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New AST videos

AST have shared two new videos:

Dear Friends,

New videos releasing from AST!!!

New age fire control parts for g18c debut

AF2011 debut


FG42 Type 2 new video

Shoei have shared a new video of their FG42 Type 2:

Here is the new video of FG42 Type 2. Please enjoy!


Team BlackSheep VSS SR-3M Vikhr video review

Team BlackSheep have shared their latest video review:

Checking out the unique SR-3M rifle that is not really seen on the field. Makes for a great CQB rifle in the AK realm.

More content on our website:


(Team BlackSheep)

AMNB review // ASG CZ 805 Bren A2

Airsoft & Military News Blog have a new review:

Hi there at Arnies,

it´s Chris from team AMNB. Today I want to share our latest new review with you and your readers. We checked out the ASG CZ 805 Bren A5.




0’20 Magazine issue no.8

0’20 Magazine have released their latest edition and you can now read it on your mobile, check it out and leave them a comment:

We just have released a new 0′20!! Although you may already know this, we are pretty sure that you don’t know that you can enter from the mobile in the new digital version. First of all I give you the link:

And now that you have seen it, let me tell you: it’s full of videos, photo galleries, gifs … everything so when you read the magazine you see much more. I hope you like it, so far we haven’t found any magazine that offers anything like it and at least it seems to us amazing.

(0’20 Magazine)

New LCT Airsoft video for RPD AEG

LCT Airsoft have shared their latest video:

Disassemble/Assemble manual video for RPD AEG

(LCT Airsoft)

JAG Precision: Is buying a "used" Airsoft gun worth it?

JAG Precision have been looking at the pros and cons of buying a used airsoft gun:

Is buying a "used" Airsoft gun worth it?

Finding a used Airsoft gun online or at the local store has the intrigue of "why is it being sold" along with "is it worth it" and many other questions. You will have to be able to determine if it is worth it to you as in using the parts in the purchase to rebuild another Airsoft rifle or being able to fix the rifle on the cheap side and still coming away spending less than the new version.

As you will see in the video from Tang he will cover the parts that came in the rifle he bought online. The rifle was a good deal and knew it had some issues but he could fix it easily.

Read more about Used Airsoft Guns here:

(JAG Precision)

LCT Airsoft Keymod rail install manual video

LCT Airsoft have shared a video for their PK297-298 keymod rail:

(LCT Airsoft)

RA-Tech 7075 forged receiver

RA-Tech have shared their latest video:

Dear Friends,

Here’s new video from RA-TECH

RA-TECH 7075 forged receiver


Bomb Up Airsoft: In store. On line. Game on.

Bomb Up Airsoft have posted a new video on their Facebook page:

Your one stop shop for all things airsoft, visit us in-store and online!
Keep an eye out on our page for more videos – coming soon.

Don’t forget to share this video and like our page to be entered into our FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY!! Worth £100!!

(Bomb Up Airsoft)

New AWT G4 protection helmet & more @J.K.Army

J.K.Army have shared their latest video:

We have prepared a new video about the newest AWT G4 Protection Helmet and also products from Acetech!


New AST video: APSX upgrade parts debut

Here is the latest AST video:

Dear Friends,

There is new video releasing from AST.

APSX upgrade parts debut

APSX release series of upgrade parts for your GBB and AEG.
for GHK,KWA and viper tech, including the precision inner barrel, hop up set and hop up rubber.


NUPROL NX600 Torches now available @Patrol Base

Patrol Base have shared a video for the new NUPROL NX600 tactical lights:

For those who haven’t seen our latest video on YouTube, check it out!

And if you want your own new NX600 or previous torches released by Nuprol then click the link below:

(Patrol Base)

LCT Airsoft RPD AEG video

LCT Airsoft have shared a new video:


(LCT Airsoft)

New AW Custom™ HX22 open class Race Gun

zei0icpnxvKhmKciqO_ocCxJA-RTiUykxeZwri9BJZFYxh0BVRd3S97u5kDNqOL8hTLkispQ6rEenvZmnMpdWKKOWsNZJMnR2EfJs5NjFaFlsczu_JrNfY1sK5h9K-1pWA=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom have shared details of their HX22 series race gun:

Performance Engineering

HX22 Series RACE GUN



nxkqdWW3fM9ziAZuk7bFAKcdFdvZ2S2vVVTyys3fQhWKWeS4Rgcj00Tw71Gme6AU_ZdYPKTnRDgQ8GiJwELOK2mqZDom0QJeU3zN81zFgEte_oKAn_UvfrV8cWt6-dJivvrQxgqHxfiT=s0-d-e1-ftOPTICS MOUNT

Pre-drilled holes for mounting industry standard optics, or our own optics mount rail and speed cocking handle kit.

xAkyLL1HaQdV4C05eImAeh8ZqrS0hLDZAnlPUmtFzFWqchviCO_Z1OUJKFLp3m9Rc99pgY1XTJPRjaaXP1Qk4yCgqvFmDzmdEH81nFqnXNYj9wrnVyO0ZFs1vzdlRoxq6mIT5GdzCeGS=s0-d-e1-ftTEXTURED GRIP

Anti-Slip texture, combined with aggressive custom scaling detailing allows you to perform your best under any range condition.

mb7UWNjwaIVorM-DOA7dHiDSfAHaFQPMZ-LEAH-26n6HP5cta8OtxfZIw323Wrv0yUqMOko2wlfUeyp5t1yOIjgBl8u-jqNUjR-p7QXcKaUgMIJDH_VoqFnY0Qmq2QG3utE=s0-d-e1-ftCompetition Ready

Engineered to be competition-ready out of the box. Designed alongside competitive AIPSC/Action Air champions.


HX22 Series Open Class Race Gun

AW Custom™ is proud to announce the HX22 Open Class Race Gun, a brand new range of performance-enhanced Hi-Capa’s.

This competition-ready pistol features extensive barrel porting and a fixed forward half slide to reduce muzzle lift, resulting in an amazingly flat recoil cycle.

Looking at a HX22 you will notice many areas where metal has been machined from the slide and frame. The machined areas have been carefully considered by our engineers alongside competition shooting champions resulting in the ultimate mass-balanced competition racer.

Whether you’re putting this pistol through it’s paces at an IPSC/Action Air competition, or skirmishing it, this pistol will consistently outperform the competition, putting shots downrange accurately, and with blistering speed.

tmArqWpstzkGMBrBxAtBa9rXjl_j2PixGv0fHFDOll9o99jqOdG145FzrDCdCKOFglIhXRSEyaZW_fdLxQGdNzy9QYDoOEBdIjBOWIs7s7OIqeDO17iQj23saCyqJZkTOydxVhJVN8dJ=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ HX2201 RaceGun

The HX2201 Open Class Race Pistol features pre-drilled holes for mounting industry-standard optics, or our own included IPSC Optics Mount Rail, along with the option of mounting the included ghost-ring aperture sights, or replacing them with our bundled speed-cocking handles. Finished in brushed aluminium.

More Detail

aASqcuM8qTN9NFUHCG0kLpKoGDeUqaz-W3SWM6D6ZHG-bAEzPZ6Fto93b-enYS4EGoFZ6uLV8HNFqlszVsRNTkPJ5tpx_VhEhpKfMixZiwg3H_9nYdQM4Djak8QlejnkfwCqSPG4phZO=s0-d-e1-ftAW Custom™ HX2202 RaceGun

The HX2202 Open Class Race Pistol features pre-drilled holes for mounting industry-standard optics, or our own included IPSC Optics Mount Rail, along with the option of mounting the included ghost-ring aperture sights, or replacing them with our bundled speed-cocking handles. Finished in a matte black finish with silver details.

More Detail

Check Out The HX22 Feature Video on Youtube

To see this model in action, check out the AW Custom™ youtube channel.


  • Pre-drilled holes on the lower frame for mounting industry-standard sights, or our own IPSC Mount Kit
  • Compatible with our speed-cocking handle (left and right handles included)
  • Rear ‘Ghost Ring’ Aperture sight
  • Lightweight two-piece slide engineered for extreme speed
  • Fixed forward half slide to reduce muzzle lift, resulting in an amazingly flat recoil cycle
  • Functional mock firing pin mechanism
  • Textured grip
  • Bottom of the trigger guard designed with two finger groves making it possible to achieve a higher firmer grip with the support hand
  • Perfectly balanced in the hand. We’ve shaved off weight from key areas in this pistol to produce a well-balanced racer that has a flat recoil motion
  • Individual finger length and size have a tremendous effect on the length and shape the trigger needs to be. AW Custom™ uses a modular trigger system designed so that you can install the trigger that achieves the correct shape and length for your finger. Having the trigger in the perfect position for your finger provides the responsiveness you would expect a competition ready race gun.


  • Box Length: 319mm
  • Box Length: 320mm
  • Box Width: 175mm
  • Box Height: 60mm
  • Package Gross Weight: 1270g
  • Pistol Length: 223mm
  • Pistol Height: 159mm
  • Pistol Weight (No Mag): 715g
  • Magazine Weight: 335g
  • Inner Barrell Length: 110mm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x HX22 Pistol
  • 1 x HXMG01 Gas Magazine
  • 1 x IPSC Optics Mount and Speed Cocking Handle Kit

(AW Custom)

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