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  1. I have the Pantac 3D in Coyote Brown and its a great pack. I took it backpacking at Worlds End State Park in Pennsylvania and I have no complaints about it at all. Its a tough pack, I was able to fit 6 MRE's, a 100oz water bladder, in the main compartment, 4 pairs of socks and some pajama pants in the secondary pocket, and all kinds of trinkets in the accessory pocket.
  2. Now the comparison shots, the pretty much speak for themselves. VFC on left, KA on right. In the end I decided to keep the VFC. The VFC has a beefier mount and what I consider to be better details (comparatively). The rubber on both is a bit weak so no faults to either. The only problem I have with the VFC is that it seems to be made of weaker plastic, every time I touch it I can hear it creak. The plastic isn’t a bit worry for me because it is going to be mounted and probably never be touched again. If you were going to use it as a battery box, I could see it breaki
  3. Soon after, I received the VFC version and when I opened the box I slapped my head with a do’oh upon reading the “Laser Aiming Device” version. Patience is a virtue they say. The VFC came with more literature and instructions which was nice. Seam lines. Now the VFC next to the same large battery, notice the size difference. I guess I could find out who put this together.
  4. So I wanted a PEQ 15 and I hadn’t see much about them so I decided to get two to see which one I would prefer, the one I preferred I would keep and the one I didn’t I would sell. I’m not using it as a battery box so I am more concerned with looks than functionality. I’m not too familiar with the real PEQ 15 so I’m really just comparing these two against one another, not against the real thing. The first PEQ I received was the King Arms so at the time I was not aware of the size difference, but it did seem rather large when I mounted it on my M4’s RIS (I don’t have the full gun righ
  5. This may sound crazy but I think I'm going to get one and spray the wood black and throw some grip tape on it, I know I'm raping the heritage but I think it'll look much better. Having said that I think I'll wait until I see one for sale in the classifieds before I spend $180 on it.
  6. Sorry for the double post but I couldnt edit my previous, heres my first line.
  7. Here goes Not really going to a particular look, my team usually plays as contractors.
  8. Heres my M4s, top one is a G&P with a G&P ACOG. The bottom is a TM with an ACM EOTech and a TM Knights Silencer.
  9. Great first lines guys, I like to have at least 2 M16 mags on my first line, as I find myself dropping my CRCH when I need to go somewhere quick. Hopefully I'll get some pics up soon.
  10. On average, how much would you say a MICH with NVG mount and IR Strobe weight about? And when NVGs are attached does the front tend to sag any, provided the straps are tight?
  11. Call me crazy but I kinda like the ABU, I mean I like it better than ACU and I'd wear it if I encountered a scenario event where ACU was required (hoping no one would notice).
  12. Heres my VSR, I really love it but unfortunately its for sale, any reasonable offers accepted
  13. This may seem trivial but are PTWs quieter than your standard AEG? I was playing the other day and it seemed like it was very quiet.
  14. Nice paint job, the tan looks good
  15. Good review, some pics would be nice. I'm thinking about picking one up for CQB.
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