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LCT Airsoft LC-3

Here are the latest pictures for the LC-3 from LCT Airsoft:


(LCT Airsoft)


APS have shard a poster for their RS2:

unnamed (12)


King Arms new BBs series available now

saved_resourceKing Arms have released some new BBs:

Love your enemy, give them the best

Thanks for your support of all the KA products.

After getting the official license for Black Rain Ordnance Official/ Predator Tactical/ Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) series, we’re keeping improving the quality of our guns and accessories.

Right here and right now, we’re very pleased to announce that the King Arms brand new BB series.

King Arms BB manufacturing process is absolutely strict.

From the beginning of raw materials mixed, injection molding, bubble removal to grinding, all the processes are under our considerable attention.

Mixing: With a full proportion of the raw material to achieve the most accurate and average mixing.

Injection: The temperature of machine and the injection rate of raw material are under the precise control.

Bubble removal: Due to the strict control of injection process, the possibility of bubble can be reduce to minimum.

Grinding: All the BBs are grinded and sieved by the high precision grinding machine and sieve machine for making sure the roundness. After  

                 cooling and forming, we also use the sieve plate to spot-check.

Apart from Platinum & BIO BBs(0.2/0.25/0.28/0.30/0.32g) , we also have heavy and black series of your choice.


As for the black BBs, we have 0.2 & 0.25g, The mystery and darkness let your enemy would never find where you are.


We have 0.36 and 0.4g heavy BBs, that would make you feel the unprecedented impact point. Heavy BBs not only possess more energy than lighter BBs but lose energy much slower during bullet fly. It results a more stable trajectory.


Muzzle velocity:110mps-120mps(360fps-393fps) Recommended weight:0.2g

Muzzle velocity:130mps (426fps) Recommended weight:0.25g

Muzzle velocity:140mps (459fps) Recommended weight:0.28g

Muzzle velocity:150mps (492fps) Recommended weight:0.3g or 0.36g

Muzzle velocity:160mps (524fps) Recommended weight:0.36g or 0.4g

Muzzle velocity:170mps (557fps) Recommended weight:0.4g or 0.43g

***The above is only for reference, the actual situation have to be considered in accordance with personal preference, barrel length and gas type(gas/ CO2/ air). ***

(King Arms)

Modify website update

Modify have been updating their website:

New Website Update

Never falling behind the times, Modify Enterprise, the airsoft supplier with a technician edge, set up its new website in May 2017.


With the new site, Modify looks to more effectively introduce its line of products to visitors with not only text but also enriched graphics and videos, as well as more definitively establish its brand identity with revitalized visual content.

The key improvement to the new website is the operating interfaces that adopt the RWD design compatible with all kinds of applications and hardware. Now visitors, regardless of using wired PCs or mobile devises, can browse the Modify website intuitively to enjoy total user-friendliness and convenience.

The new website also aims to continue promoting Modify Enterprise’s original spirit of watchmaker, to confirm that the airsoft supplier is proudly based in Taiwan, a hub not only known for myriad manufacturing but top-quality goods.

In addition, the new website is globalized to offer 4 languages to showcase Modify’s high-end airsoft products to fans across the world.

Visit Modify Tech. new website:



APS have shared details of their PER MKIII and PER MK IV:


With the success of quick change spring system used on APS Phantom Extremis Rifles, user is excited on how easy to change the main spring on these rifles without necessary to take the whole gear box out. APS continues to use this design on our new Airsoft rifles named PER-MKIII

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KRISS Vector AEG shipping now

unnamed (1)The new Krytac KRISS Vector AEG has now been released:

The officially licensed KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG available Summer 2017

June 30, 2017 – Brea, California, USA – Today KRYTAC®, KRISS USA’s brand of premium performance airsoft and training products, launches the first and only officially licensed KRISS® Vector AEG. The all-new AEG is the first of its kind, and an exact replica of the KRISS® Vector SMG Submachine Gun. The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG is shipping now to KRYTAC® distribution partners.

The dimensions of the all-new KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG are a 1:1 scale to its firearms counterpart. Additional external features include the side folding stock, ambidextrous safety and selector switches, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny top rail, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny bottom accessory rail, and a Trident flash hider mounted to the 14mm counter clock wise threaded barrel.

Internally, the AEG is powered by a vertically oriented mechbox, with V2 compatible gears, piston, piston head, and cylinder. A short type motor pulls the AEG main spring, which is guided by a quick detach metal ball bearing spring guide. Semi, two round burst, and fully automatic fire modes are controlled by a micro-switch trigger and electronic control board with integrated 3034 MOSFET. Additional internal features include the famous KRYTAC® rotary hop up, bucking, and a 155mm inner barrel. Feeding the KRISS® Vector AEG is a 95 rounds mid capacity magazine.

Factory standard accessories include the DEFIANCE® front and rear folding polymer sights, a 7-slot MIL-STD 1913 picatinny side rail section, and one magazine. Initial deliveries of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG will ship with one (1) additional free mid capacity magazine.

Pricing and Availability
The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG is shipping now to the United States and is available for a suggested retail price of $449.00 (US). Other international markets including Asia, Europe, and South America will receive initial shipments by the end of July. First deliveries to Canada will be made by the end of August.

Additional magazines are available individually for $24.95 (US), or as a three-piece value package for $69.95(US). International pricing varies by region.

Photos of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG: Download here
For more information about the KRISS® Vector AEG visit the KRYTAC® website at


B&W BW17 gas pistol

B&WB&W Airsoft have shared details of their B&W BW17, gas pistol gun:

B&WOnly G17 can beat itself-Behold the descent of BW17

Ask any gun fan about which model is the best seller in Glock series, and the answer will no doubt be the same-G17. Summer is coming, heat is the best friend of all gas pistols. B&W, who had already issued M9 in late May, claims their second GBB pistol in the end of June. B&W BW17, made in Taiwan, again with high performance but moderate price, will rock the Airsoft’s imagination at the first descent!


The colored box lying upon the new entrant, B&W BW17, two-tone designed with shining red and satin black presents just the feeling of BOLD WARRIOR IN ACTION.

Close look at its aluminum slide, we barely see any defects. With gas magazine loaded into its frame, B&W BW17 unexpectedly shows a perfect balance in a hand.


On the first sight with B&W BW17, it is easy to find why G17 is so popular, the length of slide, and the angle between slide and frame both deserve the classic fame. To our surprise, there’s no gap between slide and frame, which proves the superiority of precision mold of high-density polymer and aluminum-cutting machines.


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New custom build rifle section live @Dave’s Custom Airsoft

Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd have been updating their website:

Hello All, Great News, We Now have a Custom Built Rifle Section Live on our Website, where we have one of a kind Custom Built Premium Rifles ready and waiting for you to order.


Go to this link to see what we have on offer & remember if you want a custom rifle built to your exact specifications simply email us on

Best Regards,

Custom Dave & TacGiz

(Dave’s Custom Airsoft Ltd)

KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay Video with the Swamp Sniper

Krytac have shared a video of the new KRISS Vector AEG prototype in action:


KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay and Review

The Swamp Sniper of Ballahack Airsoft Field puts down his bolt action rifle in favor of the KRISS Vector AEG Prototype to annihilate the competition. This is the first gameplay of the KRISS Vector AEG, stay tuned for the worldwide release of this exciting new platform at the end of June, 2016.


Find A Dealer
to place your
Vector AEG Pre-order


Modify-Tech: Marksmen present in body & soul

Modify have shared the results of their recent shooting contest:

Marksmen Present in Body & Soul

The 2017 MODIFY Shooting Contest drew to a successful close at the Expo Dome, Taipei Expo Park on June 11.

MODIFY owes the electrifying mood of the event to the overwhelming enthusiasm of all attendees. The level of difficulty and challenge was raised this year by requiring shooting from the prone position. But everyone rose to the occasion. The event not only attracted participants from the well-known House Gamers Airsoft of Canada, but also shooters from Europe and N. America, all of whom kept each other on their toes to fill the contest with nonstop action.

Finally Chen Jia-hua and Luo Wei-chong tied for 2nd and 3rd with the time of 9.70 seconds, decided by the rule that the shooter going first shall prevail in case of tie; while Yen Sheng-hong took first place with the amazing time of 8.21 seconds to win Novritsch’s newest SSG24 sniper rifle.

Winning the event twice, Yen is  obviously a loyal supporter of the MODIFY Shooting Contest, which is one of the ways MODIFY interacts and networks with airsoft hobbyists as it builds presence.


ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA version–first batch inbound

The new ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A HPA is available now:

Danish innovation meets American ingenuity

The long awaited ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 HPA is finally here. The very first batch of pre-orders are already hitting stores around the EU and should be inbound overseas shortly.


THE HPA version of the massively acclaimed CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 AEG, has all the same unique features as the AEG version and more!


Read more about the HPA version on our website.


Jia Dyi: Quality for those who hate compromise

Jia Dyi have shared an article on choosing BBs:

Every experienced sharp shooter knows that in order to execute a clean shot, there are several details must be addressed. The most basic and easily be ignored for Airsoft hobbyist is the quality of pellets, the AMMO of your Airsoft arsenal.

Jia Dyi has been selling AIM TOP high quality 6mm BBs over 10 years. Insisting on material virginity, environmental friendly component, and with the experienced mentors in process, AIM TOP high precision BBs has long been welcomed by many smart shooters who would believe words of mouth rather than price discount, which often associated with quality discount.


Time speaks for the quality of AIM TOP BBs itself. For a brand that could last over 10 years, there must exists customer loyalty accumulated as brand asset, and that can act as an indicator. When you wonder how to shop around dazzling brands of BBs, just remember the old saying :”Stay with the Winner.” If you always get compromised and can never hit a tango in combat. Don’t feel disappointed. Quoted from one veteran’s saying:”Stupid, the problem is in your BBs.”

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ASG Heavy BBs

ASG have shared news of their new range of heavy BBs:

Introducing the new line of Heavy BBs – The Precision Ammunition Heavy BBs fully licensed by Accuracy International

AI Accuracy International
Media package
Heavy weight BBs

Due to popular demand and requests we have expanded our AI Precision Ammunition BB series to include the .36 and .43 Heavy BBs.

The beloved .40 gram BB, which generated a lot of attention and praise from the Airsoft community, is back with two new additions. These long range heat seekers are an excellent choice when running a DMR or Sniper platform.

AI Accuracy International
Media package
Heavy weight BBs


JiaDyi: A Clash between Old Timer and New Blood

Jia Dyi have shared a short review of two grenade launchers:

Summer is coming! Temperature will be the friend for all gas-gunners. Two brands step in with different orientations. Let’s make a quick review from appearances and run a simple compatibility test.

HFC, one of the oldest M92 gas pistol manufacturers in Taiwan, had gained a respectable achievement in entry-level market for a long time. On the other hand, 6mm Pro-shop, with a sugar daddy behind, is a keen, new entrant in the field. Both BBs showers are welcomed by Airsoft stores because they consume lots of ammos in single shot.


First, the HG-138, although called the grenade launcher, is actually a BBs launcher itself that does not need shell. Experienced in gas-pistol, HFC claims the effective shooting range of HG-138 with only 4cm of barrel length amounts to 65ft.

With gas filling-nuzzle at the left side, the whole body is made up of one-piece aerospace grade aluminum by CNC cutting, thus it can assure no gas-leak. Act like grenade shell, HFC reduced the number of components and successfully enhance reliability. It is suggested to use 6mm BBs fast loader to fill 40 pellets into the barrels from the front muzzles, while the loader itself is absent from box.

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New Skilhunt S2 pro/S3 pro XHP35 1600 lumens flashlights

Skilhunt have sent over details of two new UST rechargeable tactical flashlights:

New ! S2 pro / S3 pro 1600 Lumens USB rechargeable tactical flashlights


S3 pro HI / HD USB rechargeable tactical LED flashlight


Max output: 1600 Lumen / 1400 Lumen

Max runtime: More than 1 month

Max beam distance: 306 meters / 371 meters

Learn More


S2 pro HI / HD USB rechargeable tactical LED flashlight


Max output: 1250 Lumens / 1100 Lumens

Max runtime: More than 1 month

Max beam distance: 306 meters / 371 meters

Learn More


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