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Team BlackSheep: Do airsoft snipers suck?

Team BlackSheep are asking what you think of airsoft snipers:

Do Airsoft Snipers Suck? That is the question of the day? What are your thoughts on the topic?


Full article with Video.

(Team BlackSheep)

0’20 Magazine–Do you want to know all the airsoft news?

0’20 Magazine have all the latest news in their latest issue:




In a lot of airsoft shops, you will be able to find FOR FREE the N16 of 0’20 Magazine! Ask it in your usual shop. But run, they are free and exemplars are not infinite! You will be able to find it in:

  • Hard copies: go to your habitual shop and ask for it!
  • Mobile version: interactive, with videos, photo galleries, gifs and a lot of extra information
  • Computer version: to enjoy calmly your reading time at home.



(0’20 Magazine)

Team Blacksheep:

Team Blacksheep have been taking a look at

Is the biggest and best Airsoft store in the world?

What makes a store great to you the player? Full article here.


(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep: What is the best spring airsoft sniper rifle?

Team Blacksheep have been taking a look at airsoft sniper rifles:

What makes the "best" sniper rifle on the Airsoft Field? Well there are so many to choose from but lets take a look at the most common and base models that the new and experienced players start with and use. The spring rifle is still the most consistent and cost effective on the market.

Learn more here.


​Make sure you share this with your teammates that need a new rifle and do it right!

(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep: What is the best airsoft shotgun?

Team Blacksheep have been taking a look at airsoft shotguns:

The Airsoft field is very diverse when it comes down the SHOTGUN scene and which is the best for each player? There is the classic Springer that is still being released and the the newer Electric options and then the Milsim choice the Gas Shotgun!

Learn more here.


Make sure you share with friends that need a shotgun!

(Team Blacksheep)

SPEED Airsoft new website Look

SPEED Airsoft have a shiny new website:

SPEED Airsoft has revamped their website from the ground up with a fresh new look. Direct links are now all updated to their Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Channel.

SPEED Airsoft

Check out their new look at for all of their product information or if you would like to become one of their worldwide dealers.

(SPEED Airsoft)

AMNB review – Raven Range tight 5.11

AMNB have been checking out the 5.11 Raven Range tights:

AMNB REVIEW – Raven Range Tight 5.11

Earlier last year, 5.11 Tactical introduced a first of its kind with the Raven Range for women’s tactical clothing. Initially with two styles to begin, Raven Range tight (which we’ll be looking at in this review) and the Raven Range Capri.


Read more…


AirsoftBB Shot Show 2018 coverage in Spanish, some live

AirsoftBB will be reporting from Shot Show next week:

asbb shotshow

We are less than 1 week away from the Las Vegas Shot Show, that giant gun show, and some airsoft and some gear: P.

That is why I decided this year to try to make the coverage live as much as possible while the technology allows it.We plan certain times per day and we outline it to try to realize them for each brand that will be present.

itinerario salidas en vivo

The transmissions will be mostly by Facebook Live and something by instagram

23 enero
Condor 14hs Argentina / 13hs Chile / 11hs Mexico / 18hs España
Zshot Inc 15:30 Argentina / 14:30 Chile / 12:30 Mexico /  19:30 España
Skyway (Secutor) 16:20 Argentina/ 15:20 Chile / 13:20 Mexico / 20:20 España
KWA 18hs Argentina/ 17hs Chile / 15hs Mexico / 22hs España
ActionSportGames 22hs Argentina/ 21hs Chile / 19hs Mexico / 2hs España

24 enero
JAG Precision 14hs Argentina / 13hs Chile / 11hs Mexico / 18hs España
Helikon Tex 15hs Argentina / 14hs Chile / 12hs Mexico /  19hs España 16hs Argentina / 15hs Chile / 13Hs Mexico / 20hs España
PTS Syndicate 17hs Argentina / 16hs Chile / 14hs Mexico / 21hs España
G&G Armament 19hs Argentina / 18hs Chile/ 16hs Mexico / 23hs España 21hs Argentina / 20hs Chile / 18hs Mexico / 1hs España

25 enero
5.11 Tactical 14hs Argentina / 13hs Chile / 11hs Mexico / 18hs España
+Salidas libres


New app for airsoft – Tactical compass with PTT comms

GoTalkPro have developed a new app for airsoft and are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign to support their project:


“10-4, Good Buddy:” Company aims to bring CB radio into the 21st century

One of the defining trends of the 1970s was the rise of Citizen’s Band (CB) radio. During CB’s heyday, truckers everywhere had their own “handles” and helped each other avoid save time by avoiding tie-ups and crashes.

Nowadays, the CB radio is hardly popular anymore due to interference, range limitations and the need to fit extra equipment in a car.

Now, a Kickstarter campaign aims to bring current technology to the spirit of CB radio.

London- based startup GoTalk Pro will offer a GPS navigation device combined with open communication via mobile network.

The kit consists of a rugged Bluetooth handset inspired by CB radio and a dual interface smartphone app – traditional satellite navigation and an interactive tactical compass showing real time location of users on a game-like map.

But the key feature in GoTalkPro is easy, quick communication between users via mobile internet, without logins, phone numbers or usernames.

Unlike simple CB radio, there are no range restrictions– connect with anyone, anywhere, any time with a press of a button.

While several of the elements needed to create this product have existed for a few years, now mobile networks finally have the coverage it takes to make GoTalk Pro viable.

With GoTalk Pro, drivers can cooperate rather than compete, and have the benefits of a community, like CB radio did in the old days.

The GoTalkPro is built to exceed IP67 rating and will survive just about anything you throw at it. It also is one of the smallest and loudest devices on the market, as well as the only one to feature a powerful LED light.

It allows users to stay safe when out and about, to have fun with their friends and stay connected, so they won’t lose their team or group.

This is a revolutionary product, worthy of a funding and support, which is why the GoTalk Pro team has turned to Kickstarter to get underway.


Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS conversion kit

Tokyo Arms have shared details of their new T-REX PCSS conversion kit:

G17 KIT Poster

New Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS Conversion Kit

(Tokyo Arms)

AirsoftBAT, Merry Christmas

Just adding a few and here’s AirsoftBAT’s Christmas card:

Merry Christmas!!

For your Christmas time we wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love!



Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft

I know it’s not really news but it’s something I always used to do and quite fancy continuing a tradition of, so: Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft!

Dear Friend: BOLT AIRSOFT Christmas & Coming Year Greetings!

With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.


Sincerely! Bolt Airsoft =Taiwan=

ADD: No.207, Sec. 2, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: +8862-8601-9158 F: +8862-8601-9128


Seasons Greetings from Shoei Seisakusho

It’s (obviously) that time of year again and it’s always nice to add the Christmas cards we receive up here.

Dear Friends, Seans Greetings! Happy New Year! Greetings from Japan


Best regards, Tomio, (Shoei Seisakusho)

Team Blacksheep: Will airsoft in the USA be better in 2018

Team Blacksheep have been looking forward to 2018:

Will Airsoft in the USA be better in 2018?

Yes with the introduction of the Desert Fox Airsoft Events and phone app. Setting the new standard in the sport we love!


Full article

Share with your friends this great news!

(Team Blacksheep)

ASG Christmas giveaway video

ASG have launched a new Christmas giveaway, check out the video below to find out more:

After a few hickups we are now live with a new giveaway – Check out the video and follow the easy steps to enter.

ASG News site banner Jule giveaway

The competition ends on January 5th and we’ll pick 3 random winners! Be sure to subscribe and follow to get the latest update on the competition.

This giveaway is world wide, so be sure to join!

We love giving back to the players of this great community and we are excited to be giving away some awesome prizes which are:

1. Prize ASG CZ EVO Carbine AEG

2. Prize ASG CZ P-09 GBB

3. Prize 2x STORM 360 Airsoft grenades

Watch the video and Merry Christmas to Everybody!

Good luck

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