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G&G Mechanix Gloves

G&G have been working with Mechanix:

G&G Mechanix Gloves

We have partnered up with premier glove manufacturer Mechanix to bring you a specialized glove for the airsoft industry. Similar to the Original Fit glove, the G&G Mechanix glove features a breathable mesh material to keep your hands cool and comfortable when in use.  On the other side, it features a durable synthetic leather palm for exceptional grip and comfort. An industrial grade hook and loop secures your wrist for a tight fit.

Available sizes in S-XXL.

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Crown Airsoft news 2017 issue#1 (3/2017)

imageIntroducing Crown Airsoft:

This is Crown airsoft and we are humble start up our web-site in Feb this year. With local inventory support and firsthand market news we are ready to bring a low price and high quality service to airsofters. Here comes our first product news in 2017!!

Hi guys, Crown Airsoft are proud to now be stocking quality Airsoft products. With our famous low prices and high quality service, we are looking forward to serving Airsofters all over the world!
This week, Armorer works (AW)customs pistols and Dominator DM870 shotgun series as well as WE Tech God of war Pistol arrived at Crown Airsoft. Check it out!          

Products that have arrived this week:

Airsoft models:

Dominator DM870 Shell-Ejecting Airsoft Shotgun Only: $385.00USD


The new Dominator DM870 gas shotgun is a whole new system that offers the most realistic operation in full steel construction, and takes all the real steel accessories. Internally it is a proprietary system that has realistic takedown, a solid remarkable ‘cluk-chunk’ sound for pump action and offers a decent fps with the 6.05mm precision inner barrel.

Dominator 12 Gauge CO2 Shotgun Shells Package (4 Shells/Unit) Only: $50.00USD 


DOMINATOR 12 Gauge Gas Shotgun Shells Pack (25 Shells/Pack) Only: $230.00USD


WE Tech God of War GBB Pistol Only: $70.00USD


The Full Metal slide, polymer bodied semi-auto WE ‘God of War’ GBB Pistol is an awesome looking airsoft pistol that performs brilliantly and is comfortable in the hand allowing for a very precise shooting action. Features a cocking indicator and a decking switch. (Available in Black /Tan)

AW Custom Limited Edition Custom Mauser Broom Handle with Scope Only: $200.00USD


If you are looking for a good pistol to keep by your side, there’s no need to scour the universe, the AW Custom Mauser Custom Broom Handle is the pistol you are looking for. This limited edition piece will go fast so get yours before they’re gone! The Mauser is a popular pistol in history as seen in many movies!

AW Custom Double Barrel 1911 Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Only: $148.50USD


Anyone can dual wield two pistols, rolling through doors, jumping through windows, a pistol clenched in each fist spewing BBs at whatever enemy gets in your way. It has been considered by many, the ultimate in two handed justice.

AW Custom Hi-Capa Competition Grade Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol HX1104 Only: $100.00USD


Armorer Works Custom strives to provide Airsofters with high quality guns that come directly from the factory already upgraded. Armorer Works does not simply change the finish of the gun and label it as "custom". Each gun that leaves Armorer Works has been modified with enhanced features that truly improve the comfort, performance and efficiency of the gun as well as cosmetic upgrades that are not generally seen in an out of the box gun.

High Quality Nylon products /Tactical Gears Only: $5.00 – 40.00USD


To celebrate our humble start up on Crown Airsoft, we are happy to brings a series of quality nylon and tactical gears to you all. this is just the first phase, more products coming!!!


Crown Airsoft Facabook Page

Want to stay up to date with the latest Airsoft happenings at Crown Airsoft? Like the Crown Airsoft page!

(Crown Airsoft)

Power Ops Airsoft–Operation: Joker

Airsoft Atlanta have shared details of Power Ops Airsoft’s upcoming milsim event:


Milsim event:

Atlanta, GA – FREE EVENT DAY – Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at Power Ops. OPERATION JOKER – an action packed special milsim event all day until 11pm at night. Raffle Guns and Prizes mid-day. French cheeses, grapes, and hors d’oeuvres served under candelabras in the evening with non-alcohol beverages served on white linen tables. Unique milsim scenarios utilizing the entire CQB city and Apocalypse fields that are redesigned for a new layout.

Full day passes are free (normally $25) to all players with a $20+ merchandise purchase ($20 in BBs, smoke grenades, goggles, rentals, whatever) from our field shop.

Power Ops is Atlanta’s largest CQB airsoft field, featuring over 100,000 sq/feet of playing fields, 2-story buildings, mini cities, vehicles, bunkers, airplanes, free HPA tank refills, parking for over 200 cars, and a large comfortable staging area with chairs.

For more information, please visit:

Power Ops website at


(Airsoft Atlanta)

GOC’s Airsoft Rype Village event Sunday 30th April 2017

GOC’s Airsoft have shared details of their upcoming Rype Village event:

Rype Village is one of the most sought after sites for airsoft in the UK. Due to the cost of using it, it is unlikely that many airsoft days will be taking place there. Don’t panic though as GOC’s Airsoft are bringing plastic warfare back to the iconic site on the South Coast at the end of April! It’s been a long time since they have had airsoft on the streets of Lydd but now you’ll get the chance to use the same site that thousands of troops have been trained on. The event will be a battlesim style event with limited ammo utilising a multi mission format, consisting of a mix of time sensitive, ongoing and team specific objectives running non-stop. Book in before the end of March for a discounted rate of only £65. Full rules and regulations are available from our facebook page @gocsairsoft and a discussion group has been set up to keep you informed. Alternatively you can email for full details.


(GOC’s Airsoft)

Players’ Choice Award sale @ RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft are celebrating their Player’s Choice Award with a sale:


RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Players’ Choice Award Sale!

This promotion starts now till March 6th , 2017 11:59pm Hawaiian Time! Everything on our online store will be 10% OFF!

Simply make the purchase on our online store and checkout! No coupon code required!

(RedWolf Airsoft)

Win a KRISS Vector AEG from KRYTAC

KRYTAC have a competition for customers this month:



Airsoftpal’s 19k word airsoft guide

imageLiam at Airsoft Pal has just completed a comprehensive guide to airsoft:

19k Ultimate Airsoft Guide on

After months of work, dozen of cups of coffee and over 300 revisions, I am proud to announce the completion of the biggest Airsoft Guide in the world!

After submitting the preliminary version to airsoft communities such as reddit’s /r/airsoft and forums such as AirsoftSociety, dozens of people chimed in and gave their feedback.

Covering topics such as different gun types, how they work, batteries, gases as well as a comprehensive list of airsoft gear, equipment and accessories, the guide is a behemoth of information and a reference material for beginners and experts alike!

Check out the comprehensive airsoft guide and make sure to share it with your beginner airsoft friends around the world!

(Airsoft Pal)

Military 1st winter sale

Military 1st are having a month long sale:

Military 1st Winter Sale starts today!

We give you 7% OFF all products from all categories with Discount Code FEB2017.

Winter Sale 2017 - insta1

Visit our website now at

Offer valid until 28 February, Tuesday, midnight.

(Military 1st)

AST Chinese New Year sale

AST is celebrating Chinese New Year with a sale:

Hi Friend,

AST is celebrating Chinese New Year with a sale!!!

From 1/25-2/5 , all items in stock are 5%-10 off .



UN Company 2017 Happy Chinese New Year up to 80% off

UN Company are offering up to 80% off selected AEGs to celebrate the Chinese New Year:

Dear all,

In 2017, UN Company will like to present Happy Chinese New Year Sale, for Selected AEGs, there are Up to 80% off Discount.


Thank you for your support to UN Company for years and hoping to serve you soon.


(UN Company)

Gunfire carnival

Gunfire are having a sale:


Ready for Carnival in Gunfire? Let’s go!

Our newest sale means over 2400 of selected products 23% cheaper!

What is more – we’ve decided to add another 2000 products that will be discounted from 5% up to 90%!

Check the full list:


eHobbyAsia 5.11 online special & Marui 3 day pop up sales

eHobbyAsia have a couple of new special offers:

5.11 Online Special & Marui 3 Days Pop Up Sales!!

5.11 20% Off

Marui 3 Days Sale


Special Swedish MilSim Group Mil.Sim & Mil.Ex podcast have released their first podcast: has started a podcast about SSMG MilSim, SSMG Mil.Ex., airsoft, extreme airsoft, survival, educational, tips and tricks, mindset, gear etc.

Listen to our first airsoft podcast:

Follow us on facebook.


Are you an expert within a field or just has lots of knowledge within something and wouldn’t mind being phone interviewed for the podcast? Please contact SSMG by email at: podcast @ (our url)


Gunfire warehouse cleaning

Gunfire are having a clear-out:

Warehouse Cleaning is still on and we’ve got something special for you!


For orders above 35 EUR placed between 5.01 and 8.01 you can receive our new Gunfire 2017 calendar FREE!


Check the Gunfire Girls 2017 Calendar – Backstage movie:


Introducing Typhoon Airsoft store

Typhoon Airsoft will soon be launching both an online store and physical shop here in the UK:


Typhoon Airsoft will be focusing in high quality gear and replica guns, working with the best brands to bring airsoft in the Uk to a whole new level

(Typhoon Airsoft)

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