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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 24, 2014

  • CRW ~ Tanaka 1st Gen SAA, KWC P08 co2, Wa Shin M92
  • HK UMP 45 Gas Blowback by Elite Force [The Gun Corner] Airsoft
    Preview video of the new Elite Force HK UMP 45

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  • Big 3 Preview shooting the IWI X95
    Big 3 Fall of 2014 saw some Big names with some New Designs making a statement with the Media. One of those big names w\is IWI. IWI still has a few Tricks up their sleeves. A few anouncements were made about some upcoming Releases for 2015, like the reintroduction of the IWI Jericho aka The Baby Desert Eagle (Name of the current model on the Market). The Reintroduction of the Jericho means a few changes are in sotre, and i beleive they are for the better. I currently own a BDE and one complaint I have is the existence of a Slide Mounted Safety. IWI is addressing that, and we will see it the way it should have been for Years!

    IWI has been working overtime to keep the Tavor on store shelves, but that doesnt mean they are one trick Pony, no way. In this video you will see a couple of Industry Writers and my Wife putting the Military Only (For now) X95 Select Fire BullPup Rifle, and what a fine rifle it is. This rifle seems to address any and everything that someone MIGHT say could be improved on the Tavor. This compact Firearm has controls in all the right places and also offers a bit of familiarization in a few other places for Tavor owners all over the world.

    Check out this Video and tell me what you think, I will be following up with a video of me firing the X95 and also addressing my Impressions of it. So stay tuned for that!

    Don’t forget to go to and search for "Big 3 Training Center" for pics and updates from this event. We had quite a few writers as well as other Content Creators on hand to make sure nothing was missed. #Big3Media should get you in the right direction.

  • G&G Armament New Products HB16 MOD 0 and Lucky Draw October
    G&G’s replica is attached with the tag which contains "authentication code" & "serial number."

    G&G give away 1 free gun each month! And on March 2015, the final big prize "Free trip to Taiwan" will go to 6 winners who registered the tag!

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  • G&G ガンタグ・マンスリー 日本限定特別企画!!2014年10月抽選!
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  • #Big3Media Preview shooting jeeps

    Big 3 Fall 2014 is upon us and we are taking things to another Level!

    Big 3 is a new way of bringing the Masses content from Industry Leaders in Social Media and Writing. This event (Oct 2014) included more Youtube Channels and newer content Creators than ever before. This new way of getting information on the Firearms Industry to the public is the future for Firearms Media!

    Stay Tuned for Vids and coverage from Channels like IraqVeteran8888,, Hank Strange, KevinTheTacDaddy, Vigilante Spectre Operations, Angry Baby Productions, Angry Wifee, and Military Arms Channel.. Very Exciting Stuff..

    Dont forget to use our Hashtag #Big3Media


    Stay tuned for more Coverage!

  • Milsim Or Not Milsim
    This should explain what is milsim or not milsim in the airsoft world! Big thanks to Adam from Mako Team for letting me use his awesome photography! Check him out here Check out Mako TV here.

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  • G&G Armament New Products GC1-46 and Lucky Draw August 2014
    G&G’s replica is attached with the tag which contains "authentication code" & "serial number."

    G&G give away 1 free gun each month! And on March 2015, the final big prize "Free trip to Taiwan" will go to 6 winners who registered the tag!

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  • New York Comic Con – NYCC 2014 Cosplay
    Music = "El Tranvia" by Jenifer Avila
    Megamix by Sim Gretina

    Hang with us on FB!
    Huge thanks to and for their help in getting to NYCC.
    And thanks to Jon and SONICBOOMBOX for some great parties during the con.
    Look for the FreddieW (of RocketJump fame) photobomb!

  • Airsoftcon 2014! – Airsoft
    This year at Airsoftcon 2014 we had over 3,000 attendees show up in support. The most successful Airsoftcon to date. Thank you Airsoft Nation for helping grow this event year after year!

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  • The Micro Kit – Every Day Carry (EDC) Pouch by 20$Bandit

    In this video you get a FIRST LOOK at the newest products from 20$Bandit + Triple Seven Gear the MICRO KIT + MICRO MEDIC.

    Designed and manufactured in the USA, this micro sized pouch works as a BOSS EDC wallet. The loop side velcro panel offers a place to display your favorite morale patch by PDW, Triple Aught, ITS or the Monkey. This nylon micro kit pouch will quickly become your favorite piece of EDC kit and for $20 it wont break the bank.

    Check out all the details at .

  • Ares Armor AR10 Ajax Upper
    Ares Armor AR10 Ajax Upper

    The new Ares Armor Ajax LR308 Upper brings you the lowest price, superior quality DPMS LR308 pattern upper on the market. Starting by listening to what our customers wanted in an AR10 upper, we started with a Nickel Boron (NiB) BCG headspaced to an 18" 416r stainless steel barrel with a 1:10 twist giving you the ability to shoot up to the heaviest grain .308 Win rounds out there; including and up to 175gr. We then added our new 15.25" AR10 version of our Harpe AR15 rail and a MKII .308 EFFIN-A Compensator to bring you the best AR10 Upper out there at a price no one can beat. Your Ajax complete upper includes the following components:

    -18" 416 R Stainless Black Oxide Coated 1:10 twist barrel
    -MKII .308 EFFIN-A Compensator
    -NiB (Nickel Boron) BCG
    -15.25" Ares Armor Ajax free float rail
    -DPMS LR308 Upper
    -Mid-length gas system

  • ARES Amoeba S-Class M4 Airsoft Gun Chrono/Shooting Test
    Today we have the performance test of the ARES Amoeba S-Class Airsoft M4 AEG; in this video we not only chrono the gun, but also take a few shots to test out its accuracy.


    Thanks for watching!

  • Showdown: Boris vs Bill! – KWA AKG-74SU and KWA VZ61 Skorpion – Airsoft GI
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    KWA AKG 74SU:

    KWA Scorpion VZ61:

    Boris stops by from Russia to help Bill take a look at some new upcoming KWA Gas Blow Back guns, but it doesn’t go over so smoothly…

    The new KWA AKG 74SU and Scorpion VZ61 are great new gas blow back guns coming soon to the airsoft world. The AKG 74SU is a compact design of the AKG 74 which still packs a big punch. The newcomer, the Scorpion VZ61 is an extremely small, fully automatic machine pistol that fires 20 bbs a second! Both of these guns are powered by green gas and provide a hard kick with extremely realistic function. Stay tuned to find out more about the release of these new guns!

  • NCStar Product Spotlight |
    NC star leads the market in affordable, high grade airsoft scopes for serious competition. Their latest releases are varied, feature packed and exceed the high standard of that players expect from NC Star.

    King Arms Airsoft FN Licensed P90 AEG CQB Personal Defense Rifle – See more at:

    NcStar Generation II Micro Red Dot Tactical Airsoft Relex Sight – See more at:
    - Stealth hood shape
    - Black anodized body
    - Unlimited eye relief via a 23.5 x 16.8mm objective lens
    - 2 MOA dot size
    - Ruby lens coating
    - Integrated weaver style mount

    NcStar 4×32 XRS Blue Illumination P4 Sniper Reticle Rifle Scope – See more at:×32mm-xrs-p4-sniper-reticle-airsoft-scope-ncs-secxrsp432g.aspx#sthash.gvBqzckK.dpuf

    - 4x magnification through a 32mm objective Fully multi coated lenses and a Blue illuminated reticule
    - Adjustable focus ring for clear imaging
    - Fog, water and shock proof
    - Locking quick release mount
    - Scope center line at 1.5” AR15 height
    - Mount converts to AR15 type carry handle mount
    - Comes with a reversible low profile micro dot mount ring
    o Dual accessory rails ring
    o Two lightweight rings

    NcStar 3-9×40 Shooter Series Plex Reticled Rifle Scope – TAN – See more at:×40mm-tan-reticled-airsoft-scope-ncs-sfb3940bt.aspx#sthash.2JRmmRpr.dpuf

    - Powder coated tan aluminum body
    - 3x by 9x adjustable magnification, 40mm objective multi coated lenses
    - Adjustable focus ring
    - Tactile elevation and windage adjustments
    - One piece main tube construction
    - Fog, water and shock proof
    - Air gun compatible
    - Includes lens covers and rings

    NcStar 1.1-4×20 OSS Octagon Scope Series Airsoft Rifle Scope – See more at:×20-oss-octagon-scope-series-rifle-scope-ncs-soctm11420g.aspx#sthash.lZOZdoph.dpuf

    - Octagon shaped body, Rubber armored for durability
    - 1.1x to 4x magnification with a 20mm objective, fully multicoated lenses
    - Red and blue adjustable illuminated reticle
    - Adjustable focus ring
    - Fog, water and shock proof
    - Includes see-through flip up lens covers and weaver type scope rings
    - Weaver type scope rings

    NcStar 4-Reticle Green / Red Reflex Rail-Mounted Sight – TAN – See more at:

    - Powder coated aluminum body
    - Multicoated lens with a wide field of view
    - 4 different reticles in red or green
    - Wide field of view
    - Mounts for weaver/picatinny rail

    All of these sights are sure to meet and exceed your expectations for performance on the field. If you’re looking to take your game to the next level with top rate optics for excellent value, look no further than NC Star and their latest round of awesome new products!

  • Echo1 Spectre RDP
    The Echo1 Spectre RDP is the latest CQB weapon from Echo1. It features full-sized version 3 compatible internals in a custom gearbox that can be upgraded to anything you could imagine.

    Find all the info on the Jag Precision website here:

    Lightweight, Compact Design
    Perfect as a Secondary
    Reinforced Internals
    Mini or Lipo Battery
    Mini Rail System
    300 FPS
    50 Round Magazine
    30 Day Limited Warranty

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  • Airsplat Anniversary Birthday Bash Airsoft Event – AirSplat On Demand
    Airsplat Anniversary Birthday Bash Airsoft Event

    AirSplat threw a HUGE Birthday Bash celebration for their 15 years in business! We had over 800+ attendees with over $5,000+ in raffles and giveaways! Take a look at our Facebook album and tag yourself for a chance to win some extra prizes! To view more pictures, visit the AirSplat Official Blog.

  • Not Just Another M4 – Keltec PLR-16 Socom Gear – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    What we have here is a pistol form of an AR. A lightweight, hard-kicking beast with a lot of potential. Sure there may be some tiny issues such as the safety/fire selector as you can accidentally press it when you don’t mean to, though one could argue that it’s in the perfect position considering it’s really easy to switch from semi/full to safe. This is something one would see on the real steel version since it’s an exact replica. With such a short inner barrel, you wouldn’t expect it to be that accurate but the results may surprise you!

    Check M4 Workshop & Training Center out at:

New Stuff from SCDTV videos, photo galleries & articles

The SCDTV team at Straszydlo have been busy lately with video, pictures and written reviews:

Hi guys, here are a bunch of links to our latest work, mostly photos.

M27 Umarex review:

M16A4 LCT teaser:

Custom SR-3 "the minecraft gun" review ( Polish, English subs soon):

Written stuff:
Leo Kohler’s Kommando-Feldbluse sneak peak:

SAGear Lens Pouch, an update to the old article:

Wisport Caracal GreenZone Custom ( Polish, English version soon):

GTG’s EDC Fanny Pack ( Polish, English version soon):

Jaba Prairie:

Tiger Tailor and PenCott Badlands:

Jaba Prairie vs Multicam vs Pencott Badlands:

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CHeers, SCDTV Team (Straszydlo)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 22, 2014

  • Incentive Designs MFG Venom Review
    This is the video supplement of the Incentive Designs MFG Venom Review.

    You can read the full review here:

    Learn more about the product here:

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Ep. 48 with American Milsim – Evike TV – Airsoft
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

  • Ares Armor Raider Admin
    Ares Armor Raider Admin

    The Ares Armor Raider Admin Pouch was created to be a low profile solution to administrative needs. Most people attach admin pouches on their rig above their magazines. This can sometimes obstruct with the drawing of reserve ammunition during engagements. Our Raider Admin Pouch was made to correct this issue while still allowing maximum space. The Raider admin pouch has an internal GPS pouch and a notepad pouch that is fitted to the 3×5 Rite-In-The-Rain spiral notebook.

    The Raider Admin Pouch weighs about 7 ounces and uses our proprietary BAWS Molle attachment system that is compatible with the PALS/Molle webbing that has become the industry standard.

    As with all of our in house manufactured products the Raider Admin Pouch is made in the United States and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

  • KWC M712 Schnellfeuer
  • Zombie AXEtravaganza LIVE SHOW!!! – Airsoft GI
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  • Echo 1 Spectre RDP [The Gun Corner] Airsoft
    Product Link:

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  • Magpul 2015 Calendar Shoot
    For the 2015 Magpul Calendar we once again opened up the armory to an incredible team from the fashion industry and six lovely ladies. This year, we decided to utilize black and white photography to continue pushing the outside of the envelope. The use of black and white photographs, taken with almost all natural light, has given the calendar a timeless, iconic feel that will be at home anywhere from an art gallery to a reloading bench.

    Part Art, Part Calendar, All Magpul

    12×18", full color, Wire-O bound, printed in the USA.

    Again this year, a portion of the proceeds from the calendar will go to the USMC Reconnaissance Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to wounded Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Reconnaissance families.

  • High Speed vs High Torque – Which is the Better Motor? | Airsoftology Mondays
    In this show we discuss dual wielding MP7s, building an airsoft community and cover High Speed vs High Torque motor benefits.

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    Slaydies Game on 11-15-14:

    Video of the Week: Robo Murray Airsoft –

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  • Solenoid Screen Inspection
  • Version 2 GEN2 Fusion Engine Solenoid Removal & Reassembly
  • PolarStar Airsoft – FCU Power Lead Repair
  • AIRSOFT 101: How To Hold Your Airsoft Rifle!
    This will help you when playing airsoft so you don’t look like a moron! Airsoft is not the same as competition target shooting!

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  • Ares Armor Polymer 80% Lower CLOSEOUT
    Ares Armor Polymer 80% Lower



    Polymer 80% AR15 Lower Receivers have evolved and are back! They are packed in a kit and ready to ship. You can build this ar15 receiver at home using tools from the garage. Polymer 80% AR-15 Lower receivers are the easiest way to build a rifle kit at home. No need to go to a machine shop. Support and exercise your 2nd Amendment today.

    The following is included:

    – Polymer Lower Receiver: Features a solid core design, stiffened magwell and beefier buffer tube housing. The pistol grip area features a unique no-thread design specific to these lowers.

    – The Polymer Jig: This kit comes with a Jig; which includes all of the bits and end-mills needed to complete the polymer 80% receiver. Finish your AR15 Polymer lower with pride and accuracy provided by this one-time use jig.

    – How-to Instructions:

  • Pietta Colt 1851 *BLANK FIRER* Overview
    Just a request from a subscriber. They wanted me to do a quick video looking at my Pietta Colt 1851, so here it is. UK spec blank firer, also a nice ornament.

    NOTE: I own the commercial and non commercial use rights to the audio. Music by Johobo2 on Newgrounds.

  • HK45 pistol work and good sportsmanship – Airsoft Obsessed
    Some pistol work AO Dave did at the Evike NorCal Customer Appreciation Game and a brief message about good sportsmanship.

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  • Zombie Firefight Airsoft Games! – West Coast Operations – Airsoft GI
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    Zombie Game Ticket and Info (October 25th, 2014):

    Fort Ord Firefight Game Ticket and Info (November 8th, 2014):

    Airsoft GI will be hosting two great airsoft games coming up on the west coast in the coming weeks.

    1. Bob’s Zombie AXEtravaganaza at Gamepod Combat Zone Sponsored by Elite Force/Umarex

    Join us at the LARGEST indoor CQB/MOUT field covered in thick fog and low light with zombies all around you! This zombie themed game it sure to get your heart pounding where you’ll have a chance to be both a survivor and zombie!

    2. Fort Ord Firefight Sponsored by Jag Precision

    This event will be at an old abandoned army barracks that features a great mix of outdoor long range firefights as well as intense close quarters CQB action. Don’t miss out on this epic field and a great day of airsoft!

    Special thanks to Jag Precision, Elite Force, and Umarex for sponsoring the games and providing EPIC raffle prizes for each event.

  • Review: Vanquest VSlinger Slingpack or Backpack
    Interested in the Vanquest VSlinger Slingpack then check the out here and tell them crazyncman sent you! You can get the sweet Cold Steel Trainer sheath here.

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  • Lion Claws Milsim Airsoft Events – Operation Irene Loadouts- AirSplat On Demand
    Lion Claws Milsim Airsoft Events – Operation Lion Claws Irene

    Lancer Tactical MOLLE Carrier Vest BLK $67.99

    Code Red CQB Headset $69.99

    Code Red Throat Mic Kenwood Two Pin $94.99

    INDX ThunderB Kydex Grenade Holster $24.99

    INDX Kydex Holsters $59.99

    BOLT BRSS B4 FS Airsoft Rifle Tan $379.99

    Valken Sierra Combat Shirt Woodland $49.95

    Emerson Gen2 Camo Suit Set MCam $79.99

  • SDU sub load with Org WE Mp5a3, Org Marui G17
    This belt setting is not the best for speed shooting, but I would like to try out SDU style gear and weapons on range.
    Original WE Mp5a3gbb with surefire and H&K sling. Original Marui G17 no modify.

AST KWC M712 CO2 test video

AST have sent over a test video for the KWC M712 CO2:

AST KWC M712 CO2 Test Video

unnamed (7)


Evike AirsoftCON 2014 video

Echo1 have sent over a video from the Evike AirsoftCON:

Here is a video from this weekend at the Evike AirsoftCON


Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 20, 2014

  • American MilSim’s FROSTY at Fulda Gap 2014
    FROSTY from American MilSim made the trip to North Carolina for FULDA GAP 2014, and Thumpy caught him behind the lines for a quick interview on AMS, the state of airsoft and what’s coming up from one of the USA’s top game promoters!

    Catch up with AMS on their Facebook Fan Page:
    AMS Events Website:
    AMS FROST on FB:
    American MilSim on Twitter:

  • How to Make the Cat Claw Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    Book Link: The Cat Claw Bar combines alternating circled cords with the Shark Jaw Bone tying technique. Generating a look akin to rows of cat claws scratching their way down the sides of the bar, the piece is surprisingly easy to tie, despite its intricate finished appearance.
  • Dynamic Action Sport D A S coming to Tac City Airsoft Fullerton for real CQB training
    Dynamic Action Sport ( D.A.S.) is coming to Tac City Airsoft in Fullerton Ca on Nov.15th. brought to you by PTS Syndicate. Once again Tac City Airsoft gives you "As Real as it Gets" airsoft action.
  • Sweet Milsim Approved Airsoft Gun Review
    This airsoft gun is total milsim approved. The video is also approved by the International Milsim Society Inc and may even be the highest caliber of milsim which is DoucheSim!

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  • A Site with 3 Themed Zones – Impact Force CQB Site Review – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Impact Force CQB is the next site Tim visits to see what they have to offer. They’ve been around for a long time, one of the oldest sites and the most interesting as they have 3 zones with different themes. They also have one other area they recently opened called Running Games, but what is it? Watch to find out!

    For those of you that live in Hong Kong or are passing through and wish to take part in an airsoft game, have a look at Impact Force CQB.

    Their Facebook page:

    Their Website:

    Their Address:

    8/D, Block B, C, & D, Chung Hing Industrial Mansions, 25-27 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    See our review on our digital magazine:


    And other interesting articles on our frech issue:

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  • Rav Power Deluxe 13,000mah External Battery, Cell Phone Charger
    New Rav Power 13,000 mah Deluxe external battery is a must have for charging you cell phone or tables on the go. New designed circiuts sense optimum output for charging your device. Best part is it is only $32.99!
  • SCDTV – MG5 GARDEN PARTY 2 – Cz. 1: SR – 3 ( bez M )
    Mg i jego SR-3 bez M. Jak zwykle letni odcinek z premierą jesienną :D

    English subs soon!

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  • Light Machine Gun Airsoft Footage – Op. Ironclad Pt. 1 – Airsoft GI Gameplay
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    Operation Ironclad brought to you by American Milsim was at Camp Shelby on the weekend of Sept. 20th where COST forces attempted to hold of the oncoming waves of UFS assault to attack and capture the town.

    COST forces started within the city and set up defensive positions. Bob and Daniel fight against countless UFS troops but are heavily contested. Can they hold the town?

    Part 2 coming soon…

    American Milsim:

  • KRYTAC Airsoft Guns at Fulda Gap 2014
    Our buddies Allen "Allizard" Lau and Tim Seargeant from KRISS/KRYTAC travelled to Command Decisions Wargames Center, to introduce airsofters at the USA’s biggest event to the new line of KRYTAC AEG’s. Some of the most-solid out-of-the-box AEG’s ever produced, and with a new agreement to make WarSport / LVOA training airsoft and .22 caliber rimfire rifles, there was plenty to see, touch and talk about!

    See KRYTAC’S whole lineup and get their their latest information at these links:

    KRYTAC Facebook Fan Page:
    KRISS/KRYTAC’S YouTube Channel:

    See Thumpy’s 3D News on SCOOP.IT:
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  • SAVE 25%OFF Megastore Minute |

    Congratulations to Dylan hall from New York for winning our P90 give away!!!

    We here at AMS have a bunch of really exciting promos going on, and to make sure that we pass along to you all our savings, we wanted to help you navigate the interwebs and help you save big!

    Up first we are launching our biggest coupon ever, "SAVE25" that saves you 25% off on our website, with applicable products. But some of you may ask, what if I don’t want savings? No big deal! Use coupon SHIPIT and get free shipping on your order! Look, we know you want to save, so now HOW you do it is up to you!

    In case you missed it, we recently launched our Sale of Thieves, where items up to 50% off are online in our Sale page for crazy discounted prices. If coupons aren’t your thing, you definitely don’t want to miss out on one of the greatest sales in AMS history!

    Still not enough? You want Free stuff? Not to worry. You could win this Sniper Rifle just for giving us a review on Google+!!! Check the description for the link. Already gave us a review? You can still enter by posting a photo of your gear on our google plus Page. This contest ends on Oct. 23rd, so be sure to enter today!

    Still not enough FREE stuff!!!! Be sure to stay tuned to our FB where we are giving away Free items all the time! Sign up for our newsletter too, cause we are giving away guns and exclusive offers each week!.

    Shopping shouldn’t be hard, and neither should savings. Be sure to visit Airsoft Megastore for all your airsoft needs. Let us know what you think of the Megastore Minute in the comments below, and thanks for watching!

  • Jet Desert Fox at FULDA GAP 2014 with THUMPY!
    Jet Desert Fox hosts the #2 Airsoft Channel on YouTube…and he took a minute from the battle action and video work at FULDA GAP 2014 to tell Thumpy about his first-time huge-game experience!

    Check Jet’s YouTube Channel HERE:

    See Thumpy’s News on SCOOP.IT:
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  • Transistor Free Joule Ringer – Super Simple Config
    This is probably the simplest transformer driver I have ever tested. So far I have tested this using between 12 to 2 volts and between 500mA to 30mA. It seems to be very versatile.
    Other projects:
  • LBX Tactical Gear Galore – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Have a look at RedWolf’s entire line of LBX Tactical equipment and gear. There’s a lot to go through so take out your popcorn and have a look at what Tim has to say about them.

    Link to Products:

  • Airsoft War The Bomb Game, Section8 Scotland
    1 of over 500 airsoft games videos at Filmed by the No1
    YouTube video maker in Scotland, over 150 MILLION hits.
    Scout T-Shirts

    Scout is on FaceBook At

    Scout on Twitter

    Scouts 2014 Playlist, every YouTube video I have made in 2014

    Airsoft is a sports game which is played by people, young and old, around world.
    The age anyone can play this game depends on the insurance cover that each site has. Most sites in the UK, USA etc accept players from age 14, though many will also accept players as young as 10. I would advise that before playing Airsoft at any site, you make sure it has insurance cover for all players. Always wear eye protection when playing Airsoft, even if you are just playing in your backyard. Airsoft is non-lethal, no-one has ever been injured using these. It is not possible to convert these items to use anything other than little plastic BBs. Above all, Always play safe.

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 17, 2014

  • WE Ak 74 vs GHK AKs74u tac CRW
  • ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA 2014 – Cosplay Celebration
    Hang with us on
    MUSIC: "Intelligentia Room" by Sim Gretina.

    "I Does" by The Show.
    "Unreal Life" By Viola.

  • FirstSpear Tactical Hand-Warmer
    Fleece-lined, the Tactical Hand-Warmer can be attached directly to your platform or worn on its own with a strap that stows inside of itself. An attached storage bag allows the system to be packed up small and tight. The Tactical Hand Warmer has additional pockets to hold “shake and warms” or other essential items. Cuffs allow for changes in length.

  • Coming soon The DOLOS AR Pistol Build Overview
    "The Hand Warmer" featuring the DOLOS System (18 photos)
    My newest and first AR Pistol Build. All built around the DOLOS by Huntertown Arms sold by Copper Custom Armament.

    Parts List:
    -7.5" PSA Barrel (Purchased from Combat Shooting Sports)
    -Aero Precision Lower with FL state Seal (Purchased from Teal Blue Bravo LLC
    -Ares Armory Complete BCG (Phosphate)
    -Aero Precision Upper Receiver
    -Vortex Optics Strikefire
    -Geissele SD-C Trigger
    -Pistol Buffer Tube pkg (CSS)
    -Aluminum Micro Gas Block
    -Generic LPK (Ebay takedown Pins)
    -Magpul MOE+ Grip
    -Talon Grips Tape
    -Silencerco MAAD Brake (Temporary T&E unit)

    Go check out TheGearLocker.Net in the near future for a detailed video on the build and its performance… — at Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club.

  • Best Airsoft Invention?! – Elite Force SL14 Speed Loader – Billy O. Infomercial – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

    Elite Force Speed Loader (SL14):

    Billy O. here with another great product from Elite Force! Introducing the SL14 (Speed Loader). Now you can load all of your M4 midcap magazines with easy and speed! Simply click, pump, and pull to load your way to victory!

    With the Elite Force Speed Loader you’ll not only load magazines faster but you’ll have time to get that perfect airsoft selfies!

    No animals or Bob’s were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Ares Armor Custom Kydex Gear
    Ares Armor Custom Kydex Gear

    Ares Armor custom Kydex is purpose built. From concealed carry to open carry, our form follows your product function. Ares Kydex products are created by Marines to meet your needs and specifications. Custom features and details are our specialty, from a single magazine pouch to a complex competition system, we can deliver a state of the art product. Made in the United States of America, by Marines. Contact us to start making your Custom Kydex item to order.

    Design your Custom Kydex Product. Email what you are thinking about making (please include: Make, Model, any specifications); and we will have an appropriate quote back to you within 48 hours. Email:

  • Tokyo Marui AK102 Airsoft Electric Recoil AEG – AirSplat On Demand
    Tokyo Marui AK102 Airsoft Electric Recoil AEG $549.99

    - Velocity: 300 FPS (0.2 g BB) / Range 120-130 Feet
    - Barrel Length: 16.5 inches / 42 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 470 Rounds
    - Tokyo Marui Recoil Engine for a Realistic Kick
    - Metal Folding Stock
    - Integrated Rail Handguard
    - Made In Japan

  • Airsoft "Not So Round Table" Ep. 47 Tactics! – Evike TV – Airsoft
    The following video contains the opinions of personalities, and does not necessarily reflect the views of or other organizations.

  • Hot Shots Calendar 2015 – Behind the Scenes
    Hot Shots Calendar US & Canada Order Direct NOW! –
    Hot Shots Calendar UK & Rest of Word Order Direct NOW! –

    Now in its eighth year the iconic Hot Shots Calendar has returned to its military roots to celebrate the brave jobs our armed forces undertake unselfishly, day in, day out.

    Shot this year on location in Salt Lake City, USA, it’s with great pride that we welcome back legends Rosie Jones, Kelly Hall and Daisy Watts as well as introducing the new girls. From Denmark, Zienna Eve; from the USA, Cindy Prado; from the UK, Lauren Rhodes; and from Wales, UK, Hot Shots Top Gun Competition Winner Jessica Davies.

  • Crazyncman Sings The Haters
    I thought I would cross post on this channel because I thought it was pretty funny. Take a break from the serious airsoft vids. These are actual comments from my videos! Check out my other channel if you like the videos like this.

    crazyncman airsoft review videos.

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook.

    crazyncman airsoft website and store.

    community airsoft funding.

  • Enforcer Airsoft Pistol. New Syle Review – Thoughts?
    How do you like this style of review? I am trying to capture the fine details of the gun within the attention span of the average Youtube airsoft gun viewer.

    crazyncman airsoft review videos.

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook.

    crazyncman airsoft website and store.

    community airsoft funding.

  • GunsModify New Hammer Set For TMG17 Installation/Overview Part 1/2 (HD)
    Well, it worked no problems despite being casted steel…I wonder if its because it is with the GM trigger bar though…I’ll do an update video when I can figure out how to do a proper "heat" test to see if the theory does enable it a better chance against light striking..I seriously wish for the best for GunsModify, a great company no doubt.
  • ICS CB Disassemble Demonstration

    Coming soon to the KWA AK74SU …

  • "Bob The Axe Man’s" Rebel Training Camp | East Coast Trailer – Airsoft GI Gameplay
    This game was the third spin off of the Tim vs Bob series. Players came out to Xzone in Chesterfield, VA to wage war with and against Bob “The Axe Man” Hildebrand.

    At Bob’s Rebel Training Day Northern Resistance players got to play alongside Bob “The Axe Man” from Airsoft GI, and got hands on training from distinguished military and law enforcement veterans with many years of combat training.

    The main emphasis of this event was to teach younger and newer players how to play better through guidance and leadership while still having fun in-game. All experience levels and ages were welcome to attend. Experienced players who attended came with the intent to develop the foundation and skill sets of the next generation of players, which made the day that much more amazing!

    We hope you enjoy this video because we will have more gameplay from this event coming soon!

    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

  • CZ P-09 Duty Review – ASG’s Full Frame / Dual Power Blaster | Airsoftology
    With a large frame, long barrel and dual CO2 and Green Gas power options, the CZ P-09 by ASG has an impressive stat sheet.. But do the real world tests stack up to the paper numbers? We find out in this episode of the Gear Guide.

    Learn more at

    Want to support Airsoftology?
    Become a Patron at:

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    Join the Conversation -
    Airsoftology Website:

Bravo Tac Eye Pro goggles : endurance test

Jag Precision have been checking out the durability of the Bravo Tac Eye Pro goggles they are stocking:


(Jag Precision)

New AFS nozzles for GHK M4, WA M4 & clones

FG-Airsoft have sent over details of their new AFS nozzles for GHK M4, WA M4 and clones:

New AFS nozzles for GHK M4 and WA M4 and clones

These nozzles allow you to adjust the FPS of your BB gun easily, precisely and give a very stable velocity from 280 to 390 FPS without adding cooldown (these values were measured using 0,2g BB’s,  propane gas at 20°C, these values are given for information only and can vary from a BB gun to another).
Velocity adjustment is made without any disassembly, directly through the ejection port.


Nozzles with AFS (Adjustable  Flow System) for  GHK  M4, reference 50021
Product page
Testing video :

Nozzles with AFS (Adjustable  Flow System) for  WA  M4 and clones, reference 50020
Product page
Testing video :


New Madbull video & blog posts from Jag Precision

Jag Precision have shared their new Madbull video and two new blog posts:

We have a new MadBull video:

How To Upgrade Your Airsoft Gun & All The Parts You Need–JAG Precision’s Got It!


JAG Precision is the largest Airsoft wholesale company and we stock many items that are overlooked but should be a mandatory purchase for your airsoft store. These often overlooked products are usually the replacement and upgrade parts, which will allow you to support your local airsoft players, which will keep them in the game for years. Instead of carrying a single brand of internal parts, we carry several brands that we both use and thoroughly test–thus we stand behind our parts as both airsoft players and as gun enthusiasts. Our wide selection of internal parts will meet any player’s needs, from hobbyists to professionals, as well as any budget–which is perfect for your store to have on the wall or website that is stocked and ready for sale.

Read more…

Why Choose JAG Precision For Upgrade Parts

thumb (1)

JAG Precision is the largest wholesaler with the largest selection of AEG’s to upgrade parts and ever­­y thing in between.

When you are a dealer with JAG Precision you are more than just a store that sells Airsoft rifles. You become a store that has the potential to offer repairs and upgrades with the assize parts selection we have to offer you and your customers. We offer all of the popular and JAG Precision approved upgrade parts that we have used and tested ourselves to make sure you and your customers will be satisfied. If you are looking to carry some of the more affordable parts make sure you check out our recent blog Upgrade Time and all the Parts you need. We also carry the higher end upgrade parts for the perfect balance in your store.

Read more…

(Jag Precision)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 15, 2014

  • Kwa vz61 gbb 分解 CRW
  • KWA VZ61 40rd mag shooting at CRW airsoft
    40rd mag, clear within 3 seconds
  • Akimbo KWA Vz61雙槍雄
    Kwa vz61
  • Realism like no other! SOCOMGEAR KELTEC licensed PLR16 pistol!
    Featuring High Kick Bolt for hard recoil kick!
    One of the most power recoil GBB Airsoft pistol in the market!
  • Code Red Headsets Tactical Throat Mic [The Locker] Airsoft
    Product Link:

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • ZOMBIE Apocalypse Discussion! How Would You Survive?! Live Show – Airsoft GI
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄


  • Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro Goggles
    The Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro is strong, durable, and affordable. We tested these goggles by shooting them at close range with our Echo1 CSR at 550fps, with 0.20g BBs.

    Wonder how they did? Just watch this quick video and see for yourself.

    The Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro are available in the following:

    Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro w/ Tan Frame and Clear Lens

    Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro w/ OD Frame and Clear Lens

    Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro w/ Grey Frame and Clear Lens

    Bravo Airsoft Tactical Eye Pro w/ Black Frame and Clear Lens

  • Ares Armor Huskey MK1 Shotgun Sling
    Ares Armor Huskey MK1 Shotgun Sling

    Keeping all of the original features and benefits of our Huskey Amentum Slider Sling, the new Huskey Shotgun Sling adds purpose built features for use on your shotgun. Featuring inch elastic loops for shell retention. 21 of these loops provide you the ability to have as close to a full 25 shell box at the ready with your shotgun at all times.

  • Incentive Designs SMG Rattle & MFG Venom @Airsoft Expo2014
    Interview with the guys from Incentive Designs about their SMG Rattle & MFG Venom – solutions for airsofters who crave that BIT MORE. Shot @ the UK’s Airsoft Expo 2014 held in September at the Warwick Exhibition Centre.
    Check out the show review here:

    Airsoft Odyssey’s video images from the event.

    Special Thanks to: Airsoft Assault, Airsoft Expo, BTAC2, Component Shop, Gunman Innovations Airsoft, Incentive Designs, Infiltration Airsoft (& their ‘GIMP’), JD Airsoft, and SOCOM Tactical,

    Filmed at Airsoft Expo UK 2014 – at by Airsoft Odyssey.

    Camera: Yosser of Airsoft Odyssey
    Edited at Ellie T Dog Studios, Wigan – An Indiana Bones Production for Airsoft Odyssey – Copyright 2014, all rights reserved.

  • GBB M4 + Cerakote, Hydro Drip & Engraving
    Facebook –
    Instagram –
    Twitter –
  • Gemtech 300Black Out Airsoft Barrel Extension
    Licensed by Gemtech, Madbull has created an identical twin of the GMT-300BLK, a 300 BlackOut mock suppressor for airsoft rifles. This barrel extension is constructed from highly durable T6-6061 aluminum. With the black matte finish and Gemtech logo–this barrel extension brings a unique look to your rifle.

    Find the Gemtech 300Black Out Airsoft Barrel Extensionhere:

    Find all you favorite Madbull products here:
    Package includes:
    - 1 x Gemtech 300Black Out Airsoft Barrel Extension

    - Smooth matte black finish
    - Constructed with T6-6061 Aluminum
    - Unique pattern designed for light weight build
    - Gemtech logo embed on front end
    - 6" inch in total length
    - 14mm Counter Clock Wise Thread

    Add us on Facebook:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Follow us on Google+:
    Follow us on Instagram:

    Song Credit:

    Arist: BoxCat Games
    Song: Battle Boss

    Copy of License & Song:

    Courtesy of the Free Music Archive: under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC by 3.0)

  • Ksc VZ61 gbb CRW 鰂魚涌店試槍
    Ksc japan version Vz61 gbb
    Use 134a gas 0.8J
  • CRW airsoft~ KWA Vz61 gbb test with long mag
    Kwa vz61 1J to 0.8J
    Single or full auto gbb
    Solid kick
  • WE USA Katana M4 System [The Gun Corner] Airsoft
    Product Link:

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • BCB 14 FD Solid Easy To Light Int
    Fore more information please contact us; or go to
  • BCB 14 FD Solid Low Soot Int
    Fore more information please contact us; or go to
  • BCB 14 FD Solid All Int iPad720p
    Fore more information please contact us; or go to
  • BCB 14 FD Solid Clean and Clear Burn Int
    Fore more information please contact us; or go to
  • BCB 14 FD Solid Re Lights Int
    Fore more information please contact us; or go to

RA TECH KSC VZ61 Scorpion unboxing & more

RA-Tech have sent over two videos of their KSC VZ61 Scorpion:

First view of KSC VZ61 Scorpion in Taiwan. More details to be continued. Stay tuned!

KSC VZ61 Scorpion detailed report


Shoei MG42 AEG Model new video from RedWolf Airsoft

Shoei have sent over the video for their MG42 RedWolf Airsoft have recently made:

The "Red Wolf" of Hong Kong made nice video for Shoei MG42 AEG Model.

Please enjoy!


Yosser’s Airsoft Expo review

Yosser has sent over a review of the recent Airsoft Expo:

Arnies, Did YOU miss out on the UKs Airsoft Expo held back in September? – Check it out here:

Airsoft Expo – FULL Review + some pictures and of course the video – see what you missed, catch up and see our recommendations if your planning an event of your own!



Follow us on Twitter
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(Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey)

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: October 12, 2014

  • Gunfire & SCDTV – Umarex / VFC M27 IAR aeg airsoft review
    Polskojęzyczna recenzja M27 IAR popełniona przez SCDTV dla Gunfire…nasze dalej będą po herbacianemu, sorki :p

    M27 is The one when it comes to M27 IAR. No other competitors out there gives UMAREX licenced, VFC produced aeg.

    We all know that VFC is great as far as externals are concerned, and not so great with internals which, if upgraded, are…shit actually :D

    Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an M27 IAR take Umarex…as you’ve got no options left :D


    Replica provided by



    and if you’re not an ass,


    And subscribe to:

  • Airsoftcon 2014! [October 18th, 2014] – Airsoft

    Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe:

  • Zombie Apocalypse Loadout – Tactical Gear Heads – Airsoft GI
    Event Tickets:

    Bob is gearing up for his Zombie AXEtravaganza game at Gamepod in Antioch, CA on Oct. 25th sponsored by Elite Force and Umarex! It will be a day of fast-paced, frantic, movie-style, zombie games that will make you want to change your underwear. Players will have equal time holding their own in a city of undead in addition to hunting down survivors in a fog-filled town as a zombie!

    Speed and agility is the key to survival which is why Bob keeps his loadout as lightweight as possible. His preferred choice of weapon is his trusty Tokyo Marui M870 Shotgun with Beretta ARX 160 Elite as his main assault rifle. For his backup, he relies on the Elite Force 1911 Tactical for close encounters with the undead.

    Guns and Loadout list and links -

    Tokyo Marui M870 Shotguns:

    Shotguns Shells:

    Elite Force Beretta ARX160:

    Elite Force 1911:

    Tactical Flashlights:

    Condor Shotgun Reload Strip:

    G&P Spare Magazine Tube Extension for Tokyo Marui Shotgun:

    Mechanix Gloves:

    Annex MI-7 Mask:

    High Speed Gear Costa Leg Rig:

    G Code Holsters and Accessories:

    Valsetz Under Armour Boots (Clouds of Awesomeness):

    Softshell Jackets:

    Dump/Recovery Pouches:

    Milspec Monkey MSM Cool Guy Hat:

    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

  • 20141010 ColtPlus炫風黃夾娃娃街頭活動V3
  • Evike on Tanked! Tongiht at 10:00 PM! – Animal Planet
    Check out how our fish tank was built on our episode of Tanked airing tonight at 10:00 PM. Check your local listings for details!
  • Tokyo Marui PX4 GBB Gas Airsoft Pistol – AirSplat On Demand
    Tokyo Marui PX4 GBB Gas Airsoft Pistol $199.99

    - Velocity: 280 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-80 feet
    - Barrel Length: 5 inches / 12 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds
    - Polymer Consturction
    - Rotating Barrel System
    - Hop Up Adjustable Without Deconstruction
    - Made in Japan

  • PMH – Electromagnet keeps holding after power is removed?
    In this video I finally got around to doing some more tests with Edward Leedskalnin’s PMH. The effect where the holding power is in the copper coil is very interesting to me.
    Links to info on the Radius Boots:

    Link to another YouTube video that gave me the idea to try these tests:

  • Hero’s Journey Results!
    Thank you to everyone that entered! Even if you weren’t in the top three, be proud that you made an awesome brickfilm!

    1st Place:

    2nd Place:

    3rd Place:

    And if you want to stay up to date on the status of my current project, be sure to follow me on Facebook and twitter!

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