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AST video: LCT LC3 debut

AST have shared their latest video:

AST has released a new video!

LCT LC3 debut


LCT Airsoft LC-3 video

LCT Airsoft have shared a video for their LC-3:

We have a new video for detail introduce on LC-3.

(LCT Airsoft)

AST: Umarex hk45 ct preview & mag compatible test video

AST have shared their latest video:

AST is releasing a new video!

Umarex hk45 ct preview and mag compatible test


New videos from Airsoft GI

Airsoft GI have shared two new videos:

We have a handful of new videos for you today!
The first takes a look at the new G&G Armament ARP9 and compares it to the JAG Scattergun – which would you use for CQB?

Secondly, we compare and contrast two recent CQB-oriented SMGs with our LCT PP19 vs Krytac Kriss Vector video:

Additionally, we’ve stocked up on Qore Performance Iceplates – a wearable hydration plate that when frozen and slipped between you and your plate carrier keeps you cool as well! Perfect for the summer months.

(Airsoft GI)

Modify website update

Modify have been updating their website:

New Website Update

Never falling behind the times, Modify Enterprise, the airsoft supplier with a technician edge, set up its new website in May 2017.


With the new site, Modify looks to more effectively introduce its line of products to visitors with not only text but also enriched graphics and videos, as well as more definitively establish its brand identity with revitalized visual content.

The key improvement to the new website is the operating interfaces that adopt the RWD design compatible with all kinds of applications and hardware. Now visitors, regardless of using wired PCs or mobile devises, can browse the Modify website intuitively to enjoy total user-friendliness and convenience.

The new website also aims to continue promoting Modify Enterprise’s original spirit of watchmaker, to confirm that the airsoft supplier is proudly based in Taiwan, a hub not only known for myriad manufacturing but top-quality goods.

In addition, the new website is globalized to offer 4 languages to showcase Modify’s high-end airsoft products to fans across the world.

Visit Modify Tech. new website:

(Modify) latest review – RWA KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9 have been checking out the RWA KG-9 and the Echo1 GAT Tec-9:

Interested in our latest en upcoming reviews? Check below!

RWA KG-9 vs Echo 1 GAT Tec-9

Check the complete review


I’ve made a couple of reviews before about 1 replica at the time, this time we are going to do it a bit differently we’re going to compare these two. It’s not really a fair comparison (sort of comparison), but what the heck!!… Lets do this! Lot’s of similarities and lot’s of pro’s and con’s. Go ahead and read the full review on our website…

Read the review now: KG-9 vs GAT TEC-9

Up next? The Bolt Airsoft SWAT A4 Tactical EBB!

More to come in from G&G pistol division and LCT Airsoft…


Have an interesting review project? Let us know and we are happy to test your item with a full blow review. Including video, live play and perhaps even a live-stream.
Get in contact with us!

Check the latest reviews on our website



APS have shared details of their PER MKIII and PER MK IV:


With the success of quick change spring system used on APS Phantom Extremis Rifles, user is excited on how easy to change the main spring on these rifles without necessary to take the whole gear box out. APS continues to use this design on our new Airsoft rifles named PER-MKIII

Read the rest of this entry »

New AST videos

AST have shared two new videos:

AST is releasing new videos!

YSC Aluminum bolt carrier for WE scar L debut

Xcortech XTS 105 Debut


GBB Central hicapa shooter ready grip tape review

Team Blacksheep have shared a new review video and blog post:

The GBB Central Hicapa Shooter Ready Grip!

Re-Usable and customizable! All your favorite pistols and colors are available!

More info and to purchase:

Social Media Links

(Team Blacksheep)

KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay Video with the Swamp Sniper

Krytac have shared a video of the new KRISS Vector AEG prototype in action:


KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay and Review

The Swamp Sniper of Ballahack Airsoft Field puts down his bolt action rifle in favor of the KRISS Vector AEG Prototype to annihilate the competition. This is the first gameplay of the KRISS Vector AEG, stay tuned for the worldwide release of this exciting new platform at the end of June, 2016.


Find A Dealer
to place your
Vector AEG Pre-order


LCT LC-3 AEG series @Sniper Airsoft in Germany

Sniper Airsoft have shared details of the new LCT LC-3 AEG series:

Dear Arnies,

we would like to share some infos on the long awaited LCT LC-3 AEG Series with you. The LC-3 Series is based on one of the most popular gun designs made in Germany and has seen a wide range of usage by different countries around the world. Even today this iconic gun is being used by many forces. LCT have faithfully reconstructed this gun and are the first to use a full steel construction with an unprecedented detailing.


Please check out the video for more infos:

Or visit the German Airsoft form ( for further pictures and details on the gun:

The gun will be available in Germany exclusively at

More infos on the manufacturer:

King regards,


(Sniper Airsoft)

0’20 Magazine new issue out now

There’s a new issue of 0’20 Magazine available now for free in various formats and languages:


We are back again with a new issue of 0′20 Magazine. You will find it in 4 languages:

- English:
- French:
- Spanish:
- Chinese:


But I think you will be more interested in the English version. So, you can find it in several airsoft shops, and if you want, you can also read it:

- on your computer:

- on your mobile:

In all cases it is FREE!! so you only need to enjoy it.


(0’20 Magazine)

Team Blacksheep: Electric or bolt action for an airsoft sniper?

Team Blacksheep have been looking at spring vs electric guns:

Which platform is better to be an Airsoft Sniper?

Electric or Bolt Action?


Full Article here:
The Sniper realm in the airsoft world comes down to three different types of guns, gas, electric, and spring. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and today we are going to talk about spring vs electric guns. We are going to stack them against each other in a head to head showdown to see just which one is better suited as a sniper rifle. I’m hoping to analyze both from a tactical and technical perspective.

(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep: Why paintball is better than airsoft

Team Blacksheep have published an interesting article comparing some aspects of paintball with airsoft:

Why Paintball Is Better Than Airsoft

What how can this be? This is a very interesting read and viewpoint on the two sports and the reason why Paintball is "better"

Full Article:


(Team Blacksheep) – Vector AEG social livestream this Friday will be livestreaming this Friday taking a look at the new Vector AEG:

Ready for the Vector AEG? We will tell you all about it!


unnamed (6)

This Friday at 21:00 CET we will have our first Facebook and Instagram livestream!  Together with Phano_B we will cover a great new product, the KRISS VECTOR AEG!

This item will soon be released in the USA, we have one to test and would like to share all our thoughts about it. Got questions? Please do ask! 
Subscribe to Facebook and Instagram, see you this Friday evening 21:00 CET!


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