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GBLS UK authorised service centre

CAGE_GBLS_FBGBLS UK have teamed up with The Cage Airsoft:

GBLS UK Appoints The Cage Airsoft as Authorised Service Centre

London, UK – August 2018

GBLS UK, distributor of the innovative GBLS Dynamic Action System (DAS), has named The Cage Airsoft, a leading provider of airsoft technical services, as its Authorised Service Centre.

Through this appointment, The Cage Airsoft will be carrying out assessments and repair under GBLS UK’s 12 Month Limited Warranty as well as providing technical support.

This arrangement will help GBLS UK to deliver on its commitment to support the platform by resolving warranty claims directly with end users and providing technical training to retailers. Moreover, to cater for users who wish to customise their rifles, any DAS products which are modified by the Authorised Service Centre will remain covered by the GBLS UK warranty.

For more information contact: or visit


BOLT’s Releasing Strongest Recoil AK AEG ~~ AKSU74

Bolt have shared details of their new AK recoil AEG:

Good News!! the strongest BOLT AK recoil AEG is completed and ready to shock the world in August.

Please kindly refer to players enjoyment look by AK samples and AK’s features below:



Black Owl Gear™ M1A1 accessories

Black Owl Gearimage have shared details of their M1A1 accessories:

unnamed(8)BLACK OWL GEAR™

M1A1 is one of the classic weapon of WWII. Back in the day weapons usually made by wood and steel,

Wood Conversion Kit Will make your M1A1 not just looks real ,but feels real too.


M1A1 have the stereotyped image of 50 round drum magazine, but in the field soldiers prefer 20 round magazine , 3 or 5 cell magazine pouch is a better choice to carry more ammo but light and compact.

As we know about M1A1 was called by "Tommy gun". but added a sling with U.S sign on it will change the whole image between mafia or U.S military. 


Black Owl Gear Tactical™ M1A1 Accessories

A submachine gun developed for WW1 but yet the war ended two days before prototypes could be shipped to Europe and taken the title of "the world’s first submachine gun" by MP18 , Still find it’s own way to be famous even it’s a way to make it infamous,it was called such as "the most famous murder weapons in the world" and "gun that made the twenties roar".

But on the other side, it proved itself is effective no matter it’s murder, protection or war, make itself glory in WWII and irreplaceable on history even after WWII.

Developed through a century, it still famous and having the beautiful shape that no one can forget it, such a legendary weapon definitely deserve to have a solid wood Conversion Kit is specifically made for Cybergun / WE M1A1 and pouches and sling with a sign to make its glory.

unnamed(13)The weight of history

This Wood Conversion Kit’s beautiful wood grain with the smooth touch that fits Cyber gun / WE M1A1, if you feel a little heavy, it’s because it is the weight of the history of M1A1.

More Detail

unnamed(14)No one wants to be defeated

Had you feel sad about carrying the M1A1 but taken not enough ammunition but a drum magazine is too heavy and annoying to carry, reload and shoot?this 5 cell magazine pouch can help you with that.

More Detail

unnamed(15)A Sling with the Classic sign

Maybe it’s heavy when you use a drum magazine or "XX" magazine, but you can use this sling to carry it and feels great when you and your friend can see that Classic U.S sign. 

More Detail

unnamed(16)No need for too much

Most people maybe like to shoot a lot with a drum magazine, but people who have technique. it will be no necessity to carry too much, even 5 cell magazine is too heavy? this 3 cell magazine pouch can help you with that.

More Detail

(Black Owl Gear)

New SDiK for Ashbury ASW 338LM rifle and AAC T10

Mancraft have a new SDiK for the Ashbury ASW 338LM rifle and AAC T10:

SDiK for Ashbury ASW 338LM < at shop!

Yes, it’s gold :D.

for 45deg trigger unit:…/conversi…/39-konwersja-sdik.html…

for 90deg trigger unit:…/conversi…/39-konwersja-sdik.html…



Dominator SilencerCo™ Salvo 12 shotgun silencer for DM870

Here is the latest product news from Dominator:

Salvo 12

Official licensed product
SILENCERCO™ SALVO 12 SHOTGUN SILENCER FOR DM870 is Official licensed , It means everything on this product is exact same as the real one .

Rare shotgun Silencer 
This product is one of the few airsoft shotgun silencer on the market , plus this silencer will make your shotgun becoming the one under the spotlight .

No modification required
This product no need for any annoying complicated install or modification to plug in this silencer on your shotgun .
Smooth , fast & convenient , tactical design !



The SILENCERCO™ SALVO 12 SHOTGUN SILENCER FOR DM870 is completely same as the real SILENCERCO™ SALVO 12 . The beautiful and stylish design , even those SILENCERCO™ details are all there .

This silencer was design and created by SILENCERCO™ , most of the shotguns had never been suppressed. this silencer designed to operate with most pump action and semi automatic shotguns and almost all commercially available ammunition.And also it is the only commercially-viable, modular, hearing safe shotgun silencer on the market. And now we get the official licence of it ! In other word , it’s really rare and it will make your shotgun be the focus of all your friend’s attention !

This silencer have the official marking and appearance you would like to show everybody you know , this is one of the charms about an officially licensed product .


unnamed(14)The more scarce ,
the more precious

As we know shotgun silencer still not common today , a silencer like this exquisite

and unique designed product is rarer than others .


unnamed(15)Convenience is the best tactic
There is a lots of accessory on airsoft have to modify your airsoft or the installation is really complicated and hard to unplug it , the pain is real especially when your friends already packed all the things they have played and you are the only one they’re waiting for.



  • Official licensed product

  • Looks exactly like the real Salvo 12

  • One of the few airsoft shotgun silencer on the market
  • Easy plug and play installation & No modification required


  • 1 x Silencer
  • 1 x Adapter

(Dominator) Titan Power for Airsoft coming to Europe have shared details of a new battery from Titan:

Next generation high quality Lithium Ion batteries:

Titan Power Airsoft Europe

Dealers apply here!


Dominate the field with Titan Power batteries!

Europe get ready for your next generation Airsoft batteries! What about Lithium Ion batteries with 7000 mAh capacity? These batteries are very popular within the USA, they will soon make their way into Europe! Titan Power provides high quality Lithium Ion technology which provides Airsofters with 2-5 times the capacity, no puff, no memory and a lot of fun during the game :)

Titan Power was started in 2015 to bring the most advanced Lithium Ion batteries and other power technologies to the world of commercial and hobby remote controlled aircraft and UAVs, and many other applications of high energy density cells. Titan Power’s Airsoft division formed in January of 2018 to provide a better alternative to airsoft nimh and lipo batteries. The staff play every weekend, and understand that players need a durable and quality form of power to keep them on the field, all the time.

Check their blog and website for more details. Stay tuned for additional information on EU pricing and local availability soon! Interested Dealer might want to apply here… 

Interested? Dealers apply here


Titan Power for Airsoft – The LiPo killer?


New G&G L85 upgraded

G&G have upgraded the L85:


The iconic British bullpup has been given an upgrade with our electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) and pre-installed Mosfet. The rifle is constructed out of a steel receiver giving you the realism of the real rifle. Additionally, we have installed a lightweight trigger to improve trigger response and performance. Now available worldwide.


Find Out More


TM M&P9 diversify guide rod & 150% hammer spring

Cowcow Technology have produced two new products:


New product by COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9 Diversify Guide Rod and 150% Hammer Spring

Diversify Guide Rod is made by Stainless Steel material with CNC machined. It enhances the durability and reduces the friction by hard-anodized finishing. The package was including an enhanced recoil spring and a pack of aluminum buffers which comprehensively optimise the cycling speed and stroke. There are 2 different tension zones (140% / 120%) which improve the recoil control and make easier handling on blow back cycling. 3 blocks of buffers can let user to select your perfect setting on the stroke. There are 3 colors available: Silver, Black and Gold.

150% hammer spring was made by high strength spring steel which is able to increase the power for each valve punch. It is suitable and more reliable in hot weather environment or high-pressure condition to ensure a consistent valve movement in every shot.

They are all compatible to TM M&P9, M&P9 V Custom and M&P9L.


(Cowcow Technology)

Power down valve set for KSC/KWA GBBs

Lees Precision Engineering have restocked their CNC machined power down valve set for KSC/KWA GBBs:

CNC Machined Power Down Valve Set For KSC/KWA GBBs Restocked This power down valve set for the KSC S7/KWA NS2 MP9 & MP7 GBBs is designed to reduce the typically high power output down to acceptable levels for use at CQB sites and sites with limits around the 1J mark. The one piece design gives a reliable method of reducing the power output with the advantage of some adjustment to suit varying gases, temperatures and site fps limits.

CNC Machined Power Down Valve Set For KSC KWA GBBs

Each set contains two CNC machined valves to replace the stock flute valve in the loading nozzle, one to reduce the fps by approximately 35fps and one to reduce the fps by approximately 50fps. In in-house tests a stock KWA MP9 was firing at an average of 359fps, this reduced to 324fps with the -35fps valve and 309fps with the -50fps valve.

These valves will also fit other KSC S7 and KWA NS2 gas blow backs such as the Kriss Vector, M11, M9, M93r, Mk23, USP series and G-Series but may give different reductions due to different barrel lengths. The -50fps valve has also been reported to reduce the output of a KWA LM4 GBBr from 430fps to 310fps

Available to order from
Trade prices are also available for retailers worldwide.

(Lees Precision Engineering)

H03C RGBW multi-color USB rechargeable LED headlamp

Here is the latest product news from Skilhunt:

H03C RGBW Multi-color USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp

unnamed (12)


New from COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9 series

Here is the latest product news from Cowcow Technology:


New product Series by COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9 Series

imageCOWCOW Technology launched another product series and it is TM M&P9 Series. There are two new products in this first launching.

Rocky Trigger Lever was specially designed for heavy use and capable for high tense competition needs. It constructed by a single piece of steel with CNC machined. Its strength hardening structure ensure the lever was in perfect shape and consistently transfer the force direct to the sear, gives user a solid and smooth trigger pull feeling. Also, titanium coating is used for reduce the friction to every contact point, keep it run smoothly and minimize abrasion.

Tactical Trigger was constructed by aluminum 6061 with CNC machined. It’s hard-anodized finishing provides a smooth and anti-scratch surface to maximise the performance. The innovative design on the trigger makes it flatter and slender. It conforms to ergonomic and comfortable to engage the trigger. Also, the Glock-liked safety mechanism applies on this trigger which is able to transfer the pulling force directly to the sear and results a crispy press feeling. It features an adjustable pre-travel system to narrow down the trigger duration which able to provide a sensitive and fast-reaction on every single shot. It is perfect for speed shooting no matter during competition and wargame. 2 Colors option: Silver and Black.

They are all compatible to TM M&P9, M&P9 V Custom and M&P9L.



(Cowcow Technology)

Dytac M-Lok & leymod rail handguard for 870 shotgun

DyTac have two new products coming at the end of September:

Simplicity is always one the best way to go. We keep things nice and simple here and this is how we came up with these products here, the M-Lok and Keymod Rail Handguard for 870 Shotgun.

Nothing fancy but just a robust piece which able to give you all details and functions you need. Metal build so it is strong enough to take up all the challenges.

DY-RAS64DM-M-BK             M-Lok Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64DM-K-BK              Keymod Rail Handguard for DM870 and APS870

DY-RAS64TK-M-BK              M-Lok Rail Handguard for TM870

DY-RAS64TK-K-BK               Keymod Rail Handguard for TM870



These items would be available end of Sep 2017 and we are taking preorder at the moment. Please contact us for further info, thank you very much!


Evolution Airsoft TangoDown licensed ECR-5

Evolution Airsoft have shared details of their new TangoDown licensed ECR-5:


(Evolution Airsoft)

New PTS products released 2nd August 2018

PTS have shared details of two new products coming soon:

PTS Kinetic™ SCAR MREX™ M-LOK™ 4.9” Rail


Item Code:
KN001490307 – Black
KN001490313 – Dark Earth


The Kinetic MREX™ Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be simple, durable, and lightweight. The slim profile of the MREX greatly improves the aesthetic of the SCAR by giving it a long sleek profile.  Its extended rail length in front of the front sight/gas block increases the rifle’s modularity by increasing the real estate for accessory attachments as well as improves ergonomics by better accommodating the modern forward support hand rifle hold and improving the overall rifle’s balance.  The MREX’s one piece construction ensures maximum durability without any significant weight penalty.

Read the rest of this entry »

Introducing AW Custom NE30 series pistol

AW Custom have shared details of their new NE30 series:


Iconic 1911 Configuration 
1911 pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol after a century past. They semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

Serrated & Checkered
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with flat top serrated slide and unique checkering designs on slide and frame. Both of it enhanced the gripping surface and made the pistol more user-friendly.

Classic & Innovative
AW Custom™ knows about what our customers need and we designed the NE30 Series to be extraordinary. With the star-style trigger as well as guide rod, you will never see it on the market before.


AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol
It’s already a century. 1911 Pistol is still one of the most famous and popular pistol model on earth. It’s semi-automatic mechanism is a ground-breaking innovation in the past and influenced many firearm designs in modern days.

AW Custom™ NE30 Series is under brand new series under iconic 1911 configuration. The flat top serrated slide as well as aggressively checkered slide and frame will give NE30 Series Pistol a unique and yet innovative appearance among the market.

Being available in three colours configuration – Silver, Black and Two-Tone models, one of them will surely suit your personal preference.

unnamed(12)Heavily Checkered Slide
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol features with aggressive checkering design on both front and back of the slide. This further enhances the gripping surface and make it pistol easier to operate.

More Detail

unnamed(13)Checkering Designs on Frame
Apart from the slide, the checkering design continues on the frame of AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol. This ensures the shooter to maintain a firmer grip while holding the pistol.

More Detail

unnamed(14)Flat Top Serrated Slide
AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with flat top serrated slide. It allows the shooter to have a smoother action while operating the pistol. It’s something you will rarely see on a 1911 pistol.

More Detail

unnamed(15)Star-Style Trigger
It’s not just a simple 1911 pistol. AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol equips with Star-Style Trigger. Though the pistol is in classic 1911 configuration, yet it is an innovation in the other way round.

More Detail

unnamed(16)Star-Style Guide Rod
Beside the trigger, AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol also comes with Star-Style Guide Rod as well as the unique barrel bushing. We know it looks classic and yet extraordinary at the same time.

More Detail

unnamed(17)Adjustable Rear Sight

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol features with a fully adjustable rear sight. No matter you are focus CQB action or long range targeting, simply adjust the rear sight with screwdriver to your favourite zero position.

More Detail

unnamed(18)Ambidextrous Thumb Safety

Are you right-handed or left-handed? No need to worry! AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with ambidextrous thumb safety to cope with shooters with different dominant hand.

More Detail

unnamed(19)Tactical Magazine

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol comes with a brand new tactical magazine. The extended magazine base plate enhances the reloading action and protects the magazine in case dropped onto the ground.

More Detail

unnamed(20)CO2 Magazine Compatible

AW Custom™ NE30 Series Pistol is engineered to be CO2 ready with our brand new CO2 magazine. No matter what kind of power sources, just switch with the different magazines and they are good to go!

More Detail


  • Material: Metal Alloy
  • Muzzle Velocity: ~300FPS


  • 1 x NE30 Series Pistol
  • 1 x NEMG09 Gas Magazine


  • Iconic 1911 style pistol

  • Unique flat top serration on slide

  • Equipped with star-style trigger and star-style guide rod

  • Checkering designs on slide and frame

  • Realistic mock firing pin mechanism

  • Imitation wood pistol grips

(AW Custom)

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