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Jia Dyi: Infiltrating the enemy line with Dual system

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiInfiltrating the Enemy Line with Dual system

Honorable Clients:

Technically, the same gun which can use green gas and CO2 is entitled as “dual system”. It involves whether the strength of hammer spring and internal mechanism were capable of or not, so please seek technical consultation before web shopping.

Since winter is coming, chances are the gas guns may not perform well under low temperature. WE has brought the brand new CO2 M1911,【CP140】, alone with two new CO2 magazines, to meet customers’ need in cold winter. At final, due to respect to the Air-gun hobbyists, we introduced a 4.5mm, full metal PPK replica with blow-back function powered by CO2 cartridge.

In short, WE is reentering CO2 guns market with the right models at the right time.

WE 1799 series Gas blow-back pistol【GP691-BS】and CO2 magazine【MG-P109C】


Judging from appearance, the 1799 series seem to have “Decocking” function, but actually it is dummy. What if I said the name “1799” actually comes from the combination of G17 and P99, will that surprise you? ^^

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Jia Dyi: Bunt and Slugger in Airsoft sports

Here is all the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiBunt and Slugger in Airsoft sports

Honorable Client:

We have got an immense reaction since Jia Dyi had released Remington Model 95, Derringer,【GP502】, last week.
Yes, it is nowhere to find but Jia Dyi!
Coincidentally, WE also published another classic mini Air-soft pistol, Colt M1908, aka “Vest Pocket”, gas blow-back pistol last week. They both work as perfect promotional items in the coming shopping season.

Besides, WE also announced its new M1911 powered by CO2. For comparision, we also reviewed its competing brands which Jia Dyi carried. At last, a new Taiwan brand M1911 brings favorable price trying to tilt the balance of market. Let’s see if that works.

In short, bun or slugger? people always can find various reason to enrich their private arsenal!

HFC Colt Model 1908 (Colt .25) “Vest Gun” Gas pistol replica【HG-107B】



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Jia Dyi: Dogfight in Revolver market

Jia Dyi have a new full metal Derringer:

Jia DyiDogfight in Revolver market-Winning in different Arena

Honorable Clients,

Driven by OEM business, it is not uneasy to understand why revolver makers in Taiwan tend to crowd in Colt Python® series with various settings. Although the full trademarks are the captive of copyright owners in the West, its full metal construction and propelled by stable CO2 system, KWC’s Python series hit the sweet point of cost/performance ratio, and draw most of Airsoft shop keepers’ attention because of friendly MOQ.  HFC, on the other hand, penetrates to the lowest price segment probably because of muzzle velocity limitation and material requirement setting by importing countries, not because of the bold entrepreneurship or sheer luck.

In short, existing itself is the truth.

News Express

Classic Remington Derringer “Double Tap” over-below double barrel Gas pistol replica【GP502(BK)/(SV)/(G)】


It is not a revolver, it is a Derringer! People used to call it “Thunder in Palm”, a perfect assassins’ weapon in close range. Marushin used to replicate it with plastic material outside and metal mechanism inside. Now it comes with full metal construction from Taiwan manufacturer (maybe the same OEM producer for Marushin, Who knows?^^). With a sturdy weight and 100% realistic operational feeling, this gas powered Derringer is a wonderful collection or gift purpose. Come to Jia Dyi to hunt it down!

KWC Colt Python .357 4 inches 6mm CO2 revolvers【KC-67DHN】and 4.5mm【KM-66DN】


KWC has been competing with WG in the arena of CO2 gun for years, and always a formidable opponent to WG in basic models. Colt Python® replica is the only one revolver series developed by KWC with 4.5mm and 6mm Cal. to be chosen; both from 2.5 inches, 4 inches, to 6 inches in barrel length. But satin black is the standard painting in this 6mm Cal. series, which is the most valued choice if you wish to pick up a quality full metal revolver to start adventure.

Propelled system:CO2
Energy:1.8 Joule Max
Velocity:101 m/s Max
BB capacity:6 rds.

KWC Colt Python® 6 inches 4.5mm CO2 revolver【KM-68CDN】


Wanna to show off occasionally? No problem if you hold a chrome plated 6 inches Colt Python® revolver in hand. KWC dedicated its finest surface treatment upon the full metal construction only in 4.5mm Cal. models, 2.5 inches【KM-66CDN】, and 6 inches【KM-68CDN】.

Propelled system:CO2
Energy:2.5 Joule Max
Velocity:120 m/s Max
BB capacity:6 rds.

HFC 【HG-131B-1/-131C-1】4 inches Classic Gas Revolver


HFC has occupied the lowest price segment of revolver replicas by producing high density plastic material blended with metal powder. Even the experienced technician often misjudges it as full metal construction. This gives the most advantage of HFC entry level product, price advantage. This is a 4 inches model with classic outlook. Don’t miss it.

Propelled system:Green gas
Muzzle Velocity:less than 200 f/s (60.96 m/s)
BB capacity:6 rds.

HFG 【HG-132B-1/-132C-1】4 inches Colt Python® .357 replica Gas pistol


Another 4 inches barrel length was shown upon the modern Colt Python® stylish replica. It was built by high density plastic frame with metal powder component. Quite durable and heavy in hand, hard to tell its difference with metal construction.

Propelled system:Green gas
Muzzle Velocity:less than 200 f/s(60.96 m/s)
BB capacity:6 rds.

HFC【HG-133B-1/-133C-1】”Saving Bull” 6 inches Gas revolver


Also a giant in hand but thanks to its high density plastic material blended with metal powder, it is OK when pointing to target and hit the bull’s eye.

Propelled system:Green gas
Muzzle Velocity:less than 230 f/s (70.10 m/s)
BB capacity:6 rds.

We are capable of providing the said items with reasonable prices, one-shopping service, and parts service. Please contact local agent first or if there is absent of the said dealer in above brands.

(Jia Dyi)

Jia Dyi: The final puzzle piece of airsoft guns

Jia Dyi have been taking a look at grenade launchers:

Jia DyiThe Final Puzzle Piece of Airsoft Guns

Honorable clients

Grenade launcher and grenade shell seems to be the last puzzle of Airsofters’ collection. No matter for AEGs or GBBRs, the decoration often adds lots of preference in terms of outlooks rather than practical shooting. Jia Dyi brings you a full line of the said merchandise, from standalone guns to subordinate accessories that vary in colors, sizes, and gun models.

ICS Multiple Grenade Launcher, MGL DS【GG231TAN】


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DyTac: 9M style silencer, built in Xcortech XT-301 tracer unit

DyTac have shared details of some 9M style silencers they have in stock:

Dear all, Thank you very much for supporting us and we came across these SF Ryder 9M style silencers here. There are 3 versions available: A plain silencer; silencer with Xcortech Xt-301 tracer; and silencer with Xcortech Xt-301 tracer and power up barrel. It comes with 2 end plates, one with -14mm and one with +16mm thread.


OMG-SS01B-BK         Ryder 9M Style Silencer


OMG-SS01B-T-BK      Ryder 9M Style Silencer w/ XT-301 Mini Tracer


OMG-SS01B-CO-BK   Ryder 9M Style Silencer w/ XT-301 Mini Tracer and Power Up Barrel



Jia Dyi: Compete on systems or on appearance?

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiCompete on systems or on appearance?

Honorable Clients,

Airsoft industry in Taiwan powers dream and passion. For collectors, owing an Airsoft guns with full markings is a wonderful thing, but for players in shooting competition or wargamers in gaming field, not a big deal as long as it can shot target and win the prize.

Airsoft guns manufacturers in Taiwan has long been cooperated with Western brands who have owned trademarks in OEM business, and competed with each other in a harmony way-different power systems even in same models, patented innovative mechanism, at least in color, size, fringed accessories to differentiate product mix.

KWC M&P 40L CO2 Blow-back pistol【AAKCCB483AZB】



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Jia Dyi: The latest report from King Arms

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiThe Latest Report from King Arms

Honorable Clients:

King Arms has moved to Taiwan since the beginning of 2015. Thanks to global players’ supports, the quality Airsoft guns of King Arms have been in lack status for a long time. We are very proud to receive the notification from King Arms to reveal the latest situation of their warehouse. And recommend KA as it has reached the sweet points of cost/performance ratio as MIT products.

King Arms Blaster R93 LRS1 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle【KA-AG-87-BK】


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Jia Dyi: The debut of BW17TB

Jia Dyi have shared details of the new BW17TB:

Jia DyiThe debut of BW17TB
– A G_lock with killer instinct

Honorable Client,

After B&W descending upon for a full year, we are happy to inform you the arrival of the Advanced BW17 custom pistol, TB version. The characteristics include:

l Trajectory technology— Air-cushion® inner barrel【PG003】and two-stage hopup bucking【PH-G02】deliver the astonishing 50M shot range.(click the underlined to access detail spec. of upgrade parts)

l Crisp kickback— Skeletonized stylish aluminum slide brings up the sensation.

l Tactical fierceThreaded outer barrel and removable tip adapted with a silencer(optional).

l Rare and limited—1000 pcs. among 10 mixed styles within H and W models.

l Instant support to front line—Ready to ship! Say good bye to delivery lead-time!


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Jia Dyi: Make or buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Here is the latest news from Jia Dyi:

Jia DyiMake or Buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

Honorable Clients
P18EVO was developed based upon WE G18C【GP617A】, using all the Poseidon’s patented upgrade parts and tens of labor hours to forge it. Let’s see if it’s worthy for a G18C fan to homemade it or at least, a part of it.


According to the setting of P18EVO, we list the escalation kits from the exterior to the internal.(please click the sku No. to access more information about DIY parts)

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Jia Dyi: Poseidon P18 EVO debut

Jia Dyi have shared details of the P18EVO:

Jia DyiPoseidon P18 EVO Debut-
A Flag Ship Redefining the Gas Pistol Standard

Honorable Clients

Years of waiting, after readjustment of its developing phase in P17, P51, and P18c, Poseidon finally launched the flag ship using all the patented technologies to proclaim for the throne of gas pistol, but this time, in battle field.

Packaging at first sight


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Jia Dyi: Details make it matter

Jia Dyi have some new products from WE, Poseidon and Maple Leaf:

Jia DyiDetails make it matter

Honorable Clients

We show you new arrivals from upgrade parts to GBBRs, both from the first-hand report of Taiwan, the heartland of Airsoft manufacturing base. In the immense sea of Airsoft, you need a guide and coach to ferry safely to the bank of fortunes.

Poseidon Striker Hop up Chamber Kit【AC-POS-PI014/-PI015/-PI016】


According to Poseidon, the red chamber kits is for Poseidon custom pistol, P18EVO(stay tuned for debut report); the blue one will be sold as individual upgrade part for every G_lock gas pistols compatible with Marui spec. As usual, both CNC-machined modules will be equipped with Air-cushion® inner barrels and two-stage hop up buckings. PI014 is for 84mm, PI015 for 97mm, and PI016 for 113mm. Guess which one will be more prominent?

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Dytac product update: Kriss Vector handguards & silencers

DyTac have some new Kriss Vector products coming soon:

Dear all, We will have these nicely finished Kriss Vector related items available at the end of July 2018. They are very attractive and affordable so please check them out and let me know if you like them.


All these handguard and extensions are Aluminum constructed with high quality anodized finishing, and can be equipped on both official Kriss Vector AEG and GBB (The extensions are equipped with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW thread end plates for installation. i.e. it could be use on any guns with matching thread outer barrel).

DY-RAS63-BK            Kriss Vector Rail

CNC Machined M-Lok Handguard


DY-SS14S-TR-BK       Kriss Vector Tracer Unit (Short)

Items included 200mm Extension and AceTech AT-2000 tracer unit.

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SPEED Airsoft new UK distributor

SPEED Airsoft’s products are now being distributed by Airsoft Wholesale UK:

speed airsoftwholesale

SPEED Airsoft welcomes Airsoft Wholesale UK to be their distributor in the United Kingdom. New U.K. dealers enquiries on SPEED Airsoft products can be sent to

(SPEED Airsoft)

Jia Dyi: Configuring Hi-capa to win the best payoff

Jia Dyi have shared the last part of their discussion on Hi-capa:

Jia DyiConfiguring Hi-capa to win the best Payoff

Honorable Clients

We continue to discuss on Hi-capa series and suitable escalation kits, mainly for its trajectory. WE has built a well platform and successfully deterred potential entrants with the help of invisible allies from upgrade kits manufacturers. We will introduce them at the end of this article. WE lowers players’ threshold of becoming an amateur Airsofter by proliferation in gun manufacturing to earn cost advantage, and leaves the upgrading task to peripheral workshops, collaboration has been formed under tacit agreement for years. What a great paradigm of industry!

WE Hi-capa 3.8 Force Gas blow-back pistols【GP681-38H-SV/GP681-38W-SV


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Jia Dyi: In the name of hi-capa

Jia Dyi have been looking at race guns:

Jia DyiIn the Name of Hi-capa

Honorable Clients

First introduced by Marui 10 years ago and was basically modified from M1911, Hi-capa was probably the most welcomed model not only because of its capacity of double-feeding magazine, which is twice more than M1911’s 7+1 rounds, but also its various upgrade kits overwhelming consumers’ attention.

Optical fiber combat sights, light-weight construction in trigger and slide are beneficiary to rapid shot both in AIPSC race and war-game field. To increase the precision and stopping power of shots hitting on marks, extended barrel is common (thus 3.8 and 4.3 is less popular than 5.1 in race guns) to professional shooters. To compromise the weight and blow-back time issue due to long slide, split or “skeletonizing” slide is a good solution. Sometimes even a muzzle compensator is applied upon Hi-capa to shorten the time interval of sequential shots, although it is believed to be more uniqueness in appearance than practical purpose in AIPSC.

Jia Dyi also provides KWC CZ75 TS replica,【KCB-89AHN】,which was built a scope mount in factory settings, but it can’t match the scale to rage war against WE and KJ.

“If you don’t know anything about it, it usually means money crater in front of you.”

KJ KP-05 Hi-capa Gas blow-back pistol【GP227


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