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Military 1st new website

Military 1st have a shiny new website:

We are proud to present you the brand new Military 1st website.

Not only we introduced sleek, streamlined design but more importantly loads of innovative solutions to improve your overall shopping experience.


Visit our new website now:

UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Don’t forget you can still enjoy free UK delivery and returns, free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia, and fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Military 1st giveaway

Military 1st have some Helikon gear to give away:

Join Military 1st Giveaway! Every week you have a chance of winning awesome Helikon Raider Backpack in either Advanced Green or Shadow Grey colours.

Helikon Raider Backpack Giveaway Instagram

To register click or tap then select the prize you want to win, fill out the form, and you’re good to go.

Get extra chances to win when friends use your referral link to join the promotion!

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A2 midweek update

A2 Supplies are looking at the details this week:

Its all about the Details!

If you’re anything like us, then you can agree that airsoft is mostly about the looks; you want to play soldier and look badass whilst doing it! No matter what your kit might be, you might be pretending to be a Navy Seal Operator (Beard and all), a SWAT Team member or even a WW2 Paratrooper, the guns and tac gear can only go so far… thats where the fine details come in! In store we carry a range of replica grenades and accessories perfect for finishing off that impressionist kit, or even simply for use as props/decor for films and displays.


Dummy Grenades Image 1

For you history Buffs why not adorn your WW2 Loadout with some Dummy Grenades? These are great for hanging off of Webbing! We’ve got Frag grenades, smoke grenades, breaching grenades and even incendiary grenades all of which look great right down to the fine details on the markings. The Pins can be removed alongside the fly off lever. Some of these grenades do have useful functions as the G&G MK2 Pineapple grenades also doubles as a handy BB Bottle/Speedloader! When you get snapped by the on site photographer you’ll stand out from all of your team mates thanks to these accessories.

Dummy Grenades Image 2

For you more modern fanatics we also carry a range of Dummy Flashbangs and Stun Grenades, although these are simply for looks (We have BFGs for breaching!) Hanging these from your tactical vest adds another level of cool factor to your kit. Why carry these bulky bolt cutters in CQB when instead you can have a couple of lightweight grenade replicas? Its time to personalise your loadout even further!

Melee Weapons!

Now this post isn’t all about things for looks! Some things do have their uses! have you ever been in the situation where you’ve snuck up on your enemy and in your head you wish you just had a knife for a sneaky knife kill? Well now is the time to fix that! In store we also carry a number of Rubber Training weapons which are perfect for getting up close and personal.(safely of course)

Melee Weapons Image 1

We carry a number of different styles in store, starting with the Rubber M9 bayonet. This iconic knife can be found on almost any airsoft site thanks to its affordability, it is a very popular choice for a melee weapon. Coming with a solid plastic scabbard which is designed to be hung from a belt which helps keep the knife close by at all times. it can even still function as a Bayonet by mounting onto an M4/M16 Bayonet Lug.

The Seal Pup style knives are much shorter with solid plastic sheaths allowing you to quickly draw them when things get dicey! Taking up far less space than the M9 Bayonet, the Seal Pup works well for high-speed low-drag setups!

If these don’t take your fancy, then why not release your inner Jason Vorhees with something a little more extreme! If you’re the sort of person who feels like a Desert Eagle is the gun for you, then why not pair it up with one of the Big Foot Rubber Machetes or Tactical Axes! These Weapons may seem overkill, but who can’t deny that destroying the enemy team using a tactical Axe is pretty cool!


Alongside the Grenades we also carry things like Dummy radios as seen here with the FMA PRC-152 another great stand in for the real thing which doesn’t weigh a ton or break the bank! Made of a heavy duty polymer this dummy radio looks the part and is perfect for sticking inside of an empty radio pouch! Available in Black, Green and Tan.

Dummy Radios Image 1

Night Vision?

Having a cool Helmet Setup seems to be the rage with alot of players these days, with so many different styles of replica Helmets out there, alot of the more modern lids have 1 thing in common; a NVG Mounting point. Its time to fill that empty slot on your lid with some Night Vision, but dont worry – this stuff wont require you to break the bank! FMA and Nuprol come to the rescue with their range of Dummy Night Vision, a perfect addition if you’re going for looks, it is also a fantastic choice for anyone looking for film props!

Dummy Night Vision Image 1

Above you can see the Nuprol PVS-15 replica being used in conjunction with a full face helmet setup, it looks great as both a modern spec-ops style lid or even something a little more futuristic. The Night vision is mounted using an FMA L4 ,G24 Arm mount which slots into most makes of replica MICH/Fast Helmets.

Dummy Night Vision Image 2Dummy Night Vision Image 3

Alongside Nuprol, we have some offerings from FMA, the ANPVS-15 and the GPNVG-18 two more fantastic Night Vision Replicas which all mount via the FMA L4 Arm. Although adding these to your kit is purely for the looks, these high quality replicas are very affordable and really do add the finishing touches to your modern loadouts/impression kits!

So if you’ve been looking for that finishing touch for your loadout, then check these out over on our Website –

(A2 Supplies)

BattleArena–international airsoft tournament

BA logoThere will be a new tournament taking place in Finland early next year – Battle Arena:

We’d like to introduce our project – “Battle Arena”.

BattleArena is the largest international airsoft tournament. The tournament finals are taking place in Finland. Teams from 8 countries participated the Tournament. More than 50 teams from across the Europe fought through the qualification matches for the honor to be a finalist, but only one team from each country had chance to face other teams in Finland.

Four seasons of Tournament have already passed. Next season will start at October 2019.

This is the very first game that took place 3 years ago. We will publish games every week for you.

The first season was really short, only 4 teams showed an interest. It was a first time that the spectators have had a chance to see the airsoft tournament from the first person perspective.

5 on 5 players format included the set of rules with mannequin “Valera” involved.

(Battle Arena)

Arn’s Airsoft “way back when (‘n buggy) machine” is being built….

I am working on importing all of the old archived documents we have, this includes the old projects and articles section. This will mean that a heap of the new pages added to the top menu system will be a bit of a mess. I have to go through the entire tree by hand after the auto-import has run and edit each page by hand. Old page counters have to be removed and everything tidied up. This will take a long time but I’ll get there!

These files include loads of old content from numerous other authors, and projects like Jericho and DumboRAT’s custom Face Off pistols (page one and page two).

Firesupport news – 2018 week 20–USA shipments

Firesupport are now shipping to the USA and Canada:

Firesupport News – 2018 Week 20

Firesupport is now able to SHIP replica Guns to USA and Canada

We also deduct VAT so its 20% cheaper

From as little as 70 USD a carton

unnamed (2)


Military 1st MFH Sale 2018

Military 1st are having a sale on MFH gear:

We offer 10% off entire MFH brand available at Military 1st with Discount Code MFH18.

Visit our website today and save on MFH army jackets, shirts and cargo trousers, combat gear, military backpacks and more.

MFH Sale 2018 Instagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 19 May 2018, midnight. Applies only to MFH brand category. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Downtime and the repair

Sorry for the downtime, completley unavoidable and out of my hands.

I won’t bore you with the technical stuff but there was a corrupt file int he network configuration which meant that duyring the forum updates when we went to reboot the machine for the first time ever the network went offline, this meant we couldn’t physically route or talk to the machine.

It’s taken until today for us to get access and repair the issue. Now everything is back, I can continue to get the forums fixed. There was a massive upgrade needed to them, Invision (who we lease the software from) provided a custom fix to their UTF8 conversion as the pound signs were lost and a few other special characters when we first ran the upgrade. I’ve run it with their custom code and it just needs checking now to make sure all went well, the skin can be quickly rebuilt and the forums turned back on again.

More good news coming!

Update: the database for the forums has been updated, all looks good, I am now waiting for IPB (Invision) to check it so we can enable the forums and ensure there’s no data loss. We can’t merge posts so have to ensure that the upgrade has gone smoothly otherwise we have to revert back tot he backup and run the update again.

Forum move complete, minor bugs being squashed

So I pushed out the DNS updates last night which should mean everyone is now looking at the new server. There will no doubt be issues that crop up and bugs we need to sort here.


Regarding the forums they have been upgraded to use SSL (so access will be via https), we’ve also updated Tapatalk, so if you use that mobile app all will be okay.

Upgrades will be gradual over the next few days, any requests please email them in direct or drop us a line in the forums!

Server move underway, you’re looking at the new server

We’ve moved servers and I’ve implemented the nameserver changes tonight. If you can see this then you’re looking at the new server. That’s good news, which means things are now working for you.

I’m just doing my best to get the forums all fixed and live now. All of the core/software updates are now complete.

Forums and server updates… still in progress

Well the updates are going well, the bulk of the front page work is done for the news system, the last part is upgrading our forums. this is taking time, because… well we have a huge forum.

To put it in context for everyone, we have 2.5 million posts, 750,000+ reputation rows, and a half-million PM’s stored. All of this needs to be updated and a large bunch of scripts run to bring the data in line with the new forum software version.

I’ll then have some the look and feel of the forum to tweak but we’ll make the new system live as soon as the functionality is there and it’s all secure. We can happily tweak the look with it live.

The technicians at Interworx aren’t able to commit the time until Monday to finish the updates for us; it requires their expertise and support as the software is theirs and they know the ins and outs of their software and also the solutions to the pitfalls. I expect us to have the forums online by Monday night now. In the meantime I’m going to prep the rest of the updates so they are good to go. Sorry folks, but we’ve outgrown the hardware we have, the OS and the software versions, it’s all being updated at once.

Introducing Cowcow Technology

Cowcow Technology are a new manufacturer producing airsoft parts and accessories:

New brand launched – COWCOW Technology

We are manufacturer from Hong Kong which specialising on Airsoft parts and accessories. We endeavor to develop our brand as top tier brand in airsoft industry and our products obtains affirmation from airsoft players around the world. We put great effort to expand our brand continuously and constantly focusing on product quality and service to supply a reliable partner during the shooting activity.

Currently we launched the following items:-

Click for more detail on <D01 Dottac Magazine Base>

Click for more detail on <RM1 SS Guide Rod>

Click for more detail on <OB1 5.1 SS Threaded Outer Barrel>

Click for more detail on <A01 SS Silencer & Tracer Adapter>

Click for more detail on <RS1 Recoil Spring>

Click for more detail on <NP1 180% Nozzle Spring>

Click for more detail on <B01 Dynamic Blowback Housing>

Click for more detail on <IP1 Disconnector>
Click for more detail on <IP2 Firing Pin Lock>

It is time to upgrade your pistol. Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page and also visit our website to get the latest updates.

(Cowcow Technology)

Team Blacksheep: Airsoft tech library of videos

Team Blacksheep have compiled a list of airsoft tech videos:

Airsoft Tech Library of videos!

With over 200+ videos ranging ALL Airsoft brands this is a complete list for repairs and upgrades to help all players new and old to get back out on the field and save their money!


Check out the video collection.

Make sure your share with your friends and help them out!

(Team Blacksheep)

Gunfire: Combat Alert

Gunfire have shared details of Combat Alert an event happening in Poland:

Free admission to the biggest airsoft maneuvers in Poland! Sign up!


Specna Arms has become the Title Sponsor of the Combat Alert, which is the largest combat and airsoft training in Poland. This year’s summer edition – COMBAT ALERT 10 BY SPECNA ARMS, will take place on 04-08.07 in Orzysz. Open airsoft maneuvers in Orzysz is organized on the territory of the former military training ground. It’s the unique event with long and rich tradition and constantly increasing number of participants. The 9th edition gathered almost 1000 airsoft players.


We would also like to recommend you other great events that you may find interesting


Are you looking for an idea for the weekend? Discover the secrets of the former top-secret Luftwaffe research and development center located in the village Szeroki Bór. Visit the amazing Masurian Lakeland and take part in the historical trip.


Choose your side of the conflict page and get ready to fight! If you have already signed up for the open, summer COMBAT ALERT 10 BY SPECNA ARMS, we encourage you to participate in the preparatory seminars.


The roar of engines, the sound of cannonade and the smoke rising from the battlefield. Take part in the exciting and unique tank battle reenactment in Orzysz.


Link to registration:

Link to the website:


Indiegogo campaign Enimine

Idea3Di are seeking funding for their new project Enimine:


“Enimine”, the revolutionary project for Airsoft lovers is landed on Indiegogo.
The crowdfunding campaign for Idea3Di’s new project started.

Military technology moves quickly, while that of airsoft doesn’t fit the current technological development at the same rate. A lot of not-working or unrealistic mines are available on the market, and almost all of them work by a pressure trigger. There cannot be any hope to hit the target with a single mine in a vast playground. Hence the idea of Enimine, a technological and innovative bouncing land mine for airsoft, with remote trigger by a microwave radar and the total coverage of a perimeter of about 10 meters.

The project, developed by idea3Di, has just landed on the Indiegogo website for the launch of a crowdfunding campaign, which will allow to produce it on a large scale.

But how is Enimine made?

Enimine is mainly composed of three parts: the bouncing mine, the launch base and a RF remote control.

Unlike other common land mines, Enimine has a microwave radar which can be activated with an RF remote control; it detects movements in a PERIMETER of about 10 meters and it triggers the launch and, subsequently, the detonation of the bouncing mine filled with gas and BB’S.

The gas shoots BB’s in all directions up to a distance of about 7 meters. Moreover, the bouncing mine is reusable.

To make it even more realistic, Enimine has been equipped with a disarm system: just hit it for 3 times and it will trigger and detonate. And through the RF remote, it can be deactivated or triggered instantly.

Enimine can be buried for ¾ of its body and the whole system is powered by a rechargeable Li-Po 7.4v battery.

<< We created this team – explain the designers – to develop a series of technological and innovative projects. Enimine is part of a long series of works we are doing together. We chose again the crowdfunding to test how much our product can attract the users’ attention. What we want is to see our ideas carried out and we would like to invent many more. That’s why we think crowdfunding seems the best way >>.

The design process began by developing the release mechanism, the gas compression system and the electronic board, three essential steps for the feasibility of the project.

Drawings processed on the PC, then taken to the third dimension through several 3D prints, allowed to perform the first tests.

During the second prototyping phase, prototypes were made in aluminum and steel by CNC machines both for a resistance matters, both to carry out the best tests about efficiency and functionality.

Tests that allowed to see their product grow from time to time and, therefore, to improve it.

In the third phase, Enimine was field tested, with optimal and surprising results.

<< We’re working on Enimine for about 2 years – says the idea3Di Team – but we play Airsoft for more than 10 years. Our passion for this sport led us to create something that was still missing and that players will no longer be able to do without. >>

Such an accurate prototyping process, combined with the study of several production techniques and the assembly of different materials – such as metals and plastic – allowed the idea3Di to overcome the limitations met during the creation process and to get a perfectly functional product tested to last.

There are those who, having previewed and tested it, said about Enimine:
<< Very useful for players and effective in every situation. A big step forward for the Airsoft. >>. Proof is in the pudding!

Indiegogo :


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