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Introducing AW Custom NE1003 & NE1004 pistols

AW Custom have shared details of their new NE1003 & NE1004 pistols:


Compact Configuration
1911 pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol after a century past. The pistol compactness is the trend nowadays and hence the AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol in front of you.

Ported & Vented
AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol comes with unique ported slide and stylish vented barrel to make up of its iconic design. The ported design also benefits faster blowback cycling from recoil action.

Ergonomic Pistol Grip
AW Custom™ knows about what our customers need and we designed the rubberized pistol grip with finger grooves for shooters to achieve a firmer grip on the pistol and quicker reloading action.


AW Custom™ NE1003 & NE1004 Pistols
It’s already a century. 1911 Pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol model on earth. It’s semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation in the past and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

AW Custom™ NE1003 and NE1004 Pistols are the two-tone configuration models under NE10 Series. The ported slide, the vented barrel and the redesigned compact lower frame will give NE10 Series Pistol a unique and yet innovative appearance among the market.

Nowadays, "Compactness" is a huge trend for gun lovers since smaller pistol can be controlled, handled and carried easily in daily life. Hence, AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol is now in front of you.

unnamed(12)Little But Fierce
Size doesn’t really matter. Compact configuration is a style without compensating anything from its original mechanism. AW Custom™ Tech Team ensures the NE10 Series Pistol will operate as good as our other NE Series Pistols.

More Detail

unnamed(13)Ported & Vented Design
AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol comes with ported slide and vented barrel can be identified to be its iconic design. The ported slide design will also results in faster blowback cycling from its recoil action.

More Detail

unnamed(14)Designed Ergonomically
AW Custom™ Tech Team designed a brand new rubberized pistol grip only for NE10 Series Pistol. The textured surface and the finger grooves can let shooters achieving a firmer grip on the pistol and faster magazine reloading action.

More Detail

unnamed(15)Not Only The Pistol
Not only the slide and frame are redesigned. The NE10 Series Pistol Magazine will also become shorter in size to fit into the compact lower frame. However, the capacity of the magazine will decrease from 15 to 13 BBs.

More Detail


AW Custom™ NE10 Series Pistol


  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300FPS


  • 1 x NE10 Series Pistol
  • 1 x NEMG07 Gas Magazine


  • Compact configuration 1911 style pistol

  • Easy to control and convenient to carry

  • Ported slide and vented barrel for faster and stronger recoil action

  • Realistic mock firing pin mechanism

  • Textured ergonomic rubber pistol grips

  • Shorter magazine mechanism to fit the newly designed compact lower frame

(AW Custom)

Lambda smart barrel (6.03) VSR NB series

Lambda have added a new smart barrel series to their webshop:


I have a news,we lambda store handle SMART BARREL VSR NB series,today.
Please see the detail.


This series is 6.03mm Inner Dia.
This shape is customer’s request. Many customers asked to us so we started selling as regular lined up.
SMART BARREL is lower cost model but keep quality.
Made of Steel and process the plating so done rust-preventive measures.


G&G 2300r drum magazines

G&G have shared details of their new 2300r drum magazines:

2300r Drum Magazines

Introducing our newest magazines for the M4 platform. The 2300 round drum magazines come in two style configuration. G-08-170 comes with a strong winding motor powered by 7.4v 800mAh battery for seamless gameplay. An on/off switch located on the rear of the drum magazine makes it easy to operate. 
Similar to the ARP 9 1500r Dum Magazine, the G-08-171 manual drum magazine uses the same finger grooves for fast and easy manual rotation. With an enlarged hole for bottles, pouring and reloading your drum magazine will be a breeze. Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

unnamed (6)

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SPEED ambidextrous Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 magazine release

SPEED Airsoft have shared details of their latest new product:

Product Announcement – SPEED Ambidextrous Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release

SPEED KV Magazine Release 01

SPEED Airsoft new Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release allows true ambidextrous operation with rapid instinctive magazine changes.

No more unnatural finger stretching to release the magazine.

This new SPEED Magazine Release also retains the stock release position for greater flexibility.

Installation takes just minutes with only two mounting screws supplied in the kit.

SPEED KV Magazine Release 02

The new SPEED Ambidextrous Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release is available now:-

SA3910 SPEED Ambidextrous Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release (Black/Silver)

SA3911 SPEED Ambidextrous Kriss Vector AEG Gen2 Magazine Release (Black/Black)

SPEED Airsoft products are all in-house CNC precision machined from USA grade billet aluminum by SPEED Airsoft in Canada.

All SPEED Airsoft products are available through your favorite airsoft dealers worldwide.

For more info, visit their website at or contact them at

(SPEED Airsoft)

LCT AK recoil kit coming in October

LCT Airsoft have shared a sneak peek at their AK recoil kit:

Sneak peek!!

Brand-new feeling from LCT AK.

Enjoy the blow back on AEG, continue to auto-mode shotting for one minute.

LCK AK EBB will be launched in October, compatible with LCK AK Kit.

(LCT Airsoft)

New from APS – PER705,706 MC and BKMC

APS have a couple of new products:

PER705,706 MC and BKMC


PTS EPM x MAGPOD (limited edition)

PTS have a new limited edition EPM x MAGPOD coming soon:

PTS EPM x MAGPOD (Limited Edition)

Item Code:

PT096450607 – AEG (Black)

PT144450607 – Systema PTW (Black)

PT152450607 – Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock (Black)

Poster 01PTS_EPM_MagPod_04PTS_EPM_MagPod_05PTS_EPM_MagPod-01


The PTS® Enhanced Polymer Magazine, or EPM for short, is a new type of Mid-capacity Polymer Magazine for AEGs. The EPM is a truly unique AEG magazine, inside and out. Externally, it features an extremely durable Dupont Zytel polymer shell.  The recessed panels on the magazine body are textured for better grip and the continuous magazine well guides reduce the potential of snagging when the magazine is drawn from and reinserted into pouches.

The bullet window with the fake 5.56 rounds isn’t just for show. When the magazine is fully loaded, at the base of the see-through bullet window, an orange follower comes into view. This is a remarkable design feature unique to the EPM as it allows the end user to pick up any EPM magazine and immediately know if the magazine is filled to capacity and ready to go. It also acts a visual indicator for the user to known when to stop loading the magazine to prevent damage from overloading the magazine.

This mid capacity AEG magazine holds 150 rounds with the same reliability that all PTS magazines have long been famous for. It is compatible with Version 2 based M4 AEGs by TM, KWA, PTS PDR-C, PTS ERG series, PTS Masada, G&P, the VFC HK416, the CA 416, AMOEBA AM Variants, and many more.

The MAGPOD is designed specifically for the PMAG compatible baseplate. It replaces the floor plate and fills the void in front for more durability. Its optimized footprint virtually eliminates see-saw motion when using the magazine as a monopod. It features an over molded Santoprene basepad for improved traction on hard/slick surfaces and stippled side panels which provide a better gripping surface. Dot matrix on the base plate allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for personal identification.


l BBs bullet full load indicator (AEG Version)

l High efficiency compression spring

l Transparent magazine inner part for easy check-up and repairing  (AEG Version)

l Complex size BB STOPPER for better compatibility

l Floorplate comes with MAGPOD Base Plate

n Durable 15% Glass Fiber reinforced PA6 material

n Double injection molded TPU basepad for improved traction on hard surfaces

n Dot matrix on the base plate allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for identification.





Raptor have shared details of their PKP AEG:




1. Military grade 50% Nylon Fiber/ 80% of metal parts are made by steel
2. Overall length: 1120 mm
3. Weight: 8.10 kg
4. Inner barrel specification: 6.04 mm/530 mm
5. Drum magazine capacity: 5000 rounds


1. 8mm Bearing Gear Box
2. CNC Aluminum cylinder head
3. CNC Aluminum piston head
4. Metal cylinder
5. Reinforced spring
6. Ver. 2 Steel high speed gear set
7. High speed motor-25000rpm
8. Metal Hop-up chamber
9. Aluminum alloy spring guide with bearing
10. RAPTOR CLAW P.E.T piston


1. Gearbox with Spring Release and Quick Spring Change Ability.

2. Auto Trigger linked feeding system

3. Simple looking Fuse-less Electric wire assy


***We also released another style of butt stock named PT-2 (CNC Aluminum machined ) for more selection. This PT-2 butt stock also to be sold separately.


Please kindly send your inquiry to our official email address at and link our website at if you need more information about our company & products.


New products from Cowcow Technology

Cowcow Technology have shared details of their latest new products:

New product launched – COWCOW Technology

They are: High Flow Loading Nozzle; Enhanced High Flow Nozzle Valve; Nozzle Valve Spring and Enhanced Valve Blocker.


High Flow Loading Nozzle is CNC with Aluminum 7075. It is ultra-lightweight as 8 grams. It results the high durability and prevent flexing and warping in heavy usage. The featured enlarged gas inlet is able to smooth the gas inflow and maintain the cycling smooth and stable. Each packing serves with an O-Ring which was tested the effectiveness before packaging.

Enhanced High Flow Nozzle Valve features smooth and enhanced gas flow. Our design can effectively minimises the gas loss and thus fasten the entire cycling. It also made by CNC with Aluminum 7075. Each packing serves with a set of our new Nozzle Valve Spring.

Nozzle Valve Spring constructed with high strength spring steel and hard coating to enhance it durability and stability. 2 different spring options let professional user able to equip the proper one to optimise the performance. White Blue Spring is pre-set as balance on Joule power and recoil. Black spring is around 10% increment on Joule power.

Enhanced Valve Blocker is also the perfect partner for CCT Aluminum Loading Nozzle series. With the high flow design, the gas flow is smooth and stable to the blowback action. The 7075 Aluminum can increase the durability which prevents flexing and warping under hard use when comparing to the original plastic one.

Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page and also VISIT our website to get the latest updates.

(Cowcow Technology)

Lambda: new VSR-10 Set Pin and Support Ring

lambda-logo_thumb.jpgLambda have new parts out for the infinitely customisable VSR-10 which are now also on their website:

Dear Sir,

Today’s news is lambda new upgrades for VSR-10. Set pin and Support ring.

Set pin is made of Stainless steel , CNC all machined. It has a unique shape, for insert easily.

And Support ring, it’ll be kept smooth bolt operation long time.

Please check our web site : )


Dynamic Precision – aluminium bolt carrier for WE Scar L

unnamed.pngDynamic Precision have a new bolt carrier out for the most awesome (and much loved) WE Scar L:

Dynamic Precision has develop a new series of upgrade parts for WE Scar. Introducing the new Aluminum bolt carrier for WE Scar L. Fully CNC from high quality 7075 aluminum, with hard anodize providing extra durability.
Lightweight with only 64g that give a faster, crispy blowback and higher firing cycle, also more gas efficiency. Suitable for shooting in cooler temperature. Available in black and silver color.

Alvan, (Dynamic Precision)

LCT Airsoft LC-3A4 AEG

LCT Airsoft have released a new AEG:

The latest products- LC-3A4 AEG was released


(LCT Airsoft)

New inner barrel series from Lambda

Lambda have shared details of their new inner barrel series:

Dear Sir

Today I inform lambda new upgrades, lower cost series inner barrel named "SMART BARREL"

unnamed (5)

Made of Steel and processed plating against rust.
Inner Dia is 6.03mm, 10 micron class accuracy.
This barrel position is for beginner or middle user.
The quality is good but lambda One or Five(stainless steel) are better.
So we want you to use SMART barrel for first touch.

Now we add AEG model and next is VSR-10 and GBB Pistols.

Also,now we are looking for TEST user about SMART BARREL.
If want to try, we’ll send free.
(Then please pay the shipping only)
Any size are OK. And VSR-10 or GBB pistols are acceptable.
Please report the impression on user’s SNS.
If you have an interest,please contact to below address.


PTS summer sale

imagePTS are having a summer sale:

We are PTS, on this summer we will had summer sale from Jun to Aug.

This is on-sale link.


APS new items -CAN Target

Here is the latest new product poster from APS:

CAN Target


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