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Airsoft Atlanta Black Friday and PTS EPM1 midcap magazines

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:

BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE:  We are OPEN Friday and Saturday (11/27 – 11/28) from 12pm-8pm and Sunday 12-4pm at our new Tokyo Armory store-front in Atlanta.  You can also order online and we will ship same or next business day.  We have some deals on guns on our website at really low prices below MAP and more than 10% off.  On some guns, it’s over 30% off.  Glocks, Amoeba, ASG, G&G, and other popular items. Come stop by and see us for the largest stocked inventory on the east coast!
Deals end on Monday night or until we run out.  We are selling out of things like crazy, so shop early this year.  COVID is causing inventory shortage across the board.

PTS EPM1 Midcap Magazines – another small batch back in stock.  Available and shipping now.  We never "pre-order" months in advance like others, as the famous EPM1 hasn’t been available since March, 2020.  Fresh batch with the newly upgraded mag follower pre-installed at the factory for durability.  $29.99 each – available in Black.  A couple tan left too.
Orders will ship on Black Friday with a tracking # emailed to you.

Shop Now


(Airsoft Atlanta)

LCT Airsoft tracer series

LCT Airsoft have shared details of their tracer series:

LCT tracer series products will be your best partner in the night war!!


(LCT Airsoft)

New da Vinci Airsoft AEP inner barrels

daVinci_airsoft-web-logoda Vinci Airsoft have produced new inner barrels for the Glock 18 C, Scorpion Vz.61 and H&K USP:

Today we added some AEP’s inner barrel.


We add CLOCK18C , UPS , M93R & Scorpion first.
Inner DIA.6.03mm
Processed special plating against the rust.

In a few days,we will add MP7 & Mac10.

(da Vinci Airsoft)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 48 2020

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We’re approaching the end of lockdown 2.0 and finally we’ve had some good news! Organised outdoor sports, including airsoft, will be permitted to run after the lockdown ends, even in tier 3 restricted areas. As such, it looks good for all of our planned weekends in December. We are currently constructing an official statement to be released as soon as possible.

If you still have a credit outstanding for cancelled games in November, please email us with your preferred date and venue so we can transfer you across before spaces are filled up.

Don’t forget that next weekend will be our (slightly belated) opening weekend at the awesome Battle Lakes site! If you know anyone who played at the site under Zed’s, we’d love for them to come as well and share their input of the site with us. The scenarios will be short and simple, and played across as many areas of the site as we can manage so we can get a feel for how it plays. Once we’re up to speed with the layout in a few months, we will be aiming to run mostly FilmSim games to make use of large areas or the entire site for longer scenarios. Come along and help us make the site yours!

We are also operating at Camp Bravo on the same weekend – this one will be the last regular skirmish game of the year, after that it’s Xmas themed madness across all sites until 2021!

There are also night games coming up at both Camp Bravo and Tuddenham.

Speaking of Tuddenham, we’ve been busy during the lockdown and have carried out a lot of groundwork at the site including digging trenches. We are hoping to have some photos to show you over the next week, so keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t already done so.

Futuretech Airsoft will be at every FilmSim open weekend at Eversley Alpha on both days.

We can help with many tech issues such as hot guns, new buckings etc, and happy to take guns with bigger issues or for any customising/upgrade work, all at reasonable prices. So dig out those guns you haven’t got around to fixing and bring them along. Guns taken will normally be fixed and returned at the next months game or collect from Farnborough.

Check us out at  and drop in for a chat :)


(Gunman Airsoft)

Military 1st Black Friday sale 2020

Military 1st are offering 15% off sitewide with code BLACK15 until Tuesday 1st December 2020:

We offer 15% off everything with Discount Code BLACK15.

Black Friday Sale 2020 Instagram

Visit our website today and save on military jackets, tactical fleeces and cargo trousers, combat boots and backpacks, field and camping equipment, and more.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 1 December 2020, midnight.

It excludes already discounted items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free delivery to Ireland. Free shipping to the U.S. and Australia on orders over $100. Fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

New G&G SMC-9 nozzles

G&G have some new nozzles for the SMC-9:


SMC-9 Nozzle Kit

Easily downgrade the velocity of your SMC-9 to be CQB-friendly. Both nozzles are compatible with the SMC-9 and our GTP 9 GBB Pistol Series.
Now Available. Contact your local G&G Dealer to order one today.

Find your local G&G Dealer



New Evolution E-416 DEVGRU ETS BR

Evolution International have shared details of their new E-416 DEVGRU ETS BR:

The all new E-416 DEVGRU ETS BR


We decided to push the air soft guns to the next level so we factory-installed our most powerful programmable trigger system in our new Hardcore Full Metal guns!

  • Endless possibilities of different functions and configurations
  • No additional software required
  • No external programming unit required
  • No PC connection or Apps required

It is super-easy to program via trigger. Fast, easy and trouble-free!


What is the ETS III? What are the advantages of this system?
The E.T.S. III™ is the most advanced programmable electronic trigger ever installed in a stock air soft gun and it is the easiest to use.
While other manufacturers install electronic units with very limited basic functions and require to buy additional software to unlock the advanced functions and use an external programming unit, PC or apps to program them, the E.T.S. III™ have all the avanced functions out of the box, and no need of extras to use them, all you need is your finger as all functions, even the most advanced ones, are programmed via trigger. Fast and easy!



Watch the video and see how fast and easy is programming all functions


For more information follow us on Instagram and Facebook @evolutioninternationalofficial

and on

(Evolution International)

PTS UNITY Tactical FAST Micro Mount | AMNB Review

The guys at AMNB have been checking out the PTS Unity Tactical FAST micro mount:


When it comes down to licensed airsoft products from the firearms and parts industry, PTS Syndicate is always a company wroth looking out for. Their latest new additions to the UNITY Tactical licensed product family are the FAST Micro Mount and Micro Riser who some of you have been waiting for to come out. In this review, we´ll focus on the Micro Mount first.


Read more…


Gunfire Black Madness

Gunfire have launched one of their biggest sales of the year – Black Madness has up to 83% off a selection of items:


You will go crazy over these deals! Black Madness at Gunfire!


We are not waiting until Black Friday and we are already launching the biggest sale of this year! Up to 82%OFF over 3700 products! Popular brands, amazing products and discounts that you cannot miss!


NEW Hi-Capa airsoft guns and custom parts at Airsoft Atlanta

Here is all the latest news from Airsoft Atlanta:

New products and restocks on popular Hi-Capa airsoft pistols, custom parts, and accessories!

AW CUSTOM pistols!  Restocked on popular models and new "full-auto" variants of the two-tone and gold models.

COWCOW – mooooo custom parts for upgraded nozzles, hop up chambers, and blowback housing.

AW CUSTOM 400-round drum magazines – yes, these fit the Hi-Capa and another Glock version (Elite Force VFC Glocks) and can be HPA tapped for lots of fun.  Uses WE type HPA tap valves.  We recommend the TAPP brand titanium valve adapters.

Matrix Hi-Capa holsters!  Fits both 5.1 and 4.1 version (and others too).  Comes in paddle, belt, molle, or drop-leg configurations.  Pretty much the same as Cytac holsters made at the same factory.

Laylax Battle Vest in black.  These are awesome and can be used in a variety of configurations.

Online orders placed before 10am on 11/23 will ship same-day (Monday).  Please keep in mind USPS Priority is not always updating tracking info with scans, so if your tracking # doesn’t update in a few days, please don’t worry, it did in fact ship out of our facility but didn’t get scanned at the post office distribution center.
We are open every day this week except Thursday for Thanksgiving.  Shipping may be delayed for orders placed after Tuesday, so get them in now for prompt arrival.

Shop Now


(Airsoft Atlanta)

MEC PRO trigger installation tutorial | AMNB guide

The guys at AMNB have made a video tutorial for the MEC trigger:

Here´s a new video tutorial we did for the MEC Trigger.




LCT Airsoft: special news for PP-19-01

LCT Airsoft are encouraging you to modularize the PP-19-01:

Have any idea for PP-19-01?


(LCT Airsoft)

Jia Dyi: For sniper lovers

Jia Dyi have written a new article for sniper lovers introducing several new sniper rifles:

Jia DyiFor Sniper Lovers

Honorable clients,

The real modern snipers first appeared in the WWI, but do you know there is also an interesting origin behind the word “Sniper”? Sniper originated from a game played by British soldiers stationed in India around 1773. The soldiers there often hunted down a quick bird called the “Snipe”. Since this bird is very difficult to hit, people who are longer than this are called “Sniper”. Later, sniper became the official name of a professional sniper.

For the fans of Sniper Rifles, today we would like to introduce several brands and models of Sniper!


The real gun version of M700 operates with a rotating back-pull bolt machine derived from the German Mauser system, it has developed a series of specialized sniper rifles because of its high accuracy and great power. The U.S. Army’s M24 sniper rifle and the U.S. Marine Corps’ M40 sniper rifle are also derived from the M700. And the M700 from KJ Works is therefore a popular choice for airsoft sniper rifle.


The KJ M700, is a bolt-action, gas-powered airsoft, the gas powered allows the bolt to cycle smoothly and almost effortlessly just like a real bolt action rifle. The magazine can only be released when the bolt has been pulled back, the hammer will reset at the same time, and for safety there is a hammer indicator on the back of the bolt. The rear sight can be adjusted according to wind change and elevation, the front iron sight is also attached to the gun via dovetail mount, and both can be removed if needed. This rifle not only perform like a real gun but also very functionable, and the price is quite reasonable!


SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a high rate of fire, and can be highly reliable in guerrilla warfare and frontline missions on the battlefield. Although its performance may not be as good as modern sniper rifles now, it still has a place in history. SVD is not only the world’s first sniper rifle designed specifically to support class platoon sniper and long-range fire support, but also derived few versions with different characteristics, and it is the basis of many gun design concepts too!


There are three types of SVD from WE, steel wood, plastic wood and aluminum version, and the difference is mainly on the lower receiver. WE SVD is a true 1:1 replica which has a solid recoil system, total length 1220cm, the weight is 3400g, with aluminon alloy receiver and full metal barrel/internal assembly, easily adjustable hop-up and adjustable front and rear sights, all features make it a formidable weapon on the field!


The VSR-10 is modeled after Remington M700. There isn’t a VSR10 real gun prototype, but it’s still a popular sniper rifle in the airsoft industry, because it has its unique advantages and charms. VSR10’s features such as easily adjustable and functional hop-up allowed its ranking to move forward quickly after it was released, until it became the status it is today. Although it has lower muzzle velocity than competing products, it doesn’t lose in range or accuracy, the accuracy is astonishing, so you can simply shoot small objects. And there are a lot of upgrade parts and accessories available for the VSR10, so it can be easily customized if the standard weapon is not enough.


And the HFC VSR11, is a redesigned of VSR10 but with lower price, which can also work with VSR10 upgrade parts. It is a very affordable bolt action gun that offers reliability and durability, the bolt pull is short but very smooth because of the polished bolt. The reduced amount of friction on the bolt allows for an easier pull for the user and quicker follow up shots. Adjustable hop-up lever conveniently located on side of rifle for easy fine-tuning. Firm cocking action with metal cocking lever, and the adjustable hop-up is on the side of the gun for easy adjustment, and the shock cylinder present in the rifle gives more recoil.

King Arms-K93

K93’s real gun original is the Blaser R93 Tactical, its biggest feature is that it is a straight-pull designed which requires it to be loaded and unloaded manually, this design is no longer common but compare to other traditional bolt-action types, its advantage is that it has a faster operating speed, and a skilled shooter can make it fire even faster than a semi-auto rifle. And the K93 from King Arms is also designed in the same way, perform a realistic, faster and smoother shooting experience to players.


The K93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) Series is a spring action rifle, with the straight-pull designed to improve the loading speed. There’s a top rail for you to put a scope and hit distant targets. The adjustable stock allows a shot with greater comfort and precision so it can fit any player, and the hop-up is easy to adjust as well. This Airsoft Sniper also has a bottom rail for attaching bipods, its differential is the rear monopod (it stays with the stock), so you can adjust it depending on your shooting position. Its aggressive design is different from the more traditional sniper weapons.

Have you already had a sniper first choice in your mind?

If there’s any need please contact local legit dealers first, also welcome to contact Jia Dyi at for what you need, to discuss your ideas, or we can provide you suggestion & information as well.

(Jia Dyi)

New PTS Unity Tactical products on pre-order

PTS Syndicate have two new PTS Unity Tactical products available to pre-order:

Pre-Order is available for two new products of PTS Unity Tactical!


We are happy to introduce our new product which are PTS Unity Tactical – Fast™ Micro Mount & Micro Riser.
PTS Unity Tactical – Fast™ Micro Riser built from 6000 series Aluminum Alloy with black anodized, the PTS Unity Tactical FAST™ Riser securely elevates block-type red dot optics with a standard lower 1/3 cowitness picatinny mount to a 2.26″ optical center line.
• Comes standard with a rail-grabber clamp
• Fully licensed Unity Tactical trademarks
Item Code: UT032490307

GET PTS Unity Tactical – FAST Micro Riser


The PTS Unity Tactical FAST™ Micro Mount features built-in standard height back up iron sights (BUIS) that keep your airsoft gun uncluttered without reducing capability. The FAST’s built-in front/rear BUIS is perfect for backup on super short PDW/SMG platforms where rail space is critical for mounting lights and lasers.  
• Built-in standard height adjustable back up iron sight
• Removable front sight post
• Fully licensed Unity Tactical trademarks
Item Code: UT031490307
They are ready to Pre-Order Now! 
Shipping Starts on Nov 25, 2020

GET PTS Unity Tactical – Fast Micro Mount!

(PTS Syndicate)

Military 1st socks sale 2020

Military 1st are offering 10% off all socks with code SOCKS10 until Saturday 21st November 2020:

10% off all army, sports and outdoor socks with Discount Code SOCKS10.

Socks Sale 2020 Instagram

Discover our extensive collection of socks from brands such as 1000 Mile and Highlander, designed for walking, sports and a wide range of outdoor activities. 

We have socks in all lengths and for any season so you can face challenging weather and get the maximum support and performance whatever you do. 

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 21 November 2020, midnight. It applies only to the Socks category and excludes already discounted items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns, Free delivery to Ireland. Free shipping to the U.S. and Australia on orders over $100, and fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

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