynamics. Before founding Magpul Dynamics, Costa spent 7 years in the private sector at Applied Marine Technologies Inc. (AMTI) on assignment with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Risk Management Division (RMD). At AMTI, Costa specialized in teaching Police Tactical Assault Operations for both Maritime and Critical Infrastructure take-back. Costa also provided Red Team Vulnerability Assessments on critical infrastructures for the US Government. Prior to this, Costa spent 12 years with the United States Coast Guard, conducting counter-drug operations and special missions in Europe, the Middle East, and South America with such units as: the International Training Division (ITD), Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, Plank-Owner of Port Security Unit 302, and the Taclet Law Enforcement Team North.

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Airsoft Atlanta – Chris Costa in Atlanta at Power Ops

Airsoft Atlanta have some exciting news for fans of Chris Costa in Atlanta:


Atlanta, GA – Chris Costa will be teaching a firearms workshop at a live-fire gun range and also at Power Ops airsoft field (Sunday). This is an advanced course for proficient firearms users. Limited students.

Active Shooter Elements Theory

May 19-21, 2017

Range: Full Blown Firearms May 19-20

Range: Power Ops Milsim field May 21 for force on force training

Cost: $750 for all 3 days

Airsoft Atlanta will also be hosting a small, private airsoft game at Power Ops on Sunday. This will include an informal ‘meet and greet’ with Chris Costa and special airsoft games separate from the firearms workshop. It’s a unique opportunity for our local airsoft players in Atlanta! To register, and more info, please visit the Schedule page on the Costa Ludus website, or let us know at Airsoft Atlanta.

Power Ops Instagram:

To register/more info, see schedule here:

Or for more info:

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Power Ops Airsoft–Operation: Joker

Airsoft Atlanta have shared details of Power Ops Airsoft’s upcoming milsim event:


Milsim event:

Atlanta, GA – FREE EVENT DAY – Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at Power Ops. OPERATION JOKER – an action packed special milsim event all day until 11pm at night. Raffle Guns and Prizes mid-day. French cheeses, grapes, and hors d’oeuvres served under candelabras in the evening with non-alcohol beverages served on white linen tables. Unique milsim scenarios utilizing the entire CQB city and Apocalypse fields that are redesigned for a new layout.

Full day passes are free (normally $25) to all players with a $20+ merchandise purchase ($20 in BBs, smoke grenades, goggles, rentals, whatever) from our field shop.

Power Ops is Atlanta’s largest CQB airsoft field, featuring over 100,000 sq/feet of playing fields, 2-story buildings, mini cities, vehicles, bunkers, airplanes, free HPA tank refills, parking for over 200 cars, and a large comfortable staging area with chairs.

For more information, please visit:

Power Ops website at


(Airsoft Atlanta)

GOC’s Airsoft Rype Village event Sunday 30th April 2017

GOC’s Airsoft have shared details of their upcoming Rype Village event:

Rype Village is one of the most sought after sites for airsoft in the UK. Due to the cost of using it, it is unlikely that many airsoft days will be taking place there. Don’t panic though as GOC’s Airsoft are bringing plastic warfare back to the iconic site on the South Coast at the end of April! It’s been a long time since they have had airsoft on the streets of Lydd but now you’ll get the chance to use the same site that thousands of troops have been trained on. The event will be a battlesim style event with limited ammo utilising a multi mission format, consisting of a mix of time sensitive, ongoing and team specific objectives running non-stop. Book in before the end of March for a discounted rate of only £65. Full rules and regulations are available from our facebook page @gocsairsoft and a discussion group has been set up to keep you informed. Alternatively you can email for full details.


(GOC’s Airsoft)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 51 2016

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Another great weekend at Eversley – everyone really got involved with the story and silly costumes were the order of the day.  Thanks to all who came and supported the weekend.

So this weekend is Christmas (in case you weren’t already aware…) so we won’t be running anything over the weekend.
We will be putting on a special one day skirmish on Tuesday 27th December, for our annual “Who Ate all the Pies?” event – a chance to burn off some of those excess calories you might have eaten over the weekend.  It’s a bank holiday and is already looking to be a huge event.  If you are lucky enough to get any new kit for Christmas, this is the perfect opportunity to come down and show it off.

The following weekend is New Year’s so again, we are not running.

We will be kicking off the new year’s gaming at our Norwich site on Sunday 8th January – please come and support us on the site – it’s an awesome chunk of woodland with a load of features, it also has excellent safe zone facilities with plumbed toilets and a caterer on site.  All hot food is bought fresh prior to cooking, so must be ordered via the event page on our website.

Enjoy your weekend, we’ll see you all soon.


Josh Smith

Build/Clearup Day at Tuddenham

Build/clearup day:  We will be running a build/clearup day at Tuddenham on Saturday 7th January.  If you are free to help for a bit it would be much appreciated.  We will keep the tea and coffee running all day, and everyone attending will be given a free game at any of our standard open days during January.

We are looking for people to help sweep out the buildings, continue using materials to build more cover, clear up rubbish, paint and build in the safe zone etc.  Any help is appreciated – if all you can manage is coming along and sweeping a building out then you’ve still been a massive help.  We will be on site all day, if you can just pop in for an hour or two, your help will be very much appreciated.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Pro Airsoft Events next game

Pro Airsoft Events have announced details of their next game:


(Pro Airsoft Events)

Pro Airsoft Events – CQB Gameday

Pro Airsoft Supplies have announced details of their next game:

Pro Airsoft Events are pleased to announce that our next game will be an action-packed CQB confluence, taking place at X-Site’s "The Outpost" on Saturday, December 10th. Pre-booked players will receive a free pyro, booking and walk-on fees are £30 per player.

Click the image to visit the Pro Airsoft Events booking site for more information and to book your space now


(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

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