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Jia Dyi: Make or buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiMake or Buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Honorable Clients
P18EVO was developed based upon WE G18C【GP617A】, using all the Poseidon’s patented upgrade parts and tens of labor hours to forge it. Let’s see if it’s worthy for a G18C fan to homemade it or at least, a part of it.


According to the setting of P18EVO, we list the escalation kits from the exterior to the internal.(please click the sku No. to access more information about DIY parts)

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Jia Dyi: Poseidon P18 EVO debut

Jia Dyi have shared details of the P18EVO:

Jia DyiPoseidon P18 EVO Debut-
A Flag Ship Redefining the Gas Pistol Standard

Honorable Clients

Years of waiting, after readjustment of its developing phase in P17, P51, and P18c, Poseidon finally launched the flag ship using all the patented technologies to proclaim for the throne of gas pistol, but this time, in battle field.

Packaging at first sight


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Jia Dyi: Details make it matter

Jia Dyi have some new products from WE, Poseidon and Maple Leaf:

Jia DyiDetails make it matter

Honorable Clients

We show you new arrivals from upgrade parts to GBBRs, both from the first-hand report of Taiwan, the heartland of Airsoft manufacturing base. In the immense sea of Airsoft, you need a guide and coach to ferry safely to the bank of fortunes.

Poseidon Striker Hop up Chamber Kit【AC-POS-PI014/-PI015/-PI016】


According to Poseidon, the red chamber kits is for Poseidon custom pistol, P18EVO(stay tuned for debut report); the blue one will be sold as individual upgrade part for every G_lock gas pistols compatible with Marui spec. As usual, both CNC-machined modules will be equipped with Air-cushion® inner barrels and two-stage hop up buckings. PI014 is for 84mm, PI015 for 97mm, and PI016 for 113mm. Guess which one will be more prominent?

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Dytac product update: Kriss Vector handguards & silencers

DyTac have some new Kriss Vector products coming soon:

Dear all, We will have these nicely finished Kriss Vector related items available at the end of July 2018. They are very attractive and affordable so please check them out and let me know if you like them.


All these handguard and extensions are Aluminum constructed with high quality anodized finishing, and can be equipped on both official Kriss Vector AEG and GBB (The extensions are equipped with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW thread end plates for installation. i.e. it could be use on any guns with matching thread outer barrel).

DY-RAS63-BK            Kriss Vector Rail

CNC Machined M-Lok Handguard


DY-SS14S-TR-BK       Kriss Vector Tracer Unit (Short)

Items included 200mm Extension and AceTech AT-2000 tracer unit.

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SPEED Airsoft new UK distributor

SPEED Airsoft’s products are now being distributed by Airsoft Wholesale UK:

speed airsoftwholesale

SPEED Airsoft welcomes Airsoft Wholesale UK to be their distributor in the United Kingdom. New U.K. dealers enquiries on SPEED Airsoft products can be sent to

(SPEED Airsoft)

Jia Dyi: Configuring Hi-capa to win the best payoff

Jia Dyi have shared the last part of their discussion on Hi-capa:

Jia DyiConfiguring Hi-capa to win the best Payoff

Honorable Clients

We continue to discuss on Hi-capa series and suitable escalation kits, mainly for its trajectory. WE has built a well platform and successfully deterred potential entrants with the help of invisible allies from upgrade kits manufacturers. We will introduce them at the end of this article. WE lowers players’ threshold of becoming an amateur Airsofter by proliferation in gun manufacturing to earn cost advantage, and leaves the upgrading task to peripheral workshops, collaboration has been formed under tacit agreement for years. What a great paradigm of industry!

WE Hi-capa 3.8 Force Gas blow-back pistols【GP681-38H-SV/GP681-38W-SV


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Jia Dyi: In the name of hi-capa

Jia Dyi have been looking at race guns:

Jia DyiIn the Name of Hi-capa

Honorable Clients

First introduced by Marui 10 years ago and was basically modified from M1911, Hi-capa was probably the most welcomed model not only because of its capacity of double-feeding magazine, which is twice more than M1911’s 7+1 rounds, but also its various upgrade kits overwhelming consumers’ attention.

Optical fiber combat sights, light-weight construction in trigger and slide are beneficiary to rapid shot both in AIPSC race and war-game field. To increase the precision and stopping power of shots hitting on marks, extended barrel is common (thus 3.8 and 4.3 is less popular than 5.1 in race guns) to professional shooters. To compromise the weight and blow-back time issue due to long slide, split or “skeletonizing” slide is a good solution. Sometimes even a muzzle compensator is applied upon Hi-capa to shorten the time interval of sequential shots, although it is believed to be more uniqueness in appearance than practical purpose in AIPSC.

Jia Dyi also provides KWC CZ75 TS replica,【KCB-89AHN】,which was built a scope mount in factory settings, but it can’t match the scale to rage war against WE and KJ.

“If you don’t know anything about it, it usually means money crater in front of you.”

KJ KP-05 Hi-capa Gas blow-back pistol【GP227


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Jia Dyi: Feel the heat of FIFA through Russian classics

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiFeel the Heat of FIFA through Russian Classics

Honorable clients,

Hmm…it is time to stick in front of TV and get an Russian weapon in hand! We have news from factories this week, most of the news were about restocking, except LCT PKP.

Jia Dyi can prove we have the ability to assemble all kinds of need in single shipment, from pistol, rifle, machine guns and consumables.

WG Makarov 6mm non blow-back CO2 pistol【CP120】


Makarov is still the beloved custom equipment of secret service agent of Russia, although it was built in 1949. This 6mm non blow-back version is restock now along with its silver CO2 blow-back version,【CP120FS】.Thanks to its full carvings of Makarov, this clone from WG will be back to the arms of hi-power lovers.

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Jia Dyi: Show your lavish style

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at some of WE’s portfolio:

Honorable Clients:

Product differentiation never comes from manipulation out of nothing, it must links to some symbols, legend, fantasy, or something people worship and can find self-identification. We are going to show you the paradigm that bring most value-added in plain gas pistols. Since WE has long enjoyed its prestigious product strategy in proliferation, let’s peek some of its highly-priced models in G_lock, Berretta M92 replica, and M1911 series to exam whether they deserve.

WE G_17 Gen.3 Hi-Speed Force 2 tones Gas Blow-back pistol【GP664-17-2T】


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Dytac mini tracer with build-in Xcortech XT301 unit

DyTac have shared details of their latest new project:

Hello there!

Everyone has been talking about the Xcortech XT301 mini tracer and it is selling like hot cakes! We tried it out and we fell in love with it instantly. We wanted it to be able to fit on our AEG nicely so here you go for this newest item we will be carrying: The Dytac Mini Tracer with build-in Xcortech XT301!

The DY-FH24B-BK is stylish and yet compact. Must have item for your night gaming sessions.


Please check out the youtube videos below and see how the Dytac Mini Tracer works flawlessly with our SLR B15 M4 AEG.

*Items is exclusive to, please contact them for further info for the USA market  if you are interested.*

We are taking pre-order now and items will be available at the end of Jul 2018. Thank you very much for your time and please reserve yours soon!


Jia Dyi pitch based on product knowledge & expectation

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiPitch based on Product Knowledge and Right Expectation

Honorable Clients,

There is more soft knowledge in Airsoftology than these cold and hard parts or guns. Customers won’t feel happy if they were not treated well, and most importantly, not received right information to set the right expectation level. For example, WE Katana series AEGs are the perfect carrier to realize the principle of economical escalation in modular cylinders and trajectory kits. Here we present different stories trying to decode the myth of power-up through internal parts.

WE KATANA series AEGs M4 RIS【EG412】and Raptor【EG413】


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Jia Dyi: ICS CXP-Peleador, CXP-MMR & CXP-MARS

Jia Dyi have shared details of some new products coming soon from ICS:

Market entry strategy from Hi-end to downward invasionJia Dyi

Honorable Clients

People have easily been influenced by common stereotype impression. Which is more convenient for a manufacturer to invade upward or downward in marketplace? ICS, who has been awarded the Taiwan Excellence 2018 through its CXP-MARS AEGs in the 2017 competition, a well-known premier gun producer, will checkmate the game rule set by cheap price producers in Asia. In the realm of Airsoft, product complement among producers can bring about unexpected result- when sportline AEGs was loaded with Poseidon’s Air-cushion kits, although M100 is not a mainstream in wargame environment, will their combination matches the M120 in terms of shot range due to superb and delicate air-dynamics without jeopardizing friendship and life-span of guns? Time will tell.

ICS CXP-Peleador Sportline and CXP-MMR Proline AEGs


CXP series represent a quality statement that ICS will integrate the technological achievements in electronics, CNC-machined cutting in aluminum, polymer plus fiber ejection molding, fine surface processing, and its creativity design capabilities. ICS is going to launch a medium grade named CXP-MMR and an entry-level grade, CXP-Peleador in the coming June of 2018.

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Jia Dyi: latest entry-level releases

Jia Dyi have sent over text and images of the latest entry level sportline kit from ICS and some other nice bits of kit such as Guarder’s new sights:

Jia DyiCounterattack in Entry-level market

Honorable clients, Once the market being commoditized, there is no way back. While ICS, who is twenty-year-old in 2018, had witnessed the tide up and down in the industry. They insist on bringing extraordinary experience and quality standard to not just the hi-end Airsoft gunners, but also prove its capability in the red sea competition for beginners nowadays.

ICS CXP-Peleador Sportline AEGs【EG560/EG559/EG560T/EG559T】top.jpg

It was never included in the yearly Plan, but ICS suddenly announced its first CXP sportline series, named Peleador, in May. Peleador means “fighters” in Spanish. As an reduced edition, CXP-Peleador still owns the patented ICS split-gearbox, it is convenient to replace the spring to upgrade or perform basic inspection and maintenance without dismantling the gearbox. Rear-wiring through battery stock tube, an integrated MOS-FET was built inside M100 setting box, hi-cap plastic T-mag installed upon its industrial grade nylon-fiber reinforced polymer receiver and M-Lok rail, light-weight and friendly price make Peleador the first choice in entry-level.

KWC Taurus PT24/7 6mm CO2 Blow-back pistol


Finally, the blow-back version will be decedent in the rare PT24/7 series in KWC as promised, since it already has owned 6mm spring powered model, 【KA-06HN】, 6mm CO2 NBB model, 【KC-46DHN】, and 4.5 CO2 NBB model, 【KM-46DHN】. With KWC’s fine finishing and friendly MOQ, it will surely become the hot-shot in the first half year of 2018.

ICS Sportline AEGs- CXP.08 Concept Rifles/CXP.15 Pistol/CS4 M4 and M16/CES MP5/H51.H52 SIG series.


Since ICS launched it raid on low-priced market segment in May, let’s review the ancestors from ICS sportline. ICS earned it first AEGs reputation in MP5, its CES series owns SD6, fixed stock A5, and retractable stock versions. It was surprised that ICS also includes SIG in sportline series named H51.H52, in which you can find quality SIG551 and 552 equipped with one-piece No.3 gearbox inside the QD reinforced Polymer receiver. CS4 series own the largest quantity of M4/M16, most are classic models and some of them even carry with metal rail. Finally, the CXP.08 and CXP.15 can be attributed to the first free style of ICS Airsoft guns that do not have realistic models, so they were awarded with “the concept”!

Guarder M&P9 Steel Night Sight


M&P series own a large proportion of gas pistol market because of its variants in outlooking. Guarder who has been good at producing small steel parts released the night sights for Marui in May.

Please contact local distributors or for further information.

(Jia Dyi)

WE AK74 GBB coming soon to Jia Dyi

Jia Dyi are championing Taiwanese airsoft gun manufacturers:

Jia DyiMeet your wildest dream in fidelity with quality Airsoft rifles

Dear Clients-

Words of mouth, seniority, and sponsorship with allies in the industry all act as important indicators when clients choose partnership. Riding on it experience curve for years in developing gas guns, WE demonstrates once again that it can beat imitators from China. In the other hand, PTS developed by KWA also excels its competitor by winning its sponsor from Magpul. It’s a race on capability, fames, and persistence on quality. Let’s say ‘Hooray!’ to cheer Taiwanese Airsoft gun manufacturers.

WE AK74 Gas Blow-back Rifle (real wood version)


Finally, the first real wood version of AK will be born in WE AK family in May, as their third model in AK GBBRs, it inherits all the merits from antecedent, AK PMC,【GG242】.Perfect laminate wood finishing in handguard and stock, full metal body and fidelity in dismantling, better regards it as an artisan work than a piece of toy gun. As usual, WE maintains its competitive price to similar GBB models from GHK AK74,【GHK-74】and KWA AK74M,【GG243】,a polymer folding stock/handguard setting.

WE AK PMC Gas Blow-back Rifle【GG242】


One of the modern AK which has been beloved by PMC. Many improvements had been made to this version by WE factory since its first appearance in late 2011. It is a miracle that Taiwan gas gun manufactures keep leading on the edge of competition with Asian competitors for a long time. There’s not thing but quality speaks for everything!

AIMTOP Illuminated 4X24 POS-1 Type Scope【OPS-24】


Once had been overwhelmed by AK fans, the PSO-1 type scope replica is restock by AIMTOP now. Stealth black and illuminated by AG13/LR44 cell batteries, it is a must buy for Kalashnikov believers in the circle of Airsoft because of its exotic cool style.



Professional Training System (PTS) requires every detail alike in weapons as much as possible with the real fire arms, usually for the drill purpose. KWA plants the concept into the Electric Recoil Gun (ERG),and developed two version of AEGs licensed by Magpul, standard carbine,【GG520】, and CQB or scout rifle, 【GG521】. Core features include a mechanical / electrical cut-off with the last round fired, functional bolt release, and simulated recoil via the proprietary Kinetic Feedback System. The included ERG PMAG is specifically designed to work with the auto cut-off system. The ERG is also compatible with standard AEG magazines (though the auto cut-off feature will not be active with these).

AceTech Glowing Tracer Unit Predator【AT2000VFC】


If you want to see flame burst from the muzzle, AceTech ‘s tracer unit, Predator®, is a smart device that make Airsoft hobbyist “get two birds with one stone”- a tracer module, AT2000, along with a suitable carrier, KAC M4 silencer made by VFC. With 32.2mm in diameter and 113mm in length, the AT2000 module,【AT2000】, can be bought individually, easily be accommodated within your spare silencer (with O-ring/tape as spacer). Support to 30rps, it performs well even under DAYLIGHT.

The best dealer is a dealer who brings you more than you can expect. We carry all the stuffs mentioned above. Talk to us at and let us know more about you, see what we can bring you from the rabbit hat.

(Jia Dyi)

Jia Dyi: Keep your arsenal in the best condition

Jia Dyi want to help you choose the right greases and oils to keep your guns in top condition:

Jia DyiKeep your arsenal in the best condition

Honorable clients,

Everyone knows the importance of lubrication in machinery, the question in Airsoft becomes: ”Is it necessary to apply different oil/grease to Airsoft guns?” Ask your technician, the answer will absolutely a “Yes!”

Rubber parts which needs resilient to perform air-seal effect is likely to become dried and harden under gasification process in GBB, O-ring in piston head absorb most of friction in inner wall of cylinder in AEGs, metal gear set and piston suffer most harsh friction all the time when running in high ROF status.

If you will check the motor lubricant grade before changing oil for car routine inspection, you probably will also pay attention to the maintenance lubricant of Airsoft guns.

AIMTOP SC-50 Silicon Oil Spray【GS-08】


The component is identical to the famous silicon spray produced by Tokyo Marui. It is the most convenient and basic maintenance product for GBB guns. AIMTOP provides two capacity containers, a standard 60ml,【GS-08】,and 160ml,【GS-08-160ml】. With its thin spray tube, GS-08 can soak the small part even in narrow construction.

AIMTOP High Concentration Lubricant Grease【GS-14】


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