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  1. She is almost how I want her, just a few little bits to do.
  2. Looking good guys. It's always nice to see a bit of Aussie kit. I posted a few pictures of me wearing Auscam in the "pics in the field" thread.
  3. A few of me from last sunday at hilton park.
  4. I second this. Jay has helped me out alot and they dont mind if you just drop by for a chat infact after showing me a cyma ak he looked shocked that i asked to buy it lol i normaly just have a play with the guns and then leave.
  5. Wish my scoot had the same mpg as yours, mine uses fuel like theres no tomorrow but that is my fault.
  6. lol Thats one of the reason i chose it.
  7. Finally finished my M4 and one of my new CQBR
  8. Quite a few for sale on ebay at good prices.
  9. mgyz3


    A few pics of my Auscam.
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