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APS’s new hellfire grenades

APS are releasing some new hell fir grenades:



New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


Looks like our PDW 9mm SBR also suitable for hunter, don’t you agree?


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APS eSilver Edge gear box

APS have shared details of their eSilver Edge gear box:

The eSilver Edge gear box is first main product in APS marketing plan 2019.

eSilver Edge postereSilver Edge-ReSilver Edge-LeSilver Edge-part1eSilver Edge-part2eSilver Edge-part3eSilver Edge-part4eSilver Edge-part5eSilver Edge-part6

In a few months later, we are going to launch our PER series, ASR series , F-1 firearms and Falkor Defense in eSliver Edge version.


eSilver Edge CG


G&G: LMG’s are here!

G&G have shared details of their new CM16 LMG:



The highly anticipated LMG is finally here! The CM16 LMG is packed with many features. It comes in a full polymer receiver and M-LOK rail. A 6-position crane stock allows for easy adjustment.  A bipod for a steady prone position and a set of fake bullets to complete the look of an LMG. Grab yours today! Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability. In stores now.

Featured Products




SPEED Airsoft line of tunable triggers in more colours

SPEED Airsoft have shared details of their latest new products:

SPEED Airsoft line of tunable triggers now available in even more colors

SPEED Airsoft has started to ship their line of M4 AEG triggers, including the M4 SE and HPA line of tunable triggers in colors. This provides more choices for customers and enables customers to color match the accents of their airsoft guns. More and more players are customizing their airsoft guns with colored accent parts and to do it with SPEED Airsoft high performance upgrades will be a natural path.


SPEED Airsoft has also released a new line of colored SPEED Hi-Capa triggers, as well as colored SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts.

SPEED HiCapa dualSPEED HiCapa monoSPEED HiCapa TM

SPEED Airsoft colored tunable triggers and GoPro Mask Mounts are now available blue, gold, red, in addition to their existing black and silver colors.

SPEED GoPro mounts

SPEED Airsoft products are all in-house CNC precision machined from USA grade billet aluminum by SPEED Airsoft in Canada.

All SPEED Airsoft products are available through your favorite airsoft dealers worldwide.

For more info, visit SPEED Airsoft at

(SPEED Airsoft)

New 14mm CCW outer barrel for TM Mk23 SOCOM

Lees Precision Engineering have shared details of their new outer barrel:

If you have a Tokyo Marui  Mk23 SOCOM NBB and wanted to add a 14mm CCW suppressor or tracer unit the only practical option was to use a 16mm to 14mm CCW thread adapter.

Now with this CNC machined 14mm CCW barrel there is no need for a thread adapter, 14mm CCW mock suppressors, tracers or even outer barrel extensions can be fitted on directly.


In addition to being a much neater way of adding a 14mm CCW thread to your Mk23 these barrels feature a larger through bore to allow longer inner barrels to be used without any modification and will accommodate most brands of inner barrels, 3 o-rings are also provided to stabilise the inner barrel within the outer, only 1 needs to be used but all 3 can be stacked together for extra support.

The redesigned split clamp body combined with the higher quality material used for these barrels also allows them to clamp down more securely ontop the hopup unit than the stock die cast alloy barrels, care should be taken when tightening the clamp bolt to avoid stripping the thread.
Each adapter is CNC machined from a solid bar of 6026 T9 aircraft grade aluminium with smooth machine cut threads and is anodised black.

CNC Machined 14mm CCW Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM NBB 1 600CNC Machined 14mm CCW Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM NBB 2 600CNC Machined 14mm CCW Outer Barrel For Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM NBB 3 600

Technical Specification
Thread : 14mm CCW (M14x1 LH)
Bore Through Barrel : 8.8mm
Material : 6026 T9 Aircraft grade aluminium
Finish : Anodised black
Fits : Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM NBB only, does not fit ASG or other clone Mk23 models
Designed & Manufactured in the United Kingdom by Lees Precision Engineering.

Available to order from with shipping to most countries available.

Trade enquiries from retailers worldwide are welcome.

(Lees Precision Engineering)

Classic Army Mk18

Classic Army have shared details of their new Mk18 which will be available soon:

Classic Army is proud to present our newest model to the Airsofters of the world! Our Nemesis MK18 model will be arriving on store shelves very soon and is one of the top performing rifles of this style!
It features a full metal exterior, providing rugged robust build quality just like our fans expect. This gun can take a beating and keep coming back for more. Never before has a gun been built from the ground up to handle the kinds of MILSIM abuse modern day players can throw at their blasters.


Inside of this gun is what makes it special from every other MK18 style rifle on the market. This gun features our Electronic Control System (or ECS for short) inside. This special trigger unit utilizes a unique method for tracking the rotation of your gears, ensuring you get a shot off every time you pull the trigger. The ECS unit also allows this gun to engage some other interesting features though. In a matter of seconds, you can program your gun to fire in three round or five round bursts and even semi-lock the gun for the ultimate MILSIM experience. Coupled with our 31k RPM motor, this gives you some of the best trigger response in the industry to send rounds down range.
Speaking of sending rounds down range, our guns include a 6.03mm Tight Bore Barrel from the factory, making them exceptionally accurate for all lengths of play. Load up your favorite heavy weight bb’s and watch them so from your muzzle to the enemy team with ease.
With a MAP price of $319.99 (or your country’s equivalent) this gun is not only one of the most high-tech bb slingers on the market, but affordable enough for every airsofter. See for yourself why the Classic Army Nemesis Mk18 is more than “just another M4”. Contact your local Classic Army dealer and pick one up for yourself!

If you are an Airsoft Store and want the Nemesis Mk18 on your shelves contact us at:
General / USA: Sales AT
Europe / Russia: david AT

(Classic Army)

New products from King Arms

King Arms have shared details of their latest new products:


The dark earth K93 LRS1 Sniper can bring the earth into dark again. Make the games great again.

K93 LRS1 Series…

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unnamed(1)Take the high ground always will be the key to win too.
With the KeyMod M4 TWS, you will have lots of keys to win.

KeyMod M4 TWS Series…

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unnamed(2)10 years ago, we are an airsoft company in Hong Kong.
And now, our factory has been moved to Taiwan.
And we improved a lot, because of the support from you guys, that is what drives us to move on.
Thanks for the support.

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity#10yearsChallenge

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unnamed(3)The other black
The electroplating black SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver will join the cowboy’s company.
Check them out, the SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver series are ready for pre-order now!!!

SAA .45 Peacemaker Revolver series…

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #SAA#Peacemaker #Revolver

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unnamed(4)Our PDW 9mm SBR series total have 5 colors, do you know that?

PDW 9mm SBR series…

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unnamed(5)When you camp in the dark forest you will always need a weapon.
Who knows anything would go down at anytime, at least don’t put down your guard.
With the blue Black Rain Ordnance, prepare to let it rain anytime.

Black Rain Ordnance Blue colors…

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity#BlackRainOrdnance #LetItRain #MoreColorsMoreStyle

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unnamed(6)Good Guts with Good Guns for Good Games!!!!
The King Arms New Pistols PG-20 & PG21 are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!
Check them out & contact us to get these magnificent pistols!!!

King Arms New Pistols PG-20 & PG21…

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity#GoodGunsGoodGames #KANewPistols

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unnamed(7)Another two new pistols are coming soon, the Predator Tactical Night Shrike .45 ACP (KA-PG-15) & MODEL 1911-A1 CAL.45 (KA-PG-22).
Good Duel & Great War.

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity#BestDealBestDuel #TimeToEndTheWar

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unnamed(8)Do you know?
Our PDW 9mm SBR have a whole series & come with different models.
Check them now & get yourself a PDW 9mm SBR that suit your style.

PDW 9mm SBR Series…

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unnamed(9)Roses are red
Gun is also red
Finally it’s Saturday
The beauty dressed in red.

Wish you have a good weekend as bright as the red.

Photo: 軍武安妮-Military Anny

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(King Arms)

The new E.T.S. Drop-in Recon version from Evolution Airsoft

unnamedEvolution Airsoft have shared details of their new E.T.S. Drop-in Recon version:

E.T.S. Drop-in Recon version


A unique design

Evolution added to their line of programmable electronic triggers and mosfets a new version designed to perfectly fit the internals of their Recon guns gearbox.
Installing the Evolution E.T.S. on the Evolution Recon guns is now easier than ever: not only the unit comes already wired, but it is designed to be placed in a specific slot designed to retain the Evolution Oversized Mosfet Unit. This retention slot is a standard feature on all guns of the Evolution Recon line.

unnamed(2)The image shows the Oversized Mosfet unit placed in its specific retention slot that equips every Evolution Recon gun

unnamed(3)The installation of the E.T.S. electronic trigger and its Oversized Mosfet Unit is completely "on board". Unlike other products offered by the competition, all components of this system are securely placed inside the gearbox. There are not external units that could be damaged or that keep space in the battery compartment. This is one of the great advantages of the Evolution Recon guns.

unnamed(4)The Evolution Recon gearboxes have a special retention system specifically designed to retain and secure in place the Oversized Mosfet Unit which is part of the Evolution Electronic Trigger System (E.T.S.). This is a standard feature on all the Evolution Recon guns (Full Metal and Carbontech™ versions)

unnamed(5)Item EA0262E E.T.S. Drop-in w/Oversized Mosfet Unit – Recon Version
The unit is delivered in a deluxe protective hardcase and it is compatible with all guns within the Evolution Recon line, both the metal and the Carbontech™ versions


  • Programmable burst from 1 to 250 shots (1 BB increments)
  • Digital trigger switch
  • Digital cut-off sensor (works without the mechanical cut off lever)
  • Digital safety (the mechanical safety lever can be removed or kept as a secondary safety)
  • Shortened trigger stroke
  • Faster trigger response
  • Operating tension 7.4V to 14.8V
  • Programmable LiPo protection function 2-3-4 cells
  • Drop-in installation
  • Full "inside the gearbox" installation
  • Installs in 30 seconds with no modifications
  • Easy to use and to switch between functions
  • Compatible with any commercially available battery, no modifications to the battery required

(Evolution Airsoft)

New distributor for Classic Army Airsoft in Europe

Classic Army’s USA team are now taking on responsibility for distribution of their products in much of Europe, they can be contacted at and


(Classic Army)

New magazines from Evolution

unnamedEvolution International have shared details of their new mags:

The New Mags


Evolution released a new line of amazing magazines

made of strong polymers, engineered to perform and give to the wargamer a tactical advantage.


Mid Cap

You go for midcaps? our new 180Rd midcaps are the mags for you


Hi Cap

Need more rounds? our 450Rd mags will be your best friends


  • EA0234M – 180Rd Mid Cap Mag for M4/M16
  • EA0233M – 450Rd Hi Cap for M4/M16
  • EA0232M – 180Rd Mid Cap Mag for M4/M16


  • EA0231M – 450Rd Hi Cap for M4/M16
  • EA0230M – 150Rd Mid Cap for M4/M16

Dealers and Distributors are invited to send their orders as soon as possible as in this first production run the quantities are limited.

View More

(Evolution International)

0241Tactical A-TACS BDU Extreme

0241Tactical are taking pre-orders for their A-TACS BDU Extreme:

Be the first to get your A-TACS BDU EXTREME. Pre-orders available now at

Pre-orders get $40.00 off MSRP of a set (pants and jacket)!


These BDUs are a combination of the good features of current uniforms and the traditional BDU! Check out for details.


Advanced tactical vests from 0241Tactical

0241Tactical have shared details of their advanced tactical vests:

Available from!

Advanced Tactical Vests!


  • 7.5 oz. (220 grams.) rip-stop fabric.
  • Nyco fabric 50% Nylon, 50%Cotton..
  • Heavy-duty YKK® zippers.
  • Teflon® finish for stain resistance and water
  • Internal cotton mesh and back ventilation system.
  • 18 total pockets.
  • Velcro® hook and loope pockets closure.
  • Ten Multi flexible size mag pouches for pistol magazines.
  • Cushioned collar.
  • Back molle system.



New products from King Arms

Here is all the latest product news from King Arms:


When the night has come 
And the land is dark 
And the moon is the only light we’ll see

This Predator Tactical Night Shrike .45 ACP Limited Edition will let you get your Best Deal & Duel.
Stay tuned.

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #Predator#NightShrike #BestDealBestDuel

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Day 224
The map of the final mission is reached me successfully, with the letter of my wife.
This will be the end.
With the blessing of these 1911-A1 CAL .45 pistols
I finally can go home, soon.

King Arms 1911-A1 CAL .45…

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #MODEL1911A1

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APS eSilver Edge Gear Box

APS have shared details of their new gear box:

eSilver Edge poster

eSilver Edge Gear Box

After years of development, APS finally released their first Electronic Gear Box, named eSilver Edge Gear Box. A micro chip (Super Dynamic Unit) S.D.U.  that works together with magnet gears set, reinforced piston, quick change spring guide and micro switch trigger that gives you instant trigger response when shooting.  Below are the features of this eSilver Edge Gear Box:

Outstanding GearBox Specification:

Base on our design and testing, eSilver Edge Gear Box works perfectly under 7.4v to 12.5v. The current are always stable at <11 Amps in any voltages between 7.4v to 12.5v. Low and stable Amps means it drains less battery and the lifespan of the components could last longer.

Use of Advanced S.D.U. chips

The S.D.U. chipset that used in eSilver Edge Gear Box has a unique function that stop the gearbox from further damage if electric current is too high. Simply to say, electric current / Ampere will increase if there is a malfunction inside the gearbox. For instant, bad motor, damaged gears or short circuit. When our S.D.U. detected more than 5 trigger presses in exceed Amps, the whole gearbox will shut down to prevent further damage. User has to disconnect and then reconnect the power supply to reboot the gearbox, we strongly recommended user to check the internal immediately if mal-function happened.

Micro Switch Trigger

eSilver Edge Gear Box standard comes with micro switch trigger works together with the S.D.U.,  providing you an instant trigger response when shooting. Base on our testing, the response time of the switch is just 0.02 sec, with the short stroke design of the trigger, it is unbelievable fast and you won’t feel any trigger delay when shooting.

Reinforced parts

APS standard Silver Edge Gear Box has long been famous in its durability. APS eSilver Edge Gear Box further develop its strength, our electronic parts could works between -20°C to 80°C and our mechanical parts could works between -40°C to 85°C. The gear box shell is reinforced, it works under M190 spring used. The rear wires of the gearbox were braided with PET sleeving provides extra protection for the wires. eSilver Edge gearbox standard comes with full steel teeth piston that increase the durability of gearbox too.

Ambidextrous design

There are several electronic gearbox manufacturers in the market but none of them come with Ambidextrous design. APS eSilver edge gearbox revolutionary made an electronic gearbox that could be used in Ambidextrous guns, it works perfectly on APS Ambidextrous rifle fully compatible with V2 Gearbox in the market.

To conclude, APS eSilver Edge Gear box has so many advance features that it will sooner become one of the best gearbox in the market. The Electronic S.D.U is replaceable, repairing is easy and friendly. It comes with Dean’s plug but optionally convertible to Tamiya plug with EBB / AEG function base on request (MOQ 20pcs). Parts are TM compatible, which means further upgrade is available if needs.

eSilver Edge-ReSilver Edge-LeSilver Edge-part1eSilver Edge-part2eSilver Edge-part3eSilver Edge-part4eSilver Edge-part5eSilver Edge-part6


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