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New APS ACP602

APS have shared details of their new Black Hornet:

unnamed (1)

Black Hornet – First Full Auto Co2 Pistol made by APS

After a long period of development, a fully automatic GBB pistol named Black Hornet is now available in Q1 of 2017. Design and concept coming from current APS Co2 Pistol, this fully automatic Co2 pistol provides you fantastic blow back recoil in shooting. More specific details could be found at this following:

Steel Hammer
Hammer of this pistol is made by steel. APS understand this is an automatic pistol with rapid firing.  So hammer in this pistol is reinforced to increase durability.

High Performance Co2 Powered
Black Hornet is powered by 12g Co2 canister which provides you high and stable shooting performance compare to other gas operated gun. Insert one Co2 canister allows you to fire up to 30 rounds in full automatic and shoot more than 46 rounds by normal temperature at 22 – 25c. This pistol also gives you an average of 300 FPS and 500 RPM which is beyond comparison than any others Co2 Pistol.

Upside Down Cartridge Insertion Design
Unlike traditional Co2 Pistol in the market, our Black Hornet pistol has a unique upside down cartridge insertion design in the magazine. With this design, our magazine will act as a regulator, allowing Co2 flows within the magazine first before going to the chamber. This technology stabilize the Co2 pressure inside the mags, thus giving you a more stable shooting velocity on each shot.

Semi / Full Auto Function controlled by switch
There is a switch that located on the left side of the slide showing you the firing mode. User could simply switch between Semi / Full Auto by pushing the switch either forward or backward.

Conversion to SMG
Black Hornet could be installed to our Caribe Conversion Kit. Player can easily transform this pistol into a sub machine gun in less than 30 second. No special tools are required. This pistol is 100% compatible with APS Caribe conversion kit.

To conclude, a fair quality pistol can be easily found in the market. But a good quality pistol is hard to get. The best quality pistol even never exists until Black Hornet is born. APS listen to players and make product for the players. As a Co2 Pistol with fully automatic function is barely seen in the market, we believe this Black Hornet Co2 Pistol would be widely accepted by Airsoft player.


For further assistance or more information about APS,

Please contact us at Tel: (852) 2409 4466 | Fax: (852) 2409 9632 | Website:


Deepfire DF-SW025 – Nb. Hgr. 39 grenade (dummy)

Deepfire have shared details of their new grenade:

DF-SW025 – Nb. Hgr.39 Grenade (Dummy)

One of the most distinctive grenades ever, the Model 24 Stielhandgranate (lovingly named the "Stick Grenade" and the "Potato Masher" by the British Army) is one of the most easily recognized weapon of the 20th Century. Used prolifically by the German Army as their staple hand grenade from the end of World War I ’till the end of World War II.

This product is a Dummy model made specifically for collectors and enthusiasts only.



AST new video & RA new product

AST have shared their latest video and also one from RA-Tech for their new MSK steel trigger box:

AirSoft Taiwan HFC HG138 debut

RA TECH MSK steel trigger box debut


Be the first to own the KRISS Vector AEG

KRYTAC are running registration sweepstakes until the end of this month:



Dual purpose use of the SPEED HPA triggers

SPEED Airsoft have sent over some information about their HPA triggers:

Dual purpose use of the SPEED HPA triggers

The SPEED HPA triggers will take full advantage of the M4 HPA engine in an AEG, by reducing the trigger pull tension and giving it full adjustability externally.

HPA Trigger with JAG CPU  MOSFET

In addition to the M4 HPA engine conversion, the SPEED HPA triggers will also work with any M4 AEG with a MOSFET conversion that has an on-board micro-switch.  The SPEED HPA trigger gives the MOSFET conversion the exact tuning ability equal to the HPA system.   A MOSFET conversion with the SPEED HPA trigger is essentially equivalent to a HPA conversion on the field, but without an air hose connection.

For more info, visit SPEED Airsoft at or get your SPEED products from SPEED authorized airsoft dealers worldwide.

(SPEED Airsoft)

Win a KRISS Vector AEG from KRYTAC

KRYTAC have a competition for customers this month:



KRISS USA: RWA new KRYTAC distribution partner

KRYTAC will soon be distributed by RWA:

KRISS USA Announces New KRYTAC Distribution Partner RWA
KRISS USA has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with RWA for KRYTAC® replicas and accessories to Hong Kong.

February 7, 2017 – Brea, California, USA - KRISS USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of small arms and training weapons, is proud to announce RWA, the manufacturing and wholesale division of RedWolf Airsoft, as their exclusive distribution partner for KRYTAC® in Hong Kong. In addition, RWA will also be distributing KRYTAC® products to Spain. Initial availability of KRYTAC® models and accessories will begin in Spring 2017.

“RWA is one of the longest standing and well respected names in the international airsoft community,” according to Tim Seargeant, Marketing Manager for KRISS USA. “RWA’s originality and commitment to excellence have elevated them and kept them at the tip of the spear for decades. We’re excited to announce such a revered partner to expand the KRYTAC® brand in Asia and in Spain.”

“RWA is extremely excited to be distributing KRYTAC® products in Hong Kong and Spain,” states Paul Chu, RWA CEO and President. “KRYTAC®’s innovation is a positive influence in our industry and we look forward to putting their products into the hands of enlightened players in these markets.”

Starting this spring, the entire KRYTAC® product catalog will be available through RWA; including the officially licensed War Sport® LVOA-C and LVOA-S, the Trident MKII Series, the Alpha Series, and the LMG Enhanced.

For more information on KRYTAC®, please visit For more information on RWA, please visit


New Tokyo Arms stainless steel CO2 cylinder

Tokyo Arms have shared a video for their stainless steel CO2 cylinder for Tokyo Marui /WELL VSR-10 spring sniper:

Tokyo Arms Stainless Steel CO2 Cylinder for Tokyo Marui /WELL VSR-10 Spring Sniper

VSR Cylinder Poster

(Tokyo Arms)

New APS CAM 870 promotion

APS have a special offer on their CAM 870 this month:

870 feb e-poster E-final

Due to the overwhelming response of the CAM870 promotion in last month and celebrating the years of rooster in the coming February,

We will make a second promotion of shotgun by providing free pack of cartridge shells with the below purchases:
Buy one CAM870M will get two packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870AOW will get one pack of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870P will get two packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870SAI will get two packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870T will get two packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870PMC will get three Packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870MR will get two packs of CAM120 for free
Buy one CAM870RED will get two packs of CAM120 for free


APS PER new colour is ready

APS are now making their PER in new colours:



APS product news- PER701, 702 new colours

APS have introduced some new colours for their PER701 and 702:

In Dec 2016, we released the Black Phantom Extremis Rifles to the market and got the greatest attention from the public. In January 2017, the release of Desert Phantom Extremis has achieved unprecedented success and customers love the new color. To keep it up, We are releasing the camouflage version in Feb 2017,  available in Multi-Cam, Black Multi-Cam, Atacs AU and Atacs FG pattern.

For the APS products -Phantom Extremis Rifles (PER) , we have are new colors:

Phantom Extremis Mark I (PER701)

color in MC


color in BKMC


color in AU


color in FG


Phantom Extremis Mark II (PER702)

color in MC


color in BKMC


color in AU


color in FG


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New products from King Arms 20th January 2017

Here is the latest product news from King Arms:


Item Code KA-MAG-04-V / KA-MAG-04-X
Name M14 110 Rounds Magazines Box Set (5pcs) / (10pcs)
Main Material ABS
Major Color Black
Capacity 110 Rds.
Product information:
110 rounds magazines for Marui M14 series. 5 / 10 magazines included.

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Item Code KA-SIL-51 / KA-SIL-54 / KA-SIL-56
Name Carbon Fiber Silencer – 35 x 85 MM / 30 x 250 MM / (for Piston) 32 x 105 MM
Length 85 / 250 / 105 mm
Weight 44 / 56 / 58 g
Thread +-14 mm
Diameter 35 / 30 / 32 mm
Main Material Carbon Fiber
Major Color Black
Accessories come with package -NA- / -NA- / Clockwise and anti-clockwise thread adapter & Adapter for pistol

Product information:
The KA Carbon Fiber Silencer Series are made from high quality Carbon Fiber and layers of durable glossy clear coating have been applied on top to achieve the wonderful finishing and protection.

They are also extremely lightweight so it will not affect the user’s mobility. The silencer will fit both clockwise and anti-clockwise thread outer barrel.

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Item Code KA-TOOL-01 / KA-TOOL-07
Name 40mm Cartridge Reload Tool & Barrel Nut Tool for one-piece rail
Weight 15 / 45.4 g
Main Material Aluminum / Steel
Major Color Silver / Black

Product information:
40mm Cartridge Reload Tool is a tool to help using King Arms BB cartridge in more efficiency way. Two pieces of tool will be included.

The loading tool helps locking the BB cartridge valve in proper position. The same tool is used to push BBs in to the BB cartridge cavity.

The reloading ring is used to re-assemble BB cartridge. With the reloading ring, bearings will much more easier to be filled into valve.


King Arms Barrel Nut Tool for one-piece rail.

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Item Code KA-GB-43 / KA-PT-16
Name Ver. 2 8mm Bearing Quick Spring Change Gearbox & King Arms Steel Bearing Spring Guide
Size (L)163mm x (W)20mm x (H) 100mm / 4.7cm x 2cm x 1.5cm
Weight 385 / 29 g
Main Material Metal / Steel
Major Color Silver / Black
Accessories come with package 8mm bearing bushing and Bearing Spring Guide for M4 AEG (KA-PT-17)

Product information:
King Arms Ver. 2 8mm Bearing Quick Spring Change Gearbox. Package comes with 8mm bearing bushing and Metal Spring Guide (KA-PT-17).


King Arms Steel Bearing Spring Guide for Quick Spring Change V2 Gearbox

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Facebook (Taiwan):

YouTube :



(King Arms)

New UAC tactical trigger

UAC have shared details of their latest new product:

UAC has launch the following new product.


UAC-TM-00172 Black, UAC-TM-00173 Silver

Tactical Trigger for TM M&P9 Type B – A new and slim design. Precision CNC from a billet 6061 Aluminum. Finished with hard anodize which can provide excellent anti-scratch performance. Re-designed flat trigger shape with Glock-like safety mechanism transfer the force of the trigger pull directly to the sear in order to provide a crispy press. Adjustable pre-travel distance allow you have a more sensitive and fast trigger press. Perfect for high speed shooting eg. Competition and great advantage for wargame.


New RA-Tech prototypes video

RA-Tech have shared two new videos:

RA-TECH is releasing new videos!!!

RA-TECH new prototypes announce

EMG RA-TECH SAI steel bolt


UAC new authorized dealers 2017

TW HunterUAC have two new dealers in Japan and Taiwan:

We are glad to announced that Echigoya Tokyo (Japan) and Hunter狩獵者生存遊戲專賣 (Taiwan) has become UAC authorized dealer. As of our new joining dealers, customers in Japan and Taiwan can more easily and convenient to purchase UAC products. All new UAC products are arriving to the shop very soon. 

Echigoya Tokyo 2


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