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Reader feedback: updated podcasts, magazines, ebooks?

I’ve been updating the lists we have on the front page of airsoft related podcasts and magazines. Do you know of a regular magazine or podcast we’ve overlooked? If so please drop me a line so I can include it.

We sort through the lists every couple of months and anything production that slows down gets removed over time as it becomes less relevant or out of date.

JustPistols, lives again!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 21.33.30Many years ago there was an awesome collection of pistol articles and reviews written and hosted by Mark (Snowman). As we never like seeing articles lost in the etherweb we’d like to reintroduce the updated collection.

Here’s a quick intro from the man himself:

After a long absence JustPistols is back on the web with a new home.


Thanks to ArniesAirsoft, all the reviews are now available to read again at

There are not likely to be any new reviews, but some current airsoft pistols are covered and for newcomers its a chance to see what we were using 10 years ago and more!

Mark, (JustPistols)

If anyone out there is looking for somewhere to archive content that they have and are having issues drop me a line. Also if someone out there knows of an easy way to host ASP on a PHP engine drop me a line! I have another archived site for someone I want to get online.

Anker PowerHouse: power for your next weekend event?

The next tiem you’re away for a skirmish weekend and don’t know if you’ve got enough juice in your phone or appliances, fancy taking an Anker PowerHouse with you? It packs 120,600 mAh and a 110v socket which will power a laptop or even recharge some LiPo batteries. Cost is 500USD at the moment but it will come down to 400USD by using a coupon code “ANKPower”.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.34.27

APS Festival 2016

headerAPS Festival-Model-w wallet poster

It’s not often I get to sit down and write material and articles and it’s always a pleasure to write about good people and their friends.

Frog and his APS ( family started their own corporate show is the commercial district of Tseun Wan, Hong Kong in 2015 which allowed them the opportunity to get their customers and friends together in one place. This is the second year of their show and I thankful for the opportunity to be here for it.

In relation to APS products it’s hard not to instaly nod towards their Dragonfly pistol and CO2 shotgun.


Their shell ejecting CO2 powered M870 style shotgun provides a satisfying “boom” when cycled and naturally proves very popular with the three gun sport shooting community.


IMG_4887The latest version of the Dragonfly has been warmly recieved and there are a selection of quality independant reviews on YouTube showing the current feedback (Gunsmith BATON, YouTube).

Designed as their best GBB pistol yet and running on CO2 it’s pokey, powerful and doesn’t suffer from cooling issues. The CO2 magazine will get around 60 shots per gas charge and I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of the grips on the Dragonfly to upload for this but I’ll dig one out later. The grips are are all stippled by hand, not moulded, and the finish accordingly slightly is different for each one.

Kryptek is strongly in fashion in all versions and colours and there are a number of custom paint jobs available. The sport version of their rifles stand out from the crowd espeicially in some of the custom colours on show.


On show were tow new custom shotguns, a Kryptek custom M870 and a licensed Salient Arms 870 with custom Magpul grip and stock.


At the event I also had the pleasure to meet contacts from around the world including Adrian and Angela from 0’20 Magazine, Alan from Toy Soldier,Brian from, Eric from, Robert from, Kobahashi from Fireplace, Alan from Combat King, Zero from Poseidon and Larry form Centurions and many many more…

I have a lot more to write and some a lot more photos to sift through but it’s time for me to pack my bags, head down to the lobby and prepare for a flight home. Handlily this gives me time to get some a larger article up.

Email changes – MX now moved to Google

We’ve made some changes to our email system and moved all of our email handling to Google App’s servers. The main reason for this is that our hosts (SagoNet) refuse to fix some hosting issues that have currently caused SpamHaus to flag all emails from Sago’s server’s as spam (see here). SpamHaus say that Sago wilfully host spammers and don’t fix hacked websites and Sago aren’t really replying to much at all; enough of my wingeing. This meant that almost half of our outbound emails to you guys were being bounced.

As a result I’ve moved the MX records to Google’s servers and created the new groups and accounts on the new service. All should work, but if there are any issues please email me at our backup account arniesairsoft [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll look in to it. I have tested the usual groups and emails and all looks fine…

HARDCORE a POV film by Ilya Naishuller’s time for a slightly random post for a Thursday.

Why am I posting about this? Well it’s something I’m interested in seeing when it’s complete and I believe it may well appeal to a good few people on here.

Hardcore is a movie from the guys behind Biting Elbows and their recent music video. The new movie stars Sharlto Copley who you might recognise from District 19.

The movie has been shot and edited and now going into post production. For those that like the crowd funding route they have started a page on Indiegogo where you can back their project and pre-purchase a copy and various other rewards. They are using the funds gathered to finish the movie the way they want (I presume without going to a studio and losing their independent status).

Here’s the trailer:

Kickstarter: Emer Equipment modular backpack

I’m a fan of Kickstarter and have backed a few things on there (such as the minikit). It’s always nice to see things that look different and bring a new set of ideas to a traditional design.


Emer Equipment have a new urban backpack on there. The pack is a waterproof design and more pitched for your average commute but there’s obvious cross over as soon as you add tactical pouches to it. I’m quite a fan of their pouch attachment mechanism but I think I’d miss having standard MOLLE loops and velcro to attach extra gear to it. Here’s the brief on it:

The Ember team has a passion for design, craftsmanship, street life, the outdoors, and California.

The first EMBER product is a backpack for a reason. Our lives are active, highly mobile, and always changing. We needed one pack that can flow from the streets to the airport seamlessly, scale from minimal to maximal effortlessly, and stand up to all the abuse along the way. 

The Ember Backpack is a sleek urban-travel pack designed to house and protect your critical gear. Each material has been chosen for its particular performance characteristics as well as aesthetic quality. The pack is designed and crafted in obsessive functional and aesthetic detail. 

The Ember Backpack is a 20-liter urban pack and a modular system. In its most minimal form the pack incorporates 20 liters of storage space, padded internal laptop & tablet sleeves, 2 weather-proof exterior gear pockets, and the ability to instantly upgrade your pack – all in a stealthy package.

Emer Equipment, Kickstarter

Individual tastes vary but I quite like it.

Server Downtime

Sorry for the downtime folks. Our hosting company decided to physically move our server racks to a different city at short notice. This meant a 14hr window where things went offline as it was moved from A to B.

I’ve just set the databases to repair as things weren’t shut down smoothly prior to turning off. It looks like things were just turned off at the plug which left the database tables locked open. I’ve run a simple repair that will bring the affected tables back up. In short the forums should be back live in a moment.

It’s 4AM GMT here so I’m going back to bed!

Merry Christmas folks

It’s that festive time here, and so we’d like to wish you all the best for the holidays.

We enjoying a glass or two and a day off for a change from the usual day jobs.

Merry Christmas!

Move to new dedicated server now complete

zoomThe new server move went well. We’ve had some 50Gb of data moved from our old box to our new machine. the new dedicated machine has much more power and space/memory than the old server.

The old server was constraining our software updates, as our core services could easily not be updated past a certain software version.

The forums and news system are now back up and working as you would expect.

There are some minor issues with outbound emails bouncing due to rDNS problems. I also have various bits of code to update and our entire news front page to overhaul. If there are any issues, please let us know via email or in the forums.

Downtime, an explanation (sorry)

Sorry for the downtime folks. I have been running updates on our Facebook and Twitter feed to keep people in the loop and I thought I’d add some here as well now that we are back live again.

We have been organising a move to a new build server from our old box. this was due to have taken place this week. We’d be moving from 3+ year old hardware onto a newer dedicated box of markedly better specs and simply put “newer”. This would bring with it that latest core OS and new versions of our background services and enable me to roll in all our latest software updates. I can then update the site design and all the software we’ve written that runs this site. In short we get a new box and I can make things all shiny and kick some life into the design.

On or around the 6th of October the company behind the server management software that runs our rack pushed out a new version. This new version was quick frankly dreadful for us and crashed a heap of core services, knocking out email and web services. Then after a few days the entire server went down. We run a RAID hard drive set up and also backup regularly off site, however the drives then took that moment to die and due to the core management suite being broken the latest backup was corrupt.

Thus our technicians at the data centre have worked to restore our data and rebuild the hard drives manually so as to prevent any data loss. We could have used old backups but that would loose some forum posts and updates.

At present we are back up on the old box, the new machine is being prepped and shortly we’ll move the IP over to the new machine.

I’m afraid there was little we could do when this all occurred, we run from one dedicated box with no fall back machine if everything goes wrong at once. We are then in the hands of data centre technicians many miles away. Sadly their speed and ability to respond to our needs was slowed down by the number of sites affected by the same software fault.

When there’s more to post up I will add it. Quite simply I’d like to get the new hardware up and running so I can rewrite the site code and design and add all the latest software.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. What are you doing reading this? There’s grumb and booze in the fridge!


ArniesAirsoft covering Shot Show 2012

I’ve made it – I’m out here in Vegas and will be covering the Shot Show as well as posting our usual daily updates from other companies and websites. Just use the Show Show news tag to see our relevant updates.


Now to pop out and grab a pre-pay sim card for the week!

Update: prepay sorted, mobile email now working. Feel free to drop me an email if you’re around and attending.

Random new kit seen online this weekend

Here are just as few items I’ve spotted that have appeared on the market recently.

imageFirst up is the Swiss Eye Mask Pro (by Swiss Eye), a full neoprene mask with integrated goggles. This new mask conforms to various safety specs which is nice to see and whilst nothing that’s flexible can provide 100% protection from BBs it’d be interesting to see this model torture tested by Dr Airsoft.

Having smashed my own favourite duty watch strap in a high collision I was keeping an eye out for a decent replacement. The Watch Band from SORD appears to fit the bill and at 10USD you can’t complain:

Tired of your watches rubber band breaking all the time?
Upgrade your old watch band for a SORD Watch Band. Band is made from US Mil-Spec materials and is non magnetic.


This band will last longer than most others currently on the market and should it blow out in the field, all you need is a needle and thread and you will be back up and running in next to no time.

Band is suitable for the larger dive style watches on the market, but can be trimmed down to suit narrower watch bodies if required. (SORD)

When it comes to bail out bags you can’t do much better than the LA Police Gear BOGB at 19.99USD. I have one in OD that’s served me well for years. There’s a good review over at Shooting Illustrated at the moment of three different bags.


This bag packs a heap in it, the zips last ages and the hook and look parts have just kept on going. The only upgrade I made for my own bag was to replace the side pocket elastic drawstring with more durable 550 paracord. This took a few minutes and kept a well worn bag going for another few years.

If you’re in the market for a not-so-cheap smock that’ll last you for years (and can justify the 300USD price tag) why not give the FirstSpear Squadron Smock a try? There’s a review of the jacket over at Soldier Systems.

Off-topic: Dropbox free online backup

imageThis is just a random post but as I spend a whole heap of time in front of laptops, desktops and on a smartphone running the website technology does play it’s role.

DropBox is a simple online service that allows you to sync and store data online between several computers. It’s free, but you can pay for more space. Frome their own website:

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!

So why am I mentioning a free online backup service like DropBox on here? Simple, we use it for random stuff occasionally and if someone gets referred by us we get a bit more online backup space.

Feel free to ignore, but if it’s a something you’re interested in please do use our referral link.

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