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SWAT Parkgate night game 22nd August

Bomb Up Airsoft are hosting a night game next week at their SWAT Parkgate site:


Time for another night game guys! Join us for some evening shooting at SWAT Parkgate by Bomb Up Airsoft! ONLY £15 TO PLAY

(Bomb Up Airsoft)

Operation Eagle v1.5 [Marine airsoft]

SSMG have published details of their Operation Eagle v1.5:


Operation Eagle
Register to event here:

Type of environment
Marine area

Dates for events in Sommen
Last weekend in sept annually. Fri-Sun.

Type of events here
Marine Mil.Sim. & Mil.Ex.

Level of difficulties
3 & 4 – Mil.Sim.
5 – Mil.Ex. grade one

Area setup

SSMG has made the decision, just too really secure marine operations, with equal terms for everyone, that the area is to be split in to three separate areas connected to each other with water in between. The rules are simple; the only way you can make it in to enemy territory is over water. The whole point is not to paddle around on open water just so we can call it marine operations, but rather that units have to engage in tactical thinking when it comes to actually providing safe operations on water and applying tactical thinking on both protecting own regions and also taking the fight to the enemy. The area might seem very large with kilometers of water, but not to forget that these vast regions of water are only highways and easily covered with one or two men patrolling them, observing from an elevated point or a strategic outpost. Another good thing is that radios go a long way on open water which also makes the area smaller.

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Patrol Base: Evo breakdown is here

Patrol Base have the new ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2018 Revision in stock and have blogged about it in detail, check out the blog here:

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Yep, that good old saying. Well this time, it is most certainly true!

For those who haven’t seen the home-page banners, Facebook posts or even our YouTube content. We have the new ASG – CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2018 Revision in stock. If you are desperate to grab one before everyone else does then click here.

For those who hate to read, here is our latest video showing off a brief comparison, but for those finer details and s*xy photos, keep on scrolling!

What are we doing here?

We are stripping the new EVO 2018 model down to its bare essentials, to find out exactly what you are getting if you decide to upgrade, or you are about to buy your first ever EVO.

Why has ASG updated their original design?

Don’t panic, its not a bad thing. ASG designed and manufacture the Evo from the ground up. Because of this they are committed to making the gun the best it can be. The changes are a result of learning and experience in the field of manufacture.

It’s almost like buying a car, you can get a BMW, but every few years they bring out a new model, a facelift. The EVO has a majorly reworked gearbox once you start looking into the details. Let’s get to it, shall we?

The casing:

Every picture from here on is going to be labeled with 2018 model and the previous model, just so you can’t get them mixed up too easily at a first glance.


Read more…

(Patrol Base)

New tactical gear blog – Tactical Sergeant

Check out Tactical Sergeant for their buying guides and reviews of tactical gear:

Tactical Sergeant is a new site around tactical equipment and airsoft.

If you are looking for a new pair of tactical boots or some airsoft equipment, it might be worth to visit the site to read one of the detailed buying guides or reviews.

The people behind Tactical Sergeant have different backgrounds like Airsoft players, Police, Special Forces and Outdoor People. What is common for them all is that they have a big passion for high-quality gear.

Some of the recent articles are:

"Best Tactical gloves."


"Best Tactical Boots."


"Best Airsoft Shotgun."

And please also check the extensive article about all the different Airsoft gear that money can buy.


(Tactical Sergeant)

Crown Airsoft special discount code

Crown Airsoft have offered a discount code after fixing a glitch with their website:



Dear All Our Valuable Customer,
From the last few days, our website had some major problem with the SHIPPING OPTION disappear when doing the checkout.  Our IT technician took about 2 days to investigate and fixed the problem.
We are very apologize for those who had a experienced while you want to purchase your new toys.  Therefore we want to admit responsibility, we will offer 5% off ONE TIME SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE  MISSING-SHIPPING-5
The code will be expire before August 11, 2018

Start Shopping

(Crown Airsoft)

Gunfire summer sale

Gunfire have launched their summer sale:


The hottest sale of this summer is on! Over 3500 products up to 70%OFF in Summer Sale at Gunfire.

Don’t miss massive discounts on King Arms, G&P or Cyma replicas, Redox and SHS parts, KAMPFHUND patches and more! We have launched the Summer Sale and reduced the prices by up to 70%. On our list with the best deals, you will find various replicas like Specna Arms SA-B02 assault rifles equipped with the SAEC™ system, gas-powered AW-HX1002 pistol replica with a powerful blow-back system or SW-016 sniper rifle replica with very light construction and functional accessories. If you like to wear t-shirts or tactical shorts during skirmishes, you should remember about knee and elbow protection. To save money on that gear you can pick protection pads from Alta Industries which are available at very attractive prices. We have also discounted accessories and parts like Set of 5 Hi-Cap 300 BB Magazines for M4/M16 Replicas – Black or URX 3 type 8" Rail System. Both products are available in black. We have barely scratched the surface of the special offer. So don’t hesitate and check over 3500 products on Sumer Sale!


Click for more

Terms & Conditions


Gunfire: Specna Arms Edge–more details soon

Gunfire are eagerly anticipating news of the new Specna Arms Edge:


The Specna Arms released more hot news about their new series of replicas- Specna Arms EDGE. They are proud to announce that they had acquired a licensing right from Rock River Arms, a real firearm company from the US! The new series of Airsoft Guns from Specna Arms seems to be a real deal. We are waiting for more information on that. The clock on their website is still ticking, and there is a lot more to come! Check our website!


For more information check their website or social media!


Enimine available for pre-order

Enimine is now available to pre-order:

Enimine Pre-Order is now available


3 days in pre-order at 40% off


As promised, to reward your trust, we will give you access to our shop 3 days before the official launch to allow you to be among the first to order enimine by winning the 40%discount on the basic kit which includes:

– Launch base,
– Bouncing mine,
– Enimine Li-Po battery,
– RF remote control,
– Quick Start Guide.

You’ll have everything you need to play with your team and challenge enemies using Enimine.

We are happy to remind you that the Bouncing Mine is reusable by charging it after each explosion with Green gas and Bbs.
You will find in our shop also extra accessories that you can order at a discounted price (limited editions for a limited time)

Don’t lose the opportunity !

Pre-Order Now

On Sunday we will reveal the name of the first Youtuber who will test enimine !!!

We will keep you updated on developments and production times through newsletters and social channels


SWAT Parkgate by Bomb Up Airsoft 14th July 2018

Bomb Up Airsoft have a new game site with a game this Saturday:


(Bomb Up Airsoft)

UKAPU Polarstar HPA poll

UKAPU and Polarstar have a poll for HPA users:

Ever since the introduction of the amended Policing and Crime Bill last year there has been a cloud hanging over HPA RIF users in the UK. Specifically that most full auto capable HPA airsoft replicas could be ‘readily converted’ to exceed the 1.3J airsoft threshold, or could be regarded as ‘capable of’ more than 1.3J in their stock form.

UKAPU have been actively pursuing a resolution for HPA users and as part of this ongoing effort, Vice Chairman Tim Haines, has been involved in discussions with Polarstar to address the aforementioned issue and as a result we are conducting a poll on behalf of Polarstar.

How does this help HPA users? Polarstar are producing a modular regulator, which will allow UK HPA owners to build compliant HPA powered RIFs. Polarstar will be producing piston regulator assemblies for multiple PSI settings, which we hope, will give us the means to ensure that selective fire HPA RIFS can be safely operated under the 1.3J legal limit.

We urge all of our members to share this poll; the greater the number of responses, the better the data.

UKAPU/Polarstar poll


Independence Day & stocktake sale @ RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft are marking Independence Day with a sale:

Independence & Stocktake

RedWolf Airsoft is now having an Independence Day & Stocktake Sale!

Promotion starts now till July 8th, 2018. All unmarked items will be Up To 90% OFF!

Simply make the purchase on the online store and you will see all the corresponding promotions added to your shopping cart when you checkout! No coupon code required!

(RedWolf Airsoft)

10% off at Land Warrior Airsoft

Land Warrior Airsoft are offering 10% off sales this week:

We are running 10% off on the Land Warrior website for the next week. There is not a discount code, the discount applies automatically at the checkout so you can se how much you saved.

This offer will run until midnight on the 2nd of July 2018.

This discount excludes sale items, finance, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

(Land Warrior Airsoft)

Military 1st new website

Military 1st have a shiny new website:

We are proud to present you the brand new Military 1st website.

Not only we introduced sleek, streamlined design but more importantly loads of innovative solutions to improve your overall shopping experience.


Visit our new website now:

UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Don’t forget you can still enjoy free UK delivery and returns, free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia, and fantastic rates for delivery across Europe.

(Military 1st)

Military 1st giveaway

Military 1st have some Helikon gear to give away:

Join Military 1st Giveaway! Every week you have a chance of winning awesome Helikon Raider Backpack in either Advanced Green or Shadow Grey colours.

Helikon Raider Backpack Giveaway Instagram

To register click or tap then select the prize you want to win, fill out the form, and you’re good to go.

Get extra chances to win when friends use your referral link to join the promotion!

(Military 1st)

A2 midweek update

A2 Supplies are looking at the details this week:

Its all about the Details!

If you’re anything like us, then you can agree that airsoft is mostly about the looks; you want to play soldier and look badass whilst doing it! No matter what your kit might be, you might be pretending to be a Navy Seal Operator (Beard and all), a SWAT Team member or even a WW2 Paratrooper, the guns and tac gear can only go so far… thats where the fine details come in! In store we carry a range of replica grenades and accessories perfect for finishing off that impressionist kit, or even simply for use as props/decor for films and displays.


Dummy Grenades Image 1

For you history Buffs why not adorn your WW2 Loadout with some Dummy Grenades? These are great for hanging off of Webbing! We’ve got Frag grenades, smoke grenades, breaching grenades and even incendiary grenades all of which look great right down to the fine details on the markings. The Pins can be removed alongside the fly off lever. Some of these grenades do have useful functions as the G&G MK2 Pineapple grenades also doubles as a handy BB Bottle/Speedloader! When you get snapped by the on site photographer you’ll stand out from all of your team mates thanks to these accessories.

Dummy Grenades Image 2

For you more modern fanatics we also carry a range of Dummy Flashbangs and Stun Grenades, although these are simply for looks (We have BFGs for breaching!) Hanging these from your tactical vest adds another level of cool factor to your kit. Why carry these bulky bolt cutters in CQB when instead you can have a couple of lightweight grenade replicas? Its time to personalise your loadout even further!

Melee Weapons!

Now this post isn’t all about things for looks! Some things do have their uses! have you ever been in the situation where you’ve snuck up on your enemy and in your head you wish you just had a knife for a sneaky knife kill? Well now is the time to fix that! In store we also carry a number of Rubber Training weapons which are perfect for getting up close and personal.(safely of course)

Melee Weapons Image 1

We carry a number of different styles in store, starting with the Rubber M9 bayonet. This iconic knife can be found on almost any airsoft site thanks to its affordability, it is a very popular choice for a melee weapon. Coming with a solid plastic scabbard which is designed to be hung from a belt which helps keep the knife close by at all times. it can even still function as a Bayonet by mounting onto an M4/M16 Bayonet Lug.

The Seal Pup style knives are much shorter with solid plastic sheaths allowing you to quickly draw them when things get dicey! Taking up far less space than the M9 Bayonet, the Seal Pup works well for high-speed low-drag setups!

If these don’t take your fancy, then why not release your inner Jason Vorhees with something a little more extreme! If you’re the sort of person who feels like a Desert Eagle is the gun for you, then why not pair it up with one of the Big Foot Rubber Machetes or Tactical Axes! These Weapons may seem overkill, but who can’t deny that destroying the enemy team using a tactical Axe is pretty cool!


Alongside the Grenades we also carry things like Dummy radios as seen here with the FMA PRC-152 another great stand in for the real thing which doesn’t weigh a ton or break the bank! Made of a heavy duty polymer this dummy radio looks the part and is perfect for sticking inside of an empty radio pouch! Available in Black, Green and Tan.

Dummy Radios Image 1

Night Vision?

Having a cool Helmet Setup seems to be the rage with alot of players these days, with so many different styles of replica Helmets out there, alot of the more modern lids have 1 thing in common; a NVG Mounting point. Its time to fill that empty slot on your lid with some Night Vision, but dont worry – this stuff wont require you to break the bank! FMA and Nuprol come to the rescue with their range of Dummy Night Vision, a perfect addition if you’re going for looks, it is also a fantastic choice for anyone looking for film props!

Dummy Night Vision Image 1

Above you can see the Nuprol PVS-15 replica being used in conjunction with a full face helmet setup, it looks great as both a modern spec-ops style lid or even something a little more futuristic. The Night vision is mounted using an FMA L4 ,G24 Arm mount which slots into most makes of replica MICH/Fast Helmets.

Dummy Night Vision Image 2Dummy Night Vision Image 3

Alongside Nuprol, we have some offerings from FMA, the ANPVS-15 and the GPNVG-18 two more fantastic Night Vision Replicas which all mount via the FMA L4 Arm. Although adding these to your kit is purely for the looks, these high quality replicas are very affordable and really do add the finishing touches to your modern loadouts/impression kits!

So if you’ve been looking for that finishing touch for your loadout, then check these out over on our Website –

(A2 Supplies)

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