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LCT Airsoft slim pistol grips

LCT Airsoft have shared details of some of their Z Series parts:


(LCT Airsoft)

LCT Airsoft G-03 and G-04

LCT Airsoft have put together two different combinations of modular upgrade parts:

Here comes the leading role of modularization G-03 and G-04 for this week, which model do you prefer?


(LCT Airsoft)

G&G–Upgrade to compete

G&G have shared details of their electronic trigger unit upgrade parts:


Upgrade to Compete

Take your rifle to the next level of performance with one of our Electronic Trigger Units (E.T.U.). Adding an E.T.U. to your existing rifle removes your outdated trigger contacts and improves your overall trigger response. We offer them in various gearbox versions for a wider selection of compatibility. 
Now Available. Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability today.



LCT Airsoft LK33A2 and LK33A3 coming soon

LCT Airsoft have shared some images of their new LK33A2 and LK33A3 which will be available before the end of the month:

The NEW product-LK33A2 and LK33A3 will be released on July 28, these two models with AEG and EBB both.

20200717 LK33-220200717 LK33-320200717 LK33-420200717 LK33-5

(LCT Airsoft)

New STTI Bio BBs

STTI have a new collection of Bio BBs:



PTS trigger guard

PTS Syndicate have shared details of their new trigger guard:

PTS Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard 
Has arrived!


The PTS Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard is a drop in replacement accessory for the Airsoft M4/M16 platform. This ergonomically designed product features a shallow “V” shape which enlarges the trigger guard opening for better use with gloves.  For enhanced comfort, the PTS Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard also features rounded edges and an extended tail that fills the annoying “gap” between the trigger guard and the pistol grip.
AEG Version
  •Compatibility – G&P/VFC/KWA/G&G/TM/TM-Next Generation Recoil Shock/GBLS GDR-15 – (AEG)
GBB Version
•Compatibility – G&P/KWA/VFC – (GBB), Systema – (PTW)
Item Code:
Black – PT172450307
Dark Earth – PT172450317
Black – PT173450307
Dark Earth – PT173450317
For more detail, please visit


Get it now!

(PTS Syndicate)

New from Evolution Airsoft: Hardcore Series with ETS III advanced mosfet

Evolution Airsoft have shared details of their new Hardcore Series with ETS III advanced mosfet:

We amazed you with the Ghost
Now we do even more!


We decided to push the air soft guns to the next level so we factory-installed our most powerful programmable trigger system in our new Hardcore Full Metal guns!

  • Endless possibilities of different functions and configurations
  • No additional software required
  • No external programming unit required
  • No PC connection or Apps required

It is super-easy to program via trigger. Fast, easy and trouble-free!


Find out more on


What is the ETS III? What are the advantages of this system?

The E.T.S. III™ is the most advanced programmable electronic trigger ever installed in a stock air soft gun and it is the easiest to use.
While other manufacturers install electronic units with very limited basic functions and require to buy additional software to unlock the advanced functions and use an external programming unit, PC or apps to program them, the E.T.S. III™ have all the advanced functions out of the box, and no need of extras to use them, all you need is your finger as all functions, even the most advanced ones, are programmed via trigger. Fast and easy!


Which are the functions?


Do you think they are enough?

Watch the video to see how fast and easy is programming all functions

(Evolution Airsoft)

Limited edition GPM92 Gold

G&G have shared details of their new limited edition GPM92 Gold:


GPM92 Gold

Grab your next G&G collector’s piece with our newest and limited edition GPM92 Gold. We hand-carved the pistol grips out of real walnut wood and finished it off with a 20K gold electroplate on the outside. We’re only manufacturing 999 of these pistols worldwide!
The new GPM92 Gold will feature our patent-pending whirl cylinder valve which helps reduce the frost built-up while firing. A hop-up tool shaped as a fake bullet easily adjusts the hop-up inside the barrel. You will no longer need to remove the slide to adjust your hop-up. The GPM92 Gold comes in a hard plastic case and with a speed loader. 
Available in late July. Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability today.



New LCT LK33A2 and LK33A3

LCT Airsoft have shared images of their new LCT LK33A2 and LK33A3:

We will release the brand-new products which is the LK33A2, LK33A3.

33 EBB上市

(LCT Airsoft)

G&G GTP 9 Rose Gold

The new GTP 9 in Rose Gold from G&G will be available soon:


GTP9 Rose Gold

We’re adding a new color to our existing GTP 9 Series! The new GTP 9 Rose Gold will feature our patent-pending whirl cylinder valve which helps reduce the frost built-up while firing, an ambidextrous magazine release, and a Picatinny rail to fit any flashlight or laser below the barrel.
A hop-up tool is located on the bottom of the pistol grip to easily adjust the hop-up inside the barrel. You will no longer need to remove the slide to adjust your hop-up. The GTP 9 Rose Gold comes in a hard plastic pink case with a speed loader, and extra backstrap.
Available in late Summer. Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability today.



Northeast Airsoft STEN gun Mk.5 GBB available to pre-order

Screenshot_3Northeast Airsoft’s first STEN gun Mk.5 GBB is available to pre-order now from Airsoft World:

First STEN Gun Mk.5 GBB, made by Northeast Airsoft, release in UK!

Now it’s pre-order at Airsoft World:



The Mk.V Sten was produced in 1944 when the threat from Nazi Germany was less immediate, these were a better quality version of the MkII, with a wooden pistol grip, fore grip and stock with brass butt-plate and cleaning tools chamber inside the stock. A No 4 Lee-Enfield foresight and a bayonet mount were also fitted..

Northeast are in our opinion the best WW2 replica firearm manufacturer next to Shoei Japan. All steel construction, to the correct dimensions and gauge! If you want a ‘real’ Sten that’s also great fun to disassemble and shoot, then this awesome airsoft replica was made for you. Very limited quantities as always, due to them being almost completely hand built, by craftsmen, in an opium den, playing Russian Roulette……MUCH concentration and attention to detail!

Solid Beech wood furniture oiled and waxed.`
Includes solid machined brass butt-plate with correct internal stamping
100% authentic serial and manufacturer stamping throughout
Main assembly parts:
Solid hand finished woodwork
Brass-work machined as per original pattern and methods
Steel front and rear sights
Steel Outer barrel
Steel Heat shield
Steel Trigger assembly
Steel Magazine Casing
Stamped Magwell Top and Bottom
Stamped receiver
Real-Steel Disassembly
Uses a VSR Hop Rubber and VSR Styled Inner Barrel!


(Northeast Airsoft)


LCT Airsoft have shared some images of their LCKMS:

Let’s take a look at LCKMS!!


(LCT Airsoft)

G&G CMF-16 series coming this summer

G&G have shared details of their new CMF-16 series which will be available this summer:


CMF-16 Series
Our new CMF-16 Series combines performance and affordability for entry-level players. Both will have a polymer receiver and rail, 450 high capacity magazine, adjustable iron sights, magazine and bolt release,  ambidextrous selector, and a rotary hop-up.
In addition, the CMF-16K will come with a pre-installed MOSFET (4th generation) and an electronic trigger unit for superior trigger response. 
Available in late Summer. Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability today.



APS XTP. Dragonfly Pistol available now

The new XTP.Dragonfly Pistol from APS is available now:

New XTP.Dragongfly D-Mod Pistol


  • Wood Grain Hand Made Stippling (Bark Style)
  • Top Gas / Co2 Compatible
  • Stainless Steel Inner Barrel
  • Two Tone by Silver & Black
  • CNC Slide
  • Ambidextrous Safety Catch
  • Fiber Optics Sights Included.


WE/Ascend Airsoft DP custom series at Jia Dyi

Jia Dyi have shared details of the first DP custom release from WE/Ascend Airsoft:


We brought you the first-hand release DP custom series version.

"WE / Ascend AIRSOFT" combining all custom gun’s advantage.

What are you waiting for?Guarantee WE Model produced. 100% MADE IN TAIWAN.


* Special High Computer Transfer Printing artwork
* Hot style of  “Aged-black” process the outer barrel
* Pro Plus Metal Magwell
* The extension housing and high-end new bottom base pad is extremely attractive.
* Each gun has Individual serial number


check out for further product information.
or contact your local dealer for more information.

(Jia Dyi)

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