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APS Collapsible Rifle Stock

APS have shared details of their new CRS:

CRS poster

CRS (Collapsible Rifle Stock) is a new telescoping stock made by APS. It is typically design for AEG Guns in AR-15 platform. It is fully compatible with Tokyo Marui M4 AEG so it fits most of the M4 style Airsoft Rifle in the market. It features a large room for battery storage so it fits most of the Li Po Battery in the market. It is made of military grade polymer which make it both durable and lightweight at the same. A sloping cheek weld to provide consistent and comfort in any 4 positions. With a press of a button underneath, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for user. The one point QD sling mount with removable mini QD sling swivel accept 1” – 1.25” webbing sling use. The lower shoulder support is removable, user can change the style of the stock as their wish. This stock currently available in 2 colors (Black / Tan). It will become a standard equipment in APS new Phantom Extremis MKVI and MKVII rifle.


· Large battery storage room – Door open on the top by pin. Compartment size 117 x 32 x 31cm, easy to reach and change the battery.

· Light weighted (450g) and durable (Mil-Grade Polymer) at the same time.

· 3 Adjustments plus fully collapsed for 4 total positions for different shooter and different scenario use.

· Compact design. Length from collapsed (13cm) to extended (21cm)

· Spring controlled one push button for rapid length adjustment.

· Removable one point Mini QD sling swivel (fit 1-1.25” sling)

· Aftermarket Compatible (Fits AR-15 Platform in TM AEG design)

· Consistent cheek weld in all position

· Textured butt pad offers and anti-slip surface and increase impact protection.

· Removable lower should support for different style and appearance.



SPEED Airsoft new website Look

SPEED Airsoft have a shiny new website:

SPEED Airsoft has revamped their website from the ground up with a fresh new look. Direct links are now all updated to their Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel.

SPEED Airsoft

Check out their new look at for all of their product information or if you would like to become one of their worldwide dealers.

(SPEED Airsoft)

APS new product – Handstop

APS have a new handstop:



New products from King Arms

Here is the latest stock news from King Arms:


Surprise gifts by King Arms(Part 2)
Do you want to get it?
#KingArms #Airsoft #FREE #Patch

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Have any idea to bolt gears on your M-LOK??
#KingArms #Airsoft #MLOK #Comingsoon

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Ergonomic Training Weapon System (TWS) Type 2 Motor Grip for M4/M16/BRO Series -BK / DE, It comes with interchangeable front and rear inserts for personalized hand fit,Gives the operator maximum comfort and control over the weapon.
#KingArms #Airsoft #BlackRainOrdnance#M4 #M16 #Grip


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Python 357 Custom by King Arms – 2.5" / 4" / 6"
1.Whole revolver is constructed by metal.
2.Stylish CNC hollow oval barrel design makes your revolver looks unique among others.
3.Ergonomic, textured rubberized grip offers the operator maximum comfort and control over the pistol.
4.Metal hammer.
5.The metal fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight.
6.Ease to reach safety button lockup the hammer to avoid accidental fire while not ready to shoot.
7.Available in three difference barrel lengths to suit your preference.
#KingArms #Airsoft #Revolver #Custom

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M4 TWS M-LOK Ultra Grade II by King Arms – Rifle / Carbine / CQB

1.This lightweight AEG equipped with durable nylon fiber Training Weapon System (TWS) integrated receiver.
2.It is a 14.5 / 10.5 / 7 inch one piece outer barrel Carbine rifle which comes with Nylon Troy Front Sight and Rear Sight.
3.Full CNC Machined 12.5 / 9.5 / 6”M-LOK handguard and rail .
4.A high performance Quick spring change Ver.2 gearbox with 7mm bearing is made from high quality internal parts to ensure the shooting power and durability.
5.The quick spring change system Ver.2 gearbox helps to replace the spring and adjust the shooting power easily and Mosfet assembly provides better trigger contact.
6.Non-slip texture polymer casing ensures the operator access the magazine confidently.
7.Package comes with 140 rounds magazine and 3 pcs of M-LOK polymer rail section.
#KingArms #Airsoft #MLOK #Rifle #Carbine #CQB #UltraGrade




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(King Arms)

ASG Hera Arms HFGA frontgrips

ASG have shared details of their new Hera Arms HFGA frontgrips:


ASG is proud to announce our NEW HERA ARMS Multi-Position Polymer Front grip.  In conjunction with our License agreement with Firearms manufacturer HERA ARMS, we have developed the Airsoft version of their innovating HFGA Multi-position front grip design.

This exciting accessory will be hitting stores soon.


Multi-Position Front grip for most MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny Rails.

This is an innovative approach to the modern angular front grip currently popular among operators.

Depending on the distance between the attachment points, the angle of the grip will be more or less aggressive.


• Adjustable angle

• Solid polymer construction

• Steel fittings

• Anti-slip grip ridges

• Front and back, hand-stop design


Latest LC-3 series AEG

LCT Airsoft will be releasing a new AEG next month:

We’ll release the latest LC-3 AEG which is called LC-3AR AEG in February 2018.


(LCT Airsoft)

Jia Dyi: Chemistry in product combination

Jia Dyi have shared details of some of their new products:

Honorable Clients,

Work with Jia Dyi can bring about unexpected chemistry among merchandise combinations; see what will we have for you this week.

WE SMG8 GBB submachine guns【GG302/GG302 Tan】

MP7 series developed by HK were meant to use rifle ammo in a submachine gun to increase its stopping power, which happened to be the most criticized in its ancestor, MP5 series. WE launched GBB models and successfully solicited the lovers of Marui MP7 AEG with full metal jacket and kick-back, and of course the sweet CP point.


WE M&P Gas Pistols【GP432/GP432-T/GP432-B/GP432-P/GP432-SV1】

WE issued M&P series to honor the real steel manufacturer, Smith & Wesson. M&P means the guns have successfully won orders both from the Military and Police departments. And Smith & Wesson has always a head-to-head competition to the famous manufacturers like G__lock and Beretta. WE had imitated the broad and thin grip equipped with exchangeable backstrap, especially suitable for shooters care about ergonomics. In the meantime, if you were tired of black finishing in the lower frame like G_Lock, M&P provides tan/blue/purple combinations along with colorful backstraps.


Maple Leaf “Crazy Jet®” inner tubes series【ML-CJ80~640】and set for KSC/KWA MP7 GBB 180mm【ML-CJ7S180】

In addition to the traditional tighter bore 6.02mm precision tubes, the Maple Leaf also offers the aerodynamic “Crazy Jet®” to the GBB market. With the concept of releasing pressure through double barrels at the front end, Carzy Jet® can form an air-conduit to make sure the BBs not being affected by side wind, it will work like an invisible extension outer barrel to increase the BBs flying distance.


Poseidon’s Air-cushion® technology set designed for the Japanese market【BR-POS-PA-014/015】【BR-POS-PG024/025】


All of them are customized to the Japanese market, it shows the technological capability of Poseidon has been acknowledged by the Japanese hobbyists.

The 110mm and 141mm AEG Air-cushion® tubes correspond to Tokyo Marui’s electric pistol, mp7、mp5,and G&G ARP9. The 92mm and 172mm GBB Air-cushion® inner barrel were meant for M&P and MP7.

50 degree of AEG/GBB hop-up rubbers provide more adhesive to wrap the lighter BBs to generate backspin and cumulate enough dynamic for hopup effect in lower FPS. Besides, the softer material is also suitable for cold weather, so that it will ease the harden consequence from low temperature.

In the ocean of business, Jia Dyi locates in the island of Airsoft manufacturer, Taiwan. We have dedicated ourselves to provide all kinds of solutions to your picky needs for years. We own the most experience and reputation in the industry, along with associated firms in Taiwan, our collaborative outcomes only for your satisfaction-quality, delivery time, and competitive price. Please feel free to contact Jia Dyi at to see what ideas we can bring you.

(Jia Dyi)

APS special product – FALKOR Defense- Recce (Shadow)

APS have shared several pictures of their new FALKOR Defense – Recce (Shadow):

RECCE-shadow e-poster



Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS conversion kit

Tokyo Arms have shared details of their new T-REX PCSS conversion kit:

G17 KIT Poster

New Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS Conversion Kit

(Tokyo Arms)

New products from King Arms

King Arms have shared details of their latest new products:


King Arms – Light Weight Slim Silencer Series – BK
Available now!!
#KingArms #Airsoft #Silencer #Black

Delta Force(KA-SIL-08)
Navy Seals(KA-SIL-08-01)
US Socom(KA-SIL-08-02)
Special (KA-SIL-08-03)
US Air Force(KA-SIL-08-06)

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The prize is stand by now !
we will ship out as soon as possible , thanks for everyone to join our event ,
King Arms will launch more products in 2018 !!
#KingArms #Airsoft #MerryChristmas#Christmas #FREE #picture #photoshoot#Predator #Tactical #Pistol

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Are you still using the general tactical orbit ? Now you can give yourself a better choice,
M-LOK modular rail interface system to provide you with more comfortable , more light , focus or all-metal made !!
#KingArms #Airsoft #MLOK #Allmetal #lithe


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3 Revolvers , but only one Magazine with 6 bullets , Share? or Fighting for it? you choose!
#KingArms #Airsoft #Revolver

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(King Arms)

SLR x Jagerwerks G17 slide is coming

Dytac have some new products coming soon:

Dear all,

Happy New Year and wish you all will have a great year in 2018!

Well I hope you are as excited and happy as we do to see the SLR AK and M4 AEG rifles are coming! I have another good news for you all: There is another SLR parts coming next!

The official licensed SLR x Jagerwerks Slide for Tokyo Marui based G17 pistol will be available in Jan 2018. Dytac is very honor to be able to work with these two state of the art and most stylish brands together for this collaboration, and we are proud to be able to came up with the hottest G17 slide for the market!

We will be attending the SHOT show 2018. Please visit us and come check out this beauty and others Dytac and SLR Airsoftworks products! Thank you very much!

SLR-SLD01-TM          SLR x Jagerwerks G17 Slide (Tokyo Marui Based)




APS have shared a poster for their latest new products:

unnamed (39)


PTS enhanced sling plate – modular gen 2 (ESP-M2)

PTS have shared details of their new enhanced sling plate:

We are glad that PTS are releasing PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2) and will available on 10th Jan 2018. Encl. photo for your reference.

PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2)

Item Code:

PT155490300 – AEG
PT156490300 – GBB/ERG


The PTS Enhanced Sling Plate – Modular Gen 2 (ESP-M2) comes with a robust sling plate and an entirely newly designed detachable QD sling mount. This modularity allows you to use slings with either their own QD sling mounts or with a hook type attachment.  Both the sling plate and the QD sling mount are made of a robust steel alloy and will withstand strong pulling forces in all directions.  The detachable QD sling swivel itself features a recessed activation button that prevents accidental activation and its slim profile allows for the stock to fully retract. The ESP-M2 is also slimmer than the Gen 1 and lighter.

ESPM2_AEG w. swivelESPM2_DetachESPM2_GBB ERG w. swivelESPM2_on railESPM2_with gunESPM2_with MS3


  • Includes PTS Enhanced QD Sling Swivel
  • Low profile button to prevent accidental activation
  • Sling plate can fit standard QD Sling swivels (sold separately)
  • Quick and easy attach/detach


  • Color – Black
  • Material – Steel Alloy
  • Dimensions – 70×36x18mm
  • Weight – 1.7oz. (50g)
  • Compatibility – Most AEG/ERG/GBB AR-15 Airsoft

Disclaimer: This product is for airsoft, training, and simulation purposes only.  Utilizing Airsoft products improperly, including in real firearm applications, are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury.  PTS will not accept any responsibility or liability for misuse of this product.

Pre-order now! Start shipping on 10th Jan 2018.


Introducing the Dominator air compressor

Dominator have shared details of their air compressor:

tumNuNDDxPads8DT_EgzSu1La4Npi2ti1EWrih86EX8PaqJZw0h6K5rszDLbttq3NHLpaRmlVnu4llLwGVOIjdmcn3XHDUNhFP6qTvFICVMH-UxqrBrlzbsRzrkw2wGy6vbgjwp30LrogZ0=s0-d-e1-ftDominator™ Air Compressor

N0hfbo0cjuqiJR2X9f5FjLHkXiia7gicHsUKpyKjnBTwM611EQS4XsV1ay437tQJMPqtUfH-qXJ_IrJc8w=s0-d-e1-ftHeavy Duty Built
Built with metal chassis and protected by metal plates in all directions. Could be one of the best and most durable compressor ever made.

Easy To Use
Become your own source of air supply has never been easier, simply plug in the power and you’re ready to fill up those tanks.

Variety Of Usage
Want to fill up Carbon Fibre Tanks, paintball tanks or PCP air gun tanks? Our Air Compressor will surely get the job done!

LcdcHV9d25f2gO0rMT2q9oSKjOepzhxNamQc-kMZPFJY1wVQgcDTckHjUtk1Lpa7Qi1lRsSbO1a54gpo7Q=s0-d-e1-ftDominator™ Air Compressor

Looking for more efficient and convenient way to refill you tanks? Tired of filling air at someone else’s place? Dominator™ is proud to announce our own air compressor! Dominator International has what you need, here we present you the Dominator Air Compressor made with quality engineering.

Dominator™ Air Compressor is all that you need to become your own air fill source! Plug the compressor into an 110V outlet and you’re ready to fill airguns, paintball guns, and airsoft guns for years to come! With a built-in automatic shut-off feature that allows for adjustment of the output pressure up to 4500 psi, you can fill anything and everything easily.


  • High Quality Purpose Built Electric Air Compressor
  • Durability Assured
  • Adjustable Pressure Output, Max fill pressure up to 4500 psi.
  • Operating Noise Level is at 90dB (Similar to food blender in terms of noise)
  • Internal Water Cooling System
  • Automatic Shut-off Mechanism
  • For PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tanks


  • 90 cu-in. bottle from 0 to 3000 psi in 10 minutes
  • 90 cu-in. bottle from 0 to 4500 psi in 15 minutes
  • 74 cu-ft. tank from 0 to 3000 psi in 35 minutes
  • 74 cu-ft. tank from 3000 to 4500 psi in 17 minutes
  • 74 cu-ft. tank from 0 to 4500 psi in 52 minutes
  • 88 cu-ft. scuba tank from 3000 to 4500 psi in 20 minutes


  • External Dimension: 450mm x 420mm x 430mm
  • Weight: 32KG / 76 lbs
  • Working Decibel: 78 dB
  • Cooling System: Water Cooling
  • Compression: Two-stage Compression
  • Voltage: 110V / 60Hz & 220V / 50Hz
  • Fan Speed: DC24V 5000 rpm
  • Water Pump: DC24V

  • Pressure: 4500 PSI / 30mpa

  • Power: 1.6KW / 1440 rpm

  • Air Output: 4500 PSC / 50-55 mins (6.8L)

  • Outlet Connector: 8mm QD Connector

4EYQbHG-8vPw3ENJo2nWbY_XIbvjeGg8NdUOX0UujBjyuyIiDnpMdnfX7gvJxb6p3p-WRM7RafLQ_dVsRw=s0-d-e1-ftUser Friendly and Durable.

The Dominator Air Compressor has all the functions and durability you need to fill up air tanks conveniently. Become your own source of air supply has never been easier, simply plug in the 110V power supply and you’re ready to fill up those tanks. Whether to fill up for Carbon Fibre Tanks, or PCP air gun tanks, the Dominator Air Compressor will get the job done.

Learn More

esRRPuOlP7mMgr8WMIhbyg35jzVXaaDWeApUQyjKl-DOWHroaZlI_O0GdBXUXiAZ0jZOsXZy0UMVhG_3iA=s0-d-e1-ftComes with all the things you need.

The Dominator Air Compressor includes a female quick disconnect hose, male to male fitting, oil breathing plug, replacement output air filter and also extra seals and O-rings. Other than the accessories, the compressor also has a built in automatic shut off feature that enables you to adjust the output pressure you wish up to 4500psi, these incredible functions and durability will always enable you to fill your tanks for the years to come, say no more to relying on others to fill your air.

Learn More


  • Q1: What type of oil do I use in the compressor?

  • A1: You may use 5W40.

  • Q2: Would the compressor be able to finish a 6.8L air tank in one attempt? Or does it require a external water source?

  • A2: Yes, the compressor can fill that size tank in one attempt without stopping.

  • Q3: How many litters of water does it require for the compressor to charge a 6.8L air cylinder from 0-4500psi continuously without stopping?

  • A3: The compressor uses around 4.8L to charge that size tank and it will take about an hour to complete the charge.

  • Q4: Can you use scuba compressor oils?

  • A4: Yes, you could use oil that is intended for scuba compressors

  • Q5: Which grade of synthetic oil would you recommend?

  • A5: You could use 5W40

  • Q6: What country is it made in?

  • A6: China

  • Q7: Can I fill my PCP gun directly from this compressor? Or do I have to fill up the tank before filling the airgun?

  • A7: You could directly fill up your PCP gun with our compressor.

  • Q8: Is the air safe to be used for scuba diving purposes?

  • A8: No

  • Q9: Where will the compressor pick up the temperature?

  • A9: On the second cylinder

  • Q10: Can you use antifreeze in the cooling system?

  • A10: Yes you may.

  • Q11: What would be the largest tank that this compressor could fill?

  • A11: The largest tank that has been tested with this compressor would be a 98cu-in 4500 psi tank.

  • Q12: Does the compressor have a water filter?

  • A12: Yes, there is a water filter at the intake

  • Q13: Does the compressor have a moisture trap?

  • A13: Yes, there is a moisture trap at the intake

  • Q14: Does it require a second compressor like others?

  • A14: No it doesn’t

  • Q15: Does it have a air drier on this compressor?

  • A15: Yes it does

  • Q16: How loud would this air compressor be?

  • A16: It’s as quiet as 90 dB, you could be having a conversation next to it without haven’t to raise your voice.

  • Q17: What could I use this air compressor for?

  • A17: For PCP airguns, Airsoft and Paintball tanks.

A full range of HPA products are coming!

Dominator™ is going to step into the market of HPA System! Stay tuned on our social media platforms for latest information!


If you’d like to purchase our products, or would like to discuss them in more detail please feel free to contact us, or join the Dominator™ Community discussion group.



More PKP Pecheneg AEGs from Raptor coming soon

Raptor are working on the second batch of their PKP Pecheneg AEGs:

Dear PKP customers,

Raptor would like to thank you for the support of all those that purchased this monster!

Our first batch of PKP Pecheneg AEGs have sold out very quickly, and due to the continued demand, a second batch of PKPs is in the works! We expect the second batch to be completed early next month.

If you missed out on the first run, now’s your chance!


For customer’s who’ve already purchased their PKP – we’d like to see pictures of your gun and kit on the field! Tell us about your setup, and the airsoft store that you’ve purchased your PKP from, and we’ll enter you for a chance to win a PKP Tactical Kit – with free shipping to your home address!

What are you waiting for?

Deadline:March 31, 2018

Very truly yours,


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