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ShooterCombatGear: ShowGuns Kingsman Pistol Shotgun (KPS)

Shooter Combat Gear have a video and page up for the Showguns branded Kingsman replica. We all love a video, so have a lookey:

At 459USD it’s not cheap but the build looks good and for a prop replica that functions correctly it’s on par cost wise.

APS Speed Draw Holster, new video

APS have anew video out for their Speed Draw Holster, check it out:

AATV Live EP002: Real vs Repro | Clearwater Airsoft

AATV were live a few hours ago, here’s the stream in full:

NPO: disassembly of the 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

NPO have posted a video showing a teardown of their 9A-91 AEG, always good to see what is inside and how it’s built!

Airsoft replica 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

Anyone fancy a NPO 9A91? Here’s a new overview of the NPO AEG by the manufacturers themselves:

APS: Phantom Extremis Mark VI

APS have a new video of their Phantom Extremis Mark VI up now:

APS Phantom Extremis Mark VI

  • Power up to 350 FPS
  • Rate of Fire 600-650 (8.4v)
  • CRS Buttstock
  • Dynamic Handstop Type B
  • Sound blaster Type B
  • 6” Evo. Tech. Handguard



Femme Fatale Airsoft: Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig

From Femme Fatale Airsoft has posted a video fo the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig for everyone to enjoy: Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit

Checkout the Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit available over at Airsoft Evike!

Kane tries out the ICS XFG

Fancy mask wearing Kane tries out the ICS XFG pistol:


APS Thor – This launcher will make your grenades better! – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

We do like  bait of the old broomstick, and apparently so do RedWolf!

Airsoft Mike reviews the ARCTURUS GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-BK

Airsoft Mike has reviewed the Arctururus GR16 courtesy of Taiwan Gun. Here’s his latest video:

New TAGinn product lines in 2020

TAGinn have produced a video showing what they’ve got coming in 2020:

Shoei Gewehr 43 video review

Shoei have shared a video review of their Gewehr 43:


PTS ZEV coming soon…

PTS are teasing us:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – PTS ZEV coming soon…

Shooter are you ready?

Shooter, are you ready? Stay tuned with us and you will know what we are going to launch on 12 March 2019!


Specna Arms – EDGE series | AMNB review

AMNB have shared their latest video review:

Our latest review about the Specna EDGE Series with you. This time, a video review has been done from us.



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