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KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay Video with the Swamp Sniper

Krytac have shared a video of the new KRISS Vector AEG prototype in action:


KRYTAC KRISS Vector AEG Gameplay and Review

The Swamp Sniper of Ballahack Airsoft Field puts down his bolt action rifle in favor of the KRISS Vector AEG Prototype to annihilate the competition. This is the first gameplay of the KRISS Vector AEG, stay tuned for the worldwide release of this exciting new platform at the end of June, 2016.


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LCT LC-3 AEG series @Sniper Airsoft in Germany

Sniper Airsoft have shared details of the new LCT LC-3 AEG series:

Dear Arnies,

we would like to share some infos on the long awaited LCT LC-3 AEG Series with you. The LC-3 Series is based on one of the most popular gun designs made in Germany and has seen a wide range of usage by different countries around the world. Even today this iconic gun is being used by many forces. LCT have faithfully reconstructed this gun and are the first to use a full steel construction with an unprecedented detailing.


Please check out the video for more infos:

Or visit the German Airsoft form ( for further pictures and details on the gun:

The gun will be available in Germany exclusively at

More infos on the manufacturer:

King regards,


(Sniper Airsoft)

0’20 Magazine new issue out now

There’s a new issue of 0’20 Magazine available now for free in various formats and languages:


We are back again with a new issue of 0′20 Magazine. You will find it in 4 languages:

- English:
- French:
- Spanish:
- Chinese:


But I think you will be more interested in the English version. So, you can find it in several airsoft shops, and if you want, you can also read it:

- on your computer:

- on your mobile:

In all cases it is FREE!! so you only need to enjoy it.


(0’20 Magazine)

Team Blacksheep: Electric or bolt action for an airsoft sniper?

Team Blacksheep have been looking at spring vs electric guns:

Which platform is better to be an Airsoft Sniper?

Electric or Bolt Action?


Full Article here:
The Sniper realm in the airsoft world comes down to three different types of guns, gas, electric, and spring. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and today we are going to talk about spring vs electric guns. We are going to stack them against each other in a head to head showdown to see just which one is better suited as a sniper rifle. I’m hoping to analyze both from a tactical and technical perspective.

(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep: Why paintball is better than airsoft

Team Blacksheep have published an interesting article comparing some aspects of paintball with airsoft:

Why Paintball Is Better Than Airsoft

What how can this be? This is a very interesting read and viewpoint on the two sports and the reason why Paintball is "better"

Full Article:


(Team Blacksheep) – Vector AEG social livestream this Friday will be livestreaming this Friday taking a look at the new Vector AEG:

Ready for the Vector AEG? We will tell you all about it!


unnamed (6)

This Friday at 21:00 CET we will have our first Facebook and Instagram livestream!  Together with Phano_B we will cover a great new product, the KRISS VECTOR AEG!

This item will soon be released in the USA, we have one to test and would like to share all our thoughts about it. Got questions? Please do ask! 
Subscribe to Facebook and Instagram, see you this Friday evening 21:00 CET!


Carryology review the First Tactical specialist 1 day backpack

logo-14-81Carryology have just run a new article covering the First Tactical Specialist 1-Day bag. If you have a Rush 24 5.11 Tactical bag then it might look familiar to you, and the guys at Carryology explain some of what’s gone on behind the scenes as well as looking at their products. Click the link to see their full article:

First Tactical may not be a name you know yet, but you’re about to fall in love – their bags may look familiar and there’s a reason why.


Dan Costa founded 5.11 Tactical and eventually sold the company in 2007. Now Dan’s back and better than ever with his latest venture First Tactical. Dan brought along the former 5.11 Director of Design and Innovation, Cory Nykoluk, and together they’ve quietly come out with a line of bags that have some heritage in Cory’s older designs but are serious improvements. Today I’m checking out the Specialist 1-Day.

(full article, Carryology)

Team Blacksheep: JAG Scattergun

Team Blacksheep are talking scatter guns:

JAG Scattergun. Failed or Forgotten (Airsoft gas shotgun)


“Oh this is great and I must have it” is the common statement when it comes to social media and new Airsoft products. That was the case for the JAG Precision Scatterguns when first released but since SHOTShow five months ago there has been very little buzz from JAG Precision in general and the soon to be released Scattergun Gas Shotgun series

Read More

(Team Blacksheep)

Airsoft Pyrotechnics TAG-ML36 launcher

Airsoft Pyrotechnics are now able to export their new TAG-L36 launcher:

Great news! Finally we have got an export permit for the new TAG-ML36 launcher.

You can order yours today! Don’t forget that you have to use it with the newest "Reaper MK2" only.


For now, we have only this ammo available for ML-36. We will convert all the ammo line to be shootable by ML-36 shortly.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

New Tac City field

Team Blacksheep have some news about a new Tac City field:


Tac City just dropped a huge bomb that is making the news! A new field as part of their expansion that will be an outdoor environment and a total change from their indoor fields.
Here are a few pictures from the field to show some of the terrain that will be diverse and able to use maps. This will not be a flat desert field but a large expanse to cover and move your team on.

Read more:


(Team Blacksheep)

APS CAM MKII CO2 shotgun video

APS have shared their latest video:

We have a new video of CO2 shotgun "CAM MK II" on APS youtube channel,


ASGI’s first look at the Kriss Vector production model

Airsoft GI have been checking out the new Kriss Vector AEG:

Your first look at the production model Kriss Vector AEG by Krytac! Available June 30th from Airsoft GI!

Pre-orders are available here.

(Airsoft GI)

New products at AST

AST have shared two new product videos:

AST is bringing new products!

AST umarex g36c debut

Action Army VSR10 50rd mag debut


Airsoft Atlanta: Tippmann M4 CQB HPA video review

The guys at Airsoft Atlanta have been checking out the new Tippmann M4CQB HPA:

Airsoft Atlanta has reviewed the all new airsoft Tippmann CQB M4 HPA ‘ready out of the box’ gun on Youtube.  A HPA tapped and ready to go M4 for $399.  Utilizing standard M4 AEG style magazines, this is a bargain gun.  No batteries or FCU programming needed.  A purely mechanical beast of an airsoft gun.  Full blowback recoil system.  The gun only requires a remote line and paintball air tank to get started (non-SLP).  For more info, see the video or Airsoft Atlanta.

Video Review:

Tippmann CQB M4

(Airsoft Atlanta)

Wildlands Airsoft Op: Successful grand opening

Team Blacksheep have filed a report on the recent opening of Wildlands Airsoft Park:

What makes a good Airsoft field is the location but what makes a great Airsoft field is the community!
The recent Grand Opening event at the Wildlands Airsoft Park was a huge success for the field and the Airsoft community bringing everyone together.

Read More here:


(Team Blacksheep)

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