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We hereby announce that PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN (AR-10 GBBR) and PTS EPM (LR GBB) will available on 31st March 2017


Poster PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN (AR-10 GBBR)

Item Code:



The PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN Gas Blowback Rifle replicates the very distinctive looking Mega Arms’ MML AR-10 platform. The proprietary Mega MML platform interfaces the 14 inch MLOK compatible aluminum rail with the billet style aluminum receiver in a manner that gives the entire assembly virtually the strength and rigidity of a monolithic upper. The rifle has a 16 inches long barrel which strikes the best balance of portability and range performance befitting a DMR (designated marksman rifle) style rifle.  It is capable of select fire including safe, single shot, and three round burst. The PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN GBBR standard equipment also includes our proprietary design PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip, Enhanced BUIS (back up iron sights), Enhanced Polymer Magazine LR and Enhanced Polymer Stock.

Maten Teaser (W) Features:

-       Authentic licensed trademark Mega Arms engravings

-       KSC/KWA derived proprietary GBB system.

-       GBBR includes: –

o      Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers for greater balance and portability without sacrificing its durability.

o      Ultra lightweight 14” M-LOK Mount Rail with 16” Barrel, compatible with all standard M-LOK accessories.

o      Enhanced Back Up Iron Sights (EPBUIS) – consists of a low profile snag-free design that is unobtrusive when collapsed. Blending design with practicality, the EPBUIS includes elevation and windage adjustments as well as dual apertures for close and precise long distance shooting. Allowing the user to be versatile, adapting to any given situation.

o      EP Grip (EPG) – ergonomically designed for excellent comfort and a firm angled grip for maximum recoil control.

o      EP Stock (EPS) – a simple yet highly functional collapsible polymer stock. Features unique cheek welds that are both comfortable and practical with storage compartments for tools and utilities. 

o      EP Magazine (EPM) LR (Large Round) – the beefier .308 sibling of the EP Magazine, boasts a Dupont® Zytel™ reinforced polymer body and holds up to a maximum of 35 rounds. The EPM LR features a Bolt Lock Release Unit to prevent the bolt from locking after emptying the magazine if you so choose.

o      Integrated trigger guard for added functionality and strength.

o      Steel Bolt Carrier for maximum durability and a heavier kicking recoil experience.

o      Close replica of the standard AR-10 muzzle device.


•    Color – Black

•    Dimension – 1020 x 305 x 95mm (w/ packaging)

•    Weight – 4.1kg

•    Material – Aluminum Upper & Lower Receivers

License: This airsoft replica is manufactured under authorized Mega Arms license. Mega Arms® logo and related brand names are trademarks of Mega Machine Shop, the United States and/or other countries.

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Maten_03 Maten_04 Maten_07 Maten_08 Maten_09 Maten_10 Maten_11 Maten_13 Maten_14



Item Code:



The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine LR, or EPM LR for short, is built specifically for the PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN Gas Blowback Rifle.  Externally, like its smaller PTS EPM magazine counterpart, it features a rugged Dupont™ Zytel polymer shell. The magazine is designed with recessed panels for better grip and smooth magazine well guides that eliminates the chance of snagging when the magazine is withdrawn from or reinserted into pouches. The front of the baseplate features a dot matrix which allows the user to mark the magazine with alphanumeric characters or pictograms for identification. The top of the magazine also features a Bolt Lock Release Unit which, when switched on, prevent the bolt from locking back on an empty magazine thus allowing you to simulate shooting without ammo.


•    Color – Black

•    Material – Dupont™ Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer

•    Dimension – 160 x 100 x 38 approx. (with packaging)

•    Weight – 856g approx. (without packaging)

•    Compatibility – PTS Mega Arms MML MATEN GBBR platform

•    Capacity – 35 Rounds

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

SLR Airsoftworks muzzle devices & T1 mount

DyTac have shared details of the new muzzle devices and T1 mount from SLR Airsoftworks:

SLR Airsoftworks Muzzle Devices and T1 Mount

29 March 2017 – Hong Kong

SLR Airsoftworks is pleased to announce the new muzzle devices and T1 mount for the airsoft market.

SLR Rifleworks is a firearm parts manufacturing company specializing in innovative and new designs for the firearm industry. Hailing from Central Florida in the United States, SLR Rifleworks is famous for the unsurpassed quality of their adjustable gas blocks, charging handle, muzzle devices and handguard rails, among other innovative products in SLR Rifleworks’ line-up.

SLR Airsoftworks will bring this unique manufacturer into the airsoft market by faithfully reproducing their plethora of firearm accessories for airsoft guns.

SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Mini Comp (-14mm)

The Synergy Mini Comp is a short muzzle device that allows propellant gases to be redirected upon a projectile leaving the barrel. This allows recoil and flash reduction on a real firearm. The SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Mini Comp will come in titanium and black colours, and in -14mm threading.

SLR Airsoftworks Synergy Comp (-14mm)

The Synergy Comp is the big brother to the Synergy Mini Comp. Besides being able to redirect gases to reduce flash and recoil on a firearm, the Synergy Comp has 4 prongs at the muzzle end to further mitigate flash on a firearm by redirecting excess gases through the space between the prongs. The Synergy Comp will also come in titanium and black colours, and in -14mm threading.

SLR Airsoftworks Linear Comp (-14mm)

The Linear Comp is a muzzle device that redirects all propellant gases forward of the muzzle device, in order to increase the force to cycle short barrelled rifles and to reduce the propellant gases from affecting the operator. The Linear Comp has offset vents around the muzzle entrance to regulate the velocity and volume of the gases expelled from the barrel for a more comfortable shooting experience. The SLR Airsoftworks Linear Comp will be made in -14mm threading.

SLR Airsoftworks Lower 1/3 Co-Witness T1 Mount

The SLR Airsoftworks Lower 1/3 Co-Witness T1 Mount is a T1/T2 mount utilising two screws to clamp down onto a firearm’s picatinny rail. The term “Lower 1/3 Co-Witness” mean that the iron sights will sit on the lower 1/3 of the optic. The mount is finished by CNC.


For product inquiries, please contact us at For orders, please contact us at For orders to Europe, please contact our exclusive distributor, Evolution International S.r.l. at

For more information, please check out our Facebook page for the latest updates at


New PDI Keymod products

PDI: have some Keymod nuts to give away with orders of their new Keymod products:


To celebrate our company’s planned release of Keymod products, we are giving away keymod nuts free of charge* for the first lot. Check out our website for more info!

*1 Customers shall cover the shipping cost

*2 Limited to 1 set per person


New G&G keymod foregrips–now available

G&G have released some new keymod accessories:

Keymod Accessories

Introducing the new Keymod forward grips for G&G Keymod rails. Unlike, universal Keymod forward grips which is used to fit all. The new G&G Keymod forward grips are designed to fit perfectly flushed with the appropriate model. The front end has a textured design allowing for a comfortable firm grip. Offered in 3 different colors to maximize customization.

unnamed (5)


APS-Phantom extremis rifles mark II

APS have shared images of their new Phantom extremis rifles:

unnamed (4)


PDI KSG tactical grip & rail

PDI have released some new parts:

HI, PDI wants to show new products.


Please see WEB site(
We put some pictures.


New King Arms products 24th March 2017

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


Item Code KA-SM-23
Name Scope Mount Base
Size L145mm x W40mm x H95mm
Weight 198 g
Main Material Aluminum; Steel
Major Color Black

Product information:
Suitable for side rail system  such as SVD, VSS, AS VAL…etc.

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Item Code KA-RC-01-BK/DE ; KA-RC-03-BK/DE
Name Rail Cover – 156mm / 135mm
Size 156mm / 135mm
Weight 114 g / 32 g
Main Material Nylon Fiber
Major Color Black / Dark Earth

Product information:
Rail Cover, Will fits to standards 20mm rail.

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G&G Mechanix Gloves

G&G have been working with Mechanix:

G&G Mechanix Gloves

We have partnered up with premier glove manufacturer Mechanix to bring you a specialized glove for the airsoft industry. Similar to the Original Fit glove, the G&G Mechanix glove features a breathable mesh material to keep your hands cool and comfortable when in use.  On the other side, it features a durable synthetic leather palm for exceptional grip and comfort. An industrial grade hook and loop secures your wrist for a tight fit.

Available sizes in S-XXL.

unnamed (3)


New UAC Tactical Magbase Type B

UAC have sent over details of their latest new product:

UAC has launch the new Tactical Magbase Type B for designed for speed reload, which suitable for competition shooter and professional wargamers. This is a redesigned slim structure. A new pin lock design which can secure the magbase to the magazine and not easy to fall out due to impact while reloading. Provide the best protection to your magazine. Also it is fast and easy to attach or remove. Just push down the pin and can simply remove. A large finger pit can provide a more ergonomic and firm grip to the magazine. It is one of the key factor of fast reloading. High quality of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum is used and constructed by precision CNC with UAC signature number engraving identifier.

Tactical Magbase Type B (Black)Tactical Magbase Type B (Blue)Tactical Magbase Type B (Gold)Tactical Magbase Type B (Orange)Tactical Magbase Type B (Purple)Tactical Magbase Type B (Red)Tactical Magbase Type B (Silver)


Secutor Gladius 17 available in April

Secutor have shared details of their new Gladius 17 series which will be available soon:




Secutor announces the new GLADIUS 17 series, the series composed of 4 models will be available in April in the market.

Thanks for sharing the news!



Every gun of the Gladius family integrates a precision inner barrel of 6,03mm


It includes a space for RMR, forget the RIS! The Gladius family allows fixing a red dot to required height


The sights, like on real weapons, can be moved (they are not screw to the slide). You will be able to place the rear sight in two positions at your convenience or use a red dot


The pistol body is finished with stippling. A process often made by Special Forces operators, handmade, point by point! There are not two identical guns! Your Gladius is unique


The magazine has also stippling to avoid slipping while removing it from the gun (even if you have big hands!)


Every gun of the Gladius family is limited between 300-320 FPS with CO2


Like the RUDIS series, the Gladius family is equipped with a thread to fix a silencer. And yes, you will be able to remove the thread and the adaptor


The Gladius sword adorns the barrels, remind: “Secutor Dicit, inimicus silet”




New King Arms products 17th March 2017

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


Item Code KA-AG-201-BK
Name KA M4 TWS Type 1 – BK Ultra Grade II
Suggested Energy Source 2/3A 1600mAh 9.6V Twins Type Battery or KA-BAT-14
Maximum Battery Storage 2/3A 1600mAh 11.1V Twins Type Battery
Max. Overall Length 762 mm
Min. Overall Length 680 mm
Inner Barrel Length 275 mm
Weight without Magazine 2120g
Main Material Zinc Alloy; Nylon Fiber
Major Color Black
Capacity 370 rds
Caliber 6mm
Fire Mode Safe / Single / Full-Auto
Marking King Arms
Loading Mode Automatic
Outer Barrel Design Flexible & Light Weight Design
Magazine Release Design Single-Way
Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG Type
Gearbox Design V2 7mm bearing Gearbox
Motor Design Long-Axle Type
Accessories come with package Training Weapon System (TWS) Front Grip
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 366 FPS
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) Lower than 0.98J
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 340 – 370 Fps

Product information:

This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber Training Weapon System (TWS) Rail handguard and TWS STOCK TYPE 2.

It is a 10.5 inch outer barrel Carbine rifle which comes with Nylon Troy Front Sight and Rear Sight.

A high performance 7mm bearing gearbox is used for this rifle.

Package comes with 370 rounds high capacity magazine and Training Weapon System (TWS) Front Grip.

The quick spring change system Ver.2 gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily and Mosfet assembly provides better trigger contact.

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Northeast Airsoft HD night sight

Northeast Airsoft have sent over details of their latest new product, an HD night sight, and you can now find some of their products here in the UK at Firesupport:

Here’s our new, full CNC machined,HD night sight for Tokyo Marui/WE glock style airsoft gas blowback pistol. It’s more than self-illuminated with a decade lifetime, there’s also a red circle to help you to acquire sight picture faster. It’s quite practical in competition and weekly skirmish. 


The Rider 6 mock up silencers and AK sling adapters presented by Northeast Airsoft are available at Fire Support now.


(Northeast Airsoft)

Modify Tech @IWA

unnamedModify are home from a successful IWA:

Triumphant at 2017 IWA

The 2017 IWA in Nuremberg came to a successful close March 6. The world-renowned trade-only show for outdoor gear, security products and airsoft guns is the yearly highlight for buyers.

Modify, having attended the last 4 years, again wowed buyers, especially with its compact, precision XTC PDW, not to mention attracting many inquiries for its other guns and accessories.

The Taiwan-based supplier actually offers some 500 airsoft related products to be a force in its own right.

Modify, since its first attendance in 2014, has outdone itself with a small team of dedicated airsoft gun  enthusiasts backed by world-class  fabrication facilities. The efforts have paid off as visitors clearly seemed impressed to be our most satisfying reward.

Attending the IWA has an added advantage of networking and building new partnerships and staying updated with the latest trends.

Meanwhile global airsoft players are welcome to Taipei, Taiwan in June to test their skills in a speed shooting contest. Go to our FB page or website for details.


New King Arms rifles & more

King Arms have shared details of their latest new products:


Item Code KA-AG-175-BK
Name MDT TAC21 Tactical Rifle – BK –Limited Edition
Suggested Energy Source Gas
Max. Overall Length 1190mm
Min. Overall Length 1190mm
Inner Barrel Length 600mm
Weight without Magazine 4260g
Main Material Aluminum
Major Color Black
Capacity 20 rds (Gas)
Caliber 6mm
Fire Mode Single / Safe‏
Marking MDT TAC21
Loading Mode Gas Operate
Outer Barrel Design CNC One Piece Fluted
Magazine Release Design Single-Way
Hop-Up Bucking Design Adjustable AEG Type
Accessories come with package 25 Rds M700 Gas Magazine
Muzzle Velocity (Canada version) Over 366 FPS
Muzzle Velocity (Italy / Japan version) Lower than 0.98J
Muzzle Velocity (Standard version) 330~360 FPS

Product information:

The TAC21 Tactical is a Gas Sniper Rifle and an official licensed product with full trademarks and logo from Modular Driven Technologies (MDT).

The TAC21 Chassis System is CNC Machined from aviation grade Aluminum with Anodized finishing.

CNC engraved MDT TAC21 marking and unique serial number.

One Piece Fluted Outer Barrel is CNC machined from aviation grade Aluminum.

With a top full-length MIL-STN-1913 accessories mounting rail. The built-in mounting rail has 20 MOA (Minutes of Angle) on the action housing and is parallel to the barrel axis on the fore-end.

2 pcs of side rail and 1 pc of bottom rail are included.

Steel Flash Hider with military grade surface finishing.

Equipped with Magpul PTS MOE Grip & Magpul PTS PRS Stock.

Compatible with M4 AEG stock & tube.

Compatible with M4 GBB grip.

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APS: latest pistol, Black Hornet full auto goodness!

APS continue to release new products that they are immensely proud of to the community. Their latest model is full auto and CO2 powered, giving reliable power whatever the temperature, they’ve called her Black Hornet. Here’s the latest from Joe:

ACP602 image-1ACP602 image-4ACP602 image-2ACP602 image-3

Black Hornet – First Full Auto Co2 Pistol made by APS
After a long period of development, a fully automatic GBB pistol named Black Hornet is now available in Q1 of 2017. Design and concept coming from current APS Co2 Pistol, this fully automatic Co2 pistol provides you fantastic blow back recoil in shooting. More specific details could be found at this following:


Steel Hammer
Hammer of this pistol is made by steel. APS understand this is an automatic pistol with rapid firing.  So hammer in this pistol is reinforced to increase durability.
High Performance Co2 Powered
Black Hornet is powered by 12g Co2 canister which provides you high and stable shooting performance compare to other gas operated gun. Insert one Co2 canister allows you to fire up to 30 rounds in full automatic and shoot more than 46 rounds by normal temperature at 22 – 25°c. This pistol also gives you an average of 300 FPS and 500 RPM which is beyond comparison than any others Co2 Pistol.
Upside Down Cartridge Insertion Design
Unlike traditional Co2 Pistol in the market, our Black Hornet pistol has a unique upside down cartridge insertion design in the magazine. With this design, our magazine will act as a regulator, allowing Co2 flows within the magazine first before going to the chamber. This technology stablilze the Co2 pressure inside the mags, thus giving you a more stable shooting veloctiy on each shot.


Semi / Futo Auto Function controlled by switch
There is a switch that located on the left side of the slide showing you the firing mode. User could simply switch between Semi / Full Auto by pushing the switch either forward or backward.
Conversion to SMG
Black Hornet could be installed to our Caribe Conversion Kit. Player can easily transform this pistol into a sub machine gun in less than 30 second. No special tools are required. This pistol is 100% compatible with APS Caribe conversion kit.
To conclude, a fair quality pistol can be easily found in the market. But a good quality pistol is hard to get. The best quality pistol even never exists until Black Hornet is born. APS listen to players and make product for the players. As a Co2 Pistol with fully automatic function is barely seen in the market, we believe this Black Hornet Co2 Pistol would be widely accepted by Airsoft player.

Best Regards, Joe Lau, New Product Development & Marketing Manager (APS Ltd)

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