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Hugger Airsoft protective lens & assembly @Dytac

Dytac have shared details of the Huger Airsoft protective lens and assembly they are stocking:

Dear all, We would like to introduce the Hugger Airsoft Protective Len and Assembly sets to you, and your beloved optics.

The Hugger Airsoft protective lens help to reduce the impacts and damages for variant brands of real steel and aftermarket optics and flashlights, while you are enjoying the fun and exciting airsoft activities.

The PC Lens (Polycarbonate) is perfectly secured by custom fitted NBR Rims (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) to provide maximum protection.


Please see below product testing video for reference:



Sharps Bros x SLR MB47 AK series @DyTac

Here is the latest stock news from DyTac:

The Sharps Bros x SLR MB47 AK AEG Series is just arrived our warehouse in HK!

The SB MB47 AK Series will be carrying the same high building quality as the SLR AK AEG, featuring the official licensed Sharps Bros MB47 diecasting receiver and the SLR AK Solo Series handguards; and the Dytac 8mm bearing QD gearbox with Dytac QD spring guide. The Dytac DAG buttstock; with a 500 rounds Hi Cap magazine.

There will be 3 lengths available (5.4”/9”/13.5” SLR AK Solo rails).


  • SB-MB01-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK Krink AEG (Short: 5.4” SLR Solo Rail)
  • SB-MB02-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK AEG (Mid: 9” SLR Solo Rail))
  • SB-MB03-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK74 AEG (Long: 13.5” SLR Solo Rail) )


There are some great add-on options which helps your rifles look even better!

DY-FH26B-BK                         BLAST Mini Tracer 14mm CCW (Xcortech XT301 Installed)  

DY-FH26B-CASE-BK             BLAST Mini Tracer 14mm CCW (Outer Case Only)                


At the same time, the very popular SLR AK AEG Series is restocked also so if you missed the first batch, it is time to get them now!




Sharps Bros MB47 x SLR AK is taking pre-order now

DyTac have their Sharp Bros MB47 AK AEGs available for pre-order now:

Hi all, Dytac would like to take this chance to wish you have a prosperous year of 2019! Thank you very much for your support since day one and we will keep providing you the best Airsoft items in the market!

There is a very good news we would like to share with you all, which is that we can expecting our official licensed Sharps Bros MB47 AK AEG Series to launch shortly and we are taking pre-order now!


The SB MB47 AK Series will be sharing the same platform with the SLR AK AEG, featuring the official licensed Sharps Bros MB47 diecasting receiver and the SLR AK Solo Series handguards; and the Dytac 8mm bearing QD gearbox with Dytac QD spring guide. The buttstock will be the updated Dytac stock; with a 500 rounds Hi Cap magazine.

There will be 3 lengths available (5.4”/9”/13.5” SLR AK Solo rails). We have attached some sample pictures in this email for your reference.

SB-MB01-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK Krink AEG (Short)


SB-MB02-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK AEG (Mid)


SB-MB03-BK  Sharps Bros x SLR AK74 AEG (Long)


ETD date will be around Chinese New Year 2019 and please feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all. Thank you very much for your time!

*For USA distribution please contact for further information*


Mark Ng | Senior Sales Manager
Telephone / Whatsapp: +852 9210 7692         

Dynamic Tactical (“DYTAC”) is the exclusive distributor of:


and authorised distributor of:


Please visit us on Facebook today:


Polarstar Universal Gas Stock @101 Tech

unnamed101 Tech have shared details of the Polarstar UGS

G&G Armament  Polarstar Laylax Mechanix Dye Benshot


Polarstar UGS
With the PolarStar UGS™ (Universal Gas Stock) you can now get the performance advantage of a HPA system without needing to be tethered to a remote air rig and still retain the likeness and function of a traditional adjustable AR-15 stock. It can be used with any of the PolarStar cylinder conversion kits such as the F2™, F1™ or JACK™ and is compact enough that it can also be used with other similar HPA cylinder systems on the market.

The UGS™ features an integral regulator which follows the same design as the highly regarded PolarStar Micro Reg and delivers the same lightning fast performance. This regulator has an output pressure range of 40-130psi which is easily adjusted using a 3/32 allen key but can be locked out using a standard chrono zip tie which blocks the adjustment screw.

This configuration is designed to accept 13ci HPA tanks and R3 buttstock (sold separately) but it can be reconfigured for additional gas input options to include CO2 and Mil-Spec diameter HPA cylinders which are currently in development.

Tank not included. 

Featured Products



(101 Tech)

Jia Dyi: Get a gun for Girls

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at subcompact pistols:

Jia DyiGet a Gun for Girls

Honorable Clients,

Jia Dyi carries lots of brands in agent portfolio; we feel it is our duty to present the purchasing idea to fit current need.

For the coming Christmas, whether it’s a present for girl friend or simply a curiosity to own novelty. We organized the “subcompact pistols” theme for your reference.

In short, it saves your time and let you make quick recommendation to clients.
We provide not only Airsoft merchandise but also the information, and the later itself is the weapon.

WE Berretta PX4C Storm Gas blow-back pistol【GP330S-BK-1】【GP330S-TAN-1】【GP330S-SV-1】


Berretta had long been famous for M92 series, but everything has changed since the PX4 appeared. The PX4C is without doubt a subcompact pistol for female, and popular for its ergonomic and stylish appearance. Right after Tokyo Marui’s plastic PX4 gas blow-back pistol, WE has issued the full metal PX4 and its compact version, PX4C, with more choices in colors, it’s a model even Marui hadn’t had published.

The codes addressed with 1 means WE provided the reduced version, PX4C, with one short magazine. Yes, you know what had happened next.

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Jia Dyi: Right pitch to form stickiness

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiRight Pitch to Form Stickiness

Honorable Clients,

Jia Dyi owns the most broad agent portfolio from Airsoft gun manufacturers in Taiwan, so we spend lots of time figuring out what will be the best formula to form a sales mix for clients.

We offer balanced and objective opinions in similar models usually among different brands, believing in various tranches of market will find its own solution to meet local need. LCT PP-19-01 AEG has met the vast demand of AK fans, quality craftsmanship with affordable price.

Accessories sales based on popular base will extend the life cycle consumption of end consumers, and enhance the stickiness to shop, the customer loyalty. Accessories for WE such like magwells and Cyclops®, both explain the said strategy.

LCT Vityaz PP-19-01 Full steel AEG【LCT-PP-19-01】


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Jia Dyi: Good horse deserves a better saddle

Jia Dyi have been taking a closer look at Maple Leaf products:

Jia DyiGood horse deserves a better saddle

Honorable Clients,

Comparing to the purchasing cost of a quality airsoft gun, the investment on standalone upgrade part is relatively finite. So it is a rule of thumb (maybe 80/20 rule?) to medium airsoft shop keepers or entrepreneurs to invest a significant portion of capital in this segment.

In previous discussion of bundled trajectory kit (6.02 mm precision inner tube along with Monster® series hop-up rubbers) ßclick to access, Maple Leaf offers discounts for gas pistols aiming at market scale, and AEG rifles using its innovative idea. Here we explained the solution to bolt-action rifles and GBBRs in terms of value-added.

In short, Maple Leaf’s product strategy carries both cost advantage and value creation to its clients.

Maple Leaf Trajectory Kit for VSR- 6.04 mm Crazy Jet® 【ML-CJ300/428/470/510/550/590/640】, 6.02 mm precision inner barrel【ML-V300/428/470/510/590/640】


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Jia Dyi: Pathfinder in the post-Marui era

Jia Dyi have shared details of the KA PDW 9mm SBR:

Jia DyiPathfinder in the Post-Marui Era

Honorable Clients,

We have discussed the vast business chance brought by “Platform Economy”(click to access), in fact, the most obvious example will be Marui phenomenon.

Since the post-Mauri era, which means the Japanese AEG godfather has begun to invade the GBBRs and EBBRs segments with innovative design carried with patent protection, Taiwan airsoft gun manufacturers turn to be pathfinders in cooperation with real fire arms to gain authentic licensing from engraving, construction dimension, even promotion for mutual benefits.(KA Black Rain Ordnance AEG is one of the example.)

In short, we reserve merits, improve the soft spots Marui has brought to traditional AEG design, and bring value-added through creativity.

King Arms PDW 9mm SBR “Shorty” AEG【KA-AG-229-BK/-DE】


King Arms has issued the PDW 9mm SBR “shorty” first in black finishing in the early of September. It was instantly welcomed by CQB players worldwide because of its light-weight design and compact appearance. For MP5 owners who want to transfer to AR15, it is a short-cut since their investment in MP5 magazine (Marui compatible) won’t be wasted.

What about M4/M16 owners who wish to switch to a more compact model other than AR15 while still keeping magazines? The answer lies in another “shorty”, KA’s extraordinary cross-border masterpiece- SIG 556,【KA-AG-23】, (click to access) a full metal EBBR with SIG markings.

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Jia Dyi: Make Military Simulation Game More Realistic

Jia Dyi have shared their opinion on KA’s new guns and accessories:

Jia DyiMake Military Simulation Game More Realistic

Honorable Client,

People who love guns said, “Guns make people equal.”, because even the weaker can defend himself and be waived from the jeopardy of the stronger.

Same reasoning might also be applied to the use of low-capacity magazine in war game rules, people cannot squander pellets, he must use tactical movement, cheating (not in ammo capacity) and shooting skill to perform the “one shot one kill”.

Furthermore, without the annoying wheel beneath the hi-capa magazine, airsoft guns equipped with low-capa magazine looks like a real.

“Saving Pellets” makes the game even more realistic. Humm…that’s a good thing to friendship and your pocket.

King Arms Black Rain Ordnance TWS AEG series


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Jia Dyi: Platform economy

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiPlatform Economy

Honorable Clients

Airsoft gun manufacturers in Taiwan own the capability and technology of developing precision molds, and high standard of material procurement policy. It is the secret of producing inexpensive models while keeping durability and life expectancy.

Platform economy exists in different caliber selections, the commonality of prototype that generates variants; in the eyes of ambitious entrepreneurs, even the gun case and upgrade kits can be used to support his private-brand business model.

To sum up, there are too much possibility in OEM/ODM cooperation in Taiwan and industrial collaboration with the western brand owners.

Elite Force H8R Super Magnum CO2 Airsoft revolver【CP118】


The answer is definitely a big “NO” after simply checking its reviews on internet. After all, “Money Talks!”, when we saw WG has decided to bring it back to the stage after one year, the answer is obvious.

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Jia Dyi: Targeting segments in custom service market

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiTargeting different segments in the custom service market

Honorable Clients,

There are two marketing tactics described by marketing textbook:the so called “Push marketing” and “Pull marketing”. We are very happy to share you the academic theory with a real business strategy practiced by Maple Leaf.

Let’s take a look at Maple Leaf bundled sets in 6.02 mm inner barrel and hop up rubber series.

What a smart move!


Maple Leaf has been focusing on the upgrade kits for Airsoft guns for years, it owns four categories:hop up rubbers, inner barrels, internal reinforced parts for pistols, and total solutions for all upgrade parts of VSR from interior to exterior except for its body.


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Jia Dyi: Aftermarket is the key to win

Jia Dyi have been looking at the importance of after sales service:

Jia DyiAftermarket is the Key to Win

Honorable Clients,

Through reviewing three representative guns originated in the East, the West, and the Middle earth, we wished to present you the collective capabilities in product differentiation, engineering, and strategic resource-sharing that can be attributed to Taiwan Airsoft gun manufacturers. It is not a competition just on price or cost (short-term perspective), but a competition on capability and attitude of professional in producers (long-term perspective).

As a throughout-thinking shopkeeper/regional dealer, you should not waste your money and ruin your fame by selling those cheap and easy broken airsoft guns which lack after-service system. Original factory, peripheral parts producers and integrating international trader should play a positive role in supporting infrastructure. And Jia Dyi happens to be part of it.

In the other hand, we had introduced two up-rising stars in the circle of Airsoft upgrade kits manufacturers, who are full of creativity, the Crazy Jet® from Maple Leaf and the Air-cushion® inner barrel from Poseidon. Back to those old days in the early stage of Tokyo Marui, Guarder from Taiwan has been recognized as the ultimate quality standard of TM compatible, and focused on reinforced part from the exterior to the interior. We will briefly review two series of Guarder precision inner barrel to salute the pioneer.

WE AKS-74UN Gas Blow-back Rifle【GG241】


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Jia Dyi: Proving by hands-on implementation

Here is all the lateset news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiProving by Hands-on Implementation

Honorable Clients

What makes a plain workshop to bet on everything to challenge the established myths? I mean reputation and financial resource to integrate downward into Airsoft gun manufacturing? Because their technologies works!

“Winter is said to be the enemy of gas guns.”
Poseidon says, ” Hold on a second, we’ve got the solution.

“High velocity brought by traditional upgrade kits means to extend the engaging distance on battlefield.

Poseidon thinks shooting far, straight, and precision does not mean collateral damage on friendship if low kinetic can do the same thing.


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Jia Dyi: Evolution from interior & exterior -B&W BW17TB

Jia Dyi have some new information from B&W:

Jia DyiEvolution both from the Interior and Exterior

Honorable Clients

Like an old cliché says, “Man always lacks a pistol in his collection.” We shared an information from B&W to offer you an extra reason to buy G_17 again. Simply because of the sweet Cost/Performance ratio due to internal escalation and external modification, you should not miss it.


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Jia Dyi: Gas guns in cold weather

Jia Dyi take a look at the influence of cold weather on gas guns:

Jia DyiHow to preserve the capability of gas guns in cold days-Magazine Issues

Honorable clients,

We brought you the first-hand spy pictures of WE X19 and G_lock Gen5. last week, you may check its shooting test video here and wait for the best quotations from Jia Dyi.

Cool and cold days are coming silently, have your shops prepared for the right solution to deal with malfunction of gas magazine? We list several alternatives for you to consider before the coming winter.

ICS published new gas pistol in the end of September, all designs of a modern pistol were presented upon it, while it does not exist in the real firearms, but who cares?

ICS BLE-XFG Gas blow-back pistols【】


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