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Introducing Dominator DM870 shell ejecting airsoft shotgun

Dominator have shared details of their new DM870 shell ejecting airsoft shotgun:

Dominator™ DM870 Shell-Ejecting Shotgun



Full Steel CNC Machined
The DM870 uses a complete set of steel components including the CNC-machined receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group.

Realistic Mechanism 
This product can realistically ejects and loads shells like an actual pump-action shotgun and it’s realistic shot patterning and resembles standard defensive loads.

High Compatibility
The DOMINATOR™ DM870 SHELL-EJECTING SHOTGUN – STANDARD is Compatible with a wide range of third-party gas and CO2 shotgun shells.


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G&G SR series in battleship grey

G&G’s SR series is now available in battleship grey:

SR-Series in Battleship Grey
Battle Tested. Combat Proven. The new SR-Series in Battleship Grey features a Generation 2 electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) with a pressure absorber. The pressure absorber takes the excess force of the trigger pull to give a quicker and faster response. Additionally, a new Generation 3 Mosfet has been updated for superior performance. Now available.

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Forward Grip for G&G Keymod Handguard (Grey)

Rail Set for G&G Keymod Handguard

G&G Red/Blue/Green Dot Sight (Grey)

11.1v 20C/800mah Li-Po battery


G&G ARP 9 colour Kits now available

G&G have shared details of their new ARP 9 colour kits:

ARP 9 Dress-up Kit

Customize your ARP9 or ARP 556 with our newly colored kits available in 5 different colors. Now available at your local G&G authorized dealer.


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G&G Mechanix Gloves

ARP 9 Battleship Grey

Four Piece M-LOK Rail Panel

M-LOK 45 Degree Rail


Heavyweight BBs from G&G

G&G have shared details of their new heavyweight BBs:

.40g Bio 2700ct Bottle and .28g Tracer 2400ct Bottle

Introducing our heavyweight contenders of competition grade BB’s. G&G Armament BBs are consistently manufactured to be 5.95±.01mm in diameter and are guaranteed to be jam-free, providing a perfect projectile to maximize the potential of your weapon system. 
The .40g Bio-degradable BB and .28g Green Tracer BB comes in our easy to pour bottle for easy usage and provides the finest quality heavy weight BBs for snipers and support gunners alike in 2,700 and 2,400 round bottles at an affordable price.


SKU: G-07-269 / .40g Bio 2700ct Bottle


SKU: G-07-245 / .28g Green Tracer BB 2400ct Bottle

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TR16 MBR 308WH G&G 1.1×24 scope

Midnight Hawk Tracer Unit (14ccw) AEG Power Spring M140


PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 9.5"/12"/14"

PTS’s new ZEV Wedge Lock Handuard 9.5"/12"/14" will be available very soon:

PTS® ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 9.5”/12”/14”


Item Code:

ZV001490307 – 9.5”

ZV002490307 – 12”

ZV003490307 – 14”


The PTS® ZEV “Wedge Lock” Handguard is a very sleek, modern looking M-LOK compatible handguard that is skeletonized for lightweight without compromising strength.  The handguard’s narrow cross-section provides for an excellent ergonomic grip and has slab sided surfaces for improved shooting stability off supported positions.  It is given its name due to its extremely rigid but very simple rifle mounting system design. The "Wedge Lock" system consists of two wedge-shaped planes, both at complementary angles that push against each other by simply tightening a screw, thus creating tension between the handguard and the barrel nut. The Wedge Lock provides for a very rigid mount between the rail and the receiver which also ensures superior accuracy of aiming accessories such as lasers even from supported positions.


-       Black Anodized Finish

-       Wedge Lock Mounting System to Receiver

-       M-LOK (Modular Lock) Mounting System for Accessories to Rail.

-       Low Profile Gas Block and Mock Gas Tube


•    Color – Black

•    Material – 6000 series Aluminum

•    Coating – Black Anodized Finish

•    Weight – (9.5”)305g / (12”) 360g / (14”) 391g approx.

•    Dimension –

ž 9.5” – 235 x 40 x 60mm

ž 12” – 330 x 40 x 60mm

ž 14” – 370 x 40 x 60mm

•    Compatibility – Most AR-15 Airsoft AEG/GBB/PTW

For more Details:

PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 9.5”

PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 12”

PTS ZEV Wedge Lock Handguard 14”



PTS – GBLS DAS GDR-15 available on 18/10/2018

unnamedPTS have an exciting new product coming very soon:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – GBLS DAS GDR-15 available on 18/10/2018


PTS News

We are glad that PTS are releasing GBLS DAS GDR-15 and will available on 18 October 2018.
PTS will act as GBLS Hong Kong and Taiwan Exclusive Dealer.


Airsoft has been around for more than 30 years but the technology only progressed by inches. We, as players, spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, purchasing gear in preparation for airsoft games, and yet we still play with antiquated airsoft guns. This really motivated me to pursue how I can make my beloved game more realistic.


DAS mechanically controls the movement of the bolt carrier to achieve the same stroke as a real gun. DAS should be used in the same sequence of a real gun in order to fire consisting of the following steps: pull back the bolt carrier, check the chamber, advance the bolt carrier forward, and set to single-fire. In a game that creates an environment similar to a real battlefield, everybody wonders what gun to utilize. In the well decorated game field, what product can shine brightly out of the various real equipment that you have equipped. Without hesitation, the answer is DAS.


– The most realistic AR platform AEG.
– Realization of real gun’s mechanism.
– Recoil kick by real-sized BCG action.
– DAS’s hop up system with 6.04 AEG type hop-up bucking inner barrel.
– High shooting performance in any weather and temperature.
– Cerakote™ black receiver
– CNC Machined from Aluminium
PTS® Centurion Arms CMR Rail 13” (M-LOK) – lightweight, robust, free-float rail with M-LOK mounting system
PTS EP Grip (EPG) – Conventional M4 grip with improved ergonomics and aggressive 360° texturing.
PTS EP Stock (EPS) – a simple yet highly functional collapsible polymer stock. Features unique cheek welds that are both comfortable and practical with storage compartments for tools and utilities. 
PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake (Hong Kong Edition)
– Rear Wired with Mosfet & Fuse Protection & Li-Po Ready – Can handle the power of 11.1v Li-Po batteries. (7.4V, 14.2V Li-Po Batteries will not work on this model)


• Color – Cerakote™ black finished body
• Dimension – 808 mm (stock retracted), 873mm (stock extended)
• Weight – 3 KG (Approx.)
• Hop-Up – Adjustable
• Magazine Capacity – 60 rounds (DAS’s magazine)
• Power Source – Proprietorial Mechanical System of DAS
• Shooting Modes – Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
• Outer Barrel Length – 14.5”
• Inner Barrel Length – 363mm Ø6.04
• Rate of Fire – ~13 RPS
• Velocity – ~350FPS (Hong Kong)
• Energy Output – ~1.3 Joules
• Power – Li-Po 11.1v battery (Battery not included)
Recommend using 11.1V, 25C Li-Po Battery.

For More Details


New G&G ARP 556 battleship grey

unnamedG&G have shared details of their new ARP 556 Battleship Grey:

ARP 556 Battleship Grey
We took the popular ARP 556 and gave it some upgrades with the new ARP 556 Battleship Grey. Equipped inside the new ARP 556 Battleship Grey is a Generation 2 electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) with a pressure absorber. The pressure absorber takes the excess force of the trigger pull to give a quicker and faster response. In addition, we have installed the new Generation 3 Mosfet with 3 round burst control feature. The new color and compact size make it ideal for indoor and urban environments. Contact your local G&G authorized dealer for pricing and availability.

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Click to Watch the ARP556 Review

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G-03-206-2/ M-Lok Vertical Grip G-07-233/.25g 5600ct Bottle

G-12-025-1 GT1 Red Dot Sight G-11-079 11.1V 20C/800mah Li-Po battery



PTS restock

unnamedPTS have some popular items back in stock:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – Restock!

PTS Restock!

Some products are now restock! Check out and pick your favorite PTS items!


  • PTS Centurion Arms CMR Rail 9.5"
  • PTS MK18SD Mock Suppressor
  • PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS)


  • PTS Griffin Armament Linear Comp
  • PTS US PALM AK Battle Grip
    From US$19.99
  • PTS Battlecomp BABC Flash Hider


  • PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2)
  • PTS MASADA 11.5” Barrel Set


Coming to PTS on 11 October 2018!


Coming to PTS on 12 October 2018!


LCT TK folding stock tube & compatible LCK AEG

LCT Airsoft have shared details of their latest new products:

Below is the latest products- TK Folding Stock Tube and compatible LCK AEG which is with folding or under folding stock, ie. LCK74MN / LCKS-74M / LCK-104 / LCK-105 / LCKS-74 / LCKS-74UN / LCK-106 / TK-105 / TK-102 / TX-S74UN / PP-19-01 AEG.

And with this parts you will have more space for putting battery on stock.


(LCT Airsoft)

Cowcow custom grip tape

Cowcow Technology have shared details of their new custom grip tape:


New product by COWCOW Technology – COWCOW Custom Grip Tape

Highlighted features

Adhesive backed ~150 grit grip tape

Instantly improve the grip of your hi-capa in both wet and dry conditions

Prefect Fit For COWCOW Custom Grip

Package Includes: 2pcs Black Grip Tape

clip_image004COWCOW custom grip tape provides unparalleled positive grip for hi-capa, whether your hands are wet, dry, oily, sweaty, muddy, it doesn’t matter. It is easy to install and will not add any appreciable bulk to your grip.

Better grip = Positive weapon acquisition(drawing) and retention, better control, better accuracy, faster follow up shots, and more confidence with your hi-capa in any situation.



(Cowcow Technology)

New KRYTAC models now at authorized resellers

KRYTAC’s new AEGs are available now:


Available Now Click Below To See More


Krytac is proud to announce 6 new products Now Available your local airsoft retailer.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE


PTS–Ready for real?

PTS have shared a teaser for some news coming soon:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – READY FOR REAL? 10/11 coming to PTS



READY FOR REAL? Stay tuned with us and you will know what we are going to launch on 11 October 2018!



APS have shared details of their new CAM MK3:

CAM MK3 poster

CAM MK3 System

APS Shotgun CAM870 has long been famous in its high degree of realism. Since 2014, APS has sold over 5000pcs of CAM870 shotgun to the market. The first generation of CAM870 (MKI) power coming from co2 stored in the shot shell. It has no limitation in firing, it depends on how many shells you bought to the field. The main firing mechanism is coming from the shells. Customer loves the design and idea very much.

However, CAM870 MKI was so real, some baddies interchange its parts with real steal Remington 870, which caused potential threat. That’s why we changed the design and made the CAM870 MKII system where gas is charged to the bolt.

After we launched the MKII system, there is still a high demand of old CAM MKI system, customer loves the old design because of its power, less mal-function, no limitation of firing rounds, which is excellent for competition, practical shooting and games.

Because of the high demand, APS is now re-launching the MKI system, we call it CAM MK3. MK3 is an improved version of CAM870 MKI, it is still using push pin system, but internal is modified to make sure no real gun parts or shot shells could be used. The body receiver and its cradle are re-designed, so that baddies can’t interchange them with real shotgun parts.

With the help of extended push pin, CAM MK3 could give you 360 ~ 380 FPS, it is more powerful than the old MKI system. CAM MK3 shotgun are 100% compatible with MKI shells and Smart Shot shells. Smart shot shells allow user to fill gas directly through the valve. With the use of either 88g cylinder adapter or paintball cylinder adapter, the filling is 3 times faster than the old MKI system.

CAM MK3 is coming in October 2018 covering all APS existing CAM870 variants.


SPEED CNC tournament GoPro mask mounts

SPEED Airsoft have shared details of their latest new product:

Product Announcement – SPEED CNC Tournament GoPro Mask Mounts

SPEED GoPro mount 01

SPEED Airsoft launches their own specially designed CNC machined GoPro Mask Mounts for tournament players. This top mounted SPEED GoPro Mask Mount incorporates massive air passages when mounted onto a paintball mask, allowing unrestricted airflow. The top exhaust vents integrated on all paintball masks are there to vent heat and are an essential feature, which should never be obstructed in any way. The SPEED GoPro Mask Mounts are brilliantly engineered to allow the most airflow in the vents, while keeping it strong and secure to your mask.

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Dytac mini tracer DY-FH26B-BK coming soon

Dytac have a new mini tracer coming soon:

Dear all,

Everyone loves the DY-FH24-BK Dytac Mini Tracer so much and the first batch was sold out in 2 weeks, thank you very much for your support and we have restocked already and started delivery again.

We are bringing you another aggressive looking mini tracer now, meet the BLAST here! We are offering this BLAST mini tracer with the Xcortech XT-301 as a pack, and also the case separately, as your preference. Items will be available in Mid Oct and we are taking pre-order now. Please feel free to let us know if you have any question, thank you.

DY-FH26B-BK            BLAST Mini Tracer 14mm CCW (Xcortech XT301 installed)

DY-FH25B-CASE       BLAST Mini Tracer 14mm CCW (Outer Case Only)


Place your preorder with us soon so we can make sure you will be one of the first to get them!


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