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New Cerakote Dytac @Evolution Airsoft

Evolution Airsoft are distributing the new DyTac Cerakote airsoft rifles:


The new line of Cerakote® finish air soft rifles produced by Dynamic Tactical and distributed in Europe exclusively by Evolution Airsoft are being delivered to the retail stores all around Europe in these days. If your store doesn’t have them in stock tell them to contact us.

Technical specs:
Full metal
Cerakote® finish
Hexmag® licensed 120rd magazine
Quick removable spring (without extracting the gearbox from the body)
Quick removable motor (no tools required)
New hop up chamber
H shaped hop up pressor
Steel gears with delayer
7mm ball bearings
Lipo-Life ready
Lone Star Tactical licensed real gun trademarks*

*The Lone Star Tactical trademarks are used under worldwide exclusive license by Evolution International S.r.l.

See the whole line of 24 new guns on

On show at IWA2017 @ Evolution Airsoft booth, Hall 7 stand 7-511

Evolution Airsoft

(Evolution Airsoft)

KRISS USA: RWA new KRYTAC distribution partner

KRYTAC will soon be distributed by RWA:

KRISS USA Announces New KRYTAC Distribution Partner RWA
KRISS USA has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with RWA for KRYTAC® replicas and accessories to Hong Kong.

February 7, 2017 – Brea, California, USA - KRISS USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of small arms and training weapons, is proud to announce RWA, the manufacturing and wholesale division of RedWolf Airsoft, as their exclusive distribution partner for KRYTAC® in Hong Kong. In addition, RWA will also be distributing KRYTAC® products to Spain. Initial availability of KRYTAC® models and accessories will begin in Spring 2017.

“RWA is one of the longest standing and well respected names in the international airsoft community,” according to Tim Seargeant, Marketing Manager for KRISS USA. “RWA’s originality and commitment to excellence have elevated them and kept them at the tip of the spear for decades. We’re excited to announce such a revered partner to expand the KRYTAC® brand in Asia and in Spain.”

“RWA is extremely excited to be distributing KRYTAC® products in Hong Kong and Spain,” states Paul Chu, RWA CEO and President. “KRYTAC®’s innovation is a positive influence in our industry and we look forward to putting their products into the hands of enlightened players in these markets.”

Starting this spring, the entire KRYTAC® product catalog will be available through RWA; including the officially licensed War Sport® LVOA-C and LVOA-S, the Trident MKII Series, the Alpha Series, and the LMG Enhanced.

For more information on KRYTAC®, please visit For more information on RWA, please visit


FiresupportLatest ICS AEGs @Firesupport

Firesupport have the latest ICS AEGs in stock:

The latest ICS range of AEGs available from

or your local shop if they are an ICS dealer.

Models ICS-267,ICS-268,ICS-274,ICS-275,ICS-380,ICS-381,ICS-382,ICS-383


Available Now at Firesupport


PTS New Item – PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS)

We are pleased to announce our latest PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS). Will available in Early December.


BUIS Coming Soon Poster PTS Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sight (EPBUIS)

Item Code:

PT143490807 – Front and Rear Sight


The Enhanced Polymer Back-Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS) are built with the PTS EP series standard Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer for a high quality product that is both durable and lightweight. The EPBUIS consists of a low-profile, snag-free design that is unobtrusive when retracted.  The aggressively textured surfaces on the sides of the sights aid in slip-free, positive manipulation under any adverse conditions that may affect grip.

The rear sight has a large and small sliding aperture that can be toggled for either close-range, fast, sight picture acquisition shooting or long-distance precision shooting.  The dual apertures feature a ribbed texture on the back and an over-molded ledge on the front for easier manipulation and increased surface contact on the aperture plate allowing you to have control from either side. Windage adjustments can be found on the rear sight and elevation adjustments can be found on the front sight, thus giving the shooter maximum adjustability and versatility.

EPBUIS_01 EPBUIS sight set offers the perfect blend of design and practicality as well as maximum versatility 


-       Dual apertures with ergonomic aperture plate

-       Windage adjustment dial on rear sight

-       Elevation adjustment dial on front sight

-       Low-profile, snag-free design

-       Reinforced polymer build for weightless durability


•    Color – Black

•    Material – Dupont™ Zytel® High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Dimension – 34 x 51 x 18mm approx. (Front Sight)

         31 x 53 x 18mm approx. (Rear Sight)

•    Weight – 23g for both sights separately

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

EPBUIS_02  Space - Small_R1


Masada-cqb-barrel-00 We are pleased to announce our latest PTS MASADA 11.5” BARREL SET. Will available in End-November.


Item Code:



The PTS 11.5” Barrel Set is a tool-less quick change barrel system designed exclusively for the PTS Masada Gas Blowback Rifle. The Masada’s inner barrel and hop-up unit (both are included and pre-installed into the barrel set) is captured within the quick change barrel system. This 11.5” barrel can be swapped with the standard length Masada barrel system with ease allowing the Masada to be reconfigured into a SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) as needed.

Masada-cqb-barrel-02 Features:

•    Masada 11.5” Barrel Set

•    2 optional O-Rings

•    Hop-Up Adjustment Key


•    Dimension – 365 x 55 x 40 approx. (with packaging)

•    Weight – 542g approx. (with packaging)

•    Compatibility – PTS Masada (GBB Only)


Masada-cqb-barrel-03  Masada-cqb-barrel-04

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Precision barrels from Laylax for KRYTAC

Krytac are now working with Laylax:

KRYTAC Partners with Laylax for Exclusive Distribution of
High Precision Barrels in USA

A new line of precision barrels tailor made for KRYTAC AEGs will be available in the United States exclusively through KRYTAC.

October 31, 2016 – Brea, California, USA - KRYTAC, the premium brand of airsoft and training replicas from world-renowned arms manufacturer KRISS USA, has entered into an agreement with Laylax for the exclusive distribution of Prometheus EG Precision Barrels for KRYTAC in the United States. These high precision barrels will be available for all KRYTAC AEG models and sold through the KRYTAC Pro Shop at

“We are excited and honored to work with Laylax and bring this new line of high performance barrels to US players,” states Allen Lau, Product Manager at KRYTAC. “The Prometheus EG barrel already has a longstanding reputation of excellence. When Laylax showed that they were able to improve upon the original design and match each barrel for KRYTAC, we knew there would be no better tight bore barrel to pair with our AEGs. Innovative, high quality, products are the hallmark of the KRYTAC brand. A sentiment that is shared by Laylax, and is shown masterfully through the Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels.”

“Performance upgrade components function best when installed in a quality base platform, and KRYTAC has the best performance, out of the box,” according to Masaki Koshida, Senior Licensing Manager at Laylax. “Creating a performance barrel specifically for KRYTAC AEGs has been a top priority at Laylax since we began our partnership with KRISS USA. Our goal is to compliment the already outstanding AEG platform with our top quality upgrade parts to further increase the advantage for KRYTAC owners on the playing field.”

Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels are precision machined from high carbon stainless steel, and are enhanced from the standard Prometheus EG barrel with an enlarged hop up window as well as channel cuts at the front for stabilization bushings, o-rings are included to fit into the channels. All Prometheus EG for KRYTAC barrels feature a 6.03mm bore.
Prometheus EG for KRYTAC precision barrels will be available directly through the KRYTAC Pro Shop starting December 2016, in the following lengths:

  • 135mm for the Alpha SDP
  • 155mm for the Trident MKI and MKII PDW
  • 280mm for the Alpha CRB, Trident MKI and MKII CRB, and Trident LMG Enhanced
  • 387.5mm for the LVOA-C
  • 416mm for the Trident MKI and MKII SPR

For more information about KRYTAC, please visit For more information about Laylax, please visit


DYTAC – SLR Airsoftworks Oct 2016

DYTAC have sent over a huge press release covering the latest line of SOLO accessories from SLR AirsoftWorks who they are a distributor for. there’s a heap fo PDWs, Keymod rails,:

19 October 2016 – Hong Kong

SLR Airsoftworks is pleased to announce the following products for October.  These products will be the maiden release of the SLR Airsoftworks product line; being licensed airsoft reproduction of the prestigious SLR Rifleworks, LLC products.

SLR Rifleworks is a firearm parts manufacturing company specializing in innovative and new designs for the firearm industry.  Hailing from Central Florida in the United States, SLR Rifleworks is famous for the unsurpassed quality of their adjustable gas blocks, charging handle, muzzle devices and handguard rails, among other innovative products in SLR Rifleworks’ line-up.

SLR Airsoftworks will bring this unique manufacturer into the airsoft market by faithfully reproducing their plethora of firearm accessories for airsoft guns.
Solo SLR15 PDW Linear Comp. – Type B (Black: SLR-AEG01B-C-BK / Dark Bronze: SLR-AEG01B-C-DB)


All SLR AIrsoftworks AEG rifles will feature the DYTAC quick spring change gearbox; which is accessible through the lower receiver without removal of the gearbox from the lower receiver.  Changing out the main spring in an AEG has never been more easy with the DYTAC quick spring change system! (DYTAC)

Download the full PDF here: SLR Airsoftworks Product Release October 2016 – SOLO Series and Accessories

Lone Star Tactical VIPER

saved_resourceEvolution Airsoft have shared details of the limited edition Lone Star Tactical order Patrol VIPER they are distributing:



Evolution International are pleased to announce the limited edition licensed Lone Star Tactical Border Patrol VIPER.
Featuring a custom four color paint job inspired by special forces this new carbine has an unique and aggressive look rensembling the pattern of a snake skin, a type of paint job very popular among the Spec Ops guys being it very effective due to its particular disruptive pattern.

wg7oL4XPjTfzqO0eV-Rco2VBY_O7_vThe Lone Star Border Patrol VIPER are hand-painted one by one in Italy in the very same way Special Forces operators do using long lasting special paint.


available to registered dealers only at

Do you want to know more about the
Lone Star Tactical licensed products?
to see the complete Evolution Airsoft line


The Evolution Airsoft Lone Star Tactical air soft guns feature the highest level of realism and are built to last.

A few features it worths to mention, but the details that take these guns apart from the others are endless:

Full Aluminum Body, Custom made snake skin paitwork, Bolt lock function, one piece cnc aluminum outer barrel, precision inner barrel, cnc barrel nut, cnc stock tube nut, real type magazine catch lever, fiber reinforced polymer handguard with steel heat shields, reinforced gearbox, 7mm precision steel bearings, reinforced steel gear set with delayer, reinforced tappet plate and piston head, variable pitch spring, aluminum hop up chamber with o-rings, 300 rd steel magazine.

For more information about the Evolution Airsoft products

Follow us on

(Evolution Airsoft)

JAG Precision: Is buying a "used" Airsoft gun worth it?

JAG Precision have been looking at the pros and cons of buying a used airsoft gun:

Is buying a "used" Airsoft gun worth it?

Finding a used Airsoft gun online or at the local store has the intrigue of "why is it being sold" along with "is it worth it" and many other questions. You will have to be able to determine if it is worth it to you as in using the parts in the purchase to rebuild another Airsoft rifle or being able to fix the rifle on the cheap side and still coming away spending less than the new version.

As you will see in the video from Tang he will cover the parts that came in the rifle he bought online. The rifle was a good deal and knew it had some issues but he could fix it easily.

Read more about Used Airsoft Guns here:

(JAG Precision)

New Phantom masks at Evolution International

Evolution International have some new Phantom masks in stock:


Evolution International has expanded its PHANTOM™line of masks and face protection gear with an incredible variety of new models, from the most professional to the fantasy style with models designed for Milsim players and Theme games in the horror and zombie apocalypse style which are gaining an incredible popularity in Europe and in the USA. But there are also several high protection models for the HPA players and rental facilities. There is really a big variety of models and choice of different colors.



Evolution International S.r.l. is a leading Air Soft wholesaler with over 4500 different air soft and tactical gear products always in stock.

Dealers and wholesalers can open an account on to enjoy one of the biggest inventories of airsoft products in the world and an incredible fast and inexpensive delivery service.

For more information


JAG Precision: Modify XTC video

JAG Precision take a quick look at the Modify XTC:

In this quick video about the Modify XTC Tang will install several springs and report the feet per second readings.


The great feature of the Modify XTC rifle is the true quick spring change system that can allow the user to easily install a new spring for a higher or lower FPS depending on what the field limit is. This process is made very easy since the wires are not in the buffer tube.

Find the video here:

(JAG Precision)

PTS – Battlecomp® G19 Custom Slide and Barrel Set

G19-POSTER-01Item Code:



The PTS BattleComp® G19 Custom Slide and Barrel Set consists of a minimalistic but very distinctive appearance where the front and rear serrations are specifically designed to mimic the trademark pattern of the incredibly popular BattleComp® muzzle device ports.   The slide is compatible with the KSC G19.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Trademark patterned serrations
  • Package includes: -
    • Aluminum slide with extractor
    • Steel Outer Barrel

G19-Photoediting-03 Specification:

  • Material – 6000 series Aluminum
  • Dimension – 185 x 26 x 42mm (approx.)
  • Weight – 200g (approx. w/ packaging)
  • Compatibility – KSC G19
  • Manufacturer – Guns Modify  

License: This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized BattleComp® license. BattleComp® logo and related brand names are trademarks of Battle Comp Enterprises, LLC in the United States and/or other countries.

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.


New CQC holster from Kyou Airsoft

Europe Accessoires have sent over details of the new Kyou Airsoft CQC holsters they are distributing:

New product by Kyou Airsoft. A French brand ( distributed by Europe Accessories (

CQC holster, available in 3 pack. Lifetime warranty


(Europe Accessoires)

Evolution exclusive European distributor of DyTac & Hexmag

Evolution Airsoft are inviting dealers and wholesalers in Europe to get in touch now they are exclusively distributing DyTac and Hexmag products here:



Evolution International S.r.l. are glad to announce they entered in an exclusive distribution agreement for the European Territory for the  DYTAC and HEXMAG products.

DYTAC proven to be an innovator in the airsoft industry with a fast growing range of high quality products and a commitment to provide customers with the best products and top quality service, the same commitment as EVOLUTION AIRSOFT, it was therefore a natural choice for Evolution International S.r.l. to set up a close cooperation able to create synergy between the two companies and accelerate further more the innovation. The near future will surely see the release of new ground breaking products with a high content of innovation like the new rifles with Cerakote™ finish, the durable ceramic coating used in the firearms industry.

Evolution International S.r.l. are glad to work with DYTAC, this cooperation will lead to a stronger penetration for both companies in the European and global market.
The entire line of DYTAC products as well as the HEXMAG licensed magazines with interchangeable inserts will be soon available, for more information please contact your sales representative.


K_iOYQc7GVySXrbxDOXE94ODJG6illThe whole line of air soft guns distributed by Evolution International S.r.l. features a genuine Cerakote™ finish imported from the U.S.A.


We cordially invite dealers and wholesalers in the territories shown in the map to get in contact with our sales offices

Get in contact with your Sales Representative today to receive more information
tel  +39 02 25459027
or send an e-mail

(Evolution Airsoft)

Evolution Airsoft exclusive DYTAC European distributor

DyTac products are now being exclusively distributed in Europe by Evolution Airsoft:

DYTAC and Evolution Airsoft partnership – exclusive distribution in Europe

1 September 2016 – Hong Kong

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is pleased to announce our partnership with Evolution International S.r.l. for exclusive distribution of DYTAC products in Europe.


Evolution International S.r.l. is one of the largest wholesalers of airsoft guns in Europe and one of the fastest growing airsoft companies in the world. Its commitment to provide customers with the best products and service, along with its brand being associated high levels of quality and performance made Evolution International S.r.l. gain a strong and valuable reputation among customers worldwide.

DYTAC is excited to be working with Evolution International S.r.l. and this partnership takes DYTAC to the next level, supporting our long-term strategic goals for our market penetration in Europe, and with our partnership with Evolution International S.r.l., we believe we can provide the best value in airsoft guns and accessories for the airsoft community.

For further inquiries, please contact DYTAC at, and Evolution International S.r.l. at

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


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