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PTS – GBLS DAS GDR-15 available on 18/10/2018

unnamedPTS have an exciting new product coming very soon:

PTS Syndicate Ltd. – GBLS DAS GDR-15 available on 18/10/2018


PTS News

We are glad that PTS are releasing GBLS DAS GDR-15 and will available on 18 October 2018.
PTS will act as GBLS Hong Kong and Taiwan Exclusive Dealer.


Airsoft has been around for more than 30 years but the technology only progressed by inches. We, as players, spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, purchasing gear in preparation for airsoft games, and yet we still play with antiquated airsoft guns. This really motivated me to pursue how I can make my beloved game more realistic.


DAS mechanically controls the movement of the bolt carrier to achieve the same stroke as a real gun. DAS should be used in the same sequence of a real gun in order to fire consisting of the following steps: pull back the bolt carrier, check the chamber, advance the bolt carrier forward, and set to single-fire. In a game that creates an environment similar to a real battlefield, everybody wonders what gun to utilize. In the well decorated game field, what product can shine brightly out of the various real equipment that you have equipped. Without hesitation, the answer is DAS.


– The most realistic AR platform AEG.
– Realization of real gun’s mechanism.
– Recoil kick by real-sized BCG action.
– DAS’s hop up system with 6.04 AEG type hop-up bucking inner barrel.
– High shooting performance in any weather and temperature.
– Cerakote™ black receiver
– CNC Machined from Aluminium
PTS® Centurion Arms CMR Rail 13” (M-LOK) – lightweight, robust, free-float rail with M-LOK mounting system
PTS EP Grip (EPG) – Conventional M4 grip with improved ergonomics and aggressive 360° texturing.
PTS EP Stock (EPS) – a simple yet highly functional collapsible polymer stock. Features unique cheek welds that are both comfortable and practical with storage compartments for tools and utilities. 
PTS Griffin Armament M4SD Muzzle Brake (Hong Kong Edition)
– Rear Wired with Mosfet & Fuse Protection & Li-Po Ready – Can handle the power of 11.1v Li-Po batteries. (7.4V, 14.2V Li-Po Batteries will not work on this model)


• Color – Cerakote™ black finished body
• Dimension – 808 mm (stock retracted), 873mm (stock extended)
• Weight – 3 KG (Approx.)
• Hop-Up – Adjustable
• Magazine Capacity – 60 rounds (DAS’s magazine)
• Power Source – Proprietorial Mechanical System of DAS
• Shooting Modes – Safe / Semi Auto / Full Auto
• Outer Barrel Length – 14.5”
• Inner Barrel Length – 363mm Ø6.04
• Rate of Fire – ~13 RPS
• Velocity – ~350FPS (Hong Kong)
• Energy Output – ~1.3 Joules
• Power – Li-Po 11.1v battery (Battery not included)
Recommend using 11.1V, 25C Li-Po Battery.

For More Details


Gear up for the weekend @Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies suggest you check out their sale section:

Have you guys checked out our sale section recently?

gear up

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

A2 Supplies sale

A2 Supplies are having a sale in preparation for their impending relocation:

Whats that!? We are having a moving sale!?

So.. As many of you may have seen, our friends at Zed Adventures The Mall have announced that it is coming to an end after 9 and a half years.. Unfortunately redevelopment is rapidly moving forwards and as a result we will be saying our final goodbyes to the Friars Walk Shopping Centre in Reading Town Centre.

This obviously has a knock on effect for us, as we too will soon have to vacate. BUT FEAR NOT! We have plans! Oh boy do we have some interesting ideas in the pipeline! We are currently looking into finding Bigger and Better premises where we will concentrate on supplying the best Airsoft Equipment, Tac-Gear and accessories to all you lucky people! Hopefully with somewhere to try them out first, as well as offering finance on larger purchases!

As it currently stands we are still aiming to be within the Reading area, but we will announce more information about the new location closer to our actual moving date! Until then it shall be business as usual, but with a twist!

A2 Moving Sale

Exciting Times! To help aid our move we’ve decided to reduce prices across the whole store! With UP TO 50% Discounts across the everything! Whether you are looking for a new gun, or simply after some awesome new Tac-Gear, now is the time to treat yourself! But its not just airsoft on sale! Oh No! We’ve also got huge discounts on our Clothing, LARP, Outdoor and Airgun/Shooting Accessories too!

Go on! Its time to grab some bargains! Check it all out over on our website:

(A2 Supplies)

G&G giving away up to $30,000 USD in prizes

G&G have launched their 2018 video contest:

Your Greatest Glory Video Contest

Enter our annual video contest for a chance to win G&G rifles and/or up to $10,000 USD! Every year we hold a video contest for players to submit their airsoft fan films. We are giving away up to $30,000 USD in prizes. For complete rules and regulations, click below.


Find Out More


New HPA engine – HUNTER HPA Hybrid Conversion Kit

Progressive Airsoft have shared details of their HPA hybrid conversion kit:

We are a new company on the airsoft market. We have created the HPA new type conversion designed for electrical replicas.


(Progressive Airsoft)

Zero One Airsoft shipping worldwide

Zero One Airsoft are now shipping worldwide:

Not in the UK ? Want to buy a gun or some new kit ? We now ship worldwide


(Zero One Airsoft)

Typhoon Airsoft coming soon…

Typhoon Airsoft will be launching in the UK soon:


(Typhoon Airsoft)

Military 1st Helikon 35th anniversary giveaway

Military 1st have some Helikon gear to give away:

Join Military 1st Giveaway! Every week you have a chance of winning limited edition Helikon Jubilee Laptop Briefcase. To register click or tap this link, fill out the form, and you’re good to go. Get extra chances to win when friends use your referral link to join the promotion!

Helikon 35th Anniversary Giveaway Instagram

(Military 1st)

RedWolf Airsoft end of season sale

RedWolf Airsoft are having an end of season sale:


RedWolf Airsoft is now having an End Of Season Sale on top of Promotion Package, RW Top Picks & Limited MCX Package Deal!

Promotion starts now till September 4th, 2018. All unmarked items will be 10% OFF! Promotion Package & RW Top Picks have items that are up to 37% OFF! At the same time, if you buy a MCX AEG from us, we will include not 1, but 2x PTS EPM on top of the 10% OFF!

Simply make the purchase on our online store and you will see all the corresponding promotions added to your shopping cart when you checkout! No coupon code required!


(RedWolf Airsoft)

Limited time 10% off all BTC Spectres @Pro Airsoft Supplies

Pro Airsoft Supplies currently have a special offer on BTC Spectres:

Pro Airsoft Supplies is feeling generous.

10% off all BTC Spectres for a limited time.
IN STOCK and ready to ship and guess what – FREE UK SHIPPING and a link!!!…/btc-spectre-mkii-fet-for……/i…/mosfets/btc-spectre-v2

unnamed (13)

(Pro Airsoft Supplies)

SWAT Parkgate night game 22nd August

Bomb Up Airsoft are hosting a night game next week at their SWAT Parkgate site:


Time for another night game guys! Join us for some evening shooting at SWAT Parkgate by Bomb Up Airsoft! ONLY £15 TO PLAY

(Bomb Up Airsoft)

Operation Eagle v1.5 [Marine airsoft]

SSMG have published details of their Operation Eagle v1.5:


Operation Eagle
Register to event here:

Type of environment
Marine area

Dates for events in Sommen
Last weekend in sept annually. Fri-Sun.

Type of events here
Marine Mil.Sim. & Mil.Ex.

Level of difficulties
3 & 4 – Mil.Sim.
5 – Mil.Ex. grade one

Area setup

SSMG has made the decision, just too really secure marine operations, with equal terms for everyone, that the area is to be split in to three separate areas connected to each other with water in between. The rules are simple; the only way you can make it in to enemy territory is over water. The whole point is not to paddle around on open water just so we can call it marine operations, but rather that units have to engage in tactical thinking when it comes to actually providing safe operations on water and applying tactical thinking on both protecting own regions and also taking the fight to the enemy. The area might seem very large with kilometers of water, but not to forget that these vast regions of water are only highways and easily covered with one or two men patrolling them, observing from an elevated point or a strategic outpost. Another good thing is that radios go a long way on open water which also makes the area smaller.

Read more…


Patrol Base: Evo breakdown is here

Patrol Base have the new ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2018 Revision in stock and have blogged about it in detail, check out the blog here:

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Yep, that good old saying. Well this time, it is most certainly true!

For those who haven’t seen the home-page banners, Facebook posts or even our YouTube content. We have the new ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2018 Revision in stock. If you are desperate to grab one before everyone else does then click here.

For those who hate to read, here is our latest video showing off a brief comparison, but for those finer details and s*xy photos, keep on scrolling!

What are we doing here?

We are stripping the new EVO 2018 model down to its bare essentials, to find out exactly what you are getting if you decide to upgrade, or you are about to buy your first ever EVO.

Why has ASG updated their original design?

Don’t panic, its not a bad thing. ASG designed and manufacture the Evo from the ground up. Because of this they are committed to making the gun the best it can be. The changes are a result of learning and experience in the field of manufacture.

It’s almost like buying a car, you can get a BMW, but every few years they bring out a new model, a facelift. The EVO has a majorly reworked gearbox once you start looking into the details. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The casing:

Every picture from here on is going to be labeled with 2018 model and the previous model, just so you can’t get them mixed up too easily at a first glance.


Read more…

(Patrol Base)

New tactical gear blog – Tactical Sergeant

Check out Tactical Sergeant for their buying guides and reviews of tactical gear:

Tactical Sergeant is a new site around tactical equipment and airsoft.

If you are looking for a new pair of tactical boots or some airsoft equipment, it might be worth to visit the site to read one of the detailed buying guides or reviews.

The people behind Tactical Sergeant have different backgrounds like Airsoft players, Police, Special Forces and Outdoor People. What is common for them all is that they have a big passion for high-quality gear.

Some of the recent articles are:

"Best Tactical gloves."


"Best Tactical Boots."


"Best Airsoft Shotgun."

And please also check the extensive article about all the different Airsoft gear that money can buy.


(Tactical Sergeant)

Crown Airsoft special discount code

Crown Airsoft have offered a discount code after fixing a glitch with their website:



Dear All Our Valuable Customer,
From the last few days, our website had some major problem with the SHIPPING OPTION disappear when doing the checkout.  Our IT technician took about 2 days to investigate and fixed the problem.
We are very apologize for those who had a experienced while you want to purchase your new toys.  Therefore we want to admit responsibility, we will offer 5% off ONE TIME SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE  MISSING-SHIPPING-5
The code will be expire before August 11, 2018

Start Shopping

(Crown Airsoft)

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